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  1. who makes cooper tires?
  2. Car problem?
  3. What do you think CR-V stands for by Honda?
  4. I cant turn the key to my 2001 honda civic 2dr coupe to turn on the car?
  5. Why is my radiator fluid brown inside my reserve tank?
  6. which car is cuter . . . prettiest?
  7. How good is a kia rio vs. a Honda Civic (as far as reliablility and gas mileage)?
  8. 97 Honda Civic - Is it a Vtec?
  9. how to reconnect a rattler car alarm?
  10. honda civic 2003 automatic remote start?
  11. 2003 Honda Odyssey won't start when cold outside?
  12. is there a Honda Software..?
  13. My Super 1991 Honda....?
  14. My 1989 Honda Prelude 2.0si will sometimes downshift from 4th to 3rd while driving 60-70 mph/?
  15. How do I connect an Ipod to a 2006 Honda Accord through Auxillary Input?
  16. How do you bleed out air from the power steering pump from a 96 Honda Accord V6?
  17. what are the best mods for a stock 88 crx engine?
  18. What size are the front and rear brake discs of a JDM BB4 Honda Prelude built in 1995?
  19. how hybrid technology is used in automobiles?
  20. Honda Civic electrical problems?
  21. why are unmuffled blow of valves illegal?
  22. anybody have problems with their 06 honda civic coupe?
  23. '98 Accord: Some dashboard lights are out after factory stereo replacement. Fuses look ok. Any
  24. honda accord 1990 drivable for 5 miles then dies.?
  25. Does a '99 Honda Civic come with remote keyless entry?
  26. i have a 93 honda accord doesnt overheat but when i drive it temperature gauge goes to cold?
  27. prelude 1989-how do you get the headlights to go down if they wont on their own?
  28. What's the best type of tires for a 4 door honda accord?
  29. Element or CRV?
  30. Knocking Sound in engine 2000 civic EX?
  31. My new 2007 honda civic hybrid is getting only about 32mpg in the city. Anything wrong?
  32. Do you think Honda is a better brand than ford?
  33. 1989 Honda Prelude starting problem?
  34. 93 civic D15B7, engine idles erractically?
  35. Planning to buy a Honda city,should buy post budget or before it ?
  36. dose anybody know anything about a 89 ATV 4-wheeler Honda or where i can go to get on a link?
  37. Can someone please give me step by step instructions on how to disconnect an alarm off a 97
  38. I need to know the load rating for a Honda Civic Coupe? 95-99 model.?
  39. does megan racing make headers for LX and DX model?
  40. Planning to buy a Honda city,should buy post budget or before it ?
  41. Can someone who knows about Honda Accord 91 EX please help? Or knows of a place that has the...
  42. what is the stock engine in a 96 honda civic dx?
  43. Does honda have a better warranty than chevy?
  44. Can anyone help blower on honda accord not working?
  45. Where can I get a free illustration of all hoses that could have a leak for a 1989 honda...
  46. where can i find aftermarket gauge clusters?
  47. the power steering pulley has play to the left and the right the other pulleys dont have that
  48. Honda Motor Co?
  49. what is the honda cr-v like to own and drive?
  50. Does anyone have a 2003 honda pilot? Would you recommend this vehicle?
  51. What's wrong with my Honda Civic?
  52. Is it possible to turn on/off a turbo, manually on a car?
  53. I need help on my 98 Honda Accord can anyone please help me?
  54. how many miles per gallon does a honda civic coupe have?
  55. What is the average mileage a honda civic can go to?
  56. Are Honda Accords reliable cars?
  57. what is better honda accord or toyota camary? both 2007?
  58. what's the difference between civic LX, DX, EX, etc....?
  59. I've got a 2000 Honda Accord. The alarm light is flashing and has disabled the car from
  60. What is the top speed of a Honda 450R ATV?
  61. Are fuel comsumption figures for new Honda 2.2 ctdi accord near quoted figures?
  62. Honda CR-V?
  63. 2000 Honda Civic Sell Price?
  64. `89 Civic LX coolant leak after small rock flew up under engine?
  65. How to install 'Progress Springs' on a 2004 Honda Civic Si?
  66. i have a 97 civic coupe and need a bonnet release cable can i omly get it from honda or...
