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  1. Is it worth it to fix my 1988 Honda accord?
  2. what is better a dx ex or lx Honda accord 1991?
  3. how much would you pay for this car?
  4. How fast have you gone on the highway in your car??
  5. 1995 honda accord tachometer gas gauge speedometer does not work?
  6. Has anyone replaced a battery or other major parts on a Honda Civic Hybrid automatic mode 4dr sedan?
  7. honda civic 99 dx. need the radio wiring chart.?
  8. what alternator to use?
  9. can i fit 20's on a g35 coupe with out having to do any modifications to the vehicle?
  10. Any Honda Civic Hybrid experts out there?
  11. why does my zc motor redline at 3.5 instead 10 grand?
  12. can anyone help looking for a honda civic 89 to buy?
  13. Hi. Does anyone know if Honda are ever going to do a NEW Civic Estate?
  14. 2006, 2007 Accord Wheels.?
  15. What is the ACTUAL gas mileage of a Honda Civic Hybrid?
  16. where is the computer diagnostic plug in point on honda accord x reg?
  17. Honda Ridgeline???????
  18. where can i find cheap offardable headers for my 2000 civic si?
  19. What does the green blinking "S" light on a 92 honda accord mean? trouble?
  20. where can i find cheap honda crx parts?
  21. Is beige a good color for a honda civic, Is it true that insurance could be lower?
  22. Can I change the final drive ratio to improve the mileage of my 2005 Honda Civic hatchback (3-door)?
  23. how many thermostats does a 91 accord have?
  24. 1992 Honda prelude Knocking noise under hood?
  25. Can i install power locks on a honda civic that does not have them?
  26. I have a 1999 honda accord..I have recently a brief squealing sound when I start up
  27. problem about honda accord?
  28. 2006 Civic?
  29. How much would you pay for this car?
  30. how reliable is the honda del sol?
  31. Place to find a Tailgate For a 94' Honda passport? And Price Check?
  32. how can I change cabin filter in my 2002 Honda accord?
  33. carfax lookup?
  34. Where can I find a nice lip kit for my 91 accord lx?
  35. my honda civic hatchback got stolen....read and tell me what u think?
  36. my honda civic hatchback got stolen....read and tell me what u think?
  37. How do I take the clear faceplate off of my instrument cluster??
  38. I just changed the compressor in a 99 honda 220000 miles.It develops high temp. on traffic.I
  39. would parts of a coupe 91 accord fit a sedan 91 accord?
  40. What is the speaker size of the rear speaker in a 2004 Honda Accord LX?
  41. my honda civic hatchback got stolen....read and tell me what u think?
  42. 95 accord lx?
  43. Help with my 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid?
  44. How are 1996 honda prelude Si's?
  45. PLEASE HELP? me if you know about cars?
  46. Hoda Civic - Blower motor works on 3rd and 4th setting but not on 1st and 2nd. Any ideas?
  47. Honda-Tech question?
  48. How much was a Honda Accord '96 2.0 Coupe when it was new?
  49. question about my 91 honda accord?
  50. 2000 Honda Accord, Bad MPG?
  51. I bought a 2003 Honda Odyssey, what kind of gas do you use? Regular or premium, what is...
  52. what exhaust system is best for a 00 civic si? lookin 4 low tone but mainly high end power when
  53. Honda S2000 or Mercedes C230?
  54. what kind of car should i get 99 eclipse with turbo and intake or honda civic si?
  55. Where is the AIT sensor on a 1998 honda civic?
  56. my 2002 honda accord's pipes when pulling in the garage after turning engine off give a strong
  57. how do i install oil press, water temp, oil temp, and air to fuel gauges on a 2004 honda civic.?
  58. How can I hotwire my Honda fourtrax ATV?
  59. Honda's new advert with Asimo in a museum - which museum was this filmed in?
  60. Can i perfrom a mini me on a 1.5 CRX?
  61. my car is making a funny noise when i turn? help?
  62. remove governor from my 98 honda accord?
  63. what kind of ecu do i need for a 94 integra ls swap into a 93 civic hatchback cx?
