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  1. 1991 honda accord?
  2. For my Blow Off Valve. Should I recirculate or vent out the pressured air?
  3. EGR valve trouble diagnosis?
  4. Might buy a 97 Civic LX for $4250 - Is this a good deal?
  5. How much would it cost to replace an automatic transmission with a manual?
  6. I have an Integra Acura engine that is shooting out oil, Any ideas?
  7. is a 98 gsr vtec or not?
  8. Can I put a "bolt on" disk brake system in the rear of my Civic?
  9. Has anyone heard of strange air conditioner noise?
  10. I currently own a 95 Civic DX and I want to put a b16a sir-ii engine in.?
  11. My 1999 Honda Civic is heating up?
  12. Is an S2000 "whoorin" quick?
  13. what color should i paint my car?
  14. I have a 2001 civic dx and I'm trying to find a cowl induction carbon fiber hood.?
  15. how much freon does a 1992 honda accord need?
  16. how to fix power steering hard line 87 honda accord?
  17. Harness Bar for a 95' Honda Prelude SI?
  18. how much is the ensurance for a honda s2000?
  19. Does a 07 civic Si come with a governor? If so, how do I disable it?
  20. i heard hondas are really easy to break into, do you think its a nad idea for me to get a civic?
  21. Is it normal for the transmission in my 94 Honda Accord EX to do this...?
  22. I have a 97 Ford Taurus, how do you change the oxygen sensor and where is it located?
  23. how to fix a denton my honda?
  24. honda civic coupe...06?or 07?
  25. Will a Honda 1991 Civic stock radio fit in a 1993 Honda Accord as a stock radio?
  26. 1998 honda prelude ??????????
  27. 91 Honda Civic Hatchback?
  28. Instrument lights on Honda accord 92 model, don't work at all. Help!!!?
  29. Is anybody out there selling a decent Honda civic hatchback for 1,000 to 1,300 dollars...
  30. I have a 98 Honda Accord and lately its been driving differently. I mean when I step on
  31. how much will it cost to turbo a 1997 honda civic?
  32. Spark plugs & cables for 2001 honda civic lx 4 DOOR?
  33. is the transmission filter easy to change on 1990 accord??????
  34. should I sell my 94 Honda accord to my friend for $200?
  35. Is 88000 miles too high for a 2000 honda accord?
  36. Should i buy '07 Civic LX or EX?
  37. i am 16 looking for a car, im stuck between a honda civic and a honda prelude wats the best choice?
  38. What is the top speed on a brand new stock 07 Si with the speed limiter?
  39. s2000 value?
  40. I have an 51 plate Honda Civic can anybody help regarding the programming of a key fob?
  41. My headunit, clock and dash doesn't work anymore?
  42. I need an A/C kit for a 1997 Honda del Sol?
  43. My headunit, clock and dash doesn't work anymore?
  44. s2000 value?
  45. Calling all AP2 Honda S2000 owners!?
  46. What website could I find a 1.6d16 or 1.6y8 sohc vtec motor out of the 92-2000 civics?
  47. Would the 2007 Honda Pilot fit a man 6'8" comfortably?
  48. When is the Honda CBR125R going to be sold in canada?
  49. What do 12 flashes mean in The honda CRX diagnostic computer?
  50. 2006 Honda Civic SI radiator?
  51. which civic is better of the same yr and model and sedan or hatchback?
  52. Apexi vtec controller v-afc2 question??
  53. Honda civic N Reg 1.5Lsi - Air intake/sensor location?
  54. can someone help my car problem?
  55. What is the part that my lower control arms are connected to on my 94 accord called?
  56. How big can I put rims on a 98 civic lx?
  57. How much should it cost to have my catalytic converter replaced in my '98 Honda Civic EX?
  58. Do you like the new Civic design?
  59. 98 Honda Civic Ex the water was like Up my knees !?
  60. Will a D15B SOHC VTEC Longblock fit in my stock 92 civic sedan without getting new motor...
  61. What year civic engines will go into a 95 civic lx other than the obvious?
  62. Best Colour For A 99 Civic Si?
  63. 2000 S2000 with 65,000miles or 2002 S2000 with 77,000miles?
