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  1. When would be the 2007 honda CR-V available in Manila,Philippines?
  2. How do I...?
  3. Will 97 honda prelude tiptronic flywheel bolts fit prelude Manual transm. flywheel? Will Civic MT...
  4. How to modify my honda civic vti 2006??
  5. I have a 1990 Honda Accord LX. No matter what I do the car's automatic will not come out of
  6. Catback or not?
  7. 2001 honda civic transponder key?
  8. Does anybody knows how to paint headlamp housing of a Honda prelude black?
  9. How much would it cost to customize a 2007 Honda Civic Coupe EX?
  10. Honda Accord key gets stuck in cold weather.?
  11. Where is the oil dip stick located (and what color is it) on a 2001 honda odyssey mini van?
  12. What's the difference between an 03' EX and LX Honda Accord Coupe?
  13. What's the 0-60 time on an '07 Honda Civic Coupe?
  14. d16 to v tech head?
  15. What engine is compatible with a 95 Honda Prelude Si.?
  16. my car keeps cutting off when i start it up.i own a stick shift,even when i rev it up,is...
  17. whats the difference betwen honda accord lx and ex?
  18. My 03 Honda Accord gets very poor gas mileage of not even 14 mpg, should be 25. What could...
  19. i just changed the battery in my 2003 honda accord. It is asking for a code to use my...
  20. How to Add HP in 95 Civic LX, 1.5L?
  21. Is Toyota Wish better or Honda Edix?
  22. do u love civic,focus,corolla,astra..watchthese...!?
  23. I have a question about a 1992 Honda Accord The gas gauge stopped?
  24. How can I fix the gas and temp. meter on a Honda Accord 1993?
  25. What is the name of the Ohio Honda website, where you can show car pics and vids? i
  26. where s the ecu located on a honda prelude 1994 2litre ?
  27. Does anyone know how to change the driver side headlight in a 2003-2005 honda accord?
  28. "Tire ?" Will a tire profile of "50" or "55" throw off the guague in my honda del sol that
  29. What are Steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters (5AT only)?
  30. how do I remove the stereo from my honda crv 1999?
  31. I have a honda civic hybrid 2006. Please read details....?
  32. I Drive a 93 Honda Accord Limited Edition Series Here's My Problem!?
  33. I've been working on a 95 honda civicEX. Can I put a crankshaft pulley from a DX into an EX?
  34. I have a Honda Accord 2002 with a bit over 52,000 miles...?
  35. What prelude is faster? Year 97 and up models.?
  36. what si up ?
  37. The check engine light in my 97 Honda Accord wagon is lit up. Are there any common reasons...
  38. What options do I have in correcting a Torque Clutch Converter on a 1999 Honda Accord?
  39. 86 honda civic. it use to try to run hot at stop lite,but cool off when i start moving.now
  40. Is a 2007 honda civic fast?
  41. can i put a air intake on an automatic civic?
  42. Throttle Cable Adjustment- Honda Accord?
  43. 96 honda civic, does anyone know which fuse controls the turnsignals, speedometer and odometer.?
  44. can i put this intake on my automatic civic. and would it be a good intake?
  45. What is the maintenance schedule for a 2003 Honda CRV?
  46. Anyone know what 'SP' [Alt,SP] on fuse 15 on a Honda Civic stands for?
  47. 1990 Honda Civic??
  48. !989 Honda Accord-How do you install an Alternator! No room to take out old one?
  49. what engine can i put in a lx civic 92?
  50. on a 1990 honda accord where do you find chassis number?
  51. can i put this intake on my automatic civic. and would it be a good intake?
  52. Slow start-up : what could be wrong?
  53. Honda Accord 95 wont start...?
  54. 96 honda civic, speedometer, odometer and turn signals all stop working at the same time?
  55. How much does it cost to put a decent sub-woofer in a 99' Honda passport?
  56. h22a swap help?
  57. why do i have to push start my 85 honda prelude to get it started?
  58. 2006 honda accord?
  59. What do you think about the Honda CR-V 06 ?
  60. Why do people rice out hondas?
  61. i have 2004 honda pilot with fog light why i put on the H4 hid kit lo beams dones't work?
