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  1. what engines will fit?
  2. I want some 14" wheels for my '92 Accord LX. How would I mount them onto a 4-lug pattern...
  3. There is a green light with a S on my 1990 honda acorrd an its an automatic but the
  4. How many miles on your Honda?
  5. i have honda s2000, i want to know how can i solve the engine heat problem.?
  6. What are the best headlight bulbs that I can place on a 01 Honda Accord?
  7. Where can i get a JDM front for a 94-01 Integra GSR?
  8. how do i turn off the check engine light on my honda accord 1999?
  9. how many miles per gallon does a 1999 Honda Civic LX SEDAN get?
  10. how can you put 5 lug rims on a 4 lug car??
  11. help me decide on my new car please?
  12. What's with drivers and their rice mobiles?
  13. Defogging CRV Windows?
  14. engine code of honda fit?
  15. honda rigeline 4wd?
  16. my honda accord has no power taking off the rpm dont raise so its not the trans were is...
  17. I been having problems with my 07 honda Civic.?
  18. where can i apply for a job that makes body kits for any types of car?
  19. door swap???
  20. How can I get a stuck ball joint off of my 1985 Honda Civic DX?
  21. What are the best accesories for my 07 civic?
  22. how to be a good chatter?
  23. The Honda Fit is an car so that social class?
  24. 2002 Honda Civic won't start...?
  25. civic knock sensor?
  26. Honda Fit w/ a B16 Engine?
  27. Honda Civic 1990 Cranks but no start?
  28. Help with my honda?
  29. I have a Honda Accord 2000 that has the engine light on all the time and scan codes are 1491
  30. Honda accord leather seats upgrade?
  31. where can i get either a universal co2 lambda sensor or a honda one but i need it by tuesday?
  32. What color should i re-paint my 91' Civic EF Sedan with?
  33. All Motor D16 SOHC Vtech tips?
  34. What do you think of the Honda Element? Pretty or Ugly?
  35. which car's are better with gas?
  36. can i put a turbo into a automatic 99 civic?
  37. What do u think is better A Mustang GT OR a Honda?
  38. I'm looking for Honda exceutive's email address so that compliants can be forwarded to them
  39. whats better? 7th gen honda accord 2.4 i4 or v6?
  40. What is the significance of the number "7" in the Honda Add "Impossible Dream"?
  41. Re:2004 Honda Civic ..headlight "on " alarm does not sound when key turned off ..how do I fix???
  42. any one selling a 1988 or 1989 honda prelude SI?? for a parts car or a driving car???
  43. Does your key have to be reprogrammed if you replace the ignition switch?
  44. is hoda a goog car?
  45. how do i take of the driver side door panel of 2000 honda accord special edition?
  46. i have a honda foreman s 4 wheeler and i was wondering what kinda oil i should use?
  47. Where can I find the website for the Honda that has gotten 1,000,000 miles?
  48. What causes headlights to dim on a 88' honda accord?
  49. Ok so the honda civic i drive around in thats a 99 has a er that shows while playing musuic
  50. how do u program a remote keyless entry remote?
  51. 91 Honda Accord EX engine stumbles on acceleration?
  52. 98 accord 4-cyl coupe misfires while accelerating, changed the plugs and wires, what else
  53. what do i do with a 1996 Honda civic which is still working but problematic-break, power...
  54. Honda Civic Hybrid 2003: What should I Pay for it?
  55. What would make my 1995 Honda Civic cut out or almost die on me?
  56. Catback exhaust Prelude?
  57. How Can I Add HorsePower to my Honda Accord 1996?
  58. looking for honda engine that redlines at 9500 rpms??? for 91 prelude. any ideas where to
  59. what would be a good engine to swap into a 96 honda civic hx?
  60. How do you shift an automatic? honda civic 2007?
  61. is it possible to turbo charge my car?
  62. whats the biggest rim size that will fit in my honda?
  63. Is honda a good car?
  64. Where is the fuse box on a 92 honda civic?
  65. re:the 92 honda civic fuse box, I had the wrong year, it is a '91-would that be the same?