  64. How do you change the struts on a 1997 Honda Civic HX?
  65. Best deal on a 2007 Honda Accord key.?
  66. 92 civic sedan engine?
  67. I have a 1987 Honda Prelude will not start. The pgm-fi light is on can somebody help?
  68. How do you remove the second row seat from the Honda Odyssey 2005 EX-L Edition?
  69. 01 Honda Accord 2.3L with acceleration problem?
  70. Can I buy those nice bubbly looking brake lights for a 1997 Honda Accord?
  71. do 1992 hoda accord have two rear view mirros?
  72. do 1992 hoda accord have two rear view mirros?
  73. what should i get ?
  74. how much does it cost to add cruise control to your car?
  75. anyone out there recently purchased a new honda coupe civic si, is it worth buying?
  76. How much horsepower does 91 honda accord 4dr stock have?
  77. How much does a rebuilt carburator cost for a 1990 Honda Prelude?
  78. What information can you get from a honda engine serial number?
  79. 1993 honda civic ex ? resell?
  80. where can i go to make a custom body kit for my 95 honda civic HB?
  81. what is the difference between the honda civic hatchback CX and DX?
  82. How much would it cost to fix a cadaladic converter for a '99 Honda Accord Coupe V6?
  83. Spark Plugs and wires?
  84. what is the best way to drift in a 98 civic ex?
  85. How do I switch off the airbag on the driver's seat?
  86. Are turbos bad for a high mileage honda?
  87. Can a honda civic 2005 1.7l 4 Cyl Sohc Vtec Canada Mkt Si Vin 2 6th Digit engine be put
  88. 2000 Honda Ody tranny engine issue?
  89. How much should a 91 Honda Civic EF run for?
  90. quarter mile time for 2006 honda civic si?
  91. Mods for a 99 civic ex?
  92. Dental Employment Opportunities
  93. Can someone tell me the total cost with tax for honda civic EX with Navigation. I will be...
  94. instrument cluster?
  95. Any other Mechanics are found in world other than pushing pistons up and down?
  96. Honda w/ 345K mi. Would a bad trans ecu mimick a trans that appears to be going out (i.e. high...
  97. 2003 honda civic hybrid auto idle stop indicator problem.?
  98. 2000 honda civic temperature neddle?
  99. Will 99 Civic Si shocks and struts fit on my brother's 94 civic coupe?
  100. honda civic india mileage?
  101. what is the gap for spark plugs on a 2001 honda accord?
  102. instrument cluster?
  103. 1992 Honda Accord LX engine replacement?
  104. HOw do i keep my Apexi N1 Cat-back Exhuast from burning my rear bumper lip?
  105. 98 honda accord maintenance reqrd. light is on, reset it and it comes right back on?
  106. The Honda "FIT"?
  107. what kind of turbo kit can i put on a '91 honda civic hatchback si, with a B18A1 motor?
  108. I own a 96 Honda Civic and theres a clicking noise coming from somewhere on my car?
  109. What the hell do i do ?
  110. My 1994 honda accord ex blows hot air, no A/C?
  111. What is the difference between HONDA FIT and HONDA JAZZ?
  112. 1989 crx si with DOHC ZC want to hit mid/high 13's in the 1/4 mile?
  113. honda accord idles high, rpm 3-4, what can be problem? see details?
  114. what could make my 97 honda civic pop out of second gear?
  115. Should i drop the k20 in my 1990 CRX si?
  116. I own a 2000 honda prelude the little green lite is on that says maintenance required,
  117. I have 2004 Honda Pilot. Can I add a factory navigation to it?
  118. '00 S2000 with 72,000miles or '02 S2000 with 77,000? which is a better choice?
  119. '00 S2000 with 72,000miles or '02 S2000 with 77,000miles? which one is better choice??
