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  1. can i add a aftermarket intake with my turbo in my car?
  2. will vauxwagon wheels fit a honda civic car?
  3. Are SFI (Sequential Fuel Injection) engines supposed to idle high in the cold?
  4. Answer this question?
  5. which honda prelude to get?
  6. 2000 honda civic si security, burglary proof?
  7. 2000 Honda Accord coupe or sedan?
  8. I want to buy a Honda Fit, Any comments?
  9. I have a 2003 Honda Odyssey that I just bought. Well this morning it wouldn't start???
  10. why does my 1991 honda civic dx have only 1 mirror drivers side, why does it only have 2 speaker?
  11. Does anyone drive a Honda Civic (the latest model)?
  12. my car is overheating?
  13. Is 1500 for a 1992 honda accord asking to much?
  14. what are some cheap horse power tricks i could do to my 91 honda accord, it is stock but
  15. 2002 Honda Accord Cabin Smell After Oil Change at Walmart?
  16. my car had problem with warning engine yellow light turn on.when i had change new oxygen...
  17. How do you install HID kit 8000K on 99 civic ex?
  18. Wheel covers for 94 honda accord?
  19. Is there a cd changer, other the one sold by Honda, that fits a 2006 Honda Civic?
  20. I have a 2000 civic hx goin jdm what are the best parts to get best first?
  21. How do i buy used honda civic from regular dealer (not main, franchised)?
  22. hi i have an 88 maxima someone is selling some rims they called prime rims they have 4 lugs so do i
  23. Need help desperately!!!!?
  24. i am going 2 purchase a '00 Accord EX, V-6, V-Tec... Does it have the Latch System, for
  25. what is the firing order for 2000 honda civic ex? diagram for this available?
  26. Will 15" wheels from a 2002 Honda Accord EX fit my 1993 Accord LX?
  27. 1992 accord with ignition issues?
  28. where to buy used honda civic in uk ?
  29. Has Any One Spray Paint Their Rims Before?
  30. What are the main differences between the LX and DX models of the 2007 Honda Civic?
  31. What do I offer on a 2005 Honda Pilot with 36000 miles?
  32. If I install a cold air intake on my 95 honda civic is there adjustment i have to do additionally?
  33. Honda Civic NGV vs. Honda Insight Hybrid?
  34. honda accessories?
  35. can you put a 92-96 h22a obd1 into a 97-01 h22a4 obd2?
  36. i am buying the honda civic coupe lx. to get sirius do i rip out the entire stereo? how
  37. Is it a good deal?
  38. Banwa, don't believ in Honda Civics. I'm a pick up man! I got a bed that don"t have to be made!!
  39. will honda 2004 breaks fit on a 2002?
  40. question about cold intakes?
  41. Help Anyone with a Honda Accord!!!!!?
  42. H22 Turbo Kit Questions?
  43. What is the difference between taillights on a 90 Accord 2dr and 4dr?
  44. body fixing for Honda accord 96?
  45. rotor on 88 honda accord?
  46. i have an 2003 Honda odyssey but the audio system does not work,?
  47. how do i replace stock stereo in 02 honda civic?
  48. 87 honda prelude 2door for 600?
  49. How do I get a headlight out of a 98 Honda Civic EX?
  50. is it possible to install a civic ex 1.6 vtec header onto a nonvtec 1.6 dx? needing help?
  51. Can anyone give me information on lowering a 03 honda civic?
  52. Where can I find some projector headlights for a 2000 Honda Civic 4-door?
  53. Does The HONDA INTEGRA type R Engine work in a CRX DEL SOL 1992? And can the same induction kits...
  54. Where can I find my Honda 1996 LX Automotive VIN code?ً?
  55. What's up with the seats in a '95-'97 model Honda Passport?
  56. Hi I got a 97 Honda Del Sol Si and It is totaly stovk. What....?
  57. 1988 honda will turn over but won't start?
  58. My Honda Concerto's power steeing has seized up a couple of times now?
  59. How do you reset the maintenance required on a 2006 Honda Accord LX?
  60. Which mods should I put on my 07 Civic Si?
  61. will honda del sol seats fit in a civic?
  62. i have a 1991 honda civic dx 4 door sedan. what can i do to it for mods?