  62. I seriously need help. d16y8 to a b20?
  63. Is the 2006 Honda Civic MP3 input being recalled?
  64. What is the true average of a hero honda karizma?
  65. 95 Civic distributor problem please help?
  66. any comment or review on the new 2007 honda crv?
  67. 2005 Accord Question...?
  68. Is it normal for a car's ECM otherwise known as ECU becoming very warm after using the car a...
  69. I have a stock 94 Civic 1.6 and i was wondering where to start on it for performance.?
  70. i have a 88 honda civic hatch i wanna swap?
  71. what is the technology behind V-TEC HONDA ENGINES?
  72. where are the spark plugs on a 93 honda civic?
  73. High idle speed?
  74. will my civic loose power if a put dual exhaust or will the hp stay the same?
  75. Accord, Civic or CR-V?
  76. Do you prefer a Honda Accord on a Toyota Camry?
  77. please I want to buy a Honda CR-V (used), any common problems with this car, is it a good idea?
  78. honda latch wont work on 1990 honda accord seat belt wont retract?
  79. Can anyone help me Pimp out my Honda Element???
  80. Help on 2003 Civic LX (intake)?
  81. Is Honda Edix a good car? In appearance,performance,resale value,durability.?
  82. h22a4 swap with more info?
  83. 1989 Honda CRX engine that has been modified...?
  84. Where can i find out what colors were offered on the 1994 Honda Accord LX wagon?
  85. 1992 Honda Accord right sideview mirror?
  86. can i install in fog lights?
  87. What happens when Honda Civic Hybrid out of gas?
  88. Honda CR-V owners... will you tell me about your car?
  89. is the p28 the only ecu i can use?
  90. How's the '06 CRV?
  91. My insurance company wants to give me 6,300 for my 1998 2 door Honda Civic, it has 163,000 miles?
  92. Is the front grill of 2006 impreza ugly?
  93. how to unhook seat belt buzzer on a 1990 honda accord?
  94. h22a4 swap?
  95. How do I change the light on my 98 Accord clock?
  96. Has anybody out there bought a Honda Fit?
  97. what power steering fluid other than the honda brand can i put in my civic?
  98. I own an 03 Honda Accord EX, thought they were supposed to be problem free cars?
  99. How to clean yellow looking Headlights????
  100. What is the difference between a Honda civic and Honda Prelude? What's better for upgrading...
  101. Every car has a nick name ex. Honda Civic, Fiat Uno etc. I want to know all the meaning of every...
  102. where can i get a hatch wit the window that rolls down like trucks have anyone now??
  103. How to find some information about GM/Honda feedback carburetion?
  104. i need help with my h22a?
  105. 2004 Honda Civic Questions?
  106. 1997 Honda pasport trans not changing rite slip whn u gun it. not fluid. what could be thks?
  107. How's the Honda Pilot?
  108. What is the going rate for a Honda s2000?
  109. 96 honda accord 2.2l lx f22 b2?
  110. trying to find #13 rims/tires for 1990 honda civic DX in Clev. OH area?
  111. What are the 2000 civic si quarter mile and 0-60 times? (stock)?
  112. which is a better car Honda City ZX Vtech or Honda City ZX Gxi?
  113. 2006 honda civic si Headlight max watts?
  114. What's your thoughts on buying an older Honda Civic Hatchback?
  115. What kind of tires should I get for my 2003 Honda Accord EXVL?
  116. how many horsepower does Prelude have?
  117. Just bought a brand new Honda Civic EX Coupe... seats are killing my back- any ideas? Just dropped
  118. Civic Si, Acura RSX type S, or, Nissan 350 Z?
  119. 92 Honda Civic car cd player is receiving no power?
  120. where is the tach wire located for a civic 2001?
  121. do the motorola rasr and the slvr use the same battery?
  122. Can anyone tell me how to change the suspension of a 94 Civic Dx?
  123. What should I offer on an '07 Accord EX-L V6 manual transmission?
  124. what is tunnel vision for the crx. like a del sol replica looking thing?
  125. will the 3.2 tl type s motor fit in a 96 accord wagon ex??
  126. What is the difference between the Honda Civic 2006 US Model and Japan Model? Which is better?
  127. Has anyone bought a Honda or Toyota in Japan and shipped it to the states?
  128. 2002 honda civic mods?
