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  1. Looking at a 2007 Honda Fit?
  2. what type of honda accord is the 91 two door manual transmission?
  3. Hi I have a Honda Accord 1995 I-4 Auto and want to know what are the acceleration times from
  4. How do you easily reset the ECU on a 97 Accord?
  5. 2001 Accord?
  6. K-series engine in place an F or H series?
  7. driver side conversion?
  8. LX, EX, DX -- Performance?
  9. how do i adjust the idle on my 93 honda accord?
  10. 86 Honda Civic?
  11. Can i add a turbo to my automatic 93 honda del sol?
  12. is it possible to install a h33 nissan skyline type II engine in a 1998 honda civic ex?
  13. What color Honda Civic should I buy?
  14. What cam and cam gears are the best?
  15. how do you wire a gas kill switch for a 94 honda accord using a relay and a toggle switch?
  16. Who else had a Honda Fit sport model and loves it?? I know I loooove mine!! lol?
  17. How reliable is the 1997 R reg honda civic 1.4i?
  18. what window tint percent is legal in nj?
  19. Which is best Cold air intake or ram air for a 91 honda accord?
  20. sport button my my 91 honda accord?
  21. 2006 Honda Ridgeline owners. I love the truck but the gas mileage (16-17 mpg) is killing
  22. Will a Integra front end fit on a 92-95 Civic?
  23. Who is tired of seeing "fast & the furious" wanna be Civics?
  24. Where can I find an inexpensive Honda motor?
  25. Where is the maintenance bolt on a '96 Prelude?
  26. title and artist to the theme tune of the honda advertisment?
  27. wer them girls that like them car races at nite?im from queens ozone park,,,lol?
  28. History of Honda Civic Saloon?
  29. My 98 Honda CRV cruise control does not engage. Any suggestions on common repairs?
  30. Does anyone understand the 6 x 100mm bolt used when replacing '96 Prelude timing belts?
  31. which header is best for my b20 vtec?
  32. My car needs a new engine. I can't afford one.Still have to pay insuranceCan I do a...
  33. is there an easier way to change the front disc brakes on a 1991 honda accord lx?
  34. Honda S2000 vs. the Miata?
  35. b20b block need resleeving?
  36. k20 swap into eg?
  37. which vtec head is best?
  38. how many 1999 honda civic SI's were made?
  39. cars for less than $3000 in central florida?
  40. Help with 1988 Honda Civic LX?
  41. how much of a difference will a header make?
  42. Anyone have a Honda S2000? What is your impression of this vehicle?
  43. 2000 Honda civic??
  44. witch car is the best?
  45. how many people in 2005 owned a honda civic?
  46. Will a 2001 Honda Prelude Grill Insert fit in a 1997 Honda Prelude Grill insert?
  47. does japan still pay auto teriffs?
  48. how much would it cost to put airbags dat will lift and lower a car cost???
  49. Who owns a 2007 Honda Fit?
  50. can anyone tell me what are some pros and cons of having a 1990 honda accord coupe?
  51. how many miles can a 4 cylinder engine go?
  52. how many people own a honda civic?
  53. I have a 98 Honda civic, i want to put in new headlights but i dont know what kind or how to can
  54. When is the Toyota Rav4 Hybrid or Honda CRV Hybrid coming out?
  55. does anybody know any car repair service in LA?
  56. Can you identify to me what the parts are for a 2001 honda oddysey with the ECU code of P1491
  57. May I trade 2000 Honda CR-V for 2006 Honda Civic?
  58. how long has Honda been making cars in Ohio?
  59. Is there a site I can go to, to see my 2006 Honda Civic with tints on it? Or a site where I can...
  60. What do they do? when they say the car needs a transmission over haul.?
  61. Honda Accord My Drive 4 blinking green?
  62. Ladies, whats hotter? Silver Honda S2000 or White Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution ( The one with...
  63. Why did Honda stop making the Honda Civic hatchback. I have a 1994 and love it but know
  64. how do i fix my breaks?
