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  1. How many people do you know own a honda civic?
  2. Besides the dealer and changing it myself, where can I get an oil changed for my 03 Honda Civic.?
  3. Do you like your honda civic?
  4. What do you think about Honda Civics?
  5. how much horse power will i gain with a greddy evo 2 exhaust?
  6. B series ??
  7. Cabin Air Filter and Engine Air Cleaner Filter for 2007 Honda Civic?
  8. how to repair 1994 Honda Accord rear brakes?
  9. I made my 2004 Honda crf230 street legal with ligts,etc... Can I switch to street tires?
  10. 94 honda civic help me make it run faster and look better.......any websites... ideas anyone?
  11. honda civic suspension?
  12. I own a Honda CRX 91 Model and it came with a Honda D15B2 DPFI (SOHC) engine. how can i swap it to
  13. how can i get honda civic si 2000 into malaysia?
  14. Any Honda People out there?
  15. How do I reset a maintenance light on a 2001 Honda Civic?
  16. has anyone ever heard of Honda company Lottery International? apparently an affiliate of Honda UK?
  17. I have accord 93 automatic. Trans oil never been changed. Can i keep driving like this. It
  18. Can any body help me with a problem I have with my 2001 honda passport?
  19. Anyone have favorable views on changing synthethic oil grades in a 2001 Civic w/55K on it?
  20. i have 94 honda accord EX ,what is ABS mean? what that for ? bec.everytime i start the
  21. How many miles can I go before I NEED an oil change? (according to Honda 'viscosity' gauge)?
  22. is a 1997 honda accord with 250,000 kilometors worth 5,000 canadian dollarsand?
  23. civic or accord??? (94-99 civic) (94-97accord)?
  24. Honda Accord lx 2dr Rim size ?
  25. Looking to buy a new car?
  26. What could be wrong with my car?
  27. Honda Civic 94 manual.How to pimp it out?DX 16VALVE?
  28. Is a $450 per month car payment for a 2006 Honda Civic worth it?
  29. 89 honda prelude timing belt brokewhat to do?
  30. How much do camber kits cost?
  31. what is the official fuel consumption figures on a honda accord 2.0 se sport tiptronic w reg?
  32. hysungmotorcycles/dealers?
  33. 1998-2002 accord vtec, ulev-vtec, and ulev?
  34. the new civic type s is the model gt is the spec (scotland u.k)?
  35. can u get a die cast model of the 2007 honda civic ?
  36. Does GSM900, GSM1800 and GSM1900 phone works at Cingular?
  37. 2001 Honda Civic LX with 59K for 9,000? Is that a good price?
  38. What is the difference between cable transmission and a hydraulic transmission?
  39. fixing my car?
  40. what compression pistons should i run if i plan to supercharge my civic?
  41. I really like the 2001 prelude body design, but the car isnt made anymore where can i find one...
  42. what do u think of the new civic 2007 type s gt (black, glass roof) ????
  43. Motor for 91 honda civic hatch in California?
  44. in the fuel system what will go bad first? 91 honda accord?
  46. How long Honda's warranty for 2006 model?
  47. how do i fix a honda prelude gas tank?
  48. I have a 1993 Honda del sol SI?
  49. What can I put in my 03 Accord V6?
  50. honda pilot?
  51. 07 civic ex coupe or 07 civic si coupe???
  52. 2001 Honda Accord for 9,000 with 59K, is that a good deal?
  53. toyota or honda?
  54. My first car: honda civic or accord?
  55. 1980 honda goldwing?
  56. Anyone one out there with a Honda Odyssey 2003 with noise in the passenger side windshield area. ??
  57. How does the PC card reader works?
  58. Has Anybody installed in dash navigation system to a 2006 Honda civic Sedan?
  59. super charger cost?
  60. Is it hard to get a Honda. Does one have to have excellent credit?
  61. Is it hard to get a Honda. Does one have to have excellent credit?
  62. 93 honda civic hatchback vx vtec how much can i get?
  63. where can I buy over drive button for honda accord 1996?
