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  1. whats it worth?
  2. how can I disable the audible seat-belt alarm on my 2004 Honda Civic LX.?
  3. how to know if the car key can be duplicated?
  4. Now they make Honda Accord with dual exhaust... does that look much like a Honda now?
  5. what is rpm of a car ? what does it do?
  6. Sticking/non working power locks, 1995 Honda Passport?
  7. tuneups and oil change?
  8. error message on screen Sat Nav Honda CRV 2003?
  9. Van Purchase?
  10. parts websites?
  11. New Accords and Civics?
  12. how much could i get for a used 2003 silver honda civic lx?
  13. does anybody have a 1999 or 2000 Civic Si?
  14. I'm looking for harness "A" for fog lights, 99 accord 4dr v6.Thanks.?
  15. 1995 Honda Passport, Steering noise?
  16. what is the differences between honda prelude (base)s and sh 97-01/?
  17. What's the best way for me to build up a 95 honda accord?
  18. whats the consqeunces?
  19. will a window from a honda civic sedan fit a honda civic wagon?
  20. My 1997 Honda Accord showing "Maintenance required" light?
  21. 2007 Honda Accord or 2007 Honda Civic?
  22. what is the best Honda vehicle??
  23. New complete exhaust for 92 Honda Accord... either cat-back, or cat-back plus engine pipe...?
  24. How many Honda Preludes 1997-2001 were sold in the UK?
  25. 2003 Accord EX - Can OPDS sensor be de-activated ?
  26. How much does it typically cost to replace your rotor?
  27. what do you tink of ?
  28. I have a 99 honda accord lx how do i put on the front emblem that goes in the front?
  29. I have to hold down the key in the ignitor for it to start after a long jerking.What could be...
  30. how fast is my 99-00 b16a2 5th gen civic hb?
  31. I'm crazy about the Honda C-RV series. Any promotions to take advantage off? I don't mind a
  32. Where can i get a Titanium supercharger in india for honda accrod v6?
  33. Do newer Honda vans have a feature where if the interior lights are left on, they will auto...
  34. I have a 1991 Crx automatic and it's losing power and soon I have to get a smog check , please
  35. How much should new brakes and resurfaced rotors cost?
  36. Honda Accord 97 exR, maintenance light & air filter.?
  37. can you attach a hydraulic suspension that goes up and down to a honda car model 2000?
  38. Is 2006 Subaru Impreza 1.6 better or 2006 Honda Civic 1.6?
  39. what should i do?
  40. 2000 Civic Si vs Dodge Stealth? (intake & exhaust only)?
  41. looking for a honda civic /in tampa area, FL?
  42. what models does a honda civic hatchback come in?
  43. how to steal a honda prelude?
  44. Why would my steering wheal shake when i press on my breaks?
  45. 2003 Honda Accord Cruise Control Switch Failure?
  46. Is Honda Accord 2.0 2003(THE SAME EXTERIOR AS EURO R) better or Honda Civic 2.0 Si 2005?
  47. Is Hyundai Sonata 2.4 better or Honda Accord 2.0 in terms of APPEARANCE,DURABILITY,PERFORMANCE &...
  48. What is that red light?
  49. Spark plugs on a 2006 honda accord?
  50. Trunk and Drivers Side Rear Side Air Bag Rattle?
  51. How Do i Change The Shifting nob on my 1994 Honda accord?
  52. Do u like ur honda ridgeline or what?
  53. what electrical fault could result in my accord'97 not starting in the mornings?
  54. 96 accord fuel filter removal?
  55. Prices fer a head gasket/head?
  56. Carfax Report for VIN #JHMCG6656XC022901?
  57. How much should i pay for a 2006 Honda Civic Coupe?
  58. How much BHP does a JDM Honda Integra Type R have?
  59. why is my 2000 honda prelude sh running really slow?
  60. What model Honda CRV has the lumbar support in the driver's seat?
  61. Is Honda Accord 2.0 2003 better or Toyota Camry 2.0 2006?
  62. Whatis Cruise Control?
  63. How do you retract the pistons on the back brakes on a honda coupe 2002 after fitting new shoes?
  64. Is the Honda Civic 1995 hatch back a rear wheel drive? (EG6)?
  65. do u like the style of the new honda or the old one?
