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  1. Honda Ridgeline?
  2. How much would a used 1998 Honda Accord go for?
  3. What do you guys sudgest i should do to my car to get some extra HP spending about $200-$300.?
  4. how does adding an exhaust system to your car give it more power?
  5. If u put enough boost on a honda civic, can u make it faster than a lamborghini??
  6. I have a 2002 civic, but no owners manual. What does the red SRS light stand for?
  7. When will Honda release the next generation Accord??
  8. i have an ecu acura question what the codes on the case mean?
  9. Can I look at a manual for a 1988 Honda Accord online?
  10. Hybrids Low Resale Value?
  11. 2004 Honda Accord DX Air Conditional?
  12. Honda Civic question?
  13. How can I stop sunroof from leaking?
  14. who has a lot of troubles with their l998 honda civic EX?
  15. What car is better overall in your opinion: A 1992 Honda Accord or a 1992 Toyota Corrola?
  16. Is the Honda Civic still a reliable car?
  17. 1991 acura flasher wiring diagram?
  18. If two Honda Pilots collide...?
  19. Honda Prelude Question...?
  20. Does anyone own/ know someone who owns a Honda Del Sol?
  21. i just got a aftermarket fuel pressure regulator i was wonderin what a good psi level would be to...
  22. what is the fuel capacity on 89 honda accord?
  23. Honda CRV Maintenance Required Light?
  24. Crx good for car shows?
  25. what is the difference between a 2001 honda civic dx 5 speed and a ex 5 speed?
  26. cheapest cars in ireland?
  27. I am looking for the belt diagram for a 2002 honda crv?
  28. Clutch in a 2000 Civic?
  29. When is the Hybrid Honda Pilot going to be released?
  30. I have a 2003 Honda accord 4dr. I am about to get my boys 20"s off his 2006 mazda 6 does anyone
  31. Acura = Honda, but in malaysia there is no HONDA model same as acura?
  32. How to replace a honda Civic (2002) bumper?
  33. What do you think is the nicest color on the 2006 honda civic coupe?
  34. How many mexicans can fit in a Civic CRX?
  35. how to change brake pads in a honda accord 2005?
  36. how much can i sell my car for?
  37. where is the PVC valve located on a 1991 honda prelude, if you have a diagram it would be really
  38. Anyone know where I can get a silver / chrome Mugen gear knob?
  39. Links on how to install power steering on a 1996 honda civic hatchback?
  40. where does my 1992 honda civic cx hatchback redline at?
  41. where can i get a cheap car in mobile al?
  42. how does handling of Honda Accord compare to Acura TL?
  43. What was the first honda car ever made?
  44. honda crv...?
  45. What are some of the pros and cons of adding aftermarket performance parts to ones car?
  46. how do I know if I need a new car battery or its the alternator?
  47. How do you fix a speedometer that won't move in a Honda Accord?
  48. OK, Should i keep my car or get another....?
  49. 95 Honda Civic Air Conditioning just died?
  50. Regarding gasoline for Honda CR-V EX.?
  51. Cannot get my car to start!!??
  52. My speedometer in my car won't move?
  53. My 92' Honda Accord Won't Start.?
  54. Tail lights dont get brighter when I brake, HELP!?
  55. What happened to all the Honda Civics?
  56. What car under 25K would you buy and keep for 10 years?
  57. What is the lightbulb size for a 1994 honda civic Example 9004?
  58. How much is a 93 honda civic LX salvage worth?
  59. How to cut the parking break, 88 honda civic?
  60. Can you help me with my car stereo?
  61. Does the1995 Honda Civic Coupe have a/c and/or heat?....?
  62. which tool to use for changing accord 2001 license plate?
  63. What does "Si" mean on a honda?
  64. Why does only one of my cooling fans seem to work on my 89' honda accord lxi?
  65. where do you put transmission fluid in a honda passport?
  66. What engine do I have (Honda Civic)?
  67. i need ecm code info for automotive service?
  68. does anyone know if the specs for the Honda Civic sedan will change for '07,or will they offer...