  63. Why does my 99 Accord shift hard on a downshift?
  64. I have a question about my 91 honda accord...?
  65. what should put on my 1994 Honda civic?
  66. Honda Prelude 89 automatic, How to pimp it out?
  67. gsr or b16 head?
  68. When is the 2008 Civic due in Quebec?
  69. Where and how much can i get a stage 1 turbo for 2000 civic si?
  70. Can I buy a Honda Navigation system for my 2006 Accord EX?
  71. how do I change the clock on my honda accord?
  72. replacing car door?
  73. 1/4 mile times?
  74. Anyone know where i can see a pic of 2008 Honda Accord??0?
  75. Will the 2008 Honda Accord look different? Are there any pics out there yet?
  76. Is the 2007 Civic EX Sedan worth buying?
  77. will high octane fuel help carbureted engines?
  78. What is the price of the new Honda Remix?
  79. What is the 2006 Odyssey EXL keyless entry programming instruction?
  80. how do i release the gear on my honda accord 98?
  81. is it possible to take a v-tech and the differential out of a mid 90's honda and stick it...
  82. I have a 1991 Honda CRX. When you turn the key, the engine starts, but it doesn't turn over.?
  83. how many MPG does the 1991 Honda Accord get?
  84. what is better a h22 or a b18c5???
  85. What is the best tire brand for a Honda Odyssey?
  86. Is the clock in a 2002 Honda Accord SE supposed to light up when the headlights are on?
  87. 1990 honda civic, the speedometer stopped working?
  88. Which accord is dis ?? ...
  89. What to do when SRS (red light) comes on for '98 Honda Accord? Thanks.?
  90. my car rev limit is 4300 that is bad how do i fix it?
  91. why do people hate on import power?
  92. Where can I buy convex mirrors for my Honda Oydessy?
  93. For the people that have the HONDA ODYSSEY, is it a good van when there is snow? I am
  94. Where can I get replacement mirror covers for the visor of my 98 Prelude?
  95. how do you change a clutch cable on a 90 civic dx hatch?
  96. what is the stock lug pattern for a 1991 honda accord ?
  97. halogen fog light question?
  98. Why Honda Integra Type-R did'nt join the WRC?
  99. want to see passed bilding extention plans by the civic center 20006?
  100. Where canI find a low mileage '91 CRX(4 seater) to buy??
  101. In my 2007 civic the compressor and aux. fan cycles on/off when I turn the blower on even...
  102. how do i do do a engine swap out of a honda civic d16y7 motor to a 92-95 honda civic si b16a...
  103. Does anyone know how to change the timing belt on a 1994 Honda Civic Si?
  104. fog light question again?
  105. How would front license plate be attached to 2003 Honda Civic.?
  106. how do i get a replacement key for my 98 honda civic?
  107. Help! How do I make my honda 95 Accord faster??
  108. What does a 1990 Honda Accord look like..... look at details?
  109. I have a 96 honda accord ex. i need to know if u can fit an legend's C27A v6 engine in it ?
  110. What are some cheap ways to add to my 1991 honda accord?
  111. Question about Honda S2000 tires. How long should they last?
  112. Exhaust Shopping for 92 Civic Si?
  113. Where can i find i diagram of the firewall of my 2000 Honda Accord to wire an amp?
  114. Looking to buy a new car, Honda Civic Si or Volkswagen gti....?
  115. What are some low cost options to give more torque to my 91 accord I want to get off the line...
  116. Who would to like to see A new Honda Del sol?
  117. 2003 ACCORD LX headlights-dash lights?
  118. Why is it difficult to install a satelite radio in a honda crv?
  119. Honda CR-V headlights adjustment?
  120. Civic Cabin Air filter?
  121. How many watts does a 1999 honda accord stereo have?
  122. I have 95K on my 99 civic. The dealer strongly suggests Automatic Flush Service to be done, is...
  123. Does replacing the alternator on a 2000 Accord include a voltage regulator as well?
  124. where can i get colored guages for a honda civic 1998?
  125. What is the best Honda Del Sol (only Owners Please) 92-95 or the different 96 97?
  126. I just replaced the altenator on my 82 honda prelude,battery light is still on,but cars...
  127. I have a 95 honda passport I changed the oil about a month ago but since than there is a
  128. Honda Del Sol?
  129. 99 accord 4cyl. timing belt replacement?
