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  1. I have a 99 Honda Odyssey EX with 133K mi & the transmission makes a loud thud when upshifting from
  2. what is the bhp on a 2000 honda accord 2.0 se vtec tiptronic?
  3. Right LED tail light not working for brake?
  4. how many quarts do 4.6 dohc engines take?
  5. I am looking into buying an Odyssey. Any features that are a must have???
  6. how much should a rebuilt altanator and labor cost for an 88 civic?
  7. What can cause a metallic sounding rattle on the right front side of my 2002 Honda Civic?
  8. what the first and best thing to modify when you buy a brand new civic 2007?
  9. How much should Honda Accord Tires cost?
  10. Honda cruise control problem!?
  11. What is wrong wtih my radiator if it is spilling coolant?
  12. If my radiator is spilling coolant waht is the problem?
  13. anyone know a good place to buy engine wiring connectors for a honda?
  14. Would it be hard to put a K20A into a 97 honda hatchback& what kind of wiring set up am I lookin at?
  15. does the new Honda CRV have home link?
  16. If my radiator is spilling coolant waht is the problem?
  17. Strut Bars?
  18. My radiator is spilling coolant what is the problem?
  19. What is wrong wtih my radiator if it is spilling coolant?
  20. Can i install civic aftermarket parts on a 1993 Honda Del Sol?
  21. why is the automactic transmission blinking?
  22. 2003 Honda Accord Check Engine Light On Still On - Part is Replaced!!!?
  23. What is the little Honda convertible - not the S2000, it was different?
  24. My prelude is leaking brake fluid does anyone have an idea of why?
  25. H22 in Honda Civic?
  26. what jdm motors fit on a 93 honda del sol?
  27. I'm buying a Honda accord 2L vetec vreg this week ,can anyone tell me its top speed and horsepower?
  28. will parts from rover fit honda civic like window motors?
  29. My civic AC just stop working suddenly, help!?
  30. What is wrong wtih my radiator if it is spilling coolant?
  31. Engine Oil (what is it?)?
  32. 91 Honda Accord at 3500 rpm going 80 MPH on the freeway?
  33. Do ALL Honda Civics need timing belt replaced at 100k?
  34. Is it safe to buy a salvage title honda civic?
  35. 1998 honda crv canada?
  36. Will there be a facelift for the Honda civic for 2008?(Philippines)?
  37. how can i put stanley orange rectangular lights on my front fenders?
  38. Getting a wheel off a 2002 civic type R?
  39. how can i find dealer option invoice pricing for a 2007 honda civic?
  40. will honda ever get in nascar?
  41. honda or ford?
  42. honda or toyota?
  43. Is the new version of the Honda CR-V for 2007 better than the former model version?
  44. Question about the honda accord?
  45. Has anyone bought a Honda Odyssey 2006 recently?
  46. Where is info about emissions warranty extension for '97 Honda Civics?
  47. having problems with the door lock on a 1998 honda accord door will not open?
  48. Honda Accord Catalytic Converter?
  49. wher can i get a b18c5 engine for a 1994 Honda Civic ex?
  50. will the 2008 honda accord be totally redesigned?
  51. My 94 Honda Civic EX battery light fashing?...then da light on the dash dims.?
  52. My drivers side door wont open on my 1990 honda accord?
  53. How do i get a transmission from japan?
  54. i have a 88 homda civic, i put a brand new battry in about a month ago, it starts right
  55. i need to rebuild my 2000 honda accords transmission. how much would it cost?
  56. To all the Car guys....?
  57. my car has been run into by another vechile i am disabled and the car is only 3rd party...
  58. toyota or chevy?
  59. how to bleed power steering on a 1989 honda prelude?
  60. s2000 weight ratio?
  61. How do i replace a heater blower 89 honda civic?
  62. Does a 2003 Honda CR-V OEM radio have a aux input on it?
  63. are there any troubles with the 07 honda civic ex or any starting troubles?
  64. what is the best window tint for an 06 civic?
  65. 2004 Accord Ex - cv joints already?
  66. Can buy just 2 tires for my Honda Odyssey & if so do they have to be the same brand.?
  67. My 1990 honda accord EX HAS a cig lighter. Where is the relay?
  68. will bring honda pilot car with us built in navigation to europe. will navigation work in europe?.?
