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  1. how to remove civic moon roof?
  2. Does anyone know how to install adjustable coilovers on a 1990 honda civic?
  3. What is the size of the gas tank on a 97ish Honda Prelude? MPG?
  4. 03 Civic engine sounds funky?
  5. Honda civic problem?
  6. Can ANY Honda dealership print me a new key if I have my car's title and vin number?
  7. Who makes the best type of headers?
  8. is honda accord the most american made car, that is what i heard?
  9. i think my car got a bit slower after installation a cold air intake system. 1999 HONDA...
  10. i think my car got a bit slower after installation a cold air intake system. 1999 HONDA...
  11. Does a 1996 Honda accord have a bigger engine than a 1997 honda civic?
  12. 1997 honda accord 4cyl automatic transmission?
  13. Who wants to buy a 1993 honda civic hb with b18 engine swap bored out to a 2.0?
  14. can cold air intake damage my engine? (1999 HONDA ACCORD COUPE 3.0 V6 AUTO)?
  15. Good sounding muffler?
  16. What is the difference between an accord and a civic?
  17. Are Hondas made in Honduras or Japan?
  18. I'm tricking my civic out! but I don't know what color i should have it painted! A unique nice
  19. 98 Honda Accord Sedan?
  20. would any one know if a 95 Honda accord is any good?
  21. what headers are good for a 00 civic si a 4-2-1 or a 4-1 ?
  22. Anyone know anything about a '92 Honda Accord EX??
  23. I was wondering if anyone is selling a honda accord.?
  24. How many cylinders does a Honda Jazz car have?
  25. Weird overheating problem on 94 Civic DX D15B7?
  26. I have a 1996 Honda civic that looses power randomly ?
  27. Civic Lovers?
  28. How many miles will the average, well maintained Honda Accord put on before "dying"?
  29. What is the size for an exhaust tip for a 2006 Honda Civic Sedan?
  30. On a 2000 Honda Accord EX, does the dashboard clock light up?
  31. Do Odyssey EX-L and Touring really get better gas mileage?
  32. what is the real fuel consumption for 1998-2002 honda accord 3.0 v6 coupe?
  33. How to turn off the maintenance light (not the check engine light) on a 20026 Honda Odyssey EXL?
  34. i have a nighthawk black 06 honda accord coupe, and i will like to paint the break calipers.?
  35. i would like to swap the engine on my 1995 Honda civic lx for a v-tech engine is it possible?
  36. Are you happy with your Honda Pilot?
  37. Honda Accords Civics AUTO transmission 1st to 3rd gear?
  38. How does the 2006 Honda Civic handle in the snow?
  39. When did they stop making the Civic hatchback?
  40. who wants to sell their back lights honda civic ex 03 or 04 backlights for 80 bucks?
  41. Rear civic bumper?
  42. How do I replace a passenger side mirror assembly on a 1999 Honda Accord.?
  43. whats the cheapest parts that could give me alot of horses?
  44. 1991 honda accord electrical & trans. problems?
  45. Whats the best car website to search for used cars at reasonable prices???
  46. What would a non-vtec honda civic 2 dr run in the quarter mile?
  47. how to remove the front bumper on a 03 civic?
  48. When did they stop making the Honda Prelude?
  49. Is a "Honda CRV" a reliable vehicle?
  50. Help finding a list of Honda's competitive advantages?
  51. Anyone own a 2006 honda civic si? any like's dislikes or recomendations?
  52. What size tire comes stock on a 2004 Honda Civic Type R?
  53. Honda Fit Manual?
  54. i own a 02 accord coupe ex v6. i drive about 40 miles each day. is it reasonable to fill up my
  55. why are hondas today so ugly? where are their sports cars at?
  56. what do you think of the honda frv?
  57. 1997 honda civic dx hatchback?
  58. Why did someone have to steal our car?
  59. planing to get a AEM cold air intake V2 what do u think of it?
  60. how much is this car???(see details)?
  61. 1995 honda prellude abs light is on !?
  62. honda accord dashboard lights?