  129. Body kit for 89 honda civic?
  130. How do i fix my 1992 Honda Civic dash lights?
  131. 96 honda accord 2.2l lx?
  132. B18c1 vs B20?
  133. i own a 06 honda civic EX 2 door does anyone know of any mods at all for this year?
  134. What are some low cost options for more HP in a 91 accord aside frome cold air and high flow addons?
  135. Hi all, I wanted to know that Honda civic 1997, sedan is better or hatchback?
  136. wat kind of engine / body/ interior mods will be good for my 95 honda del sol?
  137. why are hondas such reliable cars?
  138. So what about the Honda Fit?
  139. What size capacitor can I use in a 91 accord air flow sensor for more HP?
  140. how do you hook up a aftermarket tachometer in a 1998 honda civic dx?
  141. do you know where i can get a front end extention lip for a 92 honda prelude?
  142. Check engine light with new ECU?
  143. Where in pierce or king county Wa.can I buy an older Honda that is not a rip off??
  144. honda mini jeep 1999?
  145. what's new with CRV honda 2007?
  146. when changing auto tranny to a man. tranny on a 1991 honda accord 4dr. do i have to chane...
  147. Comparison between which is better in appearance the Subaru Impreza 2006 or Honda Euro R 2.0?
  148. whats the diffrence between a honda 02 honda accord - DX the LX and the EX?
  149. Headlight out on 01 civic coupe?
  150. 2006 honda civic dx ?s?
  151. how do I remove the headlamps in a honda civic 2001?
  152. 2007 Honda Accord SE for $20K Deal or No deal.???
  153. what does CRV mean when referring to a vehicle?
  154. What octane gas is my '02 Honda Civic EX rated for?
  155. How reliable are Fords?
  156. What color should I paint my Civic?
  157. i have a turbonetics charger, can i normal mechanic put it on?
  158. were in la can i find a good mecahinc that can put a t3 turbonetic and a intercooler?
  159. Honda Element and a newborn?
  160. can this go on a 94 honda prelude,Turbonetics T3/T4E Turbochargers?
  161. Does anybody have a 1993 Honda civic, Four door for Sale.?
  162. How much does it cost to replace the stock rear bumper and windsheild of a 99 accord 2 door?
  163. can i get an aftermarket keyless entry remote to work on my already existing stock keyless entry...
  164. would 92-95 civic stech tein spring fits 96-00 civic?
  165. i need a cheap honda in southern indiana near louisville kentucky. please help?
  166. A refurbished engine for 1992 Honda Prelude?
  167. need to locate a 1996 honda accord 2.0 ies manual or brochure?
  168. Honda Civic Hybrid 2003?
  169. 2005 Honda Element 4WD Questions?
  170. does honda have any new sprots car coming out soon?
  171. ref to my 91 honda CIVIC WITH 143000 MILES,,,?
  172. Isuzu Rodeo and Honda Passport are the same but who made them??
  173. does the 1983 Honda civic have a computerized system?
  174. i have a prelude, i want to make it as fast as i can what should i add?
  175. Do Honda and Toyota have equivalents to the Mits Evolution and Subaru Imprezza?
  176. how can i make my honda accord 2002 model faster without putting anything on it or changing...
  177. how do i check the blud what should i remove to check?
  178. Can someone tell me where i can get the dvd software for my 2003 honda pilot exl, for a cheap price?
  179. i try checkin the light blud there all ok but it still going fast?
  180. 90 accord no fire i replaced module in dist.still no fire?
  181. were can i get good turbo, for a prelude vtech?
  182. what do i need for......?
  183. What is the best in-dash GPS system for a 2005 Honda Civic EX 4dr sedan? Price, model and
  184. How do I hook up a, air/fuel ratio gauge in my 95 Civic dx?
  185. Can someone tell me where i can get the dvd software for my 2003 honda pilot exl, for a cheap price?
  186. Where can I find JDM '01 Prelude parts, aside from the junk being sold on ebay?
  187. Altezzas for a 1990 honda civic FOUR door?
  188. Do they have preludes that are V6?
  189. How do you reset the computer (and clear all engine codes) on a 2001 Honda Accord 3.0
  190. 90 accord no fire i replaced module in dist.still no fire?