  69. Offset number for a stock "1998" Honda Civic Ex?
  70. Can you put a v-tec solinoid on a d16y7 head?
  71. How often do I need the transmission serviced on a 2003 Honda Element?
  72. 1996 Honda Accord Engine Check Light on?
  73. what is pfi sohc?
  74. does a honda prelude waste alot of gas>>?
  75. will 17in wheels fit on a honda civic with a 103.2 wheelbase?
  76. Why do you buy foreign cars?
  77. how to change or drain power steering fluid for honda accord 1990?
  78. how does make CPB for cationic electro depotition to defend againts corrotion in a car ?
  79. can i use unleaded premium petrol for 1998 honda accord coupe v6 3.0? (UK VERSION)?
  80. photos of 1978 to 1985 honda prelude?
  81. Im Looking For A Car?
  82. My gas tank door won't open?
  83. Gas question / Mileage question?
  84. do anyone knows where to start when you change power steering fluid for honda acccord 1990?
  85. how come cars (like the Honda Civic) have different letters next to the model saying LX, DX, EX,...
  86. whats the cheapest way to trick out a honda civic?
  87. Anyone know what company makes navigation systems for Honda?
  88. Is it hard to chrome plate?
  89. rims configuration for 2002 Accord?
  90. Cruise control - 00 accord lx coupe?
  91. Does a 2003 Honda CR-V have a timing chain?
  92. When we drove our CRV through the car wash, water started leaking onto the passenger side floor!?
  93. what you think about Ford Ghia 1.6 (A) vs Honda Civic 1.8 i-Vtech?
  94. What is better a CRV or rav 4?
  95. when was honda fit launch in india?
  96. Honda civic forum?
  97. Fuel Tank of 2001 Honda Accord?
  98. i have a 1999 honda accord with a p0740 what do i need to do to fix this?
  99. how much horse power does a stock d16z8 honda motor have?
  100. Replacement Factory Floormats for 1992 Accord?
  101. I've heard that Honda's car parts are available in the US. Does that make it of better
  102. When will the first hydrogen vehicle go on the mass production?
  103. 2001 Honda Accord?
  104. I went to the car wash and water started leaking onto the passenger-side floor!?
  105. Why does my car's airconditioning only work on high?
  106. Is it necessary to do first three months service for honda civic 2006?
  107. How much does it cost to reupholster a 2001 civic sedan?
  108. Honda Civic / heavy squash?
  109. Where can I find a 1993 honda accord pinion installation diagrams?
  110. how much it coast to rebuilt a new ingine in to a honda civic hatchback 93 including labour for
  111. What kind of material is the convertible top on a 2006 honda S2000? Is it vinyl or fabric?
  112. Can you get a remote start system if your car has a manual transmission?
  113. Why does the A/ C on my Honda Civic cut off after working for some time ?
  114. Can the clutch of an A/C compressor be replaced without loosing the refrigerant?
  115. Know anything about Honda Civics?
  116. what is vortec engine basically?
  117. how do i advance the timing on a honda civic,i know it has to do with the distributor?
  118. What is a good price for a new Honday Pilot LX 4x4?
  119. D16y8 valve adjustment specs.?
  120. What do I have to disconnect/take off to change my cv boot on my 1989 Honda Accord LXI?
  121. What percentage of cars on the USA roads come from a non-USA based company?
  122. I'm looking to put projecter style headlights in my 1998 Accord. Does this require removing...
  123. do i need to change catalicconverter to pass emission or there is hope ?
  124. how do i advance timing on civic.so do i have to take the cap and turn or the whole distributor?
  125. do you think a Honda be a good car to race a Honda accord?
  126. in F1 what does the BAR stand for in Honda?
  127. what's the advantages of a wideband O2 over a A/F Gauge?
  128. 1991 crx dx surgeing?
  129. Is there any other difference between a Honda Accord SE and a Honda Accord EX besides the sunroof?
  130. My speedometer/tachometer goes crazy when I accelerate or slow down quickly. Is it an...
  131. how much horsepower does a 1997 prelude sh have?
