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  1. Can you put a K20A engine in a 96' civic?
  2. what is the latest of 2006 model?
  3. Are their any Honda Oddesey's that are "BAD", and you would recommend staying away from and why?
  4. whats the firing order of a 1.5 liter 1986 honda civic?
  5. what are the differnt honda car engines and what is the diffence between them?
  6. I had H22A with 200 Hp in my Accord yr 96. How can I make as much as HP at fly wheel
  7. do you think the honda fit will sell well in the us?
  8. 1) How do you replace a starter on a Honda Civic 2002 EX?
  10. i need a tail gage and side gates for my honda acty pickup any idea where to get these, tried many..
  11. how long do you have to wiat till you get your drivers license in alabama?
  12. The Honda ELEMENT?
  13. can i put a vtec engine inside a 93 honda civic cx with all original parts without changing...
  14. compare Honda Pilot to Nissan Pathfinder as far as price, comfort and safety?
  15. What kind of gas mileage does a new Honda Civic SI yet?
  16. What's the invoice price for a new 2006 Honda Civic?
  17. Anything have anything bad to say about 2006 Honda Civic? Thinking of buying one - commute
  18. what honda motor makes the most HP Stock?
  19. Can you turbo or supercharge a Honda Civic "97"??
  20. Does anyone have experience with an APEXI fireball muffler?
  21. How can I create a virtual car?
  22. Do you have to depressurize the brakes on a 2002 Honda Accord to change them?
  23. I just bought a accord 2001 v6. How can I make it faster?
  24. what rims fit prelude 99?
  25. Can anyone help me get a window handle for my Honda accord 97. I also need the door handle?
  26. 1996 Honda Accord 4 cylinder, 16V. Timing belt, spark plugs, fuel filter, battery all fine. Car...
  27. 2006 Accord Engine?
  28. what is the best way to be happy ?
  29. i heard that almost every single transmission on honda accord ex 6th and 7th gen. fails. is that
  30. I just bought a Honda Accord 2001 v6 ex coupe with 125,000 miles on it for $8,000. Is this a...
  31. Number on H22A engine said 1042418. what does it means ? When did this engine build? How old...
  32. How many cars I have?
  33. Can the new honda fit be flat towed?
  34. i need a cold air intake for my civic 05, whats good out there?
  35. what's best product that you could buy to help your car rings when it is smoking?
  36. I have a 97 Honda Passport, check engine light is always on.?
  37. What is the best mini van on the market today?
  38. wots the fastest car in the world?
  39. I just bought a Honda Accord v6 ex coupe with 125,000 miles on it for $8,000. Is this a good deal?
  40. what is the engine code on a '90 crx si? is there a "Z" in it?
  41. What are the standard features of a Honda Civic value package?
  42. How well does the Honda Insight perform?
  43. is there a break in period for a performance cat-back system like magnaflow?
  44. belt route for 98 honda passport????
  45. how many horsepower does a 2000 civic hatchback dx special edition have? Is it a 1.8 litre??
  46. changing to BETA,is it free?
  47. Can I get a 2006 Civic Si in an automatic?? Or are they only manuals??
  48. Does anyone knows how to get rid of an idling (up and down) problem in a 88 Honda Prelude, it is...
  49. SI? What does it mean?
  50. can i use an H-22 auto tranny on a F-22B1 motor?
  51. how do i find out if my 86 honda crx is a type m or not?
  52. is there a Honda car dealer in La Paz, Mexico?
  53. are all Honda dealers marking up the Fit $1500?
  54. who is Tila Nguyen?
  55. what is the location of the oil filter for a 1988 Honda Accord?
  56. car sear repair?
  57. Why Hybrids cars are so ugly?
  58. What causes the anoying whistle that comes from the mirrors on a 2000-2003 Odyssey at
  59. I need a new car but I am under Chapter 13 bankrupcy and I'm afraid of being turned down. Can...
  60. need to find website for va trading post?
  61. How to replace honda odyssey tail lamp?
  62. what would be the perfect size tip on a muffler for a honda civic, i have a 4 1/2 tip and i
  63. all of my light are flickering in my car and i dont know what to do?
  64. turbo my D16Y8 or build up a non turbo integra LS motor?