  65. Waat prevents the Prius Hybrid engine from cranking backwards after stops?
  66. how much would it cost to repair the SRS on a 1995 honda accord LX with 125000 miles?
  67. How can I report a car problem that car company should recall it?.?
  68. what is torque?
  69. how to change front disk on honda acoord 2002?
  70. About how much would it cost to replace the clutch of a Honda Del sol?
  71. What would be the best car to purchase used year 2001-2005? Under $12,000.?
  72. what do you think of the car "Honda Civic"?
  73. Why Japanese cars are the best seller in USA?
  74. Are Honda Civics good, reliable cars?
  75. Where can i find the tool for your honda's shift linkage?
  76. does anyone know about the Honda s2000 being replaced for the 2008 year by a new name or car?
  77. Where is the thermostat located in Honda Passport 1999?
  78. how can I make my honda civic lx 1999 show me the ecu codes?
  79. Honda Civic or Volkswagon Jetta?
  80. honda element?
  81. does anyone know what other motors will fit in a 02 civic si? If so please let me know?
  82. what is the highest speed a car can go?
  83. SRS Light wont stay off in my car?
  84. 1990 Honda Accord Problem!?
  85. Can you explain Honda Timing to me? Any pictures? '91 Honda Accord?
  86. My question deals with the everyday use of the Honda Element and if it does well on gas mileage?
  87. where can i get a jdm b20a for my 88 accord?
  88. How many people own a HONDA ELEMENT?
  89. i have a 90 accord the ac works at first then slowly fades out?
  90. How many horse power had the 1998 Honda Civic EX (4 doors), the one without the V-TEC engine?
  91. Is the quality of a American made or Canadian made Honda better, worse or the same quality as a...
  92. My car is making a "popping" sound and is rattling, what is causing this?
  93. What are the websites where you can find out how much your car is worth?
  94. How many miles is the average lifespan for a Honda Civic or Accord? What do you think about...
  95. Why is my messenger not playing the radio stations on it?
  96. What is the diameter of the inlet pipe on a 2005 honda cr-v stock muffler?
  97. where is the brake light fuse on a 95 honda civic ex?
  98. where is the fuel pump access located on a '91 honda accord? in the trunk,under the seat?
  99. Many have said the 1998 Honda Accord V6-L (Luxury) is better than the new 2006 Honda Accord...?
  100. Rattling Sound in my 1987 Honda Accord. What is it?
  101. I am looking for a good car. What is the best mid size car?
  102. where is the sewer pump on a 1996 Honda Civic?
  103. wat is the top speed for a 2000 honda civic coupe with less than 140hp?
  104. Is the new Honda Civic Si as hot as it looks?
  105. How do I remove the factory buckets while keeping the sliders?
  106. I want opinions on an EK9?
  107. Where could I find the used bumpers for Honda Ex. In Cali4nia near Stockton?
  108. Does anyone own a 2006 Honda Civic LX? How do you like it?
  109. Can the Honda Fit be upgraded with more power + with 1 or two Turbonators and wider H rated tires?
  110. what do i need to do before i get a turbocharger on my car?? as of now i dont have mods...help
  111. I just got a used 1999 Honda Accord. What are the pros and cons of this car?
  112. Need help with o2 sensors 99 Base Honda Prelude?
  113. how to disable seat belt alarm on 06 honda civic?
  114. Where in So Cal are there import performance shops?
  115. my honda prelude shut off and wont start?
  116. Where can i find cheap performance parts for my 06 civic coupe?
  117. How do you get a Honda DeSol to lose the water that accumulates between the seats and the trunk?
  118. what does srs on my honda mean?
  119. Will a head off a 1999 Honda Prelude fit a 1999 Honda Accord?
  120. how many horse power is in 97 honda civic CX?
  121. What spark plugs would you install in 2004 Honda Accord 6-cyl 4-door?
  122. there is something wrong with my car or is my imagination?
  123. I just bought a 1999 Honda Accord, and I noticed it has a lot of mud underneath it. What should I
  124. I need tires. What is the difference between 70R and 80R?
  125. picture of a fuse panel diagram for a 1992 honda civic?
  126. i want to find a virtual car that i can upgrade?