  63. Accord 2003 Owners... How do I reset my maintence required light?
  64. WHEN is BIGGEST car SALE of the YEAR????
  65. How do you find TDC on a Honda Civic D15B7 with the crankshaft pulley attached?
  66. What CRV stand for on a HONDA CRV?
  67. What is your poinion between ricers and domestics?
  68. I have a Honda accord 1989 and the alternater went out?
  69. what avg does honda civic (km/litre)?
  70. Honda Element Owners: What are your gripes with this vehicle? And what is it missing?
  71. I have an 88 Honda civic with a mitsuba relay, I got the car to start but the electronics
  72. How can I repaint scratches for my 2005 Honda Odyssey (Slate Green Metallic)?
  73. Bra for a honda civic?
  74. i am about to buy a new car what do you think about a honda crv?
  75. I'm planning to buy a honda civic 2.0. Is that a good choice?
  76. does the honda element only come in a 4 cylinder?
  77. Why is my car struggling for speed?
  78. is honda civic worth buying ?
  79. What do you guys think about the RSX getting canned for a new coupe?
  80. Honda Jazz 1.4?
  81. what is the real world mileage for the 2006 honda civic hybrid?
  82. what motor comes in the 1998 honda civic dx hatchback?
  83. Is it possible to add on twin turbo, supercharged part to a stock civic coupe?
  84. looking for info on handacivc?
  85. i have a 1993 honda accord 2 ltr fuel inj.when the weather is hot it wont start sometimes?
  86. automotive repair problem : Honda Accord (1995)?
  87. Do you guys Honda should come out with a V8 engine?
  88. Can anyone help me find rocker panel deflectors for my son's 1987 Honda CRX Si.?
  89. 1991 honda accord the sports mode light comes on and car will not change gears?
  90. Can I hack the DVD player in a Honda Oddyssey 06 to play Region 2 PAL DVDs?
  91. 2006 honda accord LX V-6, How do I make it faster ????
  92. Where can i find the power specifications of a 2003 Honda Accord?
  93. how can i make a honda civic ex 98 single cam vtec fast?
  94. Extend warranty?
  95. How can I get most power from my SIR Civic Hatch?
  96. how much does a 2005-06honda civic cost?
  97. just wondering?
  98. Is there anybody out there who lives and breaths Honda cars like I do?
  99. Does anyone have a1992 Honda accord?
  100. Civic EX 1993 has a moon roof or not?
  101. I need to know what website to go to; I need a complete parts break down?
  102. what swap should i do to my 00 honda civic si?
  103. why my odometer is no working ?is it gone case any problem on my car?
  104. hi, does anybody know when will be the new 2007 honda civic si sedan be out in the dealership?
  105. 2006 Honda Civic Si Advice?
  106. Which car should I keep?
  107. how many set of car keys came with the honda crx when new/?
  108. Does anyone have a 1994 Honda Accord?
  109. Which model and year for a honda civic should i get?
  110. Have Honda Civic IMA 2003, 25,000 miles Congestion free, want a French registered diesel or LPG MPV?
  111. looking to buy an h22a for 5th gen lude?
  112. What are some suggestions to make an 06 honda civic look better in the interior and...
  113. any trick to getting a CRV leather spare tire cover back on?
  114. can i have a 2006 honda accord coupe fitted with 18" wheels up front, and 20" wheels at the rear?
  115. What is better?
  116. Should i buy a honda civic si, or civic hybrid?
  117. hello my name is kevin i have an 1985 honda accord se-i that keeps on running hot i replaced...
  118. What is the best way (cheapest) to sell my NJ - 1999 Honda Civic EX 2dr with 50k miles?
  119. Is the mitsusa relay have anything to do with starting the car.?
  120. when well the NEW Civic type R will be released , and do you think it's gonna be worth the wait?
  121. 88 Honda civic.Wondering what relay assy main is responsible for. I disconnected it the...
  122. How long should my autotrans last in my 1990 honda accord. It seems to be shifting hard...
  123. how do i recover r12 for comvertion to 134?
