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  1. How can I get more horse-power out of my 1999 Honda Civic DX automatic?
  2. Just got a 1988 Honda Civic. Someone told me it will run better and longer if I leave the...
  3. I have a 2006 Honda Accord. It shows oil life 15%, what that means and what should i do?
  4. What engine is in my car?
  5. what is this difference between honda civic si, ex, and lx?
  6. i need a knowledge clipboard for my honda c90 can anyone tell me where i can purchase one or how to
  7. What is the engine code for 2007 honda civic LS sedan 1.8L (hybrid) ?
  8. what would be the best engine to put in a 1990 accord lx?
  9. my rack and pinion steering assy. is shot ,dumping out all my fluid .?
  10. Does anyone konw where i can find the mugen civic wing for the 2006 si forsale instead of
  11. Sienna or Odyssey?
  12. ? about the new honda fit's safety?
  13. remote engine starter?
  14. How do Greddy Exhuasts sound?
  15. Biggest Rim/Tire That Will Fit My 89' Accord?
  16. how do I know if I have a vtec if it dont say on the valve cover?
  17. I'm thinking about swapping a JDM engine into a 97 Honda Prelude. Will the driver side
  18. What is the difference between Honda Fit Sport-5-Spd AT and Honda Fit 5-Spd AT? Thanks!?
  19. how can i rent a honda odyssey with GPS?
  20. does the Honda Civic Hybrid really get the Gas Miles per Gallon the EPA estimates or what?
  21. For my 1994 accord, would you rather put an h22a or a k20a motor?
  22. Honda civic 01 lowering suspension help????
  23. 1998 Honda accord ex Transmission went out?
  24. 1995 honda accord door?
  25. where can i find some cheap good chrome rims for my honda?
  26. I have 2001 Accord, 4 cyl. (129,000 miles). Do you need to adjust the valves at some point?
  27. honda accord still missing out?
  28. Honda Fit - When Is The Best Time To Go On Highway?
  29. Camry or Accord?
  30. what car do you have?
  31. 87 honda accord ex , what other years are the body and motor parts the same?
  32. 97 Accord V6 headers....?
  33. I need a 1996 Honda Accord!!!!!?
  34. Where can i find parts for integra type r 98uk?
  35. Will these rims fit my honda?
  36. do you think someone would buy my 1995 Honda prelude for $7000?
  37. Civic EG6 headlight bulb? H4, 9004, 9005, 9006 and 9007?
  38. honda accord 1991?
  39. For a honda civic, B18b engine or B16a engine?
  40. People who own Honda Accord V-6's 1998-2002.?
  41. is my ingine (D15B7) a vtec?
  42. My brother has a 88 civic hatch, when he turns on the hear or a/c nothing happens what does it need?
  43. installing 6.5 in speakers in front of honda civic?
  44. any one else love there accord ex?
  45. Is Honda 08 Accord coming out with a Hybrid V-4?
  46. I drive a 1991 Honda Accord?
  47. best air fliter?
  48. Are there any Honda Odyssey (1999-2002) owners who've experienced transmission problems?
  49. Honda Civic 97 Carburated Engine won't start only if time advanced very far. What is wrong ?
  50. How much would a paint job on a 89' Honda Accord LX cost ?
  51. I have a Honda Civic Hatchback and my stereo cuts out when I drive.?
  52. Would it be possible to sell a 1995 Honda Prelude for $7000?
  53. If a car were to have a V6, does that means that it has 6 cylinders?
  54. which is better? DOHC or VTEC?
  55. with doing anything to my 93' honda civic EX, about how fast can it go?
  56. 1993 honda del sol?
  57. does anyone know what cr-x stands for?
  58. how many honda crx's were built and how many of each model etc?
  59. how do you replace a driver side mirror(power) on a 2002 honda civic?
  60. 91 Prelude?
  61. Honda Civic '00 3 dr: Takes water into hatch ONLY WHEN DRIVING in rain. Common problem?
  62. is a D15B7 engine a 1.5L and..................?