  127. I need a printable diagram of a fuse box diagram for a 1992 honda civic manual trans. 1.5 engine?
  128. Honda Transmission?
  129. How do I economically customize my car?
  130. Should I have the head of my engine resurfaced if it only has 80,000 miles?
  131. What should I do with my son's crashed honda del sol?
  132. honda question here?
  133. whats with civic drivers?
  134. is crx nicer tha a del sol?
  135. If you own a Honda Ridgeline... How does it do on gas mileage for you?
  136. what is the right set up with skunk 2 cam gears in a civic si 2000?
  137. How do I set the timing on a '96 Prelude?
  138. Euro tail lights for 1991 Honda Prelude?
  139. How do I calibrate the compass on the 2006 Honda Civic EX?
  140. do any one have parts for 89 honda civics?
  141. how do I remove the radio from my honda accord 2006, so that I can connect a Parrot...
  142. All-new Civic's fuel consumption is as good as the company claims?
  143. im planing on street raceing when i turn 18 so how much is nitro????
  144. What custom thing should I add to my car?
  145. Where is the housing unit for the air filter located for my 2005 Accord Coupe EX-V6?
  146. what turbo do i need for a zc motor swap?
  147. How can I fix a seatbelt with a knot that has rachetted up to the top?
  148. where can i find extrememly cheap new/reman '89 civic parts on the net??
  149. Weird noise when coasting, 91 Honda Civic Auto transmission?
  150. max performance out of a 95 honda civic dx.?
  151. what is the number one selling suv?
  152. i have heard that a hybrid car runs off of gas for 35mph and over... what happens if you have no...
  153. What is the best tuning options for a 2004 Civic Type R?
  154. Where can I find a used Honda for $5,000 dollars or cheaper?
  155. how do you replace the headlight bulb on a 1987 Honda accord?
  156. Anyone bought over to the US a Honda model overseas that is not sold in the US?
  157. how much should i pay for a Honda pilot?
  158. What is the best way to fix a leaking trunk on a 1995 Honda Civic?
  159. How can I install an extra seat in my Honda Element?
  160. Turning off "Maint Required" light - Honda Accord '06?
  161. I just got a 93 honda civic, and the a/c doesn't work.?
  162. I've heard timing belts on Accords need to be changed every 60k miles. Any opinions?
  163. I just purchased a 1999 Honda Accord. Should I be worried about anything?
  164. whats faster a 2006 porche or 2006 Honda civic Si?
  165. where can i get a small house?
  166. 1991 Honda Accord- Is burning oil rapidly. Not leaking, but burning. What is a possible cause?
  167. The honda dealer in santa monica, ca. said that you can drive n?
  168. I just bought a Honda Pilot today. Has anyone just bought one in this last month?
  169. Hey is there anyone who specializes in Honda's? because i have lots of questions.?
  170. Honda Accord transmission trouble?
  171. Honda CRV - I saw vehicle that looked like a CRV and was the size of a CRV but its noise was...
  172. where can i get a small loan?
  173. How much whould it cost to put a turbo into a 00 civic dx?
  174. Is a Toyota Corolla better than a Honda Accord?
  175. Integra or Prelude?
  176. Why won't my honda prelude start?
  177. I have a Honda Civic 1.6 SE 2001 and can't find a rubber gaiter for it. Does anyone know where...
  178. how to pu in back my honda accord SA6 piston?
  179. Honda Car Parts?
  180. How have Honda managed to build a 7-speed-auto car?
  181. Does anyone know if there will be any changes to the Honda Odyssey for the 2007 model year?
  182. What is top speed on the 2006 Honda Civic Coupe (USA)?
  183. Honda Prelude or integra?
  184. What are all the possibilites of why my car won't start?
  185. What's the performance specs on a Comptech Supercharged S2000? i.e. 0-60mph, 1/4 mile, etc.?
  186. find honda dealership in reno nv?
  187. how do you replace the front disc brakes on a 1996 Honda?
  188. What changes will the 2007 Honda Civic have?
  189. 2006 Honda Accord EX anyone?
