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  1. How fast does a 2007 Honda Accord EX 2.4 do from 0-60 mph?
  2. how did the european model 1986 honda crx install a back seat?
  3. Where can i find videos of people blowing up their car engines?
  4. Where to shop Online for cheapest Civic mods?
  5. I have a 2004 honda CRV?
  6. does Honda accord have extra lumber support?
  7. How can I fix a manual window for my 2000 honda civic?
  8. What's the stock tire size for a 1992 Honda Accord EX?
  9. Are turbos bad for honda civics?
  10. how to install an air intake to a honda civic?
  11. 2007 honda accord description?
  12. whats the best cheapest engine for my 1996 honda civic hx coupe?
  13. Is it worth spending $500 to fix my 1994 Honda Accord?
  14. Can a Honda motor be put in a Saturn, what will it take, and where can I get what I need?
  15. honda integra 3?
  16. honda integra 4?
  17. any one no were i can download a diagram of the fuze box for a 99 civic si?
  18. 98 civic- co2 leak?
  19. honda integra 2?
  20. what's the song in the new honda civic commercial?
  21. i'm looking for the new honda odyssey commercial.... i need a copy of it for a business
  22. Can anyone tell me some features on the 07 civic Si navi system.?
  23. 1990 Honda Accord again?
  24. Honda Civic Help?
  25. Question to newer civic coupe owners?
  26. Honda Integra 1?
  27. What is meant by B 1 diagnostic Indicator in Honda Accord EX 2006?
  28. can I take the baffles out of my 1100 honda shadow?
  29. i bought a lower 99 civic si with eibach pro kit how can i tell if it needs aliened?
  30. defrost my windows w/ no ac?
  31. Do I need a different set of lug nuts when I switch from alloy wheel to steel wheel for my Honda
  32. Any comments on the 1995 Honda Civic Lx?
  33. Help on Honda Civic EG Hatch.?
  34. I know this is going to sound stupid but what does JDM stand for?
  35. Where is the heat / A/C fan on my 95 honda civic DX?
  36. I'm looking for information on the fasttrack on the 91 freeway.?
  37. when is the honda crv new model being launched in INDIA?
  38. i want to get a 1995 honda civic ex imported from japan how do i do this?
  39. 1993 Honda Accord- where can I get rubber/plastic guide replacement?
  40. What size in millimeters are the spark plug sockets on a 1989 Honda Accord 2.0 Litre...
  41. looking to buy a honda pilot between 2003 and 2006 have any one ever have transmission problems?
  42. Ever had transmission trouble with Honda Odyssey?
  43. Can I use tire chains on a Honda Element?
  44. I have honda accord 96 LX. Does any body know where is bank1,sensor1 is located? Is it
  45. i need honda car repair coupans?
  46. I have a 1998 Honda CR-V with factory alloy wheels. Do you recommend wheel locks to prevent theft?
  47. whats is JDM?
  48. What do you all think of the Honda Fit?
  49. What is the proper Break-in method for a new engine?
  50. did honda make a 4 sdpeed manual tranny in civics in 1999?
  51. how to lower my honda prelude?
  52. what does crx stand for?
  53. Does anyone own a honda civic si? Does it do well in the snow?
  54. 1994 accord wagon, spinning noise at start up
  55. ecu to vtec wiring diagram?
  56. Do CARB exempt EO D-370-8 dc headers fit my 1993 civic ex sohc?
  57. On a 2007 Honda Civic EX w/ Navi, what type of PC card adapter will fit in the card
  58. CRX Engine ID Question?
  59. Does Anybody Know A Website Where I Can Find Street Performance & Body Styling Parts For...
  60. do i need a fuel management system for my b16 engine?
  61. d 16 y8 v tec head swap?
  62. does anyone know where i can find a towing hitch for the new '07 CR-V other than honda hitches?
  63. I own a 1989 Honda Accord Hatchback. Is it possable to graft 89' Prelude front end sheet metal to...
  64. Are my airbag sensors damged?
  65. I have a honda civic with a 1.5 engine.?
  66. Which Rover 400 has the Honda Engine?
  67. Whats NEXT???
  68. Can I afford a 2006 Honda Civic?
  69. sometimes my honda will start and sometimes it don't?
