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  1. What does the red "SRS" light mean on the Honda Accord?
  2. will it work?
  3. Do bigger rims affect your speedometer?? (Honda Civic)?
  4. 92 civic hatchback wont start?
  5. Is the UNI1420011 model Unichip for Civic Si 2005 simple plug and play installation?
  6. honda specs?
  7. Any opinions on AUTOWEST HONDA ROSEVILLE in Roseville, CA?
  8. how much doest it cost to change valves on a 95 honda passport.? engine is knocking?
  9. does the crankshaft pully bolt up with a rubber on it..?
  10. Camshaft & key wear down what to do..?
  11. what is the cost of SEARS DIE HARD service(I have a 2001 honda civic ex). Stil got the...
  12. 1990 Honda Accord's door will not unlock?
  13. What's the difference between Honda's EX,DX,LX, and Si models?
  14. 7- year Honda S2000 stolen?
  15. Went i 'm cgoing to receive my orden fron extreme vs-2000?
  16. Was Honda caught with mileage going faster than should be to get off warranty faster?
  17. what is the best mi ledge that a car can get?
  18. which one tend to wear ->the Crankshaft or Crankshaft Pully..?
  19. What style of tire is the best for living in the mountains? Snow, ice, elevation. Honda crv.?
  20. Can you sleep in the Honda Civic?
  21. my honda check engine light keep come on?
  22. How do you reset the oil life % reminder in a Honda Accord 2006?
  23. Will a VTEC motor fit?
  24. where can i get more information about honda's cars??
  25. How do i tighten handbrake cable on 1996 uk honda accord 2.0l es?
  26. there is a button in the center console in my 1987 honda accord. Can you please tell me...
  27. how many people can sit in a honda civic?
  28. Cheap improvements for 91 honda accord?
  29. 1997 Honda civic, lost my car keys, what should I do? should I go to the dealer?
  30. will a v6 honda transmission bolt up to a 4cyl 99 model?
  31. 1991 Honda Accord Fender?
  32. I need a diagram to a 1996 honda accord. Diagram of parts.?
  33. How do you jack up a Honda Civic 2002 to work underneath?
  34. Rubbing rubber sound coming from steering column upon acceleration?
  35. how much more power would an MSD ignition give my honda civic?
  36. How many doors does a Black 2007 V6 2dr MT Honda Accord Coupe EX have?
  37. could an auto shift kit b harmful to a car? and would it help out an automaitc car??
  38. How many doors does a 1986 White Honda Civic 4dr Sedan have?
  39. I trying to buy a 1997 Toyota camery.?
  40. Does anyone knows where can i find in the web the idle air control (iac for a Honda Cr-v 2000
  41. honda civic body modifications?
  42. Where can I get service manual for Toyota Corolla 2e Engine?
  43. can anyone help me find a front clip for a 99 honda accord?
  44. How replace Honda van center tailight?
  45. Can a SR20 work in a 92 model Civic..?
  46. Honda Civic rollback problem?
  47. How much does it cost to replace the motors for all 4 windows of my 95 Honda civic?
  48. catch on you e-brake?
  49. why will a 99 v6 honda transmision not fit a 99 4cyl?
  50. I am buying a Honda CR-V 2007 SUV any comments about this suv? also should I get it undercoated ?
  51. How much will it cost to get a spare key made for my 2001 Honda Civic, I already have a working key?
  52. Should I Go 20 inch rims on my 94 Honda Accord?
  53. How many cylinders does a 2.0L 4cyl MT Yellow 2001 Honda S2000 have?
  54. what does an automatic shift kit do?
  55. 1991 accord lx doorhandles holding interior doorpanel on please help?
  56. 96 honda accord 4 door lx - 96 honda accord coupe ex.?
  57. cotten green air filters?
  58. best place to buy a k20?
  59. How do you open and close a Honda Del Sol roof?
  60. best headlights for a 2002 honda accord?
  61. Civic 92-95 power folding mirrors?
  62. anybody knows bout intake filter for a goldwing 1978, i saw in a page on internet but i forget the..
  63. estimate to replace main gasket 1995 honda civic?
