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  1. Why doesn't HONDA make 8-Cylinder Vehicles?
  2. What Honda Model over 5 years old would you sugest for me?
  4. How do I squeal the tires on an automatic car?
  5. heater core honda passport v6 4/4 unable to find part?
  6. Best Honda for tuner car project ?
  7. 95 Honda Civic A/C?
  8. need a car don;t want to spend more than1500.00 in the bay area ca.?
  9. what hondas can take a H22 in them with slight work done to the engine bay? models and years?
  10. check engine light?
  11. Honda Accord Coupe 1995?
  12. what is the price for a brand new 1999 honda odyssey?
  13. What is the vibration at high speeds caused by?
  14. What is a good first car from Honda? I like the Fit, the Civic Coupe and the Civic Sedan.
  15. !!!!!Honda Dealership Question!!!!!-> Is there already a waiting list for the 2008 Honda Fit Hybrid?
  16. honda accord sedan 2007?
  17. Honda CRV 2006?
  18. where can i get a roof ?
  19. what is the price range of the new civic si 4-door sedan?
  20. 2002 Honda Accord V6 2 door. The passenger door won't open from the inside.The door
  21. Why is the reliablility of American Cars so Bad?
  22. My car keeps overheating. We've changed the thermostat, coolant and radiator. None
  23. Why can my stock Ford Expedition beat every Civic in town?
  24. does the pilot or the element save more gas???
  25. 95 Civic overheating?
  26. How do I remove the Fuel Pump relay for a 1990 honda accord?
  27. were is the ac compressure fuse located on a 04 honda crv?
  28. I ordered a honda civic hybrid 2006 3 months ago can i legally get out of contract?
  29. Does anyone who owns a honda element tell me if its a good gas saver????
  30. what substance can be used for a gasoline leak on a fuel line?
  31. on the 2005 HONDA ODYSSEY the horsepower is 255 but in the 2006 ODYSSEY the horsepower is 244.
  32. I have a 1995 Honda Civic that keeps overheating, any ideas?
  33. computer chip....?
  34. What is the best car for the best price, I say Honda Civic?
  35. What answers are there for the Gas problems and prices besides no driving?
  36. what ecu harness do i need for a type r ecu to fit a d16z6?
  37. where can I buy cheaper honda civic in LA/OC?
  38. how much does a 96 honda civic cost?
  39. how do I get more HP from my honda civic hx?
  40. why my honda accord over heated if it is driven over 75m\hr?
  41. Pushing for Repainting Redux?
  42. When YOU get upset about gas prices what do you think of???
  43. Honda Pilot or Ford Explorer which one you would buy if money was no object?
  44. have 2 90 Honda Civic They both have intermitant start problems. The Fuel P. relaychecks out ok.?
  45. Will a 2000 back glass for a Honda Passport fit a 2002 Honda Passport? I'm being told it
  46. Are the headbolts on a '96 Prelude Torque To Yield?
  47. What is the scheduled maintainence at about 72k-75k miles?
  48. do you think there is change in the style of honda accord 2007? which is better honda accord or...
  49. How do I adjust a clutch on a 93 Honda Accord.?
  50. have 94 honda accord lx, replaced brakes, and bleed them a couple of times.but brakes still...
  51. why is the floor of a 1988 accura car wet , front and back on passagers side and drivers side?
  52. i have a 90 accord.it keeps making this annoying beeping sound. it sounds like it could have
  53. I have a 97' civic and i cant get the idle to come down to where its supposed to be. HELP!!!!?
  54. what is good about CVCC engine?
  55. Where can I buy DENJI projectors for my '95 CIVIC?
  56. Import Car Show Dates in California?
  57. What do YOU think about this possible engine swap?
  58. what !! The RSX is going away?
  59. If you own a Honda Fit, is there anything you DO NOT like about it?
  60. Who has a Honda Pilot and what do you think about it?
  61. Low on A/C coolant for 99 Honda Civic. Can I do it myself?
  62. 95 honda civic ex?
