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  1. Is honda City offered only in the Philippines?
  2. I own a Honda Accord, 87 model, and I had a fuse melt in the box. How do I figure why the
  3. Where is the horn on my 2002 Civic Coupe? And how can I replace it?
  4. Whats faster a B-16 0r a type-s motor?
  5. tuning my honda?
  6. How do you set a clock on a 2002 Honda Civic?
  7. Where is the low side freon input for the air conditioner of a 86 Honda Civic? Need to recharge my..
  8. how to replace honda accord gearbox light?
  9. where is the fuil filter on a 1987 honda prelude?
  10. what is the bhp of a Honda Accord 3.0ltr?
  11. What all is involved in fitting an H22A in an 87 CRX?
  12. CKD stands for what?[it deals with assembeling of cars]?
  13. Honda Civic brake noise?
  14. How can I reduce my car's mileage from 88,000 to 40,000.unscrew the dashboard or what?
  15. How do I rebuild the carburetor of a Honda accord '95 model?
  16. the interior lights of my 2000 model honda crv has stoped working?
  17. motor swap question?
  18. What engine could I put in my 93 H23a Prelude besides the H22a to get more power?
  19. is a 2000 1.6ltr civic engine compatable with a 1992 1.5ltr civic car?
  20. Is Honda CRV the best value for my money?
  21. Need info on installing a WATER PUMP & Timing Belt on a '91 HONDA ACCCORD LX.?
  22. how i can get up my motor d16z6 to 160 hp?
  23. How much do you think a trunk lid would cost for a 2002 Honda Civic LX 4 door sedan?
  24. what is the best way to gain horsepower on my 03 accord?
  25. Where can I buy a power steering fluid container for Honda Accord'97.It's a white container. Plz
  26. Does the 2006 Honda Accord EX-L with Navigation have the home link system on it.?
  27. Any Honda del Sol owners around here?
  28. Civic Rims,,,,?
  29. looking for a 1989 to 1991 honda civic?
  30. On a Honda Automatic what does D4, D3, 2, and 1 mean?
  31. where can I find a hood and fenders for my 90 civic wagon?
  32. who is the worlds tallest man?
  33. how much should sell my 93 accord ex for?
  34. How does people view car salesman?
  35. I have a 1991 Honda Accord. When I get up to 50-60 MPH it shimmy's really bad.?
  36. 2003 Honda Civic Front Strut Measurement?
  37. How about something more...complex, huh?
  38. what size tire is on an honda accord lx 2000 model?
  39. What's up with the Fit?
  40. Any info on the new Civic 4-door si?
  41. which company make the civic type-r a car?
  42. Does anyone know about Honda CRXs?
  43. When the gas light comes on in my 2001 Honda Odeysey how much actual gas is left?
  44. how to make a car?
  45. Honda Accord?
  46. Civc RPM Q's?
  47. Extended warranty on used Accord?
  48. where can i get good roof racks for a 2006 Honda Pilot in the Sunnyvale (California) area? Tx.?
  49. what size cargo trailer can a 2006 honda element tow?
  50. how do I shut off a gas leak in a 1997 honda crv?
  51. I have a 92 civic hatchback what would be the best and cheaper swap i can do to a v-tech?
  52. imports vs domestic?
  53. Question about Cadillac's from an Aussie...wanting to trade a Honda???
  54. What with Civics?
  55. how to remove the factory radio from a 1995 honda accord?
  56. will it cost a lot to do a paintjob on my 96 honda accord?
  57. Can you watch dvds on the navigation system in the Honda Odessey ( like the Toyota Sienna)?
  58. Where can I find a original 99 stock body kit for my honda civic?
  59. I have a 01 1.4s honda civic what basic upgrades can i do for more power?
  60. Rattle Drivers Side 2006 Accord Coupe?
  61. I have a 98 Accord, After charging it, radio is flashing THEFT DETERRENT and asking for...
  62. cars recomended to tow a caravan?
  63. How many gallons of gas are needed to fill 3 cylinder car?
  64. Is It ok to do this?????
  65. is a 96 honda accord a good car for a teenager?
