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  1. Is this okay with my Civic's transmission?
  2. 99-00 civic Si side skirts?
  3. should i rebuld my transmission or replace?
  4. I have a 93 Honda accord and the temperture guage goes to hot I changed all the sensers could...
  5. Honda Civic cabin air filter..?
  6. Is it difficult to add performance parts to a stock '99 Honda accord?
  7. Why does my 94 Honda Accord cooling fan only operate when the car is turned off?
  8. How to increase civic si HP?
  9. 1999 Honda civic full exhaust?
  10. dash lights dont work HELP PLEASE?
  11. I have a 98 honda accord dx 4 cylnder i was wondering?
  12. What would cause a temperature gauge to fluctuates periodically on a 2002 Honda Civic?
  13. 2004 Honda Civic engine not revving during start up?
  14. i just recently bought a 1987 honda crx, what would be the best engine to swap right in ez.?
  15. What would be a good strut bar for a 96 honda civic dx?
  16. How to change to digital dash lights?
  17. What's the last year they made the honda Crx Si? And is it a two sestet as well as a good,
  18. Will 06 honda civic 5 lug rim fit on a 5 lug 94 accord?
  19. What is the rim size for a 2006 Honda Civic Sedan?
  20. Fuse box help with a 95 civic?
  21. What is the best VTEC engine swap for a 1996 honda accord lx?
  22. Why won't my Honda Del Sol start?
  23. How to make my Civic faster?
  24. I have a 99 accord I'm buying off?
  25. does this taillight look right for my car (pic included)?
  26. Honda Accord Lx 4D shaking?
  27. Does your 2012 Honda accord have uncomfortable seats or seats that get uncomfortable after a while?
  28. why would reverse stop working on a honda trx250ex 2001 the lever where the cable is
  29. do you vote for hero or honda?
  30. do you vote for hero or honda?
  31. do you vote for hero or honda?
  32. do you vote for hero or honda?
  33. do you vote for hero or honda?
  34. 1998 honda accord not starting?
  35. How do i turn off the maintence required light in my honda civic 2005 lx?
  36. What's is the typical model year for the civic to be turned to a "ricer"?
  37. honda crv 2000 blower motor on heater will not come on with switch -- but will come on...
  38. Can I tune a automatic Honda Civic LX?
  39. i accidentally put very little 0.13 diseal into my CRV will it affect the engine..any one help me?
  40. Upgrading my 2009 Honda Accord Coupe EX - L. HELP!!!!?
  41. What size exhaust piping does an 2004 accord ex v6 sedan have?
  42. Does a 1998 japanese honda accord has a spot to put power steering fluid cuz I dnt see it &
  43. B16 head or gsr head on b18 motor?
  44. 90 Honda Civic won't immediately restart after shutdown?
  45. what rimes would look good on a 1998 honda accord sedan?
  46. How to uninstall a viper car alarm?
  47. What mods are required to put a Civic engine and transmission in my Prelude?
  48. Honda Civic 7th Generation reliability and faults?
  49. Does JDM have motors for an automatic 1999 Honda Civic Lx?
  50. 1994 accord and a 96 accord bumper?
  51. Suggestions for window tints on my front/back/ and rear windows on my black 2010 honda accord coupe?
  52. I heard that motorcycles are faster than cars so will my moped beat this dudes honda civic?
  53. what can i use to lower my honda?
  54. Best way to setup a subwoofer in a 98 honda civic?
  55. 99-00 civic replacement part help?
  56. My Honda dx won't make a sound?
  57. My 2008 honda accord has a gps built in and it needs to be reset b/c the battery went dead.
  58. Is a 2001 Honda Civic LX a good car?
  59. Ownership structure of Honda?
  60. Does a 1986 Honda cr250 take clutch take fluid?
  61. i have a 98 honda accord dx 4 cylnder i was wondering?
  62. is my 1992 honda civic ex 4 door , a cable or hydraulic clutch ?
  63. What Calipar Tool do I need to change breaks for a 2011 Honda CRV?
  64. How to turn off notifications in a 2012 Civic?
  65. How many colors for the 1986 honda v65 and what were they?
  66. Honda Accord Has No Power- New Battery Installed - HELP!?
  67. Can I use 195-50-15 tires for my 1993 Honda Accord 10th Edition?
  68. high comp honda vtir (gsr) build quesitons?
  69. 2013 Honda Accord 4 cyl Wire Diagrams?
  70. Buying a 1999 civic that has some work done to it. Should I keep the turbo kit?
  71. I have a Honda Civic 1.4is year 2000.The green key light on the dashboard is blinking non stop?
  72. i just bought a 91 ef hatch what do i have to do to it in order to make it look like this?
  73. 05 civic 1.7L engine sputters 56.000 miles?
  74. 05 honda civic 1.7L engine sputters?
  75. New Honda Dio 110c, What is the price in Trichy and How it is working?
  76. De Si vtec, the cluster isn't original and I don't trust the miles on it?
  77. How many people fit in a Honda prelude?
  78. I'm buying a honda prelude with a cluster that is not original, how do you trust the miles on it?
  79. Where to start on civic?
  80. Where can I buy an exhaust tip for my civic?
  81. What do I need to lower my civic(only what I need nothing extra)?
  82. hey guys i have a 93 civic but it doesnt have the plastic cover thingy under the car
  83. Will Axis OG wheels fit?
  84. labor rate on 1999 honda accord head gasket r & r?