  67. 1984 Honda Civic, Where is the oil dipstick?
  68. how do i remove the intake piece from around the throttle body of a 96 civic cx?
  69. Fix for peeling door handles on Honda Pilot?
  70. What kind of breaks do i need for my '02 Accord Coupe?
  71. A question for someone who knows about Auto Glass?
  72. I'm looking for vent visors for my 2007 CR-V and don't want to spend over $50.00 just want...
  73. Honda Civic Coupe owners please?
  74. how many quarts of oil does a 2004 honda odyssey take?
  75. I need someone who speaks spanish? Question has nothing to do with cars?
  76. is the seat leon cupra r 225 any good.? or is the civic type r better..?
  77. i have a 1990 hatchback and i want to do a swap what kind of swap can i do. i live in
  78. 17" or 18" on 06 Honda Civic. 18" look nice on the car but I'm concerned about the ride.
  79. Do you own a honda element?
  80. Which is better the Toyotoa Sienna or the Honda Odyssey?
  81. `89 Honda Civic brake light on but brakes work o.k. does it need fixing?
  82. Proper Engine Oil?
  83. Honda Civic or Honda Accord?
  84. Which is better a 1999 Gallant or a 1997 honda civic? why?
  85. I have a 2002 honda civic for sale in dublin where should i advertise?
  86. 96 honda civic check engine light?
  87. Where can I buy a fog light cover for 01 Honda Accord EX coupe?
  88. where kan i find a front lip for mi civic 2004?
  89. what is the proper way to take out the door panels on a 2002 honda civic lx coupe?
  90. 1988 accura?
  91. i have a 94 civic and was wondering wher i could find a dual cat back with 2 separate
  92. Is there a performance programmer for my '06 honda civic sedan ex? Or supercharger?
  93. What type of tires are best on my 2003 Honda Accord?
  94. I have a 97 honda civic and i purchased some JDM headlights but i got them for a 99-00 will they...
  95. Honda Civic/ Accord Hybrid?
  96. My honda 96 LX headlight is messed up..how much would it cost me? only 1 side..?
  97. Plus sizing and alloy wheels?
  98. I have a 1997 honda civic. Can you help me "pimp my ride"?
  99. I'm in the market for a Honda. Which car is the better bang for the buck? Honda Civic EX or...
  100. How to disengage car alarm?
  101. how many miles does a 1999 honda cr-v get for city? highway?
  102. Who was the first person to own a exhaust system???
  103. Will Honda really have a Hydrogen engine in 2008?
  104. What are the ratings for a Honda Civic 2007?
  105. Website for Accord Parts?
  106. Is an 1989 Honda Accord a good car?
  107. Is $1000 a good price for a 1991 Honda Accord EX?
  108. What's your favorite car?
  109. How can i land a job with HONDA or HONDA MARINE I am a recent graduate of MMI in orlando
  110. can some donate me a car or transmission that works on a 84 honda accord automatic my car died
  111. whats the best way to determine if my 1995 honda civic has an intake air leak?
  112. what other name can u call a 1996 civic cx 5 spd? i've heard its an EJ-6 and also an EK-4?
  113. What are the pros and cons of a 2007 honda civic 1.8?
  114. 96 civic cx check engine light problem?
  115. what is that song on the honda civic commercial where the car drives around the world and
  116. Does anyone have any good tinting suggestions (i.e. the %) for a 2004 Honda Accord Sedan?
  117. Honda 1991 crx... need to know what happens when your x1000r/mins drop to 1 when
  118. i am opening a fish n chip shop in beverly hill in sydney!?
  119. How much is the radiator for 1996 Honda LX ? I live in LA, CA...?
  120. Im planning ro buy a 2007 Honda civic 1.8 in Singapore...........?
  121. Does anyone have a 2006 Honda CRV that frequently gets cracks or scratches on the windshield?
  122. Thininking of buying the ne Honda CRV- any one have one? do the like it?
  123. where can i find a selection of cool vinyl graphics and decals for my honda civic.?
  124. Why is it that when I wash my 2006 Honda CRV by hand the brakes make this screeching noise?
  125. How to terminate Maintenance Req'd light in 98 Honda Accord?
  126. how fast is a honda accord v6?