  69. 98 honda civic EX keyless remote?
  70. Lease on my Honda Accord EX w/ Nav. is up and I'm thinkin about getting a Lincoln MKZ w/...
  71. What is the best way to get a hold of early 80's to early 90's honda keys?
  72. 95 Civic EX - Temperature Gauge?
  73. I have Honda Odyssey is General Tire very good as far quit ride, no siding in wet /snow, smooth
  74. How does the 06 or 07 Honda Accord Sedan perform on ice or snow?
  75. anyone know if there is a type r or mugen style lips for a 1990 accord??
  76. My 1994 Honda Civic?
  77. One day on starting my 1999 Honda accord, engine started revving high and low &"check engine"...
  78. Is the new Honda Civic Si worth its price??
  79. I have 2 issues with my 93 Prelude.?
  80. 94 honda accord- Butt wiggle?
  81. how do i know if my honda accord dx 2002 is a 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder?
  82. why in the hell my 1990 honda accord wont start?
  83. which car is better, the honda accord or the honda element?
  84. putting a bov on non turbo car?
  85. If there is no cgarette lighter relay in a 1990 honda accord (the haynes aftermarket book refers to
  86. Anyone having problems with 06' Pilot?
  87. Power Steering Fluid leaking out around the reservoir top, what could be my problem?
  88. honda accord - UK W reg?
  89. Where do I find the Port for the Computer Scanner in a 95 Civic EX?
  90. what does the antenna look like in the back of my radio? any specific color?
  91. Any Aftermarket places???
  92. Has anyone leased a 2007 Accord EX-L recently? Pros/cons? Lease price for 36 mths/12K miles? ...
  93. Where is the specific location of the cigarette lighter relay in a 1990 honda accord EX?
  94. what is the weight of a 2006 honda accord?
  95. where to buy honda civic engine?
  96. When is Honda killing the S2000?
  97. i took my radio out of my 1997 honda accord to find the serial # now the radio is all static?
  98. Ram Air Intake or Cold Air Intake for 91 accord?
  99. honda prelude?
  100. Honda Prelude Pushing Power Steering Fluid Out Around Reservoir Top?
  101. Where Can I Buy A Honda Prelude Engine?
  102. looking on engines to swap online ..is there a way to tell if an engine is auto or manual?
  103. I need an air conditioner iln stalled in a 1977 Honda Accord. Approx how much it would
  104. what makes the nois when u put the turbo on a car is it the blow off valve?
  105. I have a 94 honda Civic?
  106. Which do you think would look better on my car?
  107. Is this product legit?
  108. Honda Accord pulling to the right?
  109. Cheap '86 Honda Accord racing parts.?
  110. How hard is it to replace a factory honda car alarm with an aftermarket one?
  111. is it hard to install headers n the o2 sensors on a civic 04 LX?
  112. 96 civic cx hatch headers?
  113. how to add factory cruise to 1990 honda accord dx 5 speed?
  114. how are the doorguards on an accord held on?
  115. im looking for a 2002 honda civic steering wheel with the airbag. e-mail audiobahn19@yahoo.com?
  116. 2007 HONDA ACCORD EX-L Lease ?
  117. How long a surfboard can fit in the Honda Element ?
  118. Does the honda crx del sol JDM IMPORT 1992 MODEL have ABS???
  119. Do you own a Honda Fit? How do you like it? What are the good and bad points?
  120. 2006 Honda Civic Si Hondata Reflash Programmer?
  121. honda accord 91 DX....engine have problem with speed?
  122. 96 civic cx hatch 5 speed, power sterring?
  123. Any idea why a 1998 Honda Accord LX with an automatic transmission would have trouble...
  124. Honda fit a chick car?
  125. What's better, scion tc or honda civic coupe?
  126. How do I disable the 'Maintenance Required' light on dash of 2003 Honda CRV?
  127. Hi, what is the best way to save gas (so indirectly money) tips? advice?
  128. how big of a difference is there between a short ram and a cold air intake?