  64. Honda Odyssey Help.?
  65. I have a 1986 Honda Accord LX...Will the engine out of a 1991 Honda fit it?
  66. FUEL IN OIL? Can anyone tell me what would be causing this? I have a 1981 Honda
  67. honda civic?
  68. Is it difficult to replace the rear wheel bearings on a 98 honda civic lx sedan?
  69. Odd sqeak?? '98 Civic?
  70. where can i find used civic tires and rims?
  71. My 1987 Honda brake pedal stays down after a few miles. M/C & Booster changed.?
  72. 96 honda accord lx?
  73. swapping a punto 1.2 engine for a 1.1 engine?
  74. My 1987 Honda is being very strange, need help, i don't even know what the problem is.?
  75. How can I tell if my Honda Accord is equipped with remote keyless entry?
  76. 2007: Mazda3, Honda Civic/SI, or Toyota Matrix?
  77. Stupid Honda Civic?
  78. What's bad about the Honda CrV?
  79. Honda Accord 1999 replacing exhaust pipes every 2 years whats the deal?
  80. my 94 del sol says 16 valve is it a vtec?
  81. Honda Pilot 4wd?
  82. Financing a Car?
  83. 2006 Honda accord?
  84. where can i find clear tail lights for a 1990 integra sedan?
  85. ANOTHER del sol question...........whats better intake.....?
  86. Most likely to buy Honda Civic SI 07 now...?
  87. Is it hard to change the blower motor in a honda accord 1992? if not how can i do it?
  88. does a b series turbo kit fit a d series on a civic?
  89. PLEASE HELP! (honda del sol question?)?
  90. Can anyone help me locate parts for my 1993 honda civic japanese spec?
  91. how much 2007 Civic DX will cost after tax & fee on good deal ? if anybody just got one
  92. Where do I find a body for my engine?
  93. 2007 Accord EXL....Deal or No Deal?
  94. handa odyssey?
  95. where can i buy HID H11 bulbs in chennai?
  96. 2006 Honda Accord Lx V6, How do I make it faster ????
  97. Honda 2009?
  98. How is Honda Pilot? Do you like it?
  99. Car haters....?
  100. 1991 Honda Accord Virbates at Higher Speeds?
  101. 1995 honda civic (drift)?
  102. Have 146,000 miles on my 2001 Civic..how many more can I expect to get?
  103. Honda Civic?
  104. '97 Honda Accord - Check Engine light on and can't find computer hookup?
  105. How reputable is www.osakajdmmotors.com?
  106. Owners Manual 91 Honda Accord?
  107. Car Commercial, man turns to his wife after turing off the radio and says "That was wierd"?
  108. Last year I bought a 2005 Honda Accord but found out it covers 2 year manufacturer warranty.?
  109. i am looking for compatable transmissions for a 1997 honda civic hx with the D16Y5?
  110. Can anyone recommend a place to get a remote starter installed in a Honda Pilot, in the...
  111. i need to find a honda or toyota in the kingsport or elizabethton area no higher than 1000 dollars.?
  112. I have a 2006 Honda CRV Automatic - when I tried to put it into 2 gear, gear, the shift
  113. I would like to buy custom seat covers for my 2002 Civic any suggestions for a vendor?
  114. is there a champion spark plug similar to an ngk bpr5es plug?
  115. Thanks for all the Accord help, I feel a little better about my purchase?
  116. ? about a 91 Honda Accord....it's making a rattling sound underneath. It only happens when I
  117. What does civic responsibility mean?
  118. about sunroof and spoiler on honda civic?
  119. Is there a way to tell if my car has been in a minor wreck, besides a carfax? I bought a...
  120. Will a 2000 Honda Accord 4cyl. LX engine fit a 1998 Accord 4cyl. LX?
  121. do you know what kind springs do i need for 95 honda civic is lowered?
  122. is there an after market third row seat for honda crv?
  123. Cracked windshield in Honda?
  124. 2004 Honda Accord Rear brake rotor?
  125. ? about a 91 Honda Accord....it's making a rattling sound underneath. It only happens when I...