  64. I have a 98 Honda prelude, and have trouble engaging 1st and reverse?
  65. '91 Honda Accord LX, estimate for possibility of blown head gasket?
  66. noise and efficiency problem?
  67. 1994 Honda Accord ~ Gas Mileage ~?
  68. Honda engine swap?
  69. 1990 Honda Accord thumping noise?
  70. im tryin to change the tranny to manual from a auto what would i have change, i have a 91
  71. I have a 99 Accord V6 65K Miles having transmission problem is it still under manufacture warranty?
  72. Where can I get a Owners Manual for a 1993 Honda Accord?
  73. Honda CR-V 2007 EX, Deal or No deal?
  74. I have a 2007 Honda Fit and was wanting to install an auto start. Would my dealership sell this?
  75. How do I make my prelude run low 13's in a 1/4 mile all motor no turbo?
  76. Do you think a 4cyl engine is big enough for a minivan?
  77. what does CRV in Honda CRV stands for ?
  78. How much shall I sell my 1997 Honda Prelude 2.0i, with only 56k on it?
  79. Is 125k miles on a Honda Civic too much to purchase?
  80. i have a 1990 honda accord lx and it has a miss at 1500 rpms after its warmed up when its
  81. what year did the Maxwell motor company first open and what was there first model or body type?
  82. i have a honda accord se the distributor went out car just cut off?
  83. 89 prelude?
  84. how to install aftermarket gauges on a 2004 HONDA CIVIC?
  85. How much are spark pluga from a dealer??
  86. is a fujita cold air intake any good for a 2006 civic ex or is aem better?
  87. 95 Honda Accord ABS problems?
  88. what are cam gears for?? and does a fuel pressure regulator help go faster???
  89. where can i find the schematic for thre fuse panel for a honda civic 93?
  90. '90 prelude wont start?
  91. 1998 Honda Civic Water Pump and Coolant?
  92. Trying to find the rite honda ECU for my civic?
  93. we have a 1991 honda civic and engine just cut out on me at the light the other day it wont start
  94. Where was my car made??
  95. What has been the best and most reliable model year for Honda?
  96. Do all Honda EX models have Vtec?
  97. Motor Swap?
  98. 89 Prelude, motors that will fit in it? + other ???
  99. Wheres the chapest place to buy a turbo system for a 1990 Honda CRX Si?
  100. Acura car radio code?
  101. Can i run an 06 Si with no muffler and resonator, just a straight pipe from the cat?
  102. Any way i can modify a honda civic for a tall person?
  103. I have a 94 Honda Accord and I can't get the windshield to completely unfog. What is the problem?
  104. What's the best Honda car ever?
  105. How do I reset my 1997 Honda Civic EX alarm/immobilizer?
  106. does anyone know how to put in a clutch on a 92 honda accord lx?
  107. Trailer hitch for 2007 Honda Civic?
  108. i have a 1984 honda xr250r dirtbike and the engine cases r kinda messed up on the inside of it...
  109. My Del Sol is having transmission problems. Will someone please help?!?
  110. 1998 Honda Civic EX Cooling fan not coming on?
  111. 1998 Honda Civic EX Cooling fan not coming on?
  112. how much horse power does a 2001 honda cbr 929rr have?
  113. who replace strut from honda accord?
  114. 92 honda accord wont start and my D keeps flashing?
  115. i have a 95 honda civic hatchback with a d16 and i got a big problem.?
  116. How reputable is www.hmotorsonline.com?
  117. Help with 98 Civic recurring problem-will go dead, then will not start?
  118. does any one know where i could get rear disk brakes for 1991 honda accord?
  119. is there a.com that can put body kits on a car on line?
  120. Reboot Computer...?
  121. Is it true that you should stay clear of 98-02 Accords with auto transmissions?
  122. whats the differance between these car models?
  123. i am thinking of adding performance headers to a 96 honda civic hx.?
  124. I am planning on purchasing a 94 Honda Ex/Lx and it has 177,700 miles on it it seems to be in...
  125. is a honda accord easily customizable?