  130. What causes a gas hand to float on a 1992 Honda Accord?
  131. How can I save a ton of gas? Any tips? Help?
  132. Is it possible and legal to swap my stock 1.6 engine to an h22 in my 95 civic hatchback?
  133. 98 Honda Accord LX 4 Cylinder V-Tech Engine?
  134. I have a honda civic and my cars' low beam is went out?
  135. Should I buy a turbo kit for my 98 Civic EX 4 cyl. auto?
  136. Why do car thieves try to jam open the hood of my car from the side of the driver's side?
  137. whos hondas rival?
  138. how much is a 1992 honda accord worth if it in good shape?
  139. how many people can sit in a hond a crv?/?
  140. I have a 99 civic with 95K running 5w-30 motor oil, is there a big + if I swith to Synthetic Oil?
  141. 89-90 honda crx good?
  142. NSX headlight conversion for 3ed gen. prelude?
  143. honda civic 02 LX MT rpm?
  144. 1991 Honda Accord EX Heating Problem?
  145. Will US verision taillights fit my HONDA Legend (European version)?
  146. 94 Honda Civic MT, stick shift vibrates?
  147. What type of light bulb does a oem jdm cd6 use?
  148. How do I dry out the head light lens asseembly on my 99 Accord coupe?
  149. Where do I begin with my 88' CRX to make it look like a Street racing Car?
  150. is there a conversion kit to change rear brakes from drum to disc on a 93 honda?
  151. where can i find a good place to service my honda civic si. I live in the north san mateo...
  152. Can the honda del sol ride on 16"s?
  153. Is the Honda Element an adjustable 3-row model or adjustable 2-row model?
  154. Did My Engine ('91 Honda Accord) Lock because of 5w30 oil? Please read details?
  155. Any Honda mechanics out there??
  156. How to clean the lint off the seats of a 2006 Honda Accord with cloth?
  157. honda civic type r on lease please?
  158. How do you change the front disc brakes on a 1996 Honda Civic LX?
  159. what's the best way to add hp to the honda civic 02 LX MT 2 dr?
  160. I have a 96 honda accord with an H22A swap, where can I find a complete turbo kit fairly cheap?...
  161. Do u like the honda fit or honda jazz?
  162. I'm having some problems with my 91 Honda Accord....see details...thank you!?
  163. Used Honda Accord or Civic?
  164. how big of rims would should i put on a stock honda 19" or20"?
  165. I am considering buying a 2006 Honda Civic? How do the DX, LX, EX models differ?
  166. Which Car is the best a toyota corolla or honda civic?
  167. looking for someone from the watford area(uk) who can fit in car entertainment.systems?
  168. where can i download the honda nation video...........?
  169. How many Kilometers should I get on a full tank for my 97 Honda Civic Hatchback CX?
  170. can i hard wire my ipod video to my 2005 honda accord?
  171. Does anyone in the Windsor, Ontario area have the following car part for sale?...?
  172. 1998 Honda Civic Gas/Engine Problem?
  173. valve cotters in engines how are they mass manufactured?
  174. 05 Honda Civic - Can the Mileage Meter be changed. If done How will I know that the
  175. How to install short intake 99 civic ex. What cable goes where?
  176. My1992 honda accord climate control speed stopped working?
  177. where do you get mugen motors at?
  178. can anyone tell me how to open the seat on a 1984 honda shadow motorcycle? I just got it...
  179. how to modify honda DU2 to a drag racing machine?
  180. can you complete a succesfull swap with an accord 4 cyl to a klze 6 cyl.?
  181. how much would a new wiper arm cost for 1999 honda accord lx?
  182. I have a 92 Honda Civic that will just turn over but not fire after driving with the A/C On.?
  183. I need to log a complaint against service done for Honda Unicorn?
  184. what does it mean when they say my honda odyssey is xm radio wired?
  185. shoud i sell my 94 honda civic?