  132. How much should it cost to replace shocks on a honda civic 2002?
  133. My Honda Accord has a "maintenance required" light.?
  134. How do you revive the color on a white car from Dingy to bright?
  135. how do i make my 2001 prelude faster?
  136. How do you get rid of the "new car smell"?
  137. What do you think about NSX Type S0?
  138. Replacing a Radiator Support on a 93 Civic DX?
  139. my 98' civic rpm needle go's up and down on its own i changed the iddle sensor wat can it be?
  140. Does anyone own a Honda Ridgeliner?
  141. My Carbeurator Honda?
  142. my 97 accord accelerates slow?
  143. do vtec engines get better gas mileage that the original ones?
  144. 4 wheel drive is fun right?
  145. I just crashed my car. Does anyone know how I can find someone to sponsor a car for me?
  146. If two Honda Elements collide...?
  147. What companys make body kits for the Honda Fit / Jazz??
  148. what is the value of my honda crv it has only 10,000 miles on it?
  149. Honda Prelude Having Trouble Starting?
  150. Anyone have any problems/concerns with a 2006 Honda Civic LX?
  151. I have a 06 Honda Civic EX with Navi....?
  152. Why Honda ceased production of the Prelude model, It was a very popular and fun car to drive?
  153. When I'm driving my car and I make a right turn the car makes a bad noise like "tadatadatada"
  154. Why does my car engine make a churning noise when accelerating?
  155. Anyone know if a 1993 Honda Accord (EX wagon) is a good car?
  156. Why do so many old women drive the Honda Element?
  157. How do I know if my Honda Civic condenser is bad?
  158. 1995 honda accord lexus conversion?
  159. What do you think about the new Honda - The Fit?
  160. is the 2004 civic si an k20 engine?? if not what is it?
  161. does a 1998 honda crv have a timing belt or timing chain? i think its a 2.0l four cylinder?
  162. Where can you find after market parts?
  163. Where can I find a free service manual for a 1996-2000 honda civic?
  164. why do my 1993 honda accord idle up and down?
  165. Are honda pilots nice suvs? Why?
  166. Anyone have a Honda Accord EX Wagon (1993)? If so,what do you think of it?
  167. my honda accord will only rev up to 3000 rpm,it redlines at 6400.what can be goin wrong?
  168. Does anyone know when Honda Pilot HYBRID will be out in the market; in CALIFORNIA Market?
  169. I am looking at a car whose AC does not blow cold air, but I am told does blow hot air (for winter)?
  170. What are the steps to doing a Right Hand Drive (RHD) Conversion to a Honda Civic?
  171. Will upgrading the exhaust and/or intake on a very high mileage Accord hurt the car more than help?
  172. More Horsepower for a civic?
  173. this is for car freaks what is a air/fuel metering sensor, my accord check engine is
  174. Fast car, thats good on gas for around $5 - 8k (hello tuner guys)?
  175. What cars does the b20b Motor fit in??
  176. Does a Honda Automatic Transmission have an oil pan?
  177. Does anyone want to trade a 2006 Honda Civic Coupe EX for a 2006 Honda Civic Si??????
  178. where can i get a new 91 honda crx si sunroof \ moon roof for cheap cheap?
  179. does the 1992 prelude have the Si version with the automatic transmission?
  180. Whats the best way to service a Honda automatic transmission that has 230,000 miles?
  181. What is the price to repaint a car?
  182. Will my automatic 2006 Honda Civic Coupe EX ever be as fast as a manual vehicle????
  183. Civic hatcback 92-95 or 99-00 civic coupe?
  184. cant decide civic sedan or civic coupe?
  185. compare cars, honda civic, toyota corolla, nissan sunney, kia sonata,?
  186. anybody selling a civic si hatchback used?
  187. How can I take down the engine of a Honda Pilot?
  188. What's the best way to repair chipped paint on my car hood?
  189. Does the 1992-1996 prelude have type SH? Is the type Si equally as good?
  190. What kind of service should be done on a 15,000 mile honda accord?
  191. 91 honda prelude h23 swap?