  63. What happens if you over-torque head bolts?
  64. How long is a transmission supposed to last on a 2000 honda accord ex v6?
  65. Automotive Help??
  66. dash and parking lights dont work when turned on?
  67. Is there a new version of the Honda CRX coming out?
  68. Anybody have a Honda CRV? Do you like it?
  69. what is the best car wax for a brand new red civic (06)? do i have to wait a while before i wax
  70. in the civic hybrid, how do you choose to drive from electricity to gas?
  71. whom do i contact when honda dealers dont respond to my problems?
  72. Anyone got one of the new Honda Civic's?
  73. What is your favorite Honda (or Acura) other than the S2000 and NSX?
  74. how expensive is the new diesal honda accord to run?
  75. how do you replace you Throttle Position sensor on a 1994 Honda Civic?
  76. Honda Accord Apex-i Vtec air flow converter?
  77. headlight films?
  78. i bought and aftermarket intake system for a civic98 does anybody know how to installed it?
  79. what is the percentage that handas are made in japan?
  80. Do they still make the Honda Del Sol?
  81. Is the Honda Fit a good value?
  82. which car should i bye if i have 25,000 dollars?
  83. Which one Better? Stick Shift or Automatic Car?
  84. Does anyone have gas meter problems with old Accords?
  85. I remember the 06 civic si having jerking/bucking problems while driving. Is it fixed in the 07...
  86. How much should I pay for a Honda City 1.5 (2000) model in India?
  87. 92 Accord EX Temp climbs up into the RED (H) zone WITH ENGINE OFF?
  88. What do u think about the new Honda Civic?
  89. i have a 90 accord and the radio has a message that says "code" on it.?
  90. Where is the Honda Civic sold in th US built?
  91. civic si vs. integra gsr?
  92. How should I add some more power to my Civic?
  93. where can you buy honda car emblems?
  94. Does anyone own a 06 Honda Odyssey?
  95. who is the honda franchise contact?
  96. Where is the turn signal/hazard relay located in an '89 Accord?
  97. I have a 1989 honda integra can any one tell me what the S4 is for on the gear stick?
  98. anyone know where I can find an owners manual for a '96 Honda Accord?
  99. whats the best swap for a honda civic ek?
  100. Have 96 Honda accord, found antifreeze leaking out its pooling in bottom of radiator
  101. Typically how much room is there for negotiating interest rates when buying a new car from a
  102. car help! is honda accord sedan good car?
  103. Does Anyone Hate Civics?
  104. What wheel would look better on my honda civic. ICW 004b or ICW005b?
  105. turbochargers?
  106. 95 civic - front end collision... only damage is hood & front cross?
  107. how old am i gonna be when i own an acura rsx/honda integra type r?
  108. Check gas cap message on a Honda Odyssey?
  109. What are the benifits of a supercharger apposed to a turbo on a GSR engine?
  110. Does anyone own a Honda Fit?
  111. can i change my car from auto to manuel?
  112. What's wrong with my car?
  113. Would a honda be a good choice of car for me?
  114. How much does it cost to have your A/C converted?
  115. how to rebuilt honda car starter.?
  116. can bad pcv valve make my 89 honda accord jump and shake and die at idling speed -?
  117. what is pop vtec?
  118. my a/c is not cooling properly but low cooling when i put high speed a/c is not
  119. 2003 Honda Accord coupe?
  120. What does C-RV mean?
  121. what do you think about leasing a car? I know people do not like ;easing becuase of milage?
  122. What does the Si stand for?
  123. What to do with my 98 Civic Ex?
  124. how to change a expantion valve on a 2000 honda civic.?
  125. Can anyone who has purchased a 2006 honda civic ex tell me exactly what they paid for it?
  126. 4th Gen usdm Honda Prelude to JDM fitment?