  66. looking for used engine 4 ahonda civix b-18 or h-22 anything dualoverhead year95 can any one help?
  67. how do i change the cabin ac filter on a 2000 honda crv?
  68. Honda prelude dash clocks, are they interchangeable?
  69. What is the best price for a new 2006 EXL Honda Odyssey *eight Passenger van?
  70. hi, does anybody know when is the exact release date of the 2007 honda civic si sedan?
  71. 1988 CRX Emission Problem?
  72. looking for used engine 4 ahonda civix b-18 or h-22 anything dualoverhead year95 can any one help?
  73. Which car is better in APPEARANCE, PERFORMANCE AND DURABILITY, Honda Euro R 2.0 2003 or...
  74. When I roll up my parents' car window, it makes a loud noise when it is almost to the top.?
  75. New Accords and Civic?
  76. Who's interested in the honda element sc concept?
  77. Rover 400 diesel. abs light on. o/s/r sensor. does anyone have any experience of this.?
  78. 2001 or 2000 Honda Accord? Do you have any trouble with it?
  79. Have a Honda Civic DX '96. Should the AC fan turn on immediately when I turn the AC on?
  80. Will a spare tire for a 93 honda civic fit on an 87 honda civic?
  81. what is a good brand of wheels (14's) for a Honda Civic?
  82. Clutch issue with 1995 Honda Accord EX?
  83. what company makes honda?
  84. Is Honda Civic a reliable car?
  85. the fast and the furious honda civic screenshots?
  86. Timing Manual?
  87. Questions about the Honda Accord - its music player, etc?
  88. 1996 Honda Civic DX. Temp. gauge goes up when I idle/stop & goes down when I am moving.?
  89. can any one tell me anything about tenrai lowering springs?
  90. Honda Civic hawaii 1997- Does anyone know how to change the drivers side headlamp bulb????
  91. Panic alarm on 2001 Honda Accord goes off when I turn my car or open my car door to get out...I
  92. New Honda Accord in India?
  93. who knows this kind of Chinese cars SMA?
  94. My 98 Honda Accord 4cyl passenger side door does not always open when I use the keyless
  95. Does anyone have step by step on how to change a 1999 civic headlamp?
  96. Setting timing belt?
  97. dose any body know any sites to buy a crx moon/sunroof?
  98. I have a b16a2 from a 2000 civic what year of civic should i try to put it in?
  99. civic hatch or crx?
  100. im looking for a 91' honda CRX?
  101. 1996 Honda Civic DX. Temp. gauge starts going up when I idle/stop & goes down when I go up to...
  102. which is better a type s or type r??? does anyone know.??
  103. What does it mean when my E-brake light stays on in my 95 Civic?
  104. 4WS Honda Prelude. How do I lock the rear wheels permanently? Fuse bar all ready out?
  105. How would I sand the surface cracks on my carbon fiber hood without ruining the hood itself?
  106. i need a alternator for a 1987 honda prelude 2.0 make an offer or trade or buy?
  107. i have a 1992 civic an i was wondering if it has a at transmission shift solenoid?
  108. 4WS Honda Prelude. How do I lock the rear wheels permanently?
  109. How much does the rotor for a 2000 Honda Odyssey door cost?
  110. i havde a 93 honda civic and i would like to know what will the best turbo for my car.?
  111. 2003 Honda Civic LX help?
  112. best lowering springs for honda civic 93?
  113. i want these halo projector fog lights for my civic year 97 will they fit my car???
  114. before i bought my car, the airbags went off, how would i reset the SRS unit before i replace them?
  115. Does any one have a copy?
  116. i have a radiator leak on my 89 crx?
  117. what does C-rv stand for (as in the Honda C-RV)?
  118. how much for a honda accord key to be made 1990?
  119. Should I Buy A Honda S2000?
  120. 2002 Wrx Vs. 2000 Civic SI ? ( both intake an exhaust only)?
  121. what kind of an engine does a honda delsol si vtec have (stock)?