  64. Where does the second pipe go for my Cold Air Intake?
  65. How many times does a crankshaft turn to camshaft, on a 4 stroke engine?
  66. how do you switch off mobilizer for honda civic 2dr 95 reg its not starting?
  67. Is it okay to drive my car in d3 and then swap it to d4?
  68. 2002 Honda recon es spark plug does not get fire. Where do I start looking to repair it?
  69. What is the best option for replacing 1992 honda Civic LX engine?
  70. Are there any body kits for a 1998 Honda civic 1.8vti MB6???
  71. Battery Or Starter?
  72. my car window doesn't roll up , it is electric, the passenger side does roll up and
  73. what to get to make a 1995 honda civic faster?
  74. whats the difference between a honda civic and accord?
  75. Why is the hand break lamp on? (Honda Accord 91)?
  76. I am buying a 2007 Honda Accord LX-V6 for $23,175 is that a good price?
  77. Honda civic?
  78. How long will a honda prelude last?
  79. On the 2007 Honda Civic Sedan, do you think it would look nice with a wing on the back?
  80. 96 accord coupe ex vtec cold air intake system?
  81. Anyone know a good website for hid xenon kits plug and play?
  82. What other engines will bolt up to my 98 Honda Civic 5 speed trany....I have a 1.6 sohc
  83. 1995 Honda civic anti theft code again?
  84. cruise control to a 1993 civic dx?
  85. i notice fr. the back of my 94 accord was making noise,&i dont think the break,it is
  86. Looking for 2004 Honda Civic tail lights (amber turn signal).?
  87. What is thr price of Hero Honda Activa? And in Delhi, which dealer to Buy?
  88. 2004 Honda Accord Bumper Cover?
  89. 1989 honda prelude jdm scene please answer asap!!!?
  90. Looking for 98-02 Accord dimpled only rotors.?
  91. Is there any news or previews on the 2008 Honda Accord?
  92. Is this a good Deal on an Accord?
  93. Does anyone know how to remove a factory 2003 Honda Civic radio?
  94. About to purchase 2007 Honda Accord LX-SE V6. Does this model have any flaws, I know hondas are
  95. i am looking for a website where i can find japanese engines and front cuts for toyota and honda?
  96. How mach miles could Honda CR-V run, before you would have to change the engine?
  97. is it true that a acura rsx and civic hatchback si share the same engine?
  98. Would these rims look good on my car?
  99. Does the 1990 Honda CRX Si have backseats?
  100. Why is my HONDA 's shift gear stuck in park?
  101. a honda civic question?
  102. i turned off my car,bec.i pump gas,but when im ready to go,my car wont start,i wait 2mins then
  103. What's the different between SOHC and DOHC?
  104. Can i supe up Mazda speed 3 07' to reach 1000 Hp?
  105. Do they make a winch kit for the new 07 Honda Rancher 420?
  106. can some help me find a trunk cover for a 91 Honda crx?
  107. I looking for belt diagrams for 1992 civic?
  108. hondamatic?
  109. What kind of engine swap can a USDM Honda Fit handle?
  110. Does anybody have the fuse box layout of a 1985 honda accord?
  111. Where is your favorite place to buy honda parts?
  112. Im buying a '03-'05 Accord Coupe EX 6MT, navigation with under 30k miles, reliable car?
  113. im having problems with my shifter?
  114. what car should i get 05 honda civic or 06 honda si?
  115. Why won't my 1994 Honda Accord LX (5th generation) automatic transmission start up?
  116. i need a new head lamp bulb for a honda xr 125l what is the bulb?
  117. Is it possible to program a 97 Honda civic keyless entry after putting in a new stereo?
  118. Honda Cr-V?
  119. will i fit in a 92-00 honda civic hatch back?
  120. i have 94 honda accord EX, & every time i step on the gas pedal i always heard noise fr my
  121. My 1995 Honda Civic has 226,000 miles on it and it won't die. How far will it go?
  122. I am looking for a Honda Accord?
  123. When I drive my 96 Honda Accord it feels like there is resistance when I accelerate?
  124. Should a 2000 front end fit properly on a 97 civic?
  125. Is insurance more expensive for a 07 civic si sedan or an 07 civic ex coupe?
  126. Should I have the chassis of a new Honda Accord "undercoated" ???
  127. Honda Accord 98?
  128. where can i find a front bumper for my honda?