  66. what are the pros and cons of the 2007 honda civic ex with navagation?
  67. honda prelude 2.2 import?
  68. Will 15 inch alloy rims from a 95 honda passport/isuzu rodeo fit a 98 amigo?Or 98 16 rodeo rim fit..
  69. 96 accord gauge face.?
  70. Anyone with 20inch wheels on 98-02 Honda Acccord in the triangle area of North Carolina?
  71. Body Kits,side skirts?
  72. 1986 Honda Accord LX will stall while driving and will not restart until the engine cools down?
  73. What Could Cause A 2001 Honda Accord 2dr V6 To Stall While Driving?
  74. H22A honda civic vs integra type R?
  75. i have a OBDII reader, and a honda civic. i keep getting P1456 CE code. what is it?
  76. 2006 or 2007 civic?
  77. why honda boys are so ricers...?
  78. 2005 Honda Civic VP Keyless?
  79. Is it preferred to have extended warranty or certiification if the original is expired on...
  80. 96 accord ex coupe gauge faces?
  81. can i install a intercooler whitout a turbo?
  82. what is the best oil to put in a JDM single cam v-tec engine?
  83. What Cold air intake is the best for my 06 civic?
  84. '03 civic turbo kit. Engine mods needed?
  85. y do i have to add brake fluid every2-3days. the light comes on? then i have to add more?
  86. Integra or Civic which is a better car overall? Why?
  87. how much does a honda civic weigh?
  88. Honda Element - AWD vs. 2WD?
  89. 06 accord windows make noises.?
  90. How do I change The headlight assembly on a Honda Odyssey?
  91. 3 weeks ago, my stock radio started smoking from the back, so I removed it permenantly?
  92. how do i personalize the cd display on a 2006 honda civic?
  93. where does a breather filter go on a 2002 honda civic?
  94. what header size should i get for my h22a?
  95. thanks guys!!!!!!!!!?
  96. 95 prelude ides at 1300 rpm when warm?
  97. Honda Body Kit?
  98. Honda Civic stereo diagrams?
  99. is it necessary to certify Honda Civic 2003 EX (owned by 1 owner) currently have 65k miles.?
  100. renting a Honda...?
  101. What are the best tires to buy for my 2004 Honda Pilot EX?
  102. Is the 2008 Honda Accord going to have 4-wheel drive available?
  103. change taillight in 2003 honda oddyessy?
  104. Why would my 88 prelude Miss when i get going about 65 70 mph?? i dont understand?
  105. can you help with honda civic looking for polln filter?
  106. Honda Civic Hatchback 1991 190k mi?
  107. what does the term "honda" mean?
  108. Omg someone just stole the wheels of my honda.?
  109. Has anyone else have this problem with their Honda?
  110. How can I get more miles per gallon from my Honda Pilot?
  111. what is Honda V- Tec?
  112. How many miles can I expect to get out of 1990 honda accord if it has been well maintained?
  113. Do I need to heat the engine before running the car?
  114. for my Honda Accord Euro can I use regular unleaded petrol or E10?
  115. p28 vtec hookup?
  116. how to improve the gs milleage of honda accord 2003?
  117. I have a 1997 Honda CRV and I'm trying to fit air cylinders on it where do I begin?
  118. How do I replace the power steering main pressure hose in a 1990 Honda Accord?
  119. 2007 Honda Civic Upgrades?
  120. What wiring is used in a Honda CRV 97" headlight?
  121. How much money would a B20a with dohc and trany be and all the other stuff?
  122. Where is the fuel filter located on a Honda Accord LX 1992?
  123. can honda fits be fitted with a 4 spd. transmission and not the usual cvt transmission?
  124. My Honda accord still won't fire,up(1990 EX)?
  125. Power steering for honda civic si?
  126. do you know what the PO106 CODE is on a honda passport?
  127. can anyone help?
  128. Will Honda up production of its FIT? Why is production so low? Don't they see the demand?...
  129. I have a 2003 lx accord want more hp any ideas of what can make my engine purr?
  130. is the honda odyssey better than the toyota sienna?