  126. 1/4 mile civic?
  127. Honda Civic reliability and other cars.?
  128. Are the new Honda Fits Reliable? Is it as good as the Civic?
  129. is it bad to shift between 3500 rpm to 4000 rpm dose it hurt your engine?
  130. What does this mean!?
  131. whats better to race in? Honda Del Sol or Honda Civic?
  132. My car sags on one side only, looks like it was drop on one side, what is the cause?
  133. Is a 97 accord front wheel or rear wheel drive?
  134. what do i need to get 800 hp outta my 90 accord?
  135. Does Honda Odyssey 2004 has ignition cut-off that turns itself on?
  136. 1993 Honda Accord Automatic Transmission Problems?
  137. Honda 2005 Hood Lever?
  138. Full-size mattress fit in honda pilot?
  139. which car is faster audi 2001 a6 4.2 or 2002 nissan maxima gle?
  140. boss kit for honda prelude same as civic or accord?
  141. Any mods available for a 04 Honda Civic value package 4 dr sedan?
  142. Can you put bigger engine in Civic 97' ?
  143. Does Honda Odyssey have an 8 seater model?
  144. Honda Civic???
  145. Are parts easily interchangable between 95 and 96 Civic?
  146. im buying a car but not sure?
  147. I have a 93' Honda Accord. The clock resets to 1:00 each time I turn off the ignition.
  148. Exhaust Question .......?
  149. could i take a 2000 civic vtec engine n put it into my 96 non vtec civic?(both ex)?
  150. what size tires do a 91 honda accord need?
  151. I own Honda Accord 2007 VP Sedan. City Mileage is 18. Is that ok or should i get more.Mine
  152. FASTEST honda CIVIC?
  153. how to give honda civic more horse power?
  154. 1995 honda civic 1.3?
  155. Is it worth it to fix up my 89 Honda CRX, quiet with around 70k miles.?
  156. a new Honda civic 2007 is so that social class? Poor persons or middle class?
  157. who loves honda civics?
  158. what is the top speed for 2002 honda civic lx?
  159. Is it hard to maintain a honda?
  160. Honda civic 92 eg6 hatchback fog lights install?
  161. What are the dimensions of a honda element's cargo? I don't need volume i just need...
  162. Can someone tell me what company I should go with to finish my head?
  163. what does vp in honda civic vp stand for?
  164. i am getting a honda Odessy does anyone have any comments about this car?
  165. how do you reset the oil meter on 2006 civic hybrid?
  166. is the 07 odyessy powerful and if u have any other useful details please post :) thnx?
  167. does the 2007 honda odyssey sell in australia?
  168. thoughts on H to B conversion kits? faster than k swaps?
  169. Anyone have pics of a '99 CRV or know where to find some?
  170. how much is a 1997 Honda accord lx worth?
  171. does anyone have a 2000 honda accord?
  172. need a website for honda Prelude!!!!?
  173. how do I get my homepage back to the size I have used for months it is blown up and will ...
  174. short shifter help?
  175. d15b vs d16z6?
  176. What Other Maintenance Should I perform on my 1999 Honda Civic?
  177. I like Hondas but which one is right for me?
  178. I have a honda accord 2002, serviced regularly for oil changes etc, but wondering when to know when
  179. Are after market fog lights legal on a honda accord?
  180. is the 2007 honda odyssey 3.5L or 2.4 L VTEC(R)?
  181. My car has a burning plastic smell!?
  182. what do you think about lambo doors on a honda civic sedan or coupe?
  183. what will happen if you accidentally fill up your CRV with gold diesel gas?
  184. Honda Civic Questions?
  185. PGM FI light comes on after left hand turn?
  186. how to reset navigation system pin number on Honda accord ?
  187. why do my 91 honda accord starl?
  188. I am planning to install an oil mod on a v65 honda, how do you check if you have more oil pressure?
  189. 1986 honda civic what is PGM F1 on the dashboard mean?
  190. how much horse power does a 94 del sol stock have?(its not a si or vtec)?