  122. Out of all the civics honda has made this year, which one would u buy?
  123. how many miles will a 1996 honda accord ex 4dr run?
  124. 96 accord oil pressure help again?
  125. my honda accord'97 refuses to start due to lack of power supply to the engine.Do i change
  126. 96 accord oil pressure gauge help?
  127. my honda accord'97 refuses to start due to lack of power supply to the engine.Do i change...
  128. how do i change the front blinker on my 1999 honda accord?
  129. Does anyone out there own a 2007 Honda Accord?
  130. Swapping engines?
  131. website for a Honda accord 2002 ex 4door body kits...?
  132. Wiring schematics for 2006 Civic Si???
  133. my honda accord'97 refuses to start due to lack of power supply to the engine.Do i
  134. 96 honda accord 2.2l lx?
  135. Ok. Car Alarm Trouble...?
  136. I have a 1988 honda accord that just failed emissions because the fuel mixture at idle was
  137. how do I install rear vent window in 99 accord 4door lx?
  138. Honda Element or Toyota Scion XB?
  139. how to turn off maintenance light on honda civic 2001?
  140. whats a good body kit for a 94 honda civic?
  141. What could be the problem with a '91 Civic not producing spark?
  142. I had a key made for my 1998 Honda accord, now it is stuck in the ignition.?
  143. what do you to make a honda civic drift?
  144. where can i take my honda accord 1991 to get parted out?
  145. I want the diagram of the Honda CR-V frame. Is it on the web?
  146. What would cause the battery 100 amp fuse to blow in a 97 Honda CRV after the head lamps
  147. my 91 accord engine has 55000 original miles how much could i get for it?
  148. were can i find a 1997 honda civic HX in spokane,wa/?
  149. Where can I find....?
  150. does the 2007 honda CRV has an option for a 3rd row seat?
  151. Where can i find pictures of tricked out honda station wagons?
  152. Some advice?
  153. what is the motor code for a 94 civic dx (2door)?
  154. 94 Honda Civic was hit front end where is safty fuel switch? no mauel?
  155. dose any one know a good website for honda civic 1990?
  156. Can I expect any big discounts after new year for used honda civic from 2006 ( new shape)?????
  157. 96 Accord 4cyl. (F22B2), hard to start (5 seconds of cranks or so) when the fuel tank is low.?
  158. How many miles to the tank does a 1.4i SE Honda Civic have?
  159. How much horsepower do you think i have stock?
  160. s2000 supercharged vs turbo?
  161. My break warning light is on, what should I do?
  162. IM plannin to get a new honda civic but i dunno if i shud get a 2.2 cdti or 1.8 vtec?
  163. What is the easiest way to steal a car for cheap?
  164. i have a short ram intake,2.5" piping exhaust,dc sports headers? how many hp do you think i
  165. Should i turbo charge a b16a2? or a ls nonvtec?
  166. how much hp can i boost by putting a complete turbo kit,short ram,DC 4-2-1 header.2.5"piping?
  167. Will a 6th gen gauge cluster fit a 4th gen dash?
  168. Civic 06 plastic burning smell????
  169. TEIN S springs for Civic Si. 2006?
  170. how do I find an old friend that now lives in japan?
  171. exhaust on eg?
  172. 98 accord idle jumping 1200-2000 after removing upper intake?
  173. Mysterious Engine Problem?
  174. I love my 2000 Honda Odyssey, but recently the "check engine" light has come on and won't go
  175. Speed limiter in a 2006 Honda Civic EX ?
  176. My 2000 honda accord LX coupe doesn't start when its hot!?
  177. When does vtec kick in in a d16y8 (SOHC VTEC)>???
  178. Toyota RAV4 or Honda CRV (both 2007) which one would you choose or own already?
  179. My honda won't start sometimes?
  180. i'm about to paint my 92 honda prelude, and i want some ideas for some sweet colors, please help...
  181. What website do you go on to find used cars?
  182. Cruise control on my 2003 Honda Accord LX?
  183. wat upgrades for max hp out of a 95 civic ex w/ a d16 motor in it?