  63. Where is the turn signal relay on a 2003 Honda Odyessy located?
  64. Is a '97 Honda civic dx shifter knob unscrew-able? I want to replace just the knob.?
  65. d'you guys know if honda is selling the bumper for the 06 civic si where the exhuast is
  66. Looking for a 2006 CRV Honda?
  67. Technicallity of power steering?
  68. are the valves in my accord bent?
  69. what are common repairs to expect from a mid 90's honda with about 120,000 miles?
  70. Program or website that lets you customise or mod car on computer?
  71. Can a supercharger be installed on my 2006 Honda civic EX?
  72. 2.2L 4cy Accord lx 4 dr. How do I add more HP?
  73. how much hp does a del sol si have? (1994)?
  74. Theres a squeeky noise coming from my 1994 accord, when ever i steer the car & when the shocks
  75. my honda civic 92 and my speedometer is not working...?
  76. 1988 honda civic fuel gauge not working?
  77. what fuel octane does the 2007 honda crv use?
  78. how many seats has the honda crv 2007?
  79. my car is leaking oil its a honda civic 94?
  80. i have 1993 honda del sol ?
  81. where online can i find auto fabric and upholstery like gator n things of the sort?
  82. How Vtec Work and wAt Vtec Do and how do u know if when a vtec kick in?
  83. Ipod connection for 2007 Honda Civic?
  84. styrofaom question?
  85. What is tipical compression for a Honda Civic 87 1.5L Engine at sea level ?
  86. 1.6 injectors on my 1.5 crx dx affecting gas mileage?
  87. does a 2000 honda prelude intale manifold fit in a 92 h23 motor?
  88. Is it hard to take off an entire headlight on an 04 Civic 2D?
  89. Trunk with CUSTOM SPOILER?
  90. I have a 1996 Honda Accord. Can I put hubcaps on from a newer model accord? Will they fit?
  91. Are Honda Odyssey Vans a high theft item?
  92. Where can i get honda accord coupe '95 rear bushes with arm?
  93. Is there a difference in the headlights from a 2003-2005 Honda Accord to a 2006-2007 Honda Accord?
  94. Where is the thermostat that measures the outside temp located on a 2006 Honda Civic?
  95. Inline fuel pump for turbo setup?
  96. Honda Accord for a girl- can i do work on it?
  97. what engines can fit in my 97 accord?
  98. 1994 honda accord fishtailing on the freeway?what is that problem?solution?
  99. del sol VTEC...QUESTION?
  100. ok.. i want a used honda accord... at least a 95 or newer but i dont wanna pay more than 3000?
  101. i bought a 2000 honda civic si with GREDDY exhaust on it. Is that an illegal exhaust on my car?
  102. why is the "check engine" showing in my car?
  103. My Honda Accord dies right after I start it?
  104. what do you think of the new civic?
  105. How Vtec Work and wAt Vtec Do and how do u know if when a vtec kick in?
  106. 1987 honda Lxi body kits?
  107. What is the main difference between a 1999 Honda Civic HX as compared to the LX strictly in terms
  108. 94 Honda civic will not start?
  109. Are Honda passports bad on maintenance ?
  110. what is the fastest engine i can put in honda accord 1990 LX?
  111. 2007 Honda Questions?!?
  112. What is the differences between 2000 Civic EX and SI ?
  113. I need a honda civic but dont know where to get a fairly cheap one.?
  114. Prelude Lip Kit?
  115. help with a 94 honda accord?
  116. Why does my '98 Honda Civic suddenly have daytime running lights, and how do I disable them?
  117. 4 x 4.50 or 4 x 114.3 rims can fit 4x100?
  118. honda civic oxygen sensor heater malfunction (bank1 Sensor2)?
  119. How bad is it to drive with a bad Engine Mount?
  120. What should I set my VAFC parameters to on a 95 Honda Prelude VTEC?
  121. Honda Prelude using a lot of Oil?
  122. I am trying to find beige/tan leather headrests for my 2000 Honda Accord LX (V6 Model), can...
  123. How do you turn off the abs warning light on a 94 honda accord?
  124. i am thinking about buying a 2007 honda accord exvl 6 cylinder i would like to hear
  125. i have a 4cylinder car that has 16 values is that faster than a 8 values ?