  191. Anyone own a Honda vehicle that has not had their timing belt changed and if so any problems?
  192. Boot/trunk space in the Honda Civic Hybrid car?
  193. I need an Engine for a 90 Honda Accord EX?
  194. 1993 delsol will not start?
  195. what is my 2000 Honda civic Si vehicle tow rating?
  196. what are D3 & D4 for? my car is a 2000 Honda Accord EX?
  197. 1987 fuel pump honda prelude?
  198. How to increase horsepower in My 2003 Honda Civic LX Automatic.?
  199. How Much It Cost To Put A Turbo?
  200. Does anybody have a 2006 Honda Civic Sedan? (not hybrid)?
  201. Ridgeline Towing Question?
  202. My new honda Odessey minivan front wheels have both worn out after less than 20,000 miles. the...
  203. Broken transmission of honda accord 97, what are the options now??
  204. '02 Honda Accord EX transmission replacement - does anyone know if American Honda Corp typically...
  205. 1999 Honda Civic, has original spark plugs in it, good or bad and should I have them
  206. Mechanical differences between 2003 and 2004 Civic?
  207. When to change the timing belt for honda accord -2000?
  208. Do Headers change the sound of your car?
  209. who would win in this race....honda or nissan ?.........................?
  210. 86 Accord Turbo Question are.?
  211. How do you take the blinker/Hi-Lo switch out of an 02 Honda Civic?
  212. where can i find an in-dash installation kit for a 2007 honda accord EX-L?
  213. Does anybody know of any good web site were you can customize your Honda?
  214. The turn indicators cannot be heard when on. It's a 2003 Accord..anyone know a fix?
  215. The turn indicators cannot be heard when on. It's a 2003 Accord..anyone know a fix?
  216. where can i find an in-dash installation kit for a 2007 honda accord EX-L?
  217. how do you check transmision fluid level on a honda passport 1999?
  218. I have a 90 civic hatchback with a d15b2. What are the easiest engine swaps for it and the best
  219. does the 1998 honda accord coupe in a v6 becuase i can't seem to find one?
  220. whats the new honda civic commercial theme song?
  221. Having a TOUGH time changing my headlights of my 98 Civic. Is there a trick to it?
  222. how steep are the mountains in big bear?
  223. Is a manual shift cable out of a 94 Honda Prelude interchangeable with a 95 Honda Accord?
  224. Do newer Honda Civics have timing belts?
  225. How do i get my 92' Nissan sentra's blinker light to blink really fast?
  226. 1999 Honda Civic, how long does the battery usually last and how much are they to have installed?
  227. how do you check transmision fluid level on a honda passport 1999?
  228. I have a 1991 honda accord with over 220,000 miles on it .It runs great?
  229. I am buying a Rover 416 si n reg( bubble shape) how can I tell if it is A Honda or the Rover
  230. how do i know if i have a 1995 or a 1995 1/2 honda passport?
  231. 1993 prelude 2.3 liter leaking oil under metal cup that oil filter screws to why is this?
  232. 2000 honda civic si or 2000 acura integra type-r?
  233. I have a 94 VTEC accord and wanted to know if i could swap the engine with a supra's twin...
  234. 94 Honda Accord Maintainance light?
  235. only 52,000 miles and my axels are already shot??!!?
  236. I owned a 1991 prelude after changed all the parts the mechanic said I need to bleed the system.?
  237. 96 civic hatch cx, manual transmission?
  238. Can you put turbo in a honda hatchback?
  239. how could you get a better compression ratio out of an H22A?
  240. What is the roadside assistance phone number for honda?
  241. whats the best set of bucket seats to put into a honda civic 2 door?
  242. Does anyone know how to install turbo on 93 Prelude Vtec?
  243. Electrical Problems with Honda Accord?
  245. my civic is lowered 60mm there coilovers what size rim would i fit?
  246. How much would a 1990 Civic cost to insure?
  247. I just got a 2002 Honda CR-V!!!?
  248. What are some common/occasional mechanical problems with Honda Civics?
  249. car's trunk wont open with fuel/trunk latch, but opens with the key. The "push" function for...
  250. "I was wondering if a Integra engine can fit into a honda civic dx 91? if no, what type of...