  127. I read somewhere that I shouldn't tint my windows if I was to have navigation?
  128. How do I clean a Honda Accord Ex 1994 engine?
  129. What's the best and cheapest way to add more torque to the Honda S2000?
  130. installing intake on civic .........o2 sensor?
  131. How can I tell if my 98 civic EX is a vtec?
  132. my honda accord 1990 wont start i think its the fuel pump.?
  133. how do i know if my car has A.B.S.?
  134. i have a 96 honda accord lx, my car overnight started to make a ticking noise?
  135. Wondering what book value (Canadian $) of 2003 Honda CRV (LX) excellent condition 75,000 kms?
  136. Release date for redesigned Honda pilot?
  137. how do i change the radiator in a Honda prelude?
  138. 1998 Honda Acord Ex power locks failing?
  139. How to install infant car seat on the 3rd row of Honda Odyssey?
  140. Do any of the honda civics later than 1995 have a 1.5L engine?
  141. What is the engine code for honda accord sedan 02?
  142. Question for Honda Fit/ and 2007 CR-V Owners that have ipods...?
  143. New Mugen Honda Civic?
  144. Just bought a honda cr--v 2005.I dont get it until next monday.i want to purchase alloys for
  145. how much for engine swap?
  146. My 89 Honda Prelude won't start!?
  147. how much for engine swap?
  148. My 89 Honda Prelude won't start!?
  149. What is the engine code for honda accord sedan 02?
  150. Question for Honda Fit/ and 2007 CR-V Owners that have ipods...?
  151. New Mugen Honda Civic?
  152. Just bought a honda cr--v 2005.I dont get it until next monday.i want to purchase alloys for it but
  153. How to install infant car seat on the 3rd row of Honda Odyssey?
  154. Do any of the honda civics later than 1995 have a 1.5L engine?
  155. how can you restore a tranmission without buying one or rebuilding it honda accord 1984 automatic?
  156. I just bought a used 2002 Honda Odyssey and the CD player quits playing after the 6th track.?
  157. Dose honda sell remoth starter?
  158. i have a 96 honda accord lx, my car overnight started to make a clicking noise?
  159. I have a 91 Honda Accord...for you other Honda owners how long/many miles has your Honda lasted?
  160. What are some cheap ways to make my 2000 Honda Accord run better and faster?
  161. I just purchased a new 06 civic si. What mods would you recommend to boost it's performance?
  162. Where to buy engine block heater?
  163. How much does i cost to mod a civic to make it kick ass?
  164. would a honda accord v6 be a good car for a 17 year old?
  165. Will the cold air intake and wing on my Civic give it 100 more horsepower?
  166. 2003 Honda Accord: My battery light flashes and steering wheel locks when driven through water?
  167. Anyone breaking a honda crx del sol 1992 >???
  168. readout on tachometer and apexi rsm unit doesnt match up after tranny swap?
  169. I have a 2001 Honda Civic is the parking light suppose to work for the EX of only the SI version...?
  170. Having trouble with the fan?
  171. what is more powerful? the old d15b or the new 3 stage d15b?
  172. How can i fit 3 12" speakers in the trunk of a 1990 Honda civic LX ?
  173. How can i fit 3 12" speakers in the trunk of a 1990 Honda civic LX ?
  174. Small oil and gas leak on Honda Civic?
  175. Can someone explain to me how the Honda sportclutch works?
  176. 1989 Honda Accord 2.0 engine torque on main & rod bearing?
  177. How can I replace the Key FOB on my '93 accord without spending a fortune at the dealer?
  178. 1995 Honda Accord Steering wheel not locking?
  179. Does anyone know where I can get honda crx delsol 1992> spares from? (i.e - interior door handle)?
  180. ECU on a 1991 Honda Accord...?
  181. turbo on 2007 accord v6 sedan?
  182. will a 93 civic 2d body kit fit a 94 civic 4d?
  183. can a 97 accord side window motor fit on a 2001?
  184. i want to disconnect my speedometer on my 2003 element,,, how do i do that??? i will be towing...