  65. is the honda civic vti 2006 a good car?
  66. How to find correct touch up paint for my car?
  67. Where we can buy a Honda DC5?
  68. which non-hybrid car has more mileage?
  69. Who has a honda civic on 20 inch rims?
  70. on a 1990 honda civic manual trans where is fuel filter?
  71. do anyone knows where i can get a rear door(trunk) for my 02 crv for cheap?
  72. How to take off a radiator on a 1997 Honda Accord?
  73. How can I get my name off a car that I am co sign?
  74. 1990 honda civic manual trans. slow take off sputters smokes and just doesn't run properly?
  75. why is my rpm shoot up after a long distance drive?
  76. Honda CR-V...why do do many people have it?
  77. compare and contrast Honda Fit and Toyota Yaris. Which is better? Mileage and storage space wise?
  78. Why doesn't my car have power steering?
  79. I got a 1994 Civic Hatchback and I want to paint it Phoenix Yellow (Integra Type R) where can I
  80. How many HP of H22A engine put in honda prlude type SIR year 92 in Japan market?
  81. disteance between watford & greenwich in england?
  82. i need a fuse box diagram for a 1992 honda civic. does anyone know where i could find one?
  83. Honda Accord Head Light Issue!?
  84. My 2001 Honda CR-V SE is very noisy in highways. Is that common for all (2001 and older) CRVs or...
  85. What car should I be looking alongside the Honda Pilot 2006? 7 seat capacity essential.
  86. What kind of cars do people drive?
  87. How's the new Honda Civic make?
  88. do yall think a brand new 2006 honda ridgeline is good for a 16 year old?
  89. How do I find a 1980 Honda Civic hatchback?
  90. no spark on 89 civic?
  91. how do you change the brake light on a 2003 honda crv?
  92. what is recomended rpm for honda civic ex '97?
  93. Does anyone know of a website that has decent pictures of available body kits for a Honda Civic?
  94. i am looking for a car alarm with remote start at a reasonable price for fuel injected manual...
  95. 89 honda civic......no start.no spark.was driving and it over heated fixed head gasket and...
  96. need comments from owners of honda accords? are they any good?
  97. planning for a car & need help?
  98. What kind of rim's should I put on my 2002 Honda civic?
  99. Does anyone know anything about the new electric car made by Honda?
  100. 1992 rh steer Honda Integra?
  101. what is a six valves car like?
  102. When will we be able to use HONDA's fuel cell cars and will they be very expensive.?
  103. can anyone tell me the displacement and diffrent variants for the honda civic sedan...
  104. During 88-91 what color options were there for the Honda CRX?
  105. where can I find wheel covers for 1996 Honda Accord?
  106. how fast does the 4 cylinder honda accord go from 0-60?
  107. Is it risk of driving after your car break pad had worn out?
  108. drivers licenses test?
  109. Porsche, Integra, CRX... WHAT SHOULD I GET?
  110. How many miles will the timing belt in my 1994 Honda Accord EX last? I have a 155,000 miles
  111. Anybody here have any problems with their 92-96 prelude?????
  112. honda accord 96 sideskirts?
  113. Does anyone own a Honda Odyssey? If so, why did you buy it, and what are your favorite
  114. How do you adjust odometer of Honda Vti 2001 model?
  115. which car out there has the most milage on the streets and freeway????
  116. Why is my civic not idling without me pressing the gas and why does it bogg down around 3,500 rpm??
  117. Where can I find a photo of a standard 2000 Honda Civic muffler assembly with a part number?
  118. How many miles will the timing belt in my 1994 Honda Accord EX last? I have a 155,000 miles on
  119. What kind of motor should i put in my honda?
  120. Honda Prelude SRV V-tech 1996, preformance wise.?
  121. what is better the honda accord or the cr-v?
  122. how to install a trunk cargo net in a 2002 civic 4 door problem where to drill into trunk
  123. How good or bad new Honda Ridgeline?
  124. does anyone know the original equipment tires manufacturer for an 03 Accord LX?
  125. what is a good price fore a 1993 Honda civic 2 door coupe?
  126. where can I find a site that has pictures of under a 1998 honda CRV?