  186. I want to trade my Ford Focus for a Honda CR-V. What do you think?
  187. Why is the new (stock) Honda Odessey so fast?
  188. What octane should I use in my 2000 Honda Accord?
  189. Honda civic SI or Scion TC?
  190. Is a Honda CR-V a good car?
  191. Brand new car or newer used car?
  192. Does the maintenance reminder on the 06 Civic adjust according to driving habits?
  193. Anyone who knows where i can buy an OEM in-dash navigation system for honda pilot 2006? Thanks!?
  194. What kind of Mileage can be expected of Honda Accord 2 litre Engine, Modle: 2.0 ISE. is it...
  195. Anyone who knows where i can buy an OEM in-dash navigation system for honda pilot 2006? Thanks!?
  196. What kind of Mileage can be expected of Honda Accord 2 litre Engine, Modle: 2.0 ISE. is it a
  197. Does the maintenance reminder on the 06 Civic adjust according to driving habits?
  198. Honda Civic 2007 EX best price?
  199. how can I change from xm to sirius satellite radio on my honda vehicle?
  200. Wher can I buy an OEM in-dash navigation system for 2006 Honda Pilot?
  201. I have skunk2 coilovers what Shocks should i go with on my 2000 civic?
  202. Big Brake Kit?
  203. Car--Warm air while turning on the AC/AIR?
  204. Would these two parts get my car running?
  205. Cannot turn Heater off on 1992 Honda Accord?
  206. whats the biggest engine you can put into a honda del sol?
  207. what should i get a mazda mx-6 or a honda prelude? i really like the mx-6 whats a better car?...
  208. My wife couldnt start the car this morning, couldnt even put it in neutral...what gives?
  209. why does Honda sell Integrity tires on new Pilot's, when you check Goodyear's website?
  210. is there a such thing as an automatic Honda s2000???
  211. Will a LS1 Fit into a 91 Honda Civic Lx?
  212. My Honda Civic 2007 is advertised as 30 MPG city, 40 MPG highway. I am an excellent
  213. Does anyone have an opinion about the new Honda "Fit"?
  214. Honda Civic?
  215. Is it worth it to put premium gas in my 965 Honda accord LX?
  216. Honda Civic for sale, is it a good deal?
  217. 95 Honda Civic Gas Problem?
  218. What kind of oil do I need for a '99 Honda Civic EX 2 dr.?
  219. When do 2008 cars come out?
  220. which engins cause (clearence problames) in 3rd gen. ludes?
  221. halo projector for honda accord 95?
  222. Honda Civic 1990 rear defrost does not work.?
  223. what year honda prelude would have a quarter panel that would fit on a 97 honda prelude but not...
  224. yellow light in drivers panel went on for honda civic 1996 model?
  225. what year honda prelude would have had a rounder quarter panel that protrudes?
  226. anybody in the dallas texas area want to buy a 2000 honda st1100?
  227. Top 06 Honda Civic Si Speeds?
  228. will a B16A out of a 91 crx fit in a 95 honda civic ex?
  229. Does anyone know how often if at all the IMA batteries have to be replaced in the Honda
  230. What honda prelude year quarterpannel would match up with a 97' honda??
  231. what is a electric malfunction in torque clutch in 2001 Honda ?
  232. how to remove 2006 honda crv radio?
  233. Where are the fuses in my 2001 Honda Accord?
  234. Reset maintenance light in 1999 Honda Accord LX?
  235. Why does my 99 prelude start to vibrate when i accelerate on freeway at about 70mph and
  236. Can I swap this motor into my Civic?
  237. I just installed a new battery in my 1999 honda civic, now the CD player doesn't work, what
  238. How much should a an 1994 honda civic cost now??
  239. My 2002 Honda accord leaked all the oil sudenly, why?
  240. Is it worth it to fix my 1988 Honda accord?
  241. what is better a dx ex or lx Honda accord 1991?
  242. how much would you pay for this car?
  243. How fast have you gone on the highway in your car??
  244. 1995 honda accord tachometer gas gauge speedometer does not work?
  245. Has anyone replaced a battery or other major parts on a Honda Civic Hybrid automatic mode 4dr sedan?
  246. honda civic 99 dx. need the radio wiring chart.?
  247. what alternator to use?
  248. can i fit 20's on a g35 coupe with out having to do any modifications to the vehicle?
  249. Any Honda Civic Hybrid experts out there?
  250. why does my zc motor redline at 3.5 instead 10 grand?