  131. 2000 civic engine was soak by water?
  132. honda drivers?
  133. need help turning my del sol into a street racer?
  134. Why is my 1992 Honda Accord LX running hot?
  135. Will 20 inch rims fit a 2006 Honda Accord 4-cyl Lx coupe?
  136. Why is it so hard to find a Honda CR-V LX 2WD?
  137. What is the absolute WORST gas mileage i could get in a honda civic?
  138. 2004 Accord--CD faceplate is no longer lit
  139. In dash 7" DVD player for Honda CR-V.?
  140. I have lost the only key to a 2001 Honda Shadow 600. How can I get another one?
  141. What grade of Xenoy is used for Honda Lawnmowers and why is it used?
  142. OK does anyone know if there is any dohc b20a 1988-1989 prelude?? i need to know?
  143. Vtec Civic ???
  144. does anybody know where i can get a cheap spoon engine for my 89 honda crx?
  145. Does anyone know where to get 03 accord performance parts parts for low prices?
  146. Where can you find the antenna on a 2002 Honda Civic?
  147. Is anyone selling a single cam v-tech head ?
  148. Are 2005 Hybrid Honda Civics good cars?
  149. How do you take off a hub nut on a 1995 Honda Accord EX?
  150. How much weight can a Honda Civic carry?
  151. civic srs module?
  152. how do you reset antitheft system on 99 accord, after replacing broken ignition switch?
  153. Will a Honda Jazz pull a trailer ten?
  154. What maintenance should I do on my 2000 Honda Prelude at 90,000 miles?
  155. 2002-2005 honda civic hatchback only come in manual transmission?
  156. Does the Honda Ridgeline look like an SUV on estrogen?
  157. What year Honda Civic to avoid?
  158. Where do I locate the cabin air filter on a 2000 Honda accord?
  159. Is buying a Honda Civic EX wih 64,000 miles from a single owner @ $10,000 a good deal in OH?
  160. how do i remove the factory radio out of a 2003 honda accord coupe ex?
  161. my 1990 Honda Accord ex won't start..................?
  162. 2001 Civic Headlights - Low Beams Do Not Work?
  163. 99 Civic Factory CD Player
  164. Who owns a 2007 Honda Pilot and what do you think of it? Have you had any problems......?
  165. adjustable coilovers 99 accord will they fit my brothers 95 accord?
  166. Brand New Honda Jazz 07, aircon is cold but the blow of air becomes abnormally weak, what...
  167. what size belt do i need for my 98 prelude jackson racing supercharger?
  168. can i upgrade my Honda generator 1000 ex?
  169. Where can i find a find a aftermarket sport grill for a 06 Honda accord,?
  170. Where can i find a lip (Front spoiler)for a 2006 Honda Accord?
  171. what are your thoughts on the Honda Element? any other suggestions?
  172. I have a 5 speed 88 prelude and it goes hard into first and sometimes 2nd why does it do it?...
  173. My 02 civic wont acclerate?
  175. Does anybody know where i can find a set of hybrid tail lights for a 2006 Honda Accord?
  176. Does a honda ex model 95 come wit a v-tec motor?
  177. I am thinking about buying a new Honda CR-V......?
  178. can't remember the name of the light bulb on civic?
  179. I just purchased a Honda Pilot - how do I get the interior lights to come on when I take...
  180. should i buy a 1999 honda accord with 140,000 miles?
  181. Is the Honda del sol a good car to soup up modify and what would be the maxiumum hsp i
  182. does a 1998 honda civic front end fit on a 1999 civic?
  183. Anybody like the Ridgeline or Element? Both?
  184. 99Honda Accord has Check Ingen Light on, I connected a tester and the code is P1457?
  185. I bought an 06 Honda Civic LX Couple last year, and already having problems! Help!?
  186. Any opinions on this Honda? I need some info!?
  187. what kind of freon for a 90 honda accord?
  188. Where can I purchase both Honda interior mat placements at bargain price?
  189. Honda civic Suspension nuts and bolts price?
  190. Honda Fit 08 or Scion XD?
  191. is there anygood site showing how to reprogram a ecu?