  127. 1989 Honda Accord Lxi. Bad computer? No fuel coming out of injectors. Fuel pump works hot wired.?
  128. for those of you who had a 2006 honda civic LX how can i activate an auto door lock when
  129. I have heard two different rumors on the Honda Insight. One being Honda is going to stop
  130. I have a 90 honda accord ex 4dr.The horn goes off when I step on the brake pedal and the
  131. Honda accord engine cooling fan runs intermittently, is there a sensor that needs replaced?
  132. What does EG and EK mean or stand for?
  133. i have a 1990 accord and it only have about 125 hp. how can i add more horsepower?
  134. where is the prelude? is there a replacement?
  135. My 1990 accord has a oem engine. Is it possible to replace it with a v-tec engine?
  136. how does steering wheel and boss kit works?
  137. where can i find a free diagram to remove the front cover of my dash for a 92 accord?
  138. Should I keep pushing for repainting?
  139. does anyone know how to take off the rack and pinion on 1994 honda civic?
  140. does the new honda civic si have to have premium unleaded gas???
  141. Have a 93 del sol SI Will not start 40% of the time -new Fuel filter did not help.Fuel pump-?
  142. Is there a car that run on water? if there, is when will it come out to life?
  143. what is the best looking accord?
  144. o6 honda si(hfp badges) where do they go?
  145. Any NEW Honda sport car project?
  146. where is oxygen sensor on 2002 honda civic lx?
  147. ok i'm looking at some urethane lips for my civic right now do they all come in black or
  148. Can anyone tell me what size rim does a 1996 Honda accord have?
  149. What's the safest car out there for the money? I'm thinking Honda civic any suggestions?Is the
  150. Honda Element?
  151. What is the most horsepower any S2000 puts out?
  152. What is the selling price of a K-registered Honda Civic CRX?
  153. Would you buy this new vehicle if you knew before you purchased it, it will need repairs?
  154. how many gallons is a 87 honda accord gas tank?
  155. Is new Honda Civic launched in India better than other sedans in the same price category?
  156. The New Honda Civic - Triangular Exhaust Tips?
  157. Can I add cruise control to my 1997 Honda Civic DX?
  158. Which Honda Accord Coupe should I buy?
  159. 01Honda Civic, replaced lost gas cap, emissions light still on after 20 hours - what to do now?
  160. what do you think of the new 2006 honda accord? both on the interior and the exterior?
  161. what is meaning for 1.14 litre engine?
  162. Why does my Honda sound like a weedeater?
  163. Is there such a thing as a car booster seat for short adults?
  164. Pls where can i download Honda Accord EX 1998 model owners manuals on internet.?
  165. Change oil light on 2003 Honda EX?
  166. can i place a turbo in my b16a engine and make it high compression engine at the same time?
  167. how often should I do oil change on bad used car?
  168. I have a 1993 honda civic dx with a 1.5 ltr engine, when it gets hot out the car won't start.?
  169. what is a b16?
  170. Help with civic?
  171. What do you guys or girls think of the 97-01 honda preludes?
  172. Doe you have a japanese car??? MODDED ONLY....?
  173. 1989 Honda Prelude 2.0 SI?
  174. Questions about the new Honda Fit?
  175. is there an on line source for 95 honda civic repair?
  176. Right Hand Drive Honda's?
  177. i need an expert on honda civic's here?
  178. Does anybody have Honda Del Sol 1997 with shift... I would like to know..?
  179. 97 Accord EX for $7,400.00 74000mi... Good Deal?
  180. brake pads and rotors replaced on my 1990 honda a month ago.it shakes out of control
  181. Do you prefer a Honda Ridgeline or Chevy Avalanche?
  182. why do people rice out their hondas?
  183. Looking for an excellent HONDA maintenance/Tune up/Repair shop in Southern California?
  184. how to get more horsepower out of my 96 honda accord?
  185. how much torque is needed to tight a transmission bolt on 1990 a honda accord?