  120. How much will the 2008 sedan and coupe cost?
  121. Does anyone noe where i can get a HONDA S2000 body or shell in AUSTRALIA???
  122. (this is 4any Honda freak)can i swap an 92 accord head (F22A1 v tech) to a 95 praluob
  123. *need a 5 speed trans for H22a 2.2l prelude motor* and also ecu?
  124. Where is the blower motor relay in a 92 Honda Accord?
  125. 1988 honda accord oil passing thru engine?
  126. 93 honda where is the ignition box?
  127. Im looking for a leather steering wheel cover to fit a 2000 prelude any ideas? and please no
  128. why they don't show us pictures of honda pilot 2008?
  129. a noise on 1994 accord front left when started?
  130. does a 2000 honda accord lx have 4 wheel disc brakes?
  131. Where can I sell a 1995 Honda Civic in Northern AL with no title? Just for parts kinda thing...?
  132. Will a Hydro-tranny fit on a B18A( comes from acura integra91-93)since it originally came with
  133. I have a honda civic and would like to top up the coolant.do i have to buy one...
  134. Can I switch a Honda Civic Hatchback Dx to prorpane or natural gas?
  135. Why is my a/c not cooling in my 1992 honda prelude?
  136. michelin 225/55r-17, will this size fit my 17 rims for my civic?
  137. What would be some good modifacations for my civic?
  138. Why is the horn on my 1996 Honda Civic going off every couple of seconds as I drive?
  139. 99 Honda Prelude or CivicSI?
  140. I have a blown headlight in my 2006 Honda Accord, can I replace the bulb myself?
  141. Is a 1997 Honda Prelude a good car to buy?
  142. I have a 2003 Honda Civic, i want better acceleration...suggestions?
  143. anyone have 97 honda prelude parts?
  144. fixing bent bumper?
  145. 92' Honda Accord power steering not working...what's the most likely cause?
  146. what size exhaust is a honda accord twin exhaust 2000 w reg?
  147. What is the bolt pattern and offset for a 2004 Honda Civic EX coupe?
  148. 98 accord 4-cyl VTEC, problem code P1259 is coming up, what will the dealership do to fix this?
  149. How would you install the halos on the halogen head light?
  150. What's the difference between the 1992 and the 1993 honda accord?
  151. How can I fix a brake hose leak on a 92 honda accord front right side with out getting hosed?
  152. Will 17x7.0 4 lug fitments wheels fit on a 04' Honda Civic EX coupe?
  153. Who have a D16a6 engine for my crx si, in tx area?
  154. hey, what is my litter. displacement, 99 accord, lx?
  155. What's the difference between the 1992 lx and the 1993 lx honda accord?
  156. I have a 1990 Honda Accord.?
  157. can you switch a honda civic dx hatchback to run on vegetable oil?
  158. Hello! How can I convert my 1995 Honda Civic into an FFV vehicle?
  159. honda del sol?
  160. How many miles do you get on your 98-99 honda accord per tank? Overall total please.?
  161. Side Mirror for 04 accord?????????
  162. is there always VTEC printed on Honda VTEC Engines?
  163. have 93 honda civic two days ago it ran good..?
  164. Why is the Honda Civic so attractive?
  165. Why won't my Honda Civic start?
  166. honda civic ex 98 ABS issue.?
  167. who is selling a honda del sol?
  168. what kind of gas millage does a honda helix get?
  169. JDM F22B Bad gas mileage?
  170. 98 Honda Civic Ex Aut Dont Crank ?
  171. Will a b16a engine fit in my 92 civic sedan? Currently has stock 1.5L?
  172. check engine light comes on when hitting brakes???
  173. I want to consider getting window etching. Window etching is a serial number that is
  174. why is my brake lamp light on in my dashboard? How do you take it off?
  175. While driving my Honda Pilot the D indicator flashes?
  176. will a b18 engine fit in a civic 91 (EF)?
  177. Will an F20b(blue valve cover) from the JDM Accord fit into my EM1 2000 Civic Si?
  178. Do I need a better alarm in my stock 2007 Honda Civic LX coupe than the factory brand?
  179. Will a h22 engine fit in my 92 civic sedan without many modifications?
  180. Can Honda Automatic Transmission Fluid only be used?
  181. a little help on honda civic would be very appreciated.?