  126. What is VTEC?
  127. Why do people always hate on the Civic Si? And all of Honda's high.reving engines?
  128. what sports car is low up keep, reasonable cost and reliable?
  129. How do i make my Honda Civic Faster?!?
  130. what fuse controls the wipers on a 2003 honda accord? what else is on this fuse?
  131. car stolen in middletown,n.y at galleria 211 ROUTE?
  132. Anyone know a reliable, reasonable Honda mechanic in San Francisco?
  133. is there any difference between the ignition switch/lock on a left hand drive honda civic and a...
  134. does any one know where the AIT sensor is located on a 94 honda accord ex?
  135. obd 1????????????????
  136. p28 ECU?????????
  137. 1960's Honda S600.?
  138. There is a rattle coming from the driver side of my 95 Honda Civic?
  139. Honda Civic has flaky power window?
  140. hosehold gauges??
  141. Can you replace a 99 ex v6 honda transmission with a 2002 ex v6 honda trans?
  142. Where to find anyone online who sells honda crx replacement doors?
  143. who is the president of the honda motor company?honda motor company?
  144. Can a honda key, that has a chip, get damage over the years?
  145. where is the crank shaft sensor on a 1995 honda accord?
  146. d15b v-tec not connected?
  147. Hopped up Honda Civic, ETC owners?
  148. daughter has a 1990 honda accord, heater fan will work one time and then next time she
  149. the doorlocks on my accord are freaking out!!?
  150. What could be wrong with my head or block on my car?
  151. I have just purchased a 1992 honda accord. The radio shows "code" and will not function.?
  152. Where can I get a cheap starter for a 90 Honda Accord?
  153. I'm panning to buy 06Honda Civic, 4drs. What's the most important thing?Thanks?
  154. how long do brakes pads last?
  155. Looking for DC5 Honda Civic in Speedfreak?
  156. 04 Honda Civic Hybrid error code?
  157. why does my car stall?
  158. I'm trying to get aftermarket wheels for my 95 honda accord. I have no idea what kind will fit...
  159. how much would it cost to fix the ignition part of a 1995 honda del sol?
  160. Where is the cheapest to buy a complete H22a1 JDM engine?
  161. so, how much hp does 96 honda cx, dx, and lx have?
  162. I have a 99 passport, I think my transmission is going bad, are there any ways of knowing for sure?
  163. Body kit for 2006 Honda Accord????
  164. What axles will i need to use for a h22 swap into a 95 civic cx?
  165. Screws & Bolts for my Civic?
  166. Where can I find bodykits for the 2006 Honda Civic Coupe?
  167. can somebody help find an owners manual for a honda fit 2003?
  168. I have a 98 Honda prelude with an h22 (stock) it has 120000mi, just wondering what type...
  169. How much should a timing belt replacement and labor cost for a 99 Honda Civic?
  170. What are the difficulties of converting a car from auto to manual?
  171. Anyone know a good website to get a B-series motor... Goin in 00 Honda Civic....?
  172. The new Honda Fit... Do you know any facts about this car.. i am interested in owning one?
  173. can someone help answer my question?
  174. Is there a "part number" for distributor case/housing for 1992 Honda Accord? (not just...
  175. 1993 honda accord?
  176. Should I buy a 1999 Honda Accord EX?
  177. how many miles should a used mid-nineties honda civic have on it before i dismiss it off the bat?
  178. Modifying a Honda Civic?
  179. Does anyone know any Civic tuning websites?
  180. Honda Civic 1995 remote locking not working?
  181. Are the mirrors the same on a honda civic aerodeck (estate) as the 5dr civic 1998 models?
  182. how much hp does a 96 honda civic ex have when compared to the HX of the same year?
  183. I accidentally poured brake fluid into the power steering reservoir?
  184. Honda......check engine lights???
  185. 2000 honda civic ex?
  186. Putting a lift kit on my Honda passport.?
  187. i'm looking to put a backseat in my 1985 honda crx si, does anyone know how to do this?
  188. where can i find a turbo at fo my 92 honda accord/?