  127. Am considering buying a Honda Element. Would appreciate any comments & would like to know if it
  128. How many miles are too many if buying a 1999-2000 Honda minivan?
  129. Oil change for my Honda Civic LX 2006?
  130. will an american honda accord exhaust for a 2.2 lt engine work for a JDM accord with a 2.0lt engine?
  131. Where can you find a history of every Honda ever made/built/manufactured?
  132. I need to find a picture of a 1989 honda prelude engine. Does anyone know where to find one?
  133. What do I do about carbon build up on a honda civic?
  134. The check engine light in my 91 honda Civic keeps coming on. What could be wrong???
  135. Why does my 94 Honda Prelude VTEC hesitate to start after sitting overnite after it rains?
  136. What does SI stand for on a honda civic?
  137. Which oil brand do you prefer for honda civic 06?
  138. What is the best car in the world now?
  139. What size of a mugs and what series of tire will i put to my civic honda to feel comport for...
  140. What 1992-1995 Honda Civic Hatchback Model comes with Power Steering?
  141. what was the first Honda mad and how many cars are there now what are they including hybrid?
  142. 91 Civic transmission grinding and slipping?
  143. The cloth panels on my doors are coming loose on my 2001 Honda. Is this covered under my
  144. What do you think would be the best modification to a honda crx a hf model which has 117 hp stock?
  145. what is the standard lifespan of a 1997 honda civic?
  146. How much should I pay for 2006 Honda Odyssey?
  147. My Honda manual says to change oil every 10K miles yet dealer wants to do it 3K because of
  148. what is a good first car?
  149. 1997 Honda Civic LX: remote key issue.?
  150. what upgrades can I do to increase horsepower for my 2004 accord V6?
  151. How do you fix a car cheaply?
  152. Will Honda MiniVan introduce stowaway 2nd row seats like the Dodge MiniVan has?
  153. what mekes the axels turn on a car. its located right behind the rotor. its shape like a
  154. If It is possible how can i change a 4 lug car into a 5 lug car?
  155. who started honda company ,where would i get his brief history?
  156. What is one of the best gas mileage car sold today?
  157. What does the Honda Element look like to you? A toaster oven? A British taxi? If you've not seen
  158. Is Honda part of General Motors?
  159. How do you change bulb in honda crv?
  160. What is the lenght of the wiper blades for a 1997 Honda Civic LX?
  161. how do put a supercharger in a honda civic si 2003?
  162. I have a 90 Honda Accord,driving to Big Bear,what shift works best?
  163. Instead going to dealer, how to reset ECU on 2000 honda accord?
  164. I have a Honda Prelude SH 1998- Whats the BHP? And how is a cheap way to increase it??
  165. What would you pay, for 97 2dr Civic, blk, 108,000mls? No Problems, Mild dents??
  166. What kind of battery do I need for a 1999 Honda Civic?
  167. what web site can I go to so that i can pick a car and do what ever to it?
  168. 91 Accord EX-R help?
  169. what's the best website for honda accord owners?
  170. Where can I find an online version of the 2005 Honda Civic owners manual?
  171. What do you think of owning a Honda CRV?
  172. I am looking for a site that I am able to view an actual vehicle with rims and change the options...
  173. 2007 Honda?
  174. Planning 2 buy a used car for anything like 5-6K. Considering (Civic, Corolla). Any Suggestion.?
  175. Should I turbocharge or supercharge my 95 civic?
  176. How can i find out how many miles to the gallon my car averages?
  177. how do i reset a honda civic airbag?
  178. how do you make a hond civic fast?
  179. Body Kits!!!?
  180. i have a 2 door 98 accord the tail lights and the 2 side blinks don't work is it a fuse or a short?
  181. did any hondas have 2 storke cars ?
  182. When will the Honda Fit be available in New Orleans?
  183. how do i release a seatbelt with an item in it?
  184. will an h22 vtec engine and transmission fit in a 91 honda civic hb?
  185. Can someone tell me what a stock Civic in the year 1997 horsepower and torque would be like?
  186. how do i find honda radio lock-out codes?
  187. What is the best engine for a 1996 Honda Civic 4 door?
  188. What other type of Honda engines can I place into my 1993 honda civic?
  189. two questions about 98 Civic LX?