  126. Ok All of you smarty pants out there ...Honda CR-V What does the CR-V stand for??
  127. My 2002 honda accord se vibrates when i apply the brakes especially at high speeds?
  128. Windsheild problem with 1992 Honda Accord?
  129. My wife's 1999 Honda CRV lost its digital clock. Anyone had this happen.?
  130. old honda website-pictures, url?
  131. My 1986 Honda Accord LX idles way too high at various times. Any thoughts about what causes this?
  132. Is it possible to swap an acura tl 2004 engines into a 1994 accord?
  133. how much will turbochargers hurt my honda civic ex?
  134. How do you know if your Honda Prelude is type SH?
  135. Clock & radio reset?
  136. 1986 Honda Accord preformance questions.?
  137. what is making my honda legend 1985 making a terribly noise from the steering arm?
  138. honda integra 4doors?
  139. HONDA ODYSSEY: My 2001 van's IAC valve had to be replaced. HOW BAD IS THIS???
  140. how many values are their in a 4cylinder car?
  141. Whats the best honda del sol exhaust system?
  142. Anyone own the civic type R 2002, are they any good?
  143. I need a radio code for a honda accord 52 reg. Can anyone help?
  144. where is the honda turbo , i want to see som?
  145. Is it expensive to replace the airbags/ module on a 2001 honda prelude, is it even worth
  146. will turbochargers hurt my civic?
  147. ford escort 1.8lx?
  148. where's the fuel pump on my honda?
  149. honda prelude?
  150. how do you turn off maintance required light in 1999 honda accord?
  151. should a buy a turbo kit for my honda off of EBAY?
  152. I have a 01-02 4 cylinder Honda Civic. Oil stick is bone dry. How many quarts should I put in it?
  153. Why would my 2006 Honda Element with 12,300 miles already need an alignment?
  154. ok wich car is better toyota corolla or honda civic 2007 models?
  155. How to find honda minivan all type?
  156. I need to change out the speed sensor on my 1994 honda accord ex. help!!???
  157. 94 honda accord parts diagram?
  158. i own a 2003 honda pilot,and recently it has developed a oil leak. has this been a problem?
  159. 2001 Honda Accord Engine Diagram?
  160. How do you install an air intake system in a 1994 Honda Accord Ex?
  161. have you ever heared of the agile car?
  162. ok i have a 240sx with a ka24e in a 1990. can i beat a b16 hatch back?
  163. what should be tuned-up on a 96 honda civic 60k miles?
  164. How much would a gas fuel line cost to get it fix?
  165. What are you REALLY getting for mileage on a Honda Ridgeline, specify CDN or US mpg please.?
  166. Feul Filter Replacement?
  167. Can you make a copy of a Honda car key?
  168. 94-97 honda accord lx?
  169. what do you think a base k20 in an eg would run?
  170. Is it possible 2 swap a 2004 accord v6 motor into a 94 accord? Both sedans?
  171. Cold air intake on 02 Honda civic LX MT?
  172. i have honda civic i had sirus radio piece sl 50 and it fell off what is the best glue to use?
  173. My 1987 Honda CRX Runs Very Rough When I First Start It Up?
  174. On a 1990 Honda Accord EX, 2.2, SOHC, Automatic, which direction do I turn the Crankshaft lock
  175. I want to convert my 1980 Honda Accord into a hi-performance HotRod. Where do I begin?!
  176. will a b18a1 fit in my 2000 honda civic ex?
  177. Should I buy a Civic Si Sedan,Coupe or Civic Coupe?
  178. honda question?
  179. Where is the diagnostic port on a Honda Prelude 97-01?
  180. removing alternator from honda accord?
  181. what are the flow rates of crx si fuel injectors compared to hf fuel injectors?
  182. Will a 88-90 JDM Honda Prelude S B20A3 engine fit easily into a USDM 85 Honda Prelude?
  183. what is the continuous beeping in a 1995 honda accord mean?
  184. where do I find the wiring for the heater fan in accord 1989?
  185. Can a bad igniter damage the ignition coil, or vice versa?
  186. Loosing coolant of my Honda Civic 94.?
  187. I have a 2006 Honda Civic I want to add 186 bhp what steps can I take to achieve this increase?
  188. removing alternator from honda accord?