  184. Honda Resources
  185. How do you work the stock security system on a 1994 Honda Civic Ex?
  186. What all will i need to swap a JDM H22A1 into a 95 Honda Prelude?
  187. is it going to be a big problem swaping an single cam into an ls motor?
  188. What is suppose to light up on the dashboard on a 98 honda accord?
  189. 1995 honda civic where can i find one in spokane,wa ?
  190. 2000 Honda Accord LX questions?
  191. My 94 Accord won't shift into D4...the selector light for D4 blinks and sometimes the R light stays
  192. Brakes and Wheel Bearing?
  193. Has anyone got any Honda CTDI 2.2 that will actually do anywhere near the official mpg ?.?
  194. my honda mini van's car radio says code and will not work.. how do I get it operational again?
  195. need some suggestions with Honda 2005 Civic Ex?
  196. what would cause a cam gear to break?
  197. does the Honda b16b( type-r) run on pump gas?
  198. about how much is a 94 honda civic? not the hatchback?
  199. 1993 HONDA CIVIC! Will i need to change the timing belt when changing to a performance...
  200. which is better a toyota celica or a honda accord coupe?
  201. How many Honda Accords are there in California?
  202. 07 Civic Delimma?
  203. what do u think about my dad's and my s 2000?
  204. What is a cheap way to increase power in my Honda?
  205. What is a Honda Auto Break Code?
  206. po401 1998 accord 4 cyl.?
  207. where is the ipod link in the 2006 Honda Accord?
  208. someone in hillsborough county that has a good car for sale under $2,000.00?
  209. best websites to buy accessories and upgrades (to "trick out") for 2003 honda EX V6 4-door?
  210. How can I enter a Break Code on a honda Auto?
  211. i was interested in buying a 2000 honda civic si. who knows where i could get one at?
  212. What carburator would give me the most bang for my buck for a 1988 Honda CR-X?
  213. what are the characteristics of people who buy hybriad cars?
  214. have you ever heard of a spindle assembley near or on where the strut is and if so how much does...
  215. what are the characteristics of people who buy hybriad cars?
  216. What carburator would give me the most bang for my buck for a 1988 Honda CR-X?
  217. Honda websites?
  218. Honda Accord 1996 is still leaking coolant after changing most of cooling system. What else...
  219. VTEC blowup?
  220. Why is 300 kind of car here in state?
  221. What is the difference between Honda Civic and Honda Accord?
  222. which is lighter leather interior or cloth?
  223. what is another name for spindle? would it be something like control arm or ? for a honda accord?
  224. How can I find out how much horsepower my car currently puts out?
  225. v tech engine speciality?
  226. new honda civic 2006?
  227. Does the Si stand for anything in Honda Civic Si???
  228. My 1998 Honda civic automatic starts to overheat when foot on the brake or in park, dail
  229. What's the difference between a honda dx, ex, and lx?
  230. 94 Honda Accord Belt Question?
  231. Should I trade my 1993 honda civic for a 1998 chevrolet camaro z28?
  232. acura motor into a civic?
  233. What is wrong with my car?
  234. Which do you find to be a better vehicle- Honda or Toyota?
  235. Honda Accord 1996, new water pump/timing belt/oil change, smoke coming out from under
  236. how strict r the laws in Cali as far as mods go?
  237. how strict r the laws in Cali as far as mods go?
  238. Honda Accord 1996, new water pump/timing belt/oil change, smoke coming out from under the...
  239. Honda Accord 1996, new water pump/timing belt/oil change, smoke coming out from under the...
  240. What are the pros and cons of a hi-flow Cat?
  241. I have a Honda Civic Hybrid, what do I do?...?
  242. Honda Accord 1996, new water pump/timing belt/oil change, smoke coming out from under the
  243. what is the best way to reduce weight in my civic DX?
  244. how many mpg does a 1994 Honda Civic get?
  245. what does the SRS light mean on a 2002 Honda CRV?
  246. which is better honda or acura?
  247. old vtec car (1997)making a gurgling sound on the engine?
  248. printable fuse box diagram 1992 honda civic?
  249. About the Element?
  250. I have a Honda Civic?