  66. how do you repair a Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Malfunction on a honda accord 2000?
  67. Strange clutch problem?
  68. is it better to get coilovers or springs? which one is better?
  69. i have a 99 civic siR but it only raps out at 6500 rpm whats wrong?
  70. Where can i find a integra gsr motor, tranny, ecu, and harness to buy?
  71. I want to know what is so great about vtec?
  72. How can I cover up rust on my rear wheel well?
  73. I'm not very computer friendly. How can i find the cheapest way to purchase rims for my car.?
  74. What causes the check engine light to come on a 1999 Honda Accord?
  75. how to get invoice price for honda odyssey and the dealer rebate?
  76. 96 honda civic ex?
  77. haven cars caravan, Harp hill, markyate have they got a internet address if so what is it please?
  78. how do i know if my car is a Carburetor/T.B.I. Vehicle or a Fuel Injection/E.F.I.vehicle?
  79. how nuch is nitrous these days??
  80. Honda Tuning?
  81. What's the difference between a D15B honda engine and a B16a ????
  82. What do u think is the best engine for a 92 honda prelude si?
  83. Tell me why I can't start my car after a rainy day, please.?
  84. what is the purpose of a sunroof in a car?
  85. What is a good car for a teen?
  86. What engine comes stock in a 1988 - 1989 Honda Accord?
  87. What is a long block engine for an import car?
  88. Who made the first Hydrogen powered car was it Honda in 1999?
  89. Anyone know how to change the clock on Honda Accord 2003. I lost the manual.?
  90. How many liters does a 1998 Honda Accord have if it is a V6?
  91. I have a 89 honda prelude that has minor damage on the front. Should I fix it, or sell it?
  92. Is $380./month for 72 months expensive on a brand new 05 Honda Civic EX Special Edition?
  93. What is V6 in the automobiles?
  94. My boyfriend is buying a new Honda S2000. Is it comfy for passengers?
  95. does a k20a engine fit on a honda civic hatchback?
  96. view manual for 92 honda accord?
  98. honda city how is it?
  99. How does the Honda Pilot ride at 65 and 75 MPH in comparison to the Toyota Hylander?
  100. how many horses does a b16, b18, and a H22 have?
  101. 95 accordmy mpg's has gne dwn over time iv changed the filters, plugs, normal stuff, how do i
  102. battery choice?
  103. i need a new rebuilt engine for an 88 Honda civic Si?
  104. what is most fuel efficicent automobie?
  105. Why do people rice out their hondas and whatnot?
  106. Whre can i get ahonda civic hatch back for $500?
  107. the truth, is jdm b20b same as b20z? heard too many different things.?
  108. 1/4 mile time for a honda torneo SIR-T?
  109. how this work?
  110. I have a 1992 Honda accord ex that has a major oil leak that is running out of timing belt cover?
  111. where can i find after market parts for a honda civic hatchback?
  112. Im looking for Turbo and many other after market parts for a 96 honda accord V6?
  113. Where can i get 20 inch chrome rims for a honda civic cope?
  114. "what is the difference between the EX and LX Honda Accord?"?
  115. Car mileage 20 years ago, and today. What's going on here? We are getting ripped off...?
  116. are turbo timers generally one size fits all or do I need one specificly 4 my car?
  117. I need the timing of my 91 honda accord spark plug wires to the distributor cap?
  118. are turbo timers generally one size fits all or do I need one specificly 4 my car?
  119. SRS (dual-threshold front airbags) light does not go off on my Honda CRV 2001?
  120. Honda HRV (1999-2000) 105PS. How fast in practice you can travel with that on a freeway?
  121. Does anyone have a Honda CRX SI they are willing to sell near Fayetteville, Arkansas?
  122. Available in england only?
  123. How much do you think a wrecked '97 Honda Prelude would sell for?
  124. what is the hissing noise in street racing cars between shifts?