  189. honda motors?
  190. on a 2001 mk1 honda crv where is the fuel filter on the engine?
  191. I have a 96 honda accord 2.0 ils.When idiling the revs go down to about 400-500 revs.?
  192. Can anyone tell me who to approach to buy a vtec solenoid for my 1.6sr i honda civic?
  193. How can you tell if a engine is GOOD....?
  194. will a H22A fit in a 1993 prelude and how much will it cost?
  195. My honda accord engine light keep come on?
  196. 93 Honda Accord Engine misfiring?
  197. Will a 2001 Accord coupe front bumper fit into a 2001 accord sedan?
  198. What is a good upgrade to a 2002 honda accord ex coupe that is affordable and beneficial?
  199. when is the best time to shift gears when im at a high rpm on my 2000 civic si?
  200. Loosing coolant of my Honda Civic 94.?
  201. I have a 92 honda accord 4 door, my buddys have a 98 civic ex d16y8 can i get mine to beat it
  202. power steering?
  203. What are some Honda's that are for two people only?
  204. how good is a honda prelude?
  205. I own a 2001 Honda Odyssey with DRL. One light intermittently goes out .Warning buzzer. Bulb is
  206. Pros and Cons of a 2006 JDM Honda Civic ? Details please.?
  207. has anyone done a five lug suspension in a 93 Honda accord?
  208. How do i know if my rack and pinion is bad? Does it make a noise?
  209. When am I going to recieve my Extreme VS 2000?
  210. who owns a honda element?
  211. If i change my wheels/tires (to a bigger size) will i waste more gas??
  212. how to remove 91 civic heatercore?
  213. Does the 07 Honda Accord VP have an AUX input?
  214. car gears help?
  215. 1989 Honda CRX SI 1.6 SOHC Won't Charge When Cold?
  216. The rear wheel bearing of my 98 Honda Accord is going bad. How much will it cost me to replace it ?
  217. step by step dirctions on how to change a honda civic radatior?
  218. Anybody know where to order some good lambo doors?
  219. Transmission valve body odyssey 2001?
  220. How much can I sell my used Honda Accord wheels for?
  221. what is the cheapest way to get power out of a D15 in a 88 CRX DX?
  222. Updating Honda Accord Navigation System?
  223. 06 civic si?
  224. Are there any mods for the 2.2 Honda Accord Type-R? Any links to start me off would be welcomed.?
  225. wher can i get car emblems?
  226. What does the red "SRS" light mean on the Honda Accord?
  227. will it work?
  228. Do bigger rims affect your speedometer?? (Honda Civic)?
  229. 92 civic hatchback wont start?
  230. Is the UNI1420011 model Unichip for Civic Si 2005 simple plug and play installation?
  231. honda specs?
  232. Any opinions on AUTOWEST HONDA ROSEVILLE in Roseville, CA?
  233. how much doest it cost to change valves on a 95 honda passport.? engine is knocking?
  234. does the crankshaft pully bolt up with a rubber on it..?
  235. Camshaft & key wear down what to do..?
  236. what is the cost of SEARS DIE HARD service(I have a 2001 honda civic ex). Stil got the...
  237. 1990 Honda Accord's door will not unlock?
  238. What's the difference between Honda's EX,DX,LX, and Si models?
  239. 7- year Honda S2000 stolen?
  240. Went i 'm cgoing to receive my orden fron extreme vs-2000?
  241. Was Honda caught with mileage going faster than should be to get off warranty faster?
  242. what is the best mi ledge that a car can get?
  243. which one tend to wear ->the Crankshaft or Crankshaft Pully..?
  244. What style of tire is the best for living in the mountains? Snow, ice, elevation. Honda crv.?
  245. Can you sleep in the Honda Civic?
  246. my honda check engine light keep come on?
  247. How do you reset the oil life % reminder in a Honda Accord 2006?
  248. Will a VTEC motor fit?
  249. where can i get more information about honda's cars??
  250. How do i tighten handbrake cable on 1996 uk honda accord 2.0l es?