  124. I would like to install VTEC in 1992 honda accord.do you know how much it coast?
  125. Shifting 1997 Honda Civic DX?
  126. Honda does not start?
  127. What is wrong with this honda accord (96)?
  128. '88 Honda Civic: Where is starter? Could it be a fuse? Where's fuse box?
  129. how do I figure out what the problem is, how do I fix it, and how do i change a head gasket.?
  130. I have high compression 11.1 wiseco pistons in my honda civic, can i run turbo?
  131. where is there a honda performance garage in Killeen Texas ?...?
  132. Is there A hop up chip for A 92 honda accord 4 banger??
  133. what does Vtech do?
  134. I have an '02 Honda Civic that is not blowing air thru vents but blower is working?
  135. what would be faster in the end a fully built all motor with high compression or a turboed fully
  136. Can i race my accords engine?
  137. How do I beef up my 2dr automatic 2004 honda civic?
  138. 94 Honda Civic Overheating Problem?
  139. What does it mean when the D4 light in my prelude flashes? There are times when it wont start ...?
  140. i have a 95 honda civic with a v-tech engine how can i find a company to give me a logo to
  141. Do you have to use a final wax if you use a cleaner wax on your car's paint?
  142. how do you install a front bushing kit in a 93' civic EX?
  143. Loose drive-side mirror - 2000 Honda Odyssey EX?
  144. Why does my 1990 Honda Civic continue to have a fuel vapor lock??
  145. when is the 2007 honda accord coming out?
  146. Does the clock/radio light up on 1999 Honda civic?
  147. why my car does not want to star aftre it started once, the light of check eng stays on and...
  148. Honda civic?
  149. what kind of power will i be able to push?
  150. my 1998 honda passport starts hard why?
  151. Does the 1993 Honda Civic EX, with power locks, have remote entry?
  152. civic low beams are too dim?
  153. Who has the lowest price on the Honda Fit Sport?
  154. how much would a honda civic be, white, probably a 2001-2003 model???
  155. I have a '99 Honda Civic, Please Help!!?
  156. 06 and 07 honda accord? accord vs. camry?
  157. Is a honda accord ex (coupe) a chick car?
  158. how do i remove a speed limiter from my 1992 honda prelude,2.2litre engine as it only does 120mph
  159. Honda Ballade ?
  160. Are there any websites that show how to fix everything on my car? 1996 honda civic dx
  161. What is the horse power for Honda Accord 1996 v6 24 valve?
  162. how due i find this web site bingiaoleather@yahoo.com.cn?
  163. Automobile Timing Belt Question – for a 1998 Honda Prelude?
  164. what year did honda come out?
  165. Hi im a Cop. If you have been street racing , give me your address and name so i can come
  166. I just bought a 2006 Honda CR-V.?
  167. I am looking into buying a 1992 Honda Accord w/ 169,000 miles. How much should I pay?
  168. my 1991 Honda accord has auto transmission with the optional sport or normal switch.the light
  169. how an oxygen sensor affect a gasmilage and performance of a car?
  170. How can I find the fuse diagram for a 95 civic?
  171. how do you reset the engine check light on the dash?I recently service my honda accodr 1992 and
  172. can you tell me the website where i can check the full vehicle history report without having to
  173. where could i find a supercharger for a h23 honda prelude 92?
  174. How many miles to the gallon does a 1996 Honda Accord go?
  175. Does anyone own a Honda CRV?
  176. 95 civic a/c problem-not blowing?
  177. want to the independent agency to test fuelconsumption/kmfor petrol cars in india to back up
  178. how many miles to the galoon does 1992 honda accord runs?
  179. why cheak the engine oil light is on my honda accord ?
  180. will 22" wheels fit on a Honda Pilot with 45 series tires?
  181. eg civic, obd-1?
  182. 1999 Honda civic SOMETIMES IT WILL DIE WHEN YOU STOP hard to restart . Wait 5 minutes
  183. Do you think it is worth getting a Honda Civic Hy-bird?
  184. help me get """USED"""" car under $5000?
  185. why cheak the engine oil light is on my honda accord ?