  70. when should the timing chain be changed on a 2003 HONDA CRV?
  71. I have a civic that had an accident. I was wondering how much would it cost for them to
  72. How do I pay my monthly payment on my Honda Civic?
  73. Does anyone have any good ideas about cheap ways to increase horsepower for a Honda Prelude.?
  74. 1995 Honda Passport overheating?
  75. where can i buy honda civic sunglasses?
  76. SI engine for civic hx coupe?
  77. How do you replace the clock light on a '98 Honda Civic?
  78. When is the Honda crv 2007 model going to be launched in INDIA?
  79. Honda Civic Commercial Song?
  80. I havea 1992 Honda Accord, the AC stopped woring and now heat comes out when vent is on. ...
  81. how can i download whining and grinding from akon?
  82. is there anyone out there that is trying to sell a Honda prelude in or around KY?
  83. Does anyone know about Honda's Graduate Financing Program?
  84. does anybody know how many horse power a 94 accord has stock 4 cylinder?
  85. golf gti question2?
  86. Is is possible to put a b16 or h22 in a '97 civic lx(auto tranny)? links?
  87. what is correct tyre pressure for a honda civic type r (2004)?
  88. How can i make my s2000 run at least 12's in a 1/4 mile?
  89. where can i buy a new 1995 honda civic ex coupe?
  90. does honda put different engines in its vehicles?
  91. I HAVE A 1990 HONDA CIVIC it loses power gooing up hills but flies on a flat surface?
  92. should i buy a honda s2000 or a acura rsx and convert it to honda integra type R?
  93. How fast can a Honda Civic go 0-60 MPH?
  94. I need a fast civic?
  95. How do I change the turn signal bulb on a 91 honda acord?
  96. looking for a luggage rack for a honda cb550?
  97. i apologize how do i change the front turn signal bulb on a 91 honda accord?
  98. Did Honda release any manual transmission Accord SE cars in 1993?
  99. Are 1997 honda civic dx known to have alot of electrical problems and have there ever been...
  100. what is a good website for customizing and modifying honda civics?
  101. how much do you think it cost to put a engine to my car. processional?
  102. is there a big difference in the ecu to engine wiring in a stock honda accord to a vtek?
  103. where is the thermostat located on a 1994 honda accord lx??
  104. Civic Si Sedan 2007?
  105. 1998-2002 Honda Accord Ex V6 Coupe.....?
  106. I am getting a Honda Accord Hybrid anything that is good/bad about the car?
  107. How much horsepower does a honda accord v6 3.0 liter engine have?
  108. honda crx 90?
  109. I have a 2003 honda CRV ,and the lock on the drivers side don't work. Has anyone dealt with this...
  110. Is it possible to install a timing belt on a 1991 Honda Accord the wrong way for example making it
  111. 2000 Civic Si or !996 Integra GS-R? Reasons?
  112. Honda civic 1996 Sweet smell after car turned off?
  113. if you had a Honda civic what would you upgraded with?
  114. What oil weight does the manufacturer recommend for a 1992-1995 honda civic d15?
  115. do 2 door civic fit a 2 door integra?
  116. How is new Honda Shine bike interms of mileage and performace?
  117. how can i pull out the tweeters on a honda acoord 1995???
  118. Any one knows Honda's contact email?
  119. where is the exact location of the slave cylinder for the clutch on a 1995 honda accord ex?
  120. somebody help me?
  121. What honda dealers still have 2006 honda pilots with clearance prices?
  122. does anyone own the new 2007 honda crv? what is your opinion?
  123. How do you remove a radio from a 54 plate honda civic?
  124. How do you change the dash lights on a 1999 Honda Civic EX?
  125. Acura ls Swap?
  126. Does anyone own an Honda Element and HATES it?
  127. is the 98 civic ex is a v-tec?
  128. Different oil weight for the winter time?
  129. Can I get a spare Honda key made at Home Depot or do I have to go to the dealership?
  130. are hondas good cars?