  129. I have a 1999 Honda Accord and cannot open my hood of car because when I pull the latch...
  130. Will 205/50/16 fit on 99 civic ex sedan?
  131. How Long will my 2000 Honda Accord Last?
  132. How long will my motor last?
  133. If I buy a Honda Civic, what are some problems I might run into as far as repairs go?
  134. which cold air intake is better K&N or AEM or injen?
  135. About the Honda prelude...?
  136. Does anyone know if you can hook up an xbox in a Honda Odyssey that has the DVD system?
  137. How do you remove the rear door panel for a 97 Civic LX?
  138. New 2008 Honda Accord have Bose?
  139. Where/how do I check transmission fluid on 1995 Civic EX?
  140. Where is the best place to get low cost upgrades?
  141. 2002 honda accord ex 4door... does this car have.......?
  142. Compared to it's competitors, does the Honda Civic EX and Honda Accord EX offer more standard...
  143. how do i fit a sterio into my dash?
  144. How to I change the cv axle on my 1998 honda civic ex?
  145. California honda motor swap question?
  146. which engine parts i should install in order to make my honda civic ex a sports car?
  147. Where can i find the lowest financing for 2007 honda CR-V?
  148. how to replace the thermostat housing in a 98 civic dx??
  149. I live in california, and drive a 1990 Honda Accord. I want to put a 1995 JDM Honda Prelude...
  150. Honda Repair Help?
  151. How do you reset the "check engine" light on an 02 Honda Civic?
  152. Honda Accord Engine Swap Or Fix the Engine i have???
  153. I have a 2003 Honda accord auto v6 and I have noticed that when it is in drive or reverse,
  154. What is a good quality cold air intake?
  155. How much would you pay for a '97 Honda Accord that's in almost perfect condition?
  156. How much would an engine cost for a 90 Honda? Can the car run ok without an engine?
  157. Should I purchase the Honda Care (100,000 mile, 7 year warranty) for my new civic?
  158. How many miles do you think an 87 Honda Accord would go?
  159. Do you think it is worthwhile to purchase an extended warranty on a used Honda...
  160. Where can I find the best angel eye headlights for a 2007 Honda Civic coupe?
  161. van anybody tell me how to tighten a 250x honda chain in detail, i am new at motorsports?
  162. i need help to do a power locks and windows convertion on my 1992 civic hatchback?
  163. ECU code for a cd player on a honda civic si 02 PLEASE.?
  164. why does my 95 honda civic 1.5 s.o.h.c. transaxle manual idle rough(misfire) when cold
  165. Will the front bumper of a 2001 Honda Accord Coupe fit onto a 1999 Honda Accord Coupe?
  166. How can i fix the window moulding around the exterior of my 1995 honda civic?
  167. What is the purpose of the FIA (fuel injection air) valve in a 1999 Honda Odyssey ?
  168. 95 Civic EX 2 Dr : Doors won't lock when open?
  169. firing order 1993 handa accord?
  170. are there any known problems with a 91 honda prelude with 178 k miles?
  171. How to increase the power on my 96' Honda Civic?
  172. MY honda prelude wont start.My car sounds like its fluding with gas?
  173. is there much involved to change over the radio with cd play in a honda civic 1990 sedan.?
  174. My honda predule is getting me problems?
  175. can i pull a smalll enclosed trailer with my honda civic?and it is it a good idea too?
  176. why does my honda civic vibrates excessively upon startup and takes very long to reach up to normal
  177. I live in Jersey, where can I purchase the 2007 CRV Honda UK wheels?
  178. b16a2 rev limiter?
  179. New Rotors on my 1998 accord?
  180. header for my 96 honda civic?
  181. 1990 Honda accord is difficult to start?
  182. Honda models?
  183. Check Engine light on 2003 Honda Accord LX?
  184. Has anybody upgraded bucket seats in 1990s civic.?
  185. How do i install SI crx seats into my 95 civic hatchback?
  186. Looking for genuine honda cr-v 2005 rubber car mats any one help?
  187. Where do I get my Civic Hybrid Tax Credit Letter?
  188. 95 accord domelight help?
  189. There is one dot at the bottom and i believe 2 dots at the top of stick. Where should...
  190. Dome/Map light size in a honda accord?
  191. technical problem with 2006 civic honda? need assistance...?