  186. Where can I find a fuse diagram for a 1995 honda civic?
  187. What does it mean when your 2000 Honda Civic Maintenance Required Light comes on?
  188. What is the towing capacity of a Civic Sedan?
  189. my heater on my 84 honda is stuck on vent help it wont switch to defrost or floor?
  190. is anyone else having problems with their 2006 Civic EX coupe?
  191. does anyone know why the back brakes stick on a 1995 honda passport?
  192. brake replacement for 1996 honda accord?
  193. Anyone own a 2007 Honda fit?
  194. is it possible to fit an acura 3.2 type s 6 speed tranny on an accord v6?
  195. My 2002 Honda Accord Dash lights and tail lights!?
  196. Which used car is more preferable .Honda,Toyota,nissan, or any american ? Price range:3000 to 5000$?
  197. What is the difference in all the brands of Honda Civics??
  198. How do thiefs steal cars and what can i do to prevent it?
  199. got hit in the front of car knocked bumper off line, where are the screw located to
  200. What are the best and most cost effective tyres to put on a 2002 civic type r?
  201. My 2002 Honda CRV blower motor quit. So far I've ruled out the motor and the relay. So where's
  202. How do you unlock a seatbelt? Honda enthusiasts please?
  203. how good is the new honda civic?
  204. My 02 Honda Accord feels like the engine is slipping when I accelerate and the check eng lite is on?
  205. Honda Accord Lighting Problem?
  206. I am looking at a 1997 Honda Prelude 2.2 Vtec Auto in two days time. What are the major problem
  207. What color hummer would you get?
  208. Are Comp/Zex camshafts any good?
  209. Are people that own a Civic Hybrid are you happy?
  210. what do u think of this civic??
  211. Does anyone know anything about the 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid?
  212. need some advice on alloys please.?
  213. Honda Ridgeline?
  214. How much would a used 1998 Honda Accord go for?
  215. What do you guys sudgest i should do to my car to get some extra HP spending about $200-$300.?
  216. how does adding an exhaust system to your car give it more power?
  217. If u put enough boost on a honda civic, can u make it faster than a lamborghini??
  218. I have a 2002 civic, but no owners manual. What does the red SRS light stand for?
  219. When will Honda release the next generation Accord??
  220. i have an ecu acura question what the codes on the case mean?
  221. Can I look at a manual for a 1988 Honda Accord online?
  222. Hybrids Low Resale Value?
  223. 2004 Honda Accord DX Air Conditional?
  224. Honda Civic question?
  225. How can I stop sunroof from leaking?
  226. who has a lot of troubles with their l998 honda civic EX?
  227. What car is better overall in your opinion: A 1992 Honda Accord or a 1992 Toyota Corrola?
  228. Is the Honda Civic still a reliable car?
  229. 1991 acura flasher wiring diagram?
  230. If two Honda Pilots collide...?
  231. Honda Prelude Question...?
  232. Does anyone own/ know someone who owns a Honda Del Sol?
  233. i just got a aftermarket fuel pressure regulator i was wonderin what a good psi level would be to...
  234. what is the fuel capacity on 89 honda accord?
  235. Honda CRV Maintenance Required Light?
  236. Crx good for car shows?
  237. what is the difference between a 2001 honda civic dx 5 speed and a ex 5 speed?
  238. cheapest cars in ireland?
  239. I am looking for the belt diagram for a 2002 honda crv?
  240. Clutch in a 2000 Civic?
  241. When is the Hybrid Honda Pilot going to be released?
  242. I have a 2003 Honda accord 4dr. I am about to get my boys 20"s off his 2006 mazda 6 does anyone
  243. Acura = Honda, but in malaysia there is no HONDA model same as acura?
  244. How to replace a honda Civic (2002) bumper?
  245. What do you think is the nicest color on the 2006 honda civic coupe?
  246. How many mexicans can fit in a Civic CRX?
  247. how to change brake pads in a honda accord 2005?
  248. how much can i sell my car for?
  249. where is the PVC valve located on a 1991 honda prelude, if you have a diagram it would be really
  250. Anyone know where I can get a silver / chrome Mugen gear knob?