  186. do you think its ok to go to the dices at night even though its illegal?
  187. Who can i call??? I must get rid of my 89'Honda Accord...?
  188. I need to add some more horsepower/torque to a 1997 Civic?
  189. What's the rarest Honda today?
  190. how many miles does an Accord last?
  191. Wht size rims should I put on a honda accord?
  192. Honda Owners?
  193. 96 honda accord air conditioner leaking water under dash?
  194. when is the honda car fit is coming in india?
  195. wht is a 3 stage c vtec and how is it different from a normal vtec?
  196. 98 honda crv belt replacement?
  197. What are the largest tires you can safely install on a Honda Element?
  198. where to find a body for 85 to90 honda accord?
  199. My old 89 Civic engine won't re-start in hot weather.?
  200. i am looking for a 1992-95 honda civic hatchback under $1,000 where can I find one?
  201. Two questions on a 2000 Honda Civic?
  202. Problem starting 1990 honda accord?
  203. should i buy a honda odyssey or Toyota sienna?
  204. what is the best type of car cover for a honda crx?
  205. Who got the brain to built a wind power car?
  206. how do u change the light bulb in the instument cluster on a 1995 Honda Accord?
  207. i have a D16Z6 I'm trying to get it timed but im not sure how can so one walk me step by
  208. Where is the Knock Sensor located on '96 Prelude?
  209. Look n 4 a 1992 Honda civic hatch will pay wut ever?
  210. The speedometer in my 98 Honda Accord stopped working. Any simple fixes? Thanks.?
  211. how do i fix my car's AC?
  212. Given the choice between a 2003 Nissan Altima, VW Jetta, Honda Accord, or Toyota Camry, what...
  213. where can I get a workshop manual for a 1994 honda accord?
  214. Anyone ever installed a back seat in a honda crx?
  215. DID the honda civic indian model changed?
  216. how hard is it to install a lip on a car?
  217. Trying to replace a cracked headlinght for Honda Accord 96. I need to remove a bumper, but how?
  218. what is a good website for me to find body kits?
  219. i have a honda accord year 2000?
  220. Modification help on a 2003 Civic LX??
  221. Is this honda worth it??
  222. is 18,500 a good deal on a 2006 2-door honda civic ex. That is total price including tax,lic, etc.?
  223. Toyota Corolla vs. Honda Civic?
  224. any lowest price and free shipping on honda body kits?
  225. what kind of motormounts for a ls swap into 95 civic?
  226. Where is the Oxygen sensor heater located on '96 Prelude?
  227. does tein make coilovers and how much? what are the best coilovers to buy???
  228. where do i wire led license plate bolts to?
  229. Why does my 89 Civic have a low idle?
  230. hydraulic fluid in the rear axle crv?
  231. Are the signal and Hazard switch in a 95 Honda Accord Related/Connected?
  232. Racing stripes?
  233. What type of honda is the cheapest and a nice small car perfect for a first car?
  234. can the original 2000 honda civic ex 2d tail light fit the 98 civic ex coupe model?
  235. i have an 87 honda accord but having trouble with finding the low persure?
  236. title and artist of the honda advert where the singer rides a m/cycle+racing car +powerboat etc.?
  237. Do you know about air conditioner problems for 2003 Honda Civic?
  238. where can i find a fuse diagram for a 93 honda del sol?
  239. problems with honda civic 97 dx?
  240. Looking at a 2007 Honda Fit?
  241. what type of honda accord is the 91 two door manual transmission?
  242. Hi I have a Honda Accord 1995 I-4 Auto and want to know what are the acceleration times from
  243. How do you easily reset the ECU on a 97 Accord?
  244. 2001 Accord?
  245. K-series engine in place an F or H series?
  246. driver side conversion?
  247. LX, EX, DX -- Performance?
  248. how do i adjust the idle on my 93 honda accord?
  249. 86 Honda Civic?
  250. Can i add a turbo to my automatic 93 honda del sol?