  190. Cost to Rebuild a 94 Honda Civic?
  191. what other years of honda civic will the auto trans work in my 89 civic dx hatchback?
  192. 2000 Odyssey LX clock light -?
  193. 1984 honda accord clutch system?
  194. How do i repair the fuel light on a 1998 Honda Civic EX?
  195. What are the best engine mods I can make to my 1998 honda accord lx to gain the most horsepower?
  196. I Want to see the new Honda civic 2006 model pls.?
  197. 1.6l,1.8l is written in back side of the car what does that mean?
  198. check engine light on honda prelude?
  199. Honda CRV 2000. stalling intermittent code 1399 cant find have just had tuned up.?
  200. how can i find savage honda odessey cars?
  201. how much does a 2006 honda civic si cost?
  202. Will 20' rims fit on a 2000 honda civic si. With or without air bags?
  203. what are best intake and exhaust mods for 2000 civic ex (D16Y8) VTEC? NOT TOO NOISY PLEASE?
  204. the fuel gauge on my 98 honda passport fluctuates between empty and full never an accurate
  205. Where is my motor oil leaking from when it is leaking on to the frame of the car and the skid plate?
  206. What should i do if a Maintenance Required light comes on on my new honda civic with 10,000+ miles?
  207. My speedometer in '94 Civic acts like it's posessed.. It will work fine, then bounce
  208. I have been told that I should get a new timing belt on my honda when I reach 100,000 mi Is that
  209. what is the unlimited top speed of 2006 american honda accord V6 and 2.4liters?
  210. how to remove brake rotars from 2002 honda accord dx?
  211. what is the top speed of 2006 honda accord?
  212. What is the best way to increase performance and horsepower? Cheapest?
  213. How do you change the headlight on a 1986 Honda Prelude?
  214. How to reconize the pretty girl?
  215. i'm looking for a 97 honda del sol stock bumper, any stores or websites???
  216. how do you reset the maintenance light on a 2002 Honda Civic?
  217. Will you recomends a 2000 Honda Accord?
  218. japanese or american cars are better?
  219. Where is the timing belt located in a '00 Honda Civic EX?
  220. on a honda engine swap diagram says to have the ECU wires facing away from you, which way
  221. How to install coilovers on a 1993 Honda Accord?
  222. how could you get a girlfriend avatar?
  223. is the 97+ isuzu rodeo drivetrain the same as the 97+ honda passport?
  224. i have a 2002 honda accord se. 2.3 liter 4 cyl. are there computer chips for it to increase
  225. where can i find a free 1991 honda accord service manual online?
  226. does anyone have the code to unlock a 1996 accord ex stereo?
  227. where can i get the lowest price master cylinder for my car?
  228. Is it true that Japanese brand cars are far more better than American brand cars, in terms of...
  229. Chervolet Silevrdao or Toyota Thundra , which one is the best?
  230. what is Cathodic Electro disposition?
  231. What mod body kits do they have for honda accord 94?
  232. Anybody Else Experience Road "THUMPS!" with 2006 Accord EX V6?
  233. What is the best buy Honda Integra 1993 or Honda Prelude 1993, both have over 100,000km?
  234. What are the causes of plastic burning smell in Acoord EX?
  235. i want more details bout the cost for repairing my honda prelude year 1992?
  236. How do I make my 03 Honda Civic EX not sound like a Honda?
  237. Chervolet Silevrdao or Toyota Thundra , which one is the best?
  238. What is the reprogramming code for a 2003 Accord key?
  239. where do i find used Honda HRV model 2003 with sunroof in japan at net ?
  240. How do you like your 2006 Honda Civic (not the Hybrid)?
  241. who created the honda company?
  242. Does anyone know how to convert/delimit the speedo of a HONDA INTEGRA ('95) for mph??
  243. Parts for Acura/Honda Legend 3.2L V6 (1995)?
  244. what is a mfi engine?
  245. best engine swap for a 91 accord?
  246. please help. 1990 honda accord won't start. relaced thermostat and now it won't start. ?
  247. Will Honda make a Hybrid Pilot. If so, when?
  248. Wouldn't you say that Honda make the best vehicles? better yet so do Toyota and Nissan as well.?
  249. original civic, sports civic, wonder civic, miracle civic?
  250. super civic?