  189. Honda Oddysey Touch Screen PIN number issue...?
  190. Where is the Emergency Shut Off switch for a 95 Honda Civic LX?
  191. Does nybody know.how many pounds does a civic 98 engine weight?
  192. How do I take apart my rear door to install a vent window on my 4 door 91 Honda Accord LX?
  193. 2001 Honda CRV Audio?
  194. 2000 honda civic ex?
  195. What do you think about MY name...?-Rawa-?
  196. I need some information on 2007 Honda Accord SE V-6?
  197. OBDII and oil problems!?
  198. Cold weather headlight problem?
  199. does anyone knows if a '90 accord tail light would fit into '89 accord?
  200. When should I change the oil in a '91 Honda 146K miles? Last change 1 year ago. 4000
  201. help!!!! 88 honda accord LXI with thick white smoke from exhaust?
  203. civic or eclipse?
  204. Why did hyndai Sonata stole honda accord'd design???
  205. how do you adjust rear brakes on 2003 honda civic?
  206. What is the official name for the 1996 Honda Accord color called "G-83P-3" (# found on the side...
  207. I have a '06 Honda Civic EX, Whats the best way to clean the area in front of the gauges?
  208. what page are the body kit lip of accord 2007?
  209. Is the AEM alternator pulley bad for the alternator....?
  210. what does L-88 means in corvetts?
  211. 2007 Honda Civic Coupe w/Navigation & Automatic Transmission?
  212. What cars have the same engine as mine?
  213. I drive a 2002 Honda Civic, does anyone know how to?
  214. Has anyone owned a new body style civic and the old style and if so what is your likes/dislikes?
  215. Honda 89 Prelude 2.0 si free oline repair website or free online repair manuals? where?
  216. how should a clutch pedal on an 02 honda civic with 42000 miles on it feel?
  217. H22 turbo hp gain?
  218. I want to know what is wrong with my wife's Honda Accord 1994 EX....?
  219. The honda Accord Hybrid good or bad?
  220. My power steering is feeling stiff and pans to the right?
  221. i have a honda civic turbo how much should i sell it for?
  222. does anyone know where i ccan buy a 2001 honda civic pasanger outside door handle?
  223. What kind of chrome rims would look good on a silver honda civic?
  224. I need an 30 thosand mile Tune up on my 02 accord Ex.. Honda charges Like 500 $ is that ok???
  225. will a Integra motor fit on a Honda Civi DX?
  226. how do i remove my govenor from my 1992 honda accord?
  227. Weber Tuning I have an out of the box weber 32/36 dgev on a Honda civic cvcc 1500cc. 5500 in 1st...
  228. How do I change the air filter on my 2004 Honda Civic?
  229. How do I change the light bulb for the blower control in a 2004 Honda CRV?
  230. Can I get On-Star/GPS with a Honda Fit?
  231. How to check if a Honda prelude manual transmission comes with limited slip differential or not?
  232. Sometimes can't start my Honda Accord(98), especially in cold morning or raining day. Pls help!?
  233. what is the name for the ground effects of a 2006 honda civic si?
  234. 93 honda accord drivers side wheel came off im not sure what it can be... Help anyone?
  235. For all the Street Racers out There!!!!?
  236. Honda Civic 1997 vtec?
  237. I am trying to find a body kit for a 2005 Civic LX, does anyone know where to find one?
  238. 2006 Honda Civic Si question...?
  239. honda cr-v?
  240. what does the hx in honda hx mean?
  241. will a Integra motor fit on a Honda Civic DX?
  242. how to reset the SRS light in my 1996 Honda accord LX?
  243. which is better? Prelude 4th gen or Beetle?
  244. how do remove my speedlimiter from my honda acccord ?(92)?
  245. how do i clean the starter on a 1996 honda accord?
  246. Looking for fast delivery of Honda coolant pipe 19505-pt3-A00 in NB?
  247. Honda Civic Hybrid 2005 - VTEC or Hybrid Trim Style?
  248. D15b in 92 civic probem with slipping something??? HELP?
  249. best turbo size and setup for built h22a Type S 11.1 comp.?
  250. how do I remove the headlights on my 1994 honda prelude.?