  192. How can I buy a 2006 Honda Pilot and pay under $400 per month for 5 years max?
  193. What is a good car cover I can buy for my Honda Civic 2006?
  194. i have a civic 98 i switch my airintake to an aftermarket one now my engine is shaking. why?
  195. Honda CRV 2003 rear brake lights not working?
  196. How much freon does a 96 honda civic dx hold?
  197. How much freon does a 96 honda civic dx hold?
  198. what do the hillbily girls wear?
  199. How much freon does a 96 honda civic dx hold?
  200. How do i trick out my 2006 Honda Civic Coupe EX?
  201. does anybody know fuel consumptions of Honda Prelude 2.2 VTi?
  202. what is the hole for in an Intake system?
  203. top speed of a 1995 honda accord from 0 to 60.?
  204. how do I reset the check engine icon after I change the oil!?
  205. what is difference between sohc,dohc, and vtec?
  206. How do I find out more info on Executive Inn of Coopersburg, Pa?
  207. hi, i am try to make a fiber mold for my car?
  208. Do I need anything else?
  209. what is it called?
  210. my 91 accord cooling fan stays on after its off?
  211. i have a 2002 civic lx 5 speed.I want to know what can i add to my car to give me a faster take off?
  212. I have a 97 civic lx. What performance upgrade should I get first for $200-$300?
  213. how do I turn off daytime running light of a 2006 honda accord?
  214. What model Honda--SOHC--VTEC--E and year?
  215. In city, what is the normal fuel consume of a 99 Honda Passport v6 2x4 in excellent condition?
  216. i have a honda odesy 05 and i banged the trunck really hard and the tv blanked out. what
  217. What have you paid for a 2006 Honda Odyssey EX?
  218. pictures 2007 honda cr-v?
  219. Have you Seen the 2008 honda civic?
  220. Honda Pilot??
  221. between the ford endeavour and honda CRV, which would u choose and y???
  222. what is an internal comperssion engine?
  223. 95 Civic Air Conditioner recharge? Quotes??
  224. Is the new civic si really "all that" they say it is???
  225. What is the trunk size (in cubic feet) of a 1995 honda civic dx?
  226. Honda regional cincinnati manager?
  227. Where can I purchase original parts for a Honda Civic (EK-3) 2-door Hatchback - Multi
  228. Does Anyone know a great website to buy a '98 JDM ITR Tranny?
  229. Question about Aftermarket Navigation Systems?
  230. Trying to settle and argument, will a four lug acura wheel fit onto a 4 lug honda accord?
  231. what engine fits my 93 honda civic?
  232. How to find the "Miles per Gallon" for Honda civic LX 2006 ?
  233. What is the value of a 02' Honda Accord?
  234. Keep my 96 Honda Del Sol SI or Sell it?
  235. Are there other sites just like streetfire.net?
  236. cost of shipping auto to thailand?
  237. anyone out there have a 2005 (not 00-03) s2000 service manual..im putting a s2k cluster in my...
  238. i have a 95 honda accord ex and the speed and trip gages just stopped working can anyone help me?
  239. does anyone have a front clip for a 1995 honda accord or do you know where i can find one?
  240. Are saved addresses on a car onboard sat nav deleted when the car battery is removed or is
  241. Can I buy an extended warranty from a different Honda dealer than the one who sold the car?
  242. I have a 92 honda accord runs great.what do i have todo to get abest gas milage?
  243. Nice used honda Accord?
  244. is it bad to keep switching gas brands in a car?
  245. Fiberglass Body Kits????Anyone was a Flex Fiber Composite body kit?
  246. how do you remove the dashboard from an 88-91 civic?
  247. what will it cost to put an h22a in a integra?not the motor but the cost to have somone put it in?
  248. Honda ridgeline owners ?
  249. 1988 honda civic lost all power while driving now nothing electric works and the car wont start evn
  250. Why aren't there any Toyota's on the rice scene except for Supra?