  185. How fast is my automatic 2006 Honda Civic Coupe EX?
  186. !!Help!! Need Black Taillight covers!! For a 2002 Honda Accord!!??
  187. What is the difference between a turbo and a turbo kit?
  188. Hey guys, I just install my oil pressure guage on my honda. Its a 95 civic Dx 1.5L. I want to...
  189. Why is my jdm h22a running poorly?
  190. Honda question?
  191. I bought a White car and I hate the color...?
  192. Looking to find out how to remove the glove box from a 1992 Civic that has a broken door handle.?
  193. leg space with 1997 Honda Civil DX Sedan?
  194. if i remove the driveshaft on my 99 honda crv?
  195. Could I camp out in a Honda Element?
  196. ZC engine- What car is this engine from originally?
  197. i got a honda accord 1995 model,i want to know if i can swap it w/ a used ECU,is it possible
  198. !!Help!! Need Black Taillight covers!! For a 2002 Honda Accord!!??
  199. whats the procedure for setting the ignition timing for a 92 civic with a jdm d15b?
  200. honda crv font passenger door not opening,had doorlock replaced .remote ok?
  201. ............?
  202. Hey i want michael jacksons BAD CONCERT ON DVD, ANYONE HAS IT?
  203. I have a 2000 Honda Accord How Do U Know When It needs a Tune-up?
  204. 1990 honda accord, windows not working?
  205. Honda Civic 99 Backlight problem?
  206. 2008 Honda Pilot?
  207. Honda hatch back need a passenger side rearview mirror?
  208. 1982 Honda Civic Seats Conversion?
  209. 91 honda not firing on number 3?
  210. Where do I find the radio code for a 1996 honda civic?
  211. I need reviews and opinions on Honda CRVs...?
  212. Which intake is better for my 07 Civic Si?
  213. what would be the best N/A engine that i can fit in a 94 civic hatch im looking for cheap
  214. What is IVTECH?
  215. sleeves on a turbo h22?
  216. does your honda accord burn oil?
  217. 1999 Honda civic coupe EX - wiring audio input?
  218. How do you customize the 2007 Civic radio display?
  219. can anyone help me?
  220. Disassemble honda civic rear tray?
  221. Does a Honda Civci EX 96-00 transmission fit a Honda Civic HX 96?
  222. how do you put a exhaust system on a 93 civic cx hatchback?
  223. 1999 honda accord turn signals dont work?
  224. i got a honda accord 1995 model.the ecu or ecm is faulty,i want to know if i can swap the same...
  225. Do 2002 Honda S2000 oversteer easily?
  226. 2007 Honda Accord Question?
  227. what tire size would fit perfectly on my 18x7.5 offset 42 wheel?
  228. 0-60 time and 1/2 mile time of 2007 civic lx coupe?
  229. How many miles is a Honda Civic 2000 SUPPOSED to run?
  230. I have a 1990 honda prelude and i cant find a cheap head for it does anyone have one?
  231. What does riding on shot struts feel like?
  232. What are the engine swap laws in California?
  233. 02 Honda Civic. Will a windshield wiper motor & linkage from an 02 Civic coupe work in an 02 Civic
  234. I have a honda civic with 78,000 miles , the speedometer gets stuck at 20 and then
  235. 2006 Honda Accord-Sedan Glove compartment?
  236. my 1999 crv has a sticker at the back window that says "REAL TIME 4WD". what does it mean?
  237. what can i do to a 94 acura integra ls motor that will make it faster?
  238. Does anyone know what performance options you can put on a 94 accord? Id like to know if
  239. my dome light in my 98 honda civic will noy come on when i open the door any suggestions?
  240. Does anyone know what weight oil goes into a 2006 Honda Civic . I know its not 10/30 I lost
  241. Toyota,Mazda,Honda or Nissan? Only have about £600 to spend so need a 'reliable' old banger.?
  242. honda swindon recruitment?
  243. 2002 Honda Civic DX speaker size?
  244. honda car stereo screen doesn't light up?
  245. How did honda get started?
  246. does any body know the price of w900i?
  247. Answer this question?
  248. Honda Accord 2005 Rims?
  249. car modification institutes?
  250. whats difference between gsr and type r motors im putting a new motor in my 94 civic lx need to...