  191. where can i find the turn signal relay on a honda crv 1997?
  192. can i put turbo on a stock 2001 honda accord automatic transmission?
  193. honda accord 2003 car battery?
  194. Referring to Honda engines, What does the term VTEC stand for ?
  195. what's the easiest way to lower a honda civic 94?
  196. my signal ligt on my car goes fast how do i fix it so it goes slower and not blow out my fous?
  197. How do adjust the allen screw at the end of the IAC valve?
  198. What is the final drop length after lowering springs settle on your car? I have Tein S-tech...
  199. HID lights for 2007 Honda Accord EX-V6 4dr?
  200. Why does the IAC valve for honda needs to be connected to the water hose?
  201. does anyone know when honda will have any promotions on their apr's thank you?
  202. how to install coilover coil springs for a honda civic 1998?
  203. i just bought a new 07 civic and it says it has Passenger-Side Walk-In Feature with
  204. where do i find "how to" or a software to up date a honda civic computer?
  205. 64=s on a cb?
  206. do anybody know where i can buy a honda integra type r in the US?
  207. Would a v6 v-tec engine be better than a H22 if I want it to be faster?
  208. why do you park in a drive way and drive in a parkway?
  209. a 1996 HONDA PRELUDE, 164K,..... what is 164k and 80k?
  210. malfunction light is on 01' honda accord. manual says emissions. what could it be/ how do i
  211. How do I add more horse power to a 1996 honda accord without spending too much money?
  212. What is the best cold air intake to get for a 96 honda accord? Are AEMs good intakes?
  213. Lowering Honda Accord?
  214. is it posible to put a turbo into a 2000 honda civic ex automatic??
  215. Could the car starting only when the wheather is hot be associated with the ignition switch?
  216. what looks as good as an acura nsx....for half the price?
  217. anyone would recommend the type of HID would best look at my 2007 honda civic ex?
  218. Questions about a Prelude...?
  219. fuse diagram for 2001 honda civic?
  220. how much would it cost?
  221. Are there two different center consoles for the 2007 CR-V?
  222. how can I use the fuel milage bar graph in honda civic hybrid for a better milage?
  223. I need the stereo wiring diagram, for the Honda CR-V 1997-1998?
  224. What type of paint can I use for painting chrome emblems on cars?
  225. What is the latest Rockford Fosgate Power Amplifier & 2K watts? i want to have a very good car...
  226. should i buy a prelude vtech or a del sol si.?
  227. What do you think of the new 2007 Honda CRV?
  228. What are some good websites to find alloy wheels at a discounted price?
  229. I bought an accord. want to know if i had a good deal?
  230. I had my cat. converter changed on my 98 Accord 4 cly, how do I reset the engine malfunction light?
  231. Why does my car want to shut down while driving it?
  232. Is $4500 too much for a 1999 Accord EX with 129,000 miles on it?. Its a manual transmission 4 liter?
  233. Which is a better option and why?
  234. What's better a "Honda" or a "Toyota"?
  235. anyone would recommend the type of HID headlights would best look at my 2007 honda civic ex?
  236. Why is the check engine light on in my '99 Honda Accord?
  237. Why doesn't JD Byrider sell Hondas and Toyotas?
  238. Two cars to sell?
  239. how do you rate the 2003 model honda pilot?
  240. 1600cc vtec honda eng., ihave it running on twin 40 webber carbs.whats the best way to hook
  241. how do i change the accessory belts on my 02 accord v6?
  242. What is the locations of the vehicle identifications numbers on a 1996 honda accord?
  243. any good suspension/chassis tuning tips?
  244. SuperChips/PowerChips & similar products for '97 Honda Civic - do they work? are they easy to...
  245. I have a 97 prelude H22a4 how do i know if I have an Base or SH model....?
  246. whats the diffrence between a prelude SI and a prelude Vtech?
  247. Approximately how much would it cost to replace the motor in the drvier's side window of a Honda...
  248. I did a motor swap into my honda civic, somethings not right, help needed?
  249. Hi im planning to get the honda accord 07 2.4L.?
  250. When will the New Honda Civic Type R be available and how much will it cost?