  192. Honda civic, engine cuts out on occasion?
  193. 2007 Honda Civic SI 2-door headlight?
  194. where can i get 2 " H" honda emblems for a 1999 honda civic "ex" and what would the cost be????
  195. Can a Honda CRV haul a U-Haul attachment thing, or would it need to be pulled by a U-Haul truck?
  196. odometer rollback on carfax report?
  197. The wipers on my 97 Honda Civic Hatchback have stopped working?
  198. ecu 94 accord?
  199. clutch problem on a honda civic 93?
  200. Does anyone out there drive the latest Honda Civic? What mechanical problems have you faced?
  201. How high maintenance is an S2000?
  202. why does the battery lite stay on, in my 89 honda civic?
  203. 99Honda Accord, where is located EVAP(Evaporation control system)?
  204. what is the value of a 1999 honda civic "ex" 138,000 miles, a.c.,sunroof, leather interior,
  205. 1993 honda civic ex?
  206. honda s2000?
  207. transmission fluid for 1994 honda civic ex?
  208. whats the differnce between a honda accord and a honda civic?
  209. Could you give me some suggestions on how to improve performance?
  210. When do you change the timing belt for a 1997 Honda Del Sol?
  211. Is a 99' honda accord EX with 240,000 miles worth paying $5500 for?
  212. H22a engine into a civic coupe '97?
  213. Need an engine for my 1988 honda accord?
  214. my alarm go's off what is it?
  215. how do i install distributer cap for honda accord lx?..Any special thing that i have to do?
  216. What is the paintcode for HELIOS YELLOW HONDA JAZZ or FIT???
  217. can i fit k and n air filter to maruthi 800?
  218. I would like to replace my drivers side window regulator and motor and power mirror on my
  219. When will the 2008 Civic SI be avaiable to pre order?
  220. How much would 4 Honda 15x61/2 JJ 55 stock rims go for?
  221. is der k and n filters for tvs victor?
  222. honda crv 2002 to date with prices of the cars?
  223. Does any out there know how to wire a honda prelude to the h22 engine?
  224. 1983 honda prelude won't start. new distibuter and ignition coil. can you help?
  225. how many pounds of freon does a 1995 honda passport take ?
  226. car help some one how has a civic?
  227. Will shocks and struts off of an integra or newer civic fit my 94 honda civic?
  228. Help on faulty ABS sensor and Error Code?
  229. Can a 1998 Honda Civic DX Coupe run on ethonol?
  230. For anyone who owns the new Honda Civic Si ?
  231. Car fiends.. .what modifications are available for a 95 honda accord 2.0iLS?
  232. new Honda civic, is an car for the upper middle class or the lower middle class ?
  233. 1999 Honda Prelude. Are there any internals that have to be changed before adding a turbo more than
  234. any differences between 2007 and 2006 honda civic coupe?
  235. Miles per lite @ 30 mph - Honda Yaris?
  236. This question is only for the intelligent ones. The Fit Car of the Honda, is an car so that...
  237. How fast could a Honda Civic (fastest model) with a VTEC go?
  238. 1990 honda accord been having problems with the speedometer fluating up and down . 5 speed...
  239. where is the IAT sensor (inlet air temperature) on my 1999 honda accord 4 cylinder engine?
  240. just fixed a nos system in my honda civic PROBLEM?
  241. When Did They Make The Si?
  242. Honda Civic owners, is it possible to change the rotors yourself on a 99 ex model?
  243. will coilovers from a 98 accord fit a 95 ok or do i have to custumiz my car?
  244. which one is faster? 00-03 s2000s (AP1) or 04+ s2000s (AP2)?
  245. Honda Pilot?
  246. Where can i get a Honda B16A1 or A2 VTEC unit in Canada?
  247. What would cause the electro on the #2 spark plug to bend?
  248. 'Do-it-yourself' engine mods?
  249. will civic si tailights fit my 94 civic 4 door?
  250. Removing shock absorber from lower control arm?