  125. What's is the most reliable car in the US?
  126. What oil viscosity is correct for 1996 passport 4X4?
  127. Do you have todays interesting topics?
  128. Where is the fuse box on my 2002 Honda Civic SI?
  129. What is the public's opinion on the 2006 Honda Civic ? How about the Civic Hybrid ?
  130. what is all the chatter? it only does it in 4WD?
  131. Which SUV is better, the Honda Pilot or the Toyota Hylander?
  132. My 1994 Accord (auto) has an "Engine Check" that comes on every time I start driving.
  133. For honda accord/civic owners what is the highest mileage you have put on the car?
  134. i have the huge oil leak some where under my car it's not the oil pan or the head or even
  135. Why my Honda give "weird sound" everytime I turn right ??? Is it the wheel ???
  136. i need to know how to change a 2006 honda ridge lines tire!?
  137. HONDA 91 PRELUDE si.?
  138. i want to replace the timing belt of my honda CRV model 2001?
  139. Can the Honda Jazz/Fit run on regular unleaded 88 octane gasoline?
  140. why did the odometer go out on my 91accord and how do fix it?
  141. what are the possible motor swap for my stock 90 civic hatch si?
  142. why did the odometer go out on my 91accord and how do fix it?
  143. what are the possible motor swap for my stock 90 civic hatch si?
  144. Can the Honda Jazz/Fit run on regular unleaded 88 octane gasoline?
  145. i want to replace the timing belt of my honda CRV model 2001?
  146. i need to know how to change a 2006 honda ridge lines tire!?
  147. HONDA 91 PRELUDE si.?
  148. How much should I sell my 98 Honda accord V6 coupe? runs well and has 130k miles.?
  149. Do any of you really know?
  150. Who Loves a Honda S2000!!?
  151. Does anyone not like the 06 honda civics? and what color should i get ?
  152. want to buy honda city in mumbai?
  153. what is a v-tech motor by HONDA and how does it work besides others motors.?
  154. how many miles per gallon does a 91 honda accord gets city/highway?
  155. Where can i buy a used honda civic in los angeles?
  156. How do you clean the inside of the front windows?
  157. How to Start a 1987 Honda Accord "carburated" car.?
  158. Do people bargain when they buy cars--hybrids these days?
  159. What is a powertrain warranty?
  160. i'm changing a clutch in a civic and i can't seperate the trans from the motor, any advice?
  161. Should I buy a Honda Civic EX or Civic LX?
  162. where can i find a store name pro street auto peformace?
  163. what is the weight of a vtec b16b engine?
  164. what is a voltes-v engine?
  165. where can i buy a b16a4 swap for cheap?
  166. i need to know in like the next minute where a fusebox is on a 2002 honda civic! HELP?
  167. can you show me some picturs & price rates of a honda accord 5 speed years between 1995 to 1999?
  168. Anyone that has a 2006 Honda Accord EX please answer?
  169. After how many maximum kms can I change engine oil in my Honda Civic 2005 model if I use FULLY
  170. Sportage or CRV?
  171. How advisable is it to buy a 1989 Honda Acoord with 155000 miles on it for $1000?
  172. removing skin on car door, in order to secure door lock?
  173. how much a new honda accord 2.0 L is sold in Dubai?
  174. Car Cover for Honda Odyssey?
  175. hi anybody know a website describing how to remove outside shell of door to get at the window
  176. Who can tell me firsthand about the 2006 Honda Insight Hybrid 3-Door?
  177. Is Camry better than Honda Accord 3.0 Litre.?
  178. Who thinks that honda should bring back the del sol?
  179. my 94 civic isn't starting and when it finally does it runs ruff with a lot of wht smoke out
  180. How fast is a stock Honda Civic?
  181. What is the most mileage youve gotten out of a vehicle and what type?
  182. Where can I find a site that I can virtually cutomize cars?
  183. How do I reset my trip milage odometer on a 2003 Accord?
  184. Where in Philadelphia, is there a place that cleans the whole entire engine?
  185. Exactly what is a vtech engine on a v6 accord? And dont they all have vtech?
  186. how do i get more power into my 92 honda civic for cheap?