  131. Should I buy a new honda Civic?
  132. How much of HP gain did I get from my mods on my 05 civic coupe dx?
  133. Del Sol Fan Motor Quit Working?
  134. honda cr-v 120km/h speed buzzer?
  135. Pedal Extenders for Honda S2000, Houston, Texas?
  136. New Honda Civic Si...???
  137. Is there a book for a k-series swap for a 1996-2000 civic hatchback?
  138. TurboCharging my 94 Honda accord lx (non-vtec)?
  139. Shift lever light is not working on 98 Honda Accord.?
  140. What does "2.3L L4 SFI OHC" mean?
  141. About a Honda Sir B16A engine, how to upgrade from 180hp to 300hp?
  142. 95 Honda Civic SI Hood won't open???
  143. do honda preludes 2000-2001 have side airbags?
  144. car overheating could it be a temp control censor?
  145. Does anyone own a honda civic si? How do you like it?
  146. si tail lights for a honda civic hx coupe?
  147. Has anyone driven or purchased the 2007 Honda CR-V? and do you like it?
  148. how much mileage can you put on a honda accord? My mom had one and she had 300,000 miles on it?
  149. 1997 Honda Civic problems??
  150. Honda Accord; How do I get rid of the beeping noise that tells me my seatbelt isn't on?
  151. Is a honda Accord a chicks car or a guys car or both?
  152. which car looks better a honda s2000 or a dodge srt-4?
  153. what type of fluid is used for power steering in a 1985 porsche 944..atf or regular power...
  154. Does anyone have info on an RSX engine swap for a 92-95 civic hatchback?
  155. Can I retrofit my 2003 Honda Accord with bluetooth?
  156. where is the turn signal flasher located on a 1986 honda accord?
  157. 2005 Honda Civic Si Hatchback 2D SPECS?
  158. what type of fluid is used for power steering in a 1985 porsche 944..atf or regular power
  159. I'm looking for a 1979 Honda CIVIC CVCC for sale can anyone help me?
  160. What does CRV in the Honda SUV stand for?
  161. are the front drivers side window of a 93 civic hatchback and a 92 civic sedan interchangeable?
  162. Where i can find the IAT sensor for honda accord 98 v6??
  163. i'm doing an engine swap and the upper mount is different...?
  164. what's the best sites in modifying honda cars?
  165. honda element!!?
  166. Does the 1992-1995 civic hatchback model have power steering?
  167. Honda Passport SUV overheating.........?
  168. What do love most about your Honda???
  169. How long can a typical Honda last?
  170. Would you agree that the new Honda Civic is a great alternative to a VW Golf.?
  171. Has anyone heard of any problems with the 2002 Honda Odyssey Van?????
  172. Can a honda prelude drift??
  173. 1997 Civic EX D16y8 auto transmission swap in to B16a1?
  174. Engine/Transmission swaps from a k20a2 into a 2002 sir (canadian) si (american?
  175. Best Honda Dealership in the Bay Area, Northern California?
  176. Civic EX 1997 D16y8?
  177. Re: Honda Class Action Suit?
  178. actual dealer cost for a Honda Pilot?
  179. Where is the MP3 jack located in the 2006-2007 Honda Civic Sedan LX?
  180. how can i remove the governor on a 94 Honda Civic?
  181. how can i install an auto starter in my honda accord 2001 automatic? cost ? do it my self ?opinions
  182. where is the starter located in a 1990 civic?
  183. how do i find out what type of security system is fitted to my 1998 honda crv.?
  184. OBDII Code?
  185. I want to buy a body kit for my 07 honda civic what site is good for that?
  186. are halo projector headlights waterproof?
  187. Can you help me find my next car online? '03 Honda Accord, 75000 miles max, EZ finance, around
  188. Who is interested in buying my Honda?
  189. Is it possible to buy an '05 Honda Civic SI engine and where would I get it?
  190. Do you know what LX means?
  191. 2006 Honda Civic DX Coupe (automatic)?