  129. Honda Accord 94-97 turn lights?
  130. How do I change the thermostat on my 1997 honda accord sedan 4 cylinder lx?
  131. Installing Civic SI Glow Gauges?
  132. any one know there honda c90?
  133. How do I change the thermostat on my 1997 honda accord sedan 4 cylinder lx?
  134. Installing Civic SI Glow Gauges?
  135. any one know there honda c90?
  136. 1989 honda prelude 2.0 si motor?
  137. how many more miles can i get out of a 1997 honda accord that already has 250,ooo kilometors on it?
  138. 2007 ridgeline?
  139. Where is the 2000 honda accord manual transmission fill bolt located?
  140. maintenance codes on honda?
  141. Would it be better if i just added a turbo on my 94 accord or swap it first with iether an h22 or...
  142. is the 96 honda civic ex a d series engine?
  143. When's the 2008 Honda Pilot coming out?
  144. how do you remove the door handle from a 2002 accord?
  145. 1985 honda odyssey?
  146. How to adjust 2006 Accord headlight?
  147. How much horse power?
  148. is 5,000 to much to pay for a 1997 honda accord with 250,ooo kilometors?
  149. Honda prelude 1989 motor HELP!!!!?
  150. 96 accord ex coupe?
  151. What maintenance should be done on a 2000 honda prelude with 77,000 miles on it? TIming...
  152. honda civic estate petrol car ....high mileage??
  153. What is best naturally-aspirated performance engine for Honda?
  154. i had a minor wreck only the front bumper got some paint removed but the car wont start the
  155. What's a "sexier" car - the Honda Civic (sedan) or Mazda 3?
  156. Honda Owners?
  157. anyone selling a 5th gen prelude in the irmo/columbia section of south carolina?
  158. Performance wise:Mazda speed 3 07' or Honda civic Si coupe 07?
  159. anyone know about putting a D15B2 head on a D16Z6 block if i switch the cam?
  160. 1995 honda civic lsi immobiliser?
  161. hey anyone can help me?
  162. 98 honda lx?
  163. how much is the difference is there in a D15 cam and a D16 cam?
  164. i want to know?
  165. 1994 Honda Civic CX: Questions related to coolant tank.?
  166. 1990 Honda Civic Problems?
  167. what year did they start making vtec engines?
  168. anyone know who services oem matsushita radios out of honda automobile?
  169. What is the highest speed the Honda Civic 2006 or 2007 have?
  170. Driving etiquette chronicles part II? Honda Civics rule :) while Toyota Corollas drool! :(?
  171. Where can I find a diagram for a 1996 Honda Prelude engine?
  172. How much is a Diesel Honda CRV new?
  173. What kind of parts do I need to repair on my 1996 Honda Civic?
  174. what is the milage of honda dio?
  175. How many miles can I expect to get out of a honda civic?
  176. Should I always be shifting to D3 when I'm going under 50? Or is driving in D4 all the time okay?
  177. is there anything i can put in my engine if feel my transmission is a little slow?
  178. I have a Honda Civic 2006 and I wanna make it faster without making 'major' engine
  179. I have a 2006 Honda Civic with 13K on it, I am having brake problems!?
  180. who like hondas? i got a honda civic its only for show!!cuz i look hot in it.?
  181. Where is the intake manifold runner control?
  182. I have just purchased a Honda Fit, and there is a light on the left hand dial that says SMART.
  183. would a 99-00 civic front bumper fit on a 96-98 civic?
  184. Should the SMART light stay on on the Honda Fit/Jazz permanently/or how can it be switched...
  185. Honda HR-V 4wd ..how good is it??
  186. what are the different?
  187. what is the dfference between a 1998 honda accord LX and LX?
  188. where is the headlight power supply on my 2001 honda prelude?
  189. Who is driving the 2007 Honda Civic or Accord Hybrid? What are your thoughts? Would you purchase
  190. 95 Honda Accord EX D4 Flashing. Need Some Consult?
  191. 96 civic hatchback 5 speed?