  187. What is the Stock horsepower for a 2001 Honda Civic LX? (1.7 liter)?
  188. 94 honda civic wont go past 30mph, shakes when driving, took to a mechanic and said it was fine&r...
  189. What DOHC V-tec engine will fit in my 94 Honda Civic Hatchback?
  190. I have HondaAccord1993 I was told tht gas 93 better then 87 for this car is it true in
  191. can a honda civic with a manual be converted into an automatic transmission?
  192. civic honda?
  193. civic spoon?
  194. When do the 2007 Honda models come out?
  195. how can u make more power from a D15?
  196. Is there a place or site to order black Honda Civic emblems? All emblems, civic, LX, H?
  197. whats the difference from a civic EK9 and a Spoon Civic?
  198. anyone selling a used honda civic or accord??
  199. honda engine?
  200. Is the Honda Ridgeline the best truck on the market?
  201. is 150,000 miles a lot for a honda civic?
  202. thinking of car trade. advise plz...?
  203. wheres the place to buy a Honda in Texas without trying to JACK up the price?
  204. i need to find any used hondas in connecticut for sale or any type of car for sale?
  205. HONDA CRV Do you have one?
  206. Can i use a H-22 obd-2 with a f-22B1 tranny auto?
  207. what is the fastest motor for a crx?
  208. Comparing the Honda "Fit" and the Tyota "Yaris", have you seen any features that you like/hate?
  209. How much horsepower does the new 2006 Honda Civic Si have ?
  210. Why did HONDA make an Integra SJ and a Civic if they are the same, basically?
  211. my car is moving slow even when i'm speeding?
  212. HONDA CRV...Do you like yours?
  213. Can you put a K20A engine in a 96' civic?
  214. what is the latest of 2006 model?
  215. Are their any Honda Oddesey's that are "BAD", and you would recommend staying away from and why?
  216. whats the firing order of a 1.5 liter 1986 honda civic?
  217. what are the differnt honda car engines and what is the diffence between them?
  218. I had H22A with 200 Hp in my Accord yr 96. How can I make as much as HP at fly wheel
  219. do you think the honda fit will sell well in the us?
  220. 1) How do you replace a starter on a Honda Civic 2002 EX?
  222. i need a tail gage and side gates for my honda acty pickup any idea where to get these, tried many..
  223. how long do you have to wiat till you get your drivers license in alabama?
  224. The Honda ELEMENT?
  225. can i put a vtec engine inside a 93 honda civic cx with all original parts without changing...
  226. compare Honda Pilot to Nissan Pathfinder as far as price, comfort and safety?
  227. What kind of gas mileage does a new Honda Civic SI yet?
  228. What's the invoice price for a new 2006 Honda Civic?
  229. Anything have anything bad to say about 2006 Honda Civic? Thinking of buying one - commute
  230. what honda motor makes the most HP Stock?
  231. Can you turbo or supercharge a Honda Civic "97"??
  232. Does anyone have experience with an APEXI fireball muffler?
  233. How can I create a virtual car?
  234. Do you have to depressurize the brakes on a 2002 Honda Accord to change them?
  235. I just bought a accord 2001 v6. How can I make it faster?
  236. what rims fit prelude 99?
  237. Can anyone help me get a window handle for my Honda accord 97. I also need the door handle?
  238. 1996 Honda Accord 4 cylinder, 16V. Timing belt, spark plugs, fuel filter, battery all fine. Car...
  239. 2006 Accord Engine?
  240. what is the best way to be happy ?
  241. i heard that almost every single transmission on honda accord ex 6th and 7th gen. fails. is that
  242. I just bought a Honda Accord 2001 v6 ex coupe with 125,000 miles on it for $8,000. Is this a...
  243. Number on H22A engine said 1042418. what does it means ? When did this engine build? How old...
  244. How many cars I have?
  245. Can the new honda fit be flat towed?
  246. i need a cold air intake for my civic 05, whats good out there?
  247. what's best product that you could buy to help your car rings when it is smoking?
  248. I have a 97 Honda Passport, check engine light is always on.?
  249. What is the best mini van on the market today?
  250. wots the fastest car in the world?