  85. Where in Florida can I get this done?
  86. 2013 honda accord RPM, is this normal?
  87. How much would a back headlight of a civic cost, and a front grille ?
  88. What would I need to complete the drop on my Honda?
  89. What is d/dx arctan?x?
  90. please can any body tel me why there is always a lot of flame coming from my honda crv 2000?
  91. my d4 light flashes on my 95 Honda accord?
  92. 95 Honda accord front tire trembling?
  93. Is there a website where i can buy a forged D16y8 engine for my 1997 honda civic?i?
  94. What would be the best name brand exhaust system to buy for a 2000 accord coupe 4 cylinder?
  95. How much transmission fluid do I put into a 2001honda accord?
  96. 1994 civic problem solid shut off?
  97. how to tune up the ph16 engine?
  98. Why kind of Honda accord car accesories should I get?
  99. How crazy would it be to buy a new CR-Z?
  100. What to do if my honda civic 2011 got broken into and they stole the valet key?
  101. Would a Honda Civic Si Coupe exhaust still work for a Honda civic ex coupe?
  102. vtec questions and burning smell?
  103. what rpm should i use to start in first gear in my honda civic si 91?
  104. What car radio will fit on my 1990 Honda Prelude?
  105. What else can i do to improve Hp in a 99 honda civic lx.?
  107. Are 1995 prelude seats interchangeble with a 1992 prelude?
  108. Which car is better? Suzuki Swift or Honda Jazz?
  109. 1990 honda accord ecu code light not giving clear code?
  110. What does "sports mode" mean on a Honda Accord?
  111. I want to put a wing on my Civic?
  112. Where can I find a FREE copy of the owner's manual for a 1991 Honda Accord LX wagon?
  113. how much to replace ball joints on 1995 accord?
  114. Which color interior do I have? 96 accord?
  115. Can u change an transmission oil filter on a 94' honda civic dx?
  116. What "D" should I drive my 1991 Honda Accord?
  117. Buying a Civic with 156k miles?
  118. How much would it cost to get an exhaust put on a honda civic?
  119. I need help getting better sounding music from my 1997 Honda Accord?
  120. what does it mean when the light around the D is flashing on my 94 honda lights up when the engine
  121. Have a 1993 Honda Accord, cranks but won't start?
  122. Problems with a 2005 Honda Accord?
  123. What is the capacity of Honda civic type s?
  124. Does Honda have child safety windows that...?
  125. how fast would a 1998 honda prelude v tech would go?
  126. Are 1995 prelude seats interchangeble with a 1992 prelude?
  127. Honda civic, AC and heater not working?
  128. Help finding 2001 civic headlight part?
  129. Why is my 01 accord rattling under the car?
  130. 1999 Honda Civic coolant leak continued?
  131. 1999 Honda Civic Radiator Leak?
  132. dash went out on 2005 honda accord?
  133. what are some good 7 inch screen gps/radios for a 2010 honda civic?
  134. what rim is this. fits my 98 civic ex?
  135. 2000 civic si em1 vs 2002 mustang v6? Both manual/stock?
  136. How much would a paint job cost for a 1997 honda civic?
  137. Honda Civic or Toyota Supra?
  138. Can I put 215/66R16 on my Honda Accord?
  139. has it changed from 1year to 6mths to drive after having a fit?
  140. Honda s2k Second car?
  141. Did Honda Accord 1994 come in V6 or straight 6?
  142. What year Civic is this?
  143. Engine Swaps 1999 Civic??? 2JZ? aha?
  144. help with automatic Transmission?
  145. Value of 2002 Honda civic?
  146. 1996 Honda Accord making weird noise?
  147. 1996 Honda Accord having issues with my clutch?
  148. What tranny oil to use on 98 accord?
  149. Timing chain/belt replacement on my 2000 Honda Civic?
  150. I think I'm in love...?
  151. how do i know what parts to buy to put a new clutch in my 01 honda civic!?
  152. Why is my Honda Civic Hybrid mpg so low?
  153. If the spark plugs are not gapped to the right size, would that make a popping noise in my engine?
  154. 97 Accord Transmission Grinding?
  155. is a 88 suziki 450 gs as fast powerfull as a honda magna 750 (83) thanks email me
  156. 95 civic ex mods question?
  157. how can i unlock a Honda without setting off the alarm?
  158. honda civic oil change?
  159. My MGF was very well maintained by the previous lady owner so the antifreeze....?
  160. Why do my tires rub on my 96 civic?
  161. need to find replacement volume knob for radio in my 98 honda civic?
  162. what is the price of a used Honda Civic?
  163. how to know which year of honda accord sadan ? 1998,1999,2000,2001,2002?
  164. Squeaky front left wheel on 94 prelude s?
  165. 2013 crz vs 2013 civic?
  166. what HID conversion kit should i buy for my civic 95?
  167. performance header for honda civic 2000 ex?