  192. 1982 Honda 500 XL dirtbike gas tank?
  193. How are tire pressure monitor systems (TPMS) attached to the wheels of a 2005 Honda Pilot?
  194. what is the best overall recommended engine swap for a 2003 honda civic lx?
  195. Best inexpensive upgrades for 99 Accord 3.0 V6 coupe for performance AND mileage?
  196. How do you know if squeaking when turning slowly is caused by power steering fluid or power
  197. what are the different?
  198. springs or coilovers???
  199. what is the dfference between a 1998 honda accord EX and LX?
  200. Is it a good idea to get a Spoiler on my 2001 Civic ex Coupe?
  201. Is it possible in a 2004 Civic (automatic) when in "P" to shift to "R" WITHOUT pushing the...
  202. The owners manual of my '03 Accord says to only use Honda branded coolant/antifreeze....?
  203. Should brakes in a Honda Civic wear out with somehow low mileage?
  204. question about a honda??
  205. how much would it cost to convert my honda civic to a street racing car?
  206. on a hondata s200, where do i conect the interface box to the ecu and what colors go where?
  207. why did Honda let swindon build their cars?
  208. Where is the "iat" sensor on my honda civic 2006 ex 4dr?
  209. If I open the door of my 97 Civic EX with the key the alarm goes off. I have to use the keyless...
  210. door poppers question?
  211. What’s the MSRP of the 2006 HONDA ELEMENT LX 4DR SUV AWD (2.4L 4CYL 4A) Stock# 6L021807?
  212. anyone know why the clutch fluid would be leaking? any and all differential diagnoses
  213. I need to find the user's manual for a navigation system on a 2003 Honda accord?
  214. whats the selling market for a 1986 Honda Civic hatchback 5 speed SI with 192 + thousand miles?
  215. 96 accord vtech coupe?
  216. i have a 95 accord automatic, how can i tell if my V-tec is working??
  217. in a Honda accord lx what do the D4 D3 2 1 mean what do you use them for?
  218. How to protect my civic from repeated breakins?
  219. ecu swap anyone have suggestions?
  220. what happen when you overfill a honda transmission?
  221. Whats the cylinder in the engines?
  222. can sensors on a 91 honda accord cause it to miss?
  223. 95 prelude pops out of 5th and into neutral?
  224. Honda S2000?
  225. What’s the MSRP of the 2006 HONDA ELEMENT LX 4DR SUV AWD?
  226. Does anyone own a 2007 Cr-V? I'm deciding between it and Jeep Patriot. Talk to me.?
  227. 1993 and 1997 accord hoods are the same?
  228. Honda Ridgeline. Anyone have a personal opinion?
  229. i have a stick honda civic. when parked, do i leave it in 1st, reverse, or just hand brake?
  230. Whats the Difference between a Sun Roof and a Moon Roof?
  231. Changing headlights on Honda Accord 91?
  232. hey i got a quick question is a civic si wing bigger than a ex wing or are they the same?
  233. How much 94 civic hatchback vx?
  234. Where to get the best?
  235. what is the gas mileage on a 1995 honda accord lx with a 1.6 engine?
  236. I bought a 1998 honda civic . where is the lever to open the gas tank door?
  237. What exhaust system would work and sound best with a DC header on a 97 honda prelude.?
  238. I have a 2000 Honda CR-V, what can I do to "modernized it", and make it look better?
  239. do the 2007 honda civic coupes have an alarm system?
  240. What's the newest prelude year of motor can i put in my 96' Honda Civic Hatchback CX?
  241. Where to find a glove box for a '97 Honda Civic sedan?
  242. HONDA ODYSSEY PO730 code?
  243. Honda Accord 91 problem with starting in hot weather?
  244. if i put a ractive header on my 94 honda civic what performance will i get and will i notice a...
  245. What is the difference between in Lx and Ex?
  246. How would you build your Honda Civic CRX if you had one?
  247. Is the honda ridgeline a reliable truck?
  248. Does the 1987 CRX Si have EFI or is it carbuerated?
  249. why won't my car start?
  250. 89 honda accord. how do i tell if it is fuel injected or carborator?