  190. Euro tail lights!?
  191. I have a 1990 Honda Acord 2.2L Eng. how is it on gas?
  192. how do you turn off service light after a oil change on a 2006 honda civic?
  193. I need suggesting for buying a van or mini van for growing family with 2 years old son.?
  194. Does a Honda Accord 2 door coup with a 6 cylinder have a timing belt or a timing chain.?
  195. whats the model of the EG8 Honda Civic Twin Carb Ferio ?
  196. What is the mileage you are getting with new honda city zx vtec in city(Blore) driving...
  197. Turbo 440cc 30PSI Accord H22 Vtec P28 Prelude chip..What's it do? Do you need turbo to install?
  198. 2006 Honda Accord EX Sedan. Does this car have auto locking locks???
  199. Owners of Honda Element what is your opinion of the Element?
  200. how much DOSE IT COST to replace the timing belt? on a HONDA CIVC 95 Dx?
  201. What type of B series engines will fit with an 95 si civic hatch tranny ?
  202. wuts tne worlds fastest cr?
  203. Which of these cars is the best Acura or Honda?
  204. how to change brake pads on 2000 honda accord?
  206. Where are buzz buzz's made?
  208. PIMP my car! lol?
  209. When will Honda show pictures of the 2007 Accord? I'm can't wait until August!?
  210. how to stop alarm on my 2003 honda accord?
  211. SHOULD I change my car?
  212. Do you like Hondas?
  213. Honda Civic DX 1995 HOW DO i MAKE IT FASTER?
  214. Where are Hondas made?
  215. What would cause the drive plate on a 92 honda accord lx keep breaking? 2.2 auto?
  216. How long does it take for a Honda Accord Coupe (4 cyl.) to go from 0-60 mph?
  217. What are the major differences between a Honda CRV and a Toyota RAV4?
  218. 95 Honda Del sol S, How to check temp gauge. It doesnt work, where do i look under the
  219. 99 honda accord stalls for no reason especially on warm days. what's wrong with it?
  220. Car engines for honda?
  221. why honda dealer told me use 87 gas? I have 2002 accord?
  222. anyone know the maximum speed for the 2006 honda civic?
  223. Honda Civic DX 1995, good car or bad?
  224. Which wud u cnsider cool for a first car:2001 Daewoo Nubira SE **1998 Toyota Camry
  225. i would like to purchase a pull over boot cover for my honda CRV 2000 model which will hide items...
  226. how to adjust the cluch 2002 civic?
  227. Has anyone heard or seen any information regarding the 2007 Honda Ridgeline?
  228. What are the names of apanese auto parts stores in japan?
  229. When will the new Honda (2007) CRV be presented and become available?
  230. Any thoughts about Honda CRV 2007?
  231. ne Pics of a 92 honda prelude w/ sunroof and hidden lights?
  232. Anyone out there own a 2006 Honda Civic?
  233. I am looking to buy a 2006 Honda Civic EX Coupe with Navigation. How can I locate one?
  234. Whats after market?
  235. What do you think of the 2006 Civic Coupe EX? I may get one, but I want to see what else is out...
  236. Can I replace my honda computer box b16a engine by ordinary honda accord computer box?
  237. Does anyone else have the problem with a loud clattering engine in a 2003 4-cly Honda Accord?
  238. What is the major difference b/w coilovers and springs?
  239. Keyless remote for my car does not work. How do I reprogram remote?
  240. My 1991 Honda Accord LX has trouble starting in the hottest 12-4 pm part of the day. What is going
  241. 1991 honda civic SI?
  242. what happens if ac compressor goes out in car?
  243. how does vtec works?
  244. What's a good car to get under the price of $25,000?
  245. Does anyone own a 1991 civic 1.5? Does your engine quiver every once and awhile at idle?
  246. civic lacking high-end power?
  247. Help! Firewall?
  248. beginner in cars?
  249. we have a 94 honda passport, has anyone ever heard of a cam follower? if so how hard is it to...
  250. How hard is it to replace the front motor mount by the radiator on my 1991 civic??? mines busted.?