  168. Im looking for a certain kind of switch?
  169. What would be a good set of all-weather tires to put on a 2010 Honda Insight?
  170. I have a Honda Civic 92 but need new interior door panels?
  171. Is having to repair a transmission bad when purchasing a Honda pilot?
  172. buying a turbo kit for d-series honda?
  173. Where can i buy palets near 91730?
  174. where is the cruise control computer on a 1992 honda accord?
  175. Looking to buy 6th gen civic, need advice
  176. When will the Honda Brio be launched in South Africa?
  177. Need new water pump for a honda civic and need it fitted do you know how much am looking to spend
  178. How to program a original 2002 lx honda civi alarmx?
  179. What is the music from the new Honda Advert?
  180. I have a problem with my 91' honda civic hatchback standard transmission?
  181. How much to replace catalytic converter 2000 honda accord?
  182. I didn't turn my key all the way in my ignition?
  183. Could someone tell me more about my engine?
  184. 03 civic not turning over?
  185. When will the honda????
  186. how do i find the right keyless entery remote for my 2000 honda civic?
  187. 1991 Honda Accord "S" light on? Safe to drive?
  188. 2007 honda civic ex mods?
  189. Selling a 1995 accord?
  190. Manual (4cyl) or Auto (6cyl) Honda Accord?
  191. What is the difference between honda civic EG,EK,dc2,s2k?
  192. What is this red light behind the steering wheel of my 1995 Honda Civic?
  193. Can you fit a V8 in a 3rd gen Honda prelude?
  194. Honda Civic or Ford F-150?
  195. does honda do boxing day?
  196. How much will it cost to repaint a 2001 honda civic bumper?
  197. is it worth buying a Honda with possible trans problems?
  198. it's my 94 civic having throttle body problems i took it out and clean it already but
  199. How to lock Honda Aviator?
  200. Best looking rims on an 2001 honda civic sedan?
  201. How to make an automatic honda accord 95 vtec faster?
  202. Do I need extended warranty on 2004 Honda Accord V6 110,000 for 1,695 for 36,000mile?
  203. can i use a stage 1 blox cam on a turbo d16z6?
  204. which coilovers are best for my 95 civic?
  205. Honda CBF 2012, halp?
  206. Is a 2003 Honda Accord a good car?
  207. whats parts do i need for my 94 accord ex to make i look like this?
  208. should i get 2011 toyota camry SE OR 2010 HONDA CIVIC WITH 9MILES ONLY?
  209. 2003 Accord turn signal shorting out ignition
  210. how can you become an offroad(atv) racer for honda? (pa)?
  211. What's the top speed for a 2012 Honda Civic?
  212. Reason for very low MPG on my 2000 reg Honda Accord 1.8 petrol?
  213. 1994 Honda civic dx coupe horn diagram?
  214. How much can i sell my 2002 honda accord?
  215. will the 8th gen civic si steering wheel fit my 8th gen ex civc?
  216. 1990 Honda Accord grinding noise.?
  217. where in kansas woud be best for a head rebuild?
  218. theres a bolt on my valve cover missing and oil leaking eveywhere?
  219. I have Honda 1999 its leaking on passenger side after that its stop heating...?
  220. Honda Civic - Opinions?
  221. Why doesn't my front passanger speaker working on my honda civic?
  222. What u guys think about car wheels size?
  223. How can I get blue headlights for a 2012 Honda Accord Coupe?
  224. Do I want a side fan as intake or exhaust (desktop)?
  225. I need bore and stroke for hero honda splendor 2000 model, suggest me where shall i get in
  226. Cost to replace alternator in 2002 honda accord se?
  227. 94 accord wont go in gear and smok under hood?
  228. What is the torque on the lug nuts for a 2012 honda crv?
  229. Which gear does the car push itself in a1998 Honda accord Lx?
  231. Is it possible to have a keyless entry with a stock 2004 Honda Civic VP?
  232. Honda Civic Hybrid questions?
  233. did any eg6 civic come yellow from the factory?
  234. Can I use an ECU with a vtec fuel map on my non vtec LS ?
  235. Building a d15b jdm civic what first pistons or cam gear and shaft ?
  236. 1997 Honda Civic Hatch, Non VTec. Can you make it vtec?
  237. Is it possible that a automatic car could be faster than a manual car i have a honda
  238. How much do you think it would cost to install a sunroof?
  239. How much $ does it cost to fill this gas tank?
  240. Honda Engine Question?
  241. How to make an automatic honda civic hatchback dx 91 faster or quicker?
  242. Why is the "S" symbol flashing on the dash of my Honda Accord 2006?
  243. How much transmission fluid for an 09 Honda Civic LX?
  244. what is needed to turbo a b18c?
  245. how much HP will an air filter give to a 2008 honda civic si?
  246. What oil do I use for my 95 honda prelude vtec under 85k?
  247. Is there anyone who regrets getting a Honda Accord or is that pretty much just one of the smartest
  248. collision care repair cost 1998 Honda, accord coupe.?
  249. Honda civic water is going and heat needle is high!?
  250. If I put a Honda ridgeline engine into my 91 Honda CRX?