  192. Can someone tell me how to check engine oil in Accord 93.? It does not have Full or
  193. 1998 Honda Prelude non-SH (5spd) engine replacement... Will the head and block from a 92-96 JDM
  194. I have a 1990 civic sedan looking to upgrade wheels to 15inch , off a honda prelude?Can this...
  195. what is the difference of the 06 Civic to the 07 Civic? When will this be released in the...
  196. What is needed to swap a B16A or a B18 into a 1998 Honda Civic DC?
  197. hi all, How can i get power supply for laptop from my car. My car is Honda Accord 96 -
  198. How to terminate Maintenance Req'd light in Honda Civic 2004?
  199. How much does it cost to replace a clutch in a 1996 Honda Civic?
  200. I have an 87 Honda Accord with 207,000 miles, when I use up all my miles will my car still work?
  201. how big is a 90's model civics engine?
  202. Explain which is the best engine for honda B16a1 or B20?
  203. which car is a better option?
  204. how come my 89 burgandy accord so phat?
  205. How to take tints off a window ?
  206. I am dieing to find out other opinions. Accord or Camry. Please do tell which you prefer overall?
  207. My 2007 honda civic coupe makes a funny noise when I brake suddeny. Is something wrong with it?
  208. Honda Accord check engine light?
  209. is it even possible to put a fuel injection system by yourself?
  210. 95 accord maplight ?
  211. Honda Civic EJ7 to Honda Civic Vi-RS?
  212. How to change the headlight bulb for 94 honda accord?
  213. I own Accord 93 and the gear shifts a little harsh. Is that normal or should i be worried.?
  214. 07 Honda Civic 2dr or Scion TC?
  215. I am considering an experiment, send a stainless tube from the breather cap, to underneath the car!?
  216. How many miles do you think a 98 Honda would go?
  217. My Accord 93 flashed oil light couple of times and disappeared. The oil light never came back
  218. Turbo on a 1986 Honda Accord LX, possible, or no?
  219. How much would it cost to rebuild a DOHC ZC engine?
  220. Leasing new car: Honda EX with Navigation, or Nissan Maxima SL with navigation?
  221. What is the best GPS to fit to a Honda Civic Imagine 2003 model?
  222. I have a Honda Odyssey minivan. Is Don lop a good tire .?
  223. how to set steering lock?
  224. How can I disable the steering wheel lock on a 1996 Honda Civic?
  225. honda CR-V design?
  226. ok but can any body tell me how to do it without taking it to a shop because i live in
  227. O7 Honda Civic 2dr or Scion TC?
  228. Where do I put transmission fluid into a 2001 Honda Accord?
  229. I need a HONDA tech's help! Please read and tell me is this is possible.?
  230. Will a Cat-back system boost my 1986 Honda Accord's speed?
  231. What would be the best engine to buy for 91 honda civic owner looking to turn it into a ricer?
  232. I own accord 93 and the CV joints are making noise when i turn left or noise. Can i keep...
  233. '02 Honda Accord w/66,000 miles - I hear a humming noise that gets louder w/increased speed.?
  234. 2006 Honda Civic Sedan EX Programmers?
  235. how do you tighten a 1991 honda 250x four wheeler chain?
  236. 2000 Honda Civic burglary rates?
  237. how long does it take to install side markers lights and fog lights??
  238. Is there any hope in fixing up a 91 Honda accord DX?
  239. What is the BHP of a 1992 Honda Accord 2.0i auto?
  240. Light weight alloy wheels for Hondas?
  241. Does any one knows how many Lada Niva owners are in South Africa?
  242. 2008 Honda Accord Sedan & Coupe?
  243. honda accord 2.2 es coupe?
  244. How do i install fenders on a 1998 civic?
  245. Can I use the leather seats from an Integra in my 2000 Civic Si?
  246. I have 99 civic ex sedan with 205/40/17 mounted, I keep hitting poles, what size do you recommend?
  247. Honda Hybrid Owners, What Octane does your car use?
  248. How do I check the transmission fluid on a 2001 Honda Accord?
  249. what is the black book value of a 2002 honda civic lx with 55k?
  250. 2006 Honda CRV SE?