  192. Why doesn't my levels 1 and 2 work on my a/c and heat with my 2002 Honda Accord?
  193. Starter Rebuild?? Help!!!!?
  194. How much is the Honda CR-V in Japan or Europe ?
  195. Honda Navigation DVD, where else can I get it?
  196. How do I change the time in my 2005 Honda Civic?
  197. Installing coil overs in a 2003 Honda civic?
  198. honda accord 1993 rear window defroster will not work i check fuses they all are fine. what...
  199. Where is the computer located in a 1990 Honda Accord LX (automatic)?
  200. cruise control failure, need help!!?
  201. honda accord?
  202. does anyone what to buy honda civic headlights.?
  203. 1989 Honda Accord Doesnt Start Sometimes???
  204. Honda Civic 1980?
  205. How much is a 1999 honda civic gx?
  206. what causes excessive engine vibration on a honda civic 2002 car??
  207. how much oil do i put in a 1995 Honda civic ex 16v v- tec?
  208. i have a1991 civic si going through alot of engine oil no leaks and there does not seem to be...
  209. Do you have faith in Honda Dealer to give you Geniune Honda Part if you buy a brand new car?
  210. I need help getting my oil plug out of my 1995 Honda Civic?
  211. How can I limit the speed in a 96 Honda Accord?
  212. What vehicle is better Honda or Toyota or Hundayi?
  213. When would be the 2007 honda CR-V available in Manila,Philippines?
  214. How do I...?
  215. Will 97 honda prelude tiptronic flywheel bolts fit prelude Manual transm. flywheel? Will Civic MT...
  216. How to modify my honda civic vti 2006??
  217. I have a 1990 Honda Accord LX. No matter what I do the car's automatic will not come out of
  218. Catback or not?
  219. 2001 honda civic transponder key?
  220. Does anybody knows how to paint headlamp housing of a Honda prelude black?
  221. How much would it cost to customize a 2007 Honda Civic Coupe EX?
  222. Honda Accord key gets stuck in cold weather.?
  223. Where is the oil dip stick located (and what color is it) on a 2001 honda odyssey mini van?
  224. What's the difference between an 03' EX and LX Honda Accord Coupe?
  225. What's the 0-60 time on an '07 Honda Civic Coupe?
  226. d16 to v tech head?
  227. What engine is compatible with a 95 Honda Prelude Si.?
  228. my car keeps cutting off when i start it up.i own a stick shift,even when i rev it up,is...
  229. whats the difference betwen honda accord lx and ex?
  230. My 03 Honda Accord gets very poor gas mileage of not even 14 mpg, should be 25. What could...
  231. i just changed the battery in my 2003 honda accord. It is asking for a code to use my...
  232. How to Add HP in 95 Civic LX, 1.5L?
  233. Is Toyota Wish better or Honda Edix?
  234. do u love civic,focus,corolla,astra..watchthese...!?
  235. I have a question about a 1992 Honda Accord The gas gauge stopped?
  236. How can I fix the gas and temp. meter on a Honda Accord 1993?
  237. What is the name of the Ohio Honda website, where you can show car pics and vids? i
  238. where s the ecu located on a honda prelude 1994 2litre ?
  239. Does anyone know how to change the driver side headlight in a 2003-2005 honda accord?
  240. "Tire ?" Will a tire profile of "50" or "55" throw off the guague in my honda del sol that
  241. What are Steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters (5AT only)?
  242. how do I remove the stereo from my honda crv 1999?
  243. I have a honda civic hybrid 2006. Please read details....?
  244. I Drive a 93 Honda Accord Limited Edition Series Here's My Problem!?
  245. I've been working on a 95 honda civicEX. Can I put a crankshaft pulley from a DX into an EX?
  246. I have a Honda Accord 2002 with a bit over 52,000 miles...?
  247. What prelude is faster? Year 97 and up models.?
  248. what si up ?
  249. The check engine light in my 97 Honda Accord wagon is lit up. Are there any common reasons...
  250. What options do I have in correcting a Torque Clutch Converter on a 1999 Honda Accord?