  182. 1990 Accord Automatic Transmission locked in park?
  183. 2001 honda civic air conditioner blowing hot?
  184. I talked with the owner of the shop and he told me that if I purchased another transmission for my
  185. 91' honda accord. what does it mean when you are sitting somewher for a long time & the
  186. Best engine swap?
  187. how fast can my car go?
  188. Do you guys think if i put a tip muffler into my stock muffler, would it make any diff sound?
  189. Which color for the honda fit do you like?
  190. How exactly does vtec engage in a Honda?
  191. whats the best halo projector lights for a 05 civic?
  192. Does anyone know where I can find a billet grille for my 04 honda Civic 2dr?
  193. any one have a new honda accord? how are the levels of wind noise? how bout everything else?
  194. Can a 1993 Honda Civic del Sol 1.5L with manual steering be retrofitted with a power steering
  195. Honda Accord gas pedal vibration?
  196. Am I the only one that always gets static shock when I get out of my 04 Honda Civic?
  197. My cats don't chew their hard food. What can I do?
  198. Honda Pilot problems?
  199. switching from manual windows/locks to automatic?
  200. how much horsepower does a stock Honda Civic 1.6l 4cyl Vtec-e Engine have?
  201. How do I carry 4 Bicycles on my Honda CRV (2005)?
  202. 98/99 Civic Si Engine B16A2?
  203. How can I make my 04 CIVIC faster. I have an automatic.?
  204. Why does a brand new 2007 model S2000 cost $35K U.S in America but in Canada the same car...
  205. Has anyone had problems with their new 2006 Honda Civic ?
  206. Anyone done a mild to moderate performance upgrade on a '96 Civic?
  207. Honda civic?
  208. Im looking for a intake want one from ebay are the ones from there any good anyone had exp from one?
  209. I bought a used acura Integra engine B18B from a 94 LS, He said it was running before it...
  210. Turbo or Supercharger?
  211. Why do I have trouble starting my 1985 Honda civic?
  212. how do u add more power to a 2005 civic any ideas?
  213. Honda civic heating up?
  214. When should a timing belt on a Honda crv be changed?
  215. Performance chip question?
  216. What are the typical maintenance issues with Honda Civic 2003 EX Sedan (1.7L Auto)?
  217. What kinda of cd disk that you can out back ground on your picture and design it?
  218. where can i find ecu upgrades for a 03 honda civic lx?
  219. What types of engines can I put in my 92 civic sedan with little to no modifications.?
  220. Can I download for free a copy of a UK 2007 HONDA CRV owners manual in PDF?
  221. What types of engines can I put in my 92 honda civic sedan.?
  222. What is the actual dealer invoice cost for a 2007 Honda Element?
  223. 98 accord Main Relay problems?
  224. what is the meaning of EXI written on honda cars?
  225. looking for the compression on a 1984 honda trx 200?
  226. 1988 Honda Accord lx??
  227. 98/99 Civic Si Engine B16A2?
  228. My '92 Accord LX needs four 6-1/2 speakers. Can I fit two 6x9s in the back?
  229. Does any model of the Honda Civic come with Leather Interior?
  230. What is the largest size rims that can fit on a 99 Honda Civic?
  231. my radio went out in my honda civic, WHAt shall I do?
  232. what size rims would fit on a '91 honda civic si hatchback?
  233. Accord vs. Altima?
  234. How do you reset the warning light for the catalytic converter?
  235. With Honda what dose SI mean.?
  236. Would you buy a 2007 Honda Civic si Sedan or Coupe?
  237. Anyone (military) have problems with Honda Warranty Claims?
  238. Honda, in japan what does SiR mean?
  239. Will the Honda K20A fit in a 2005 JDM Accord?
  240. Is there a turbo charger for the Honda accord 2.0lt JDM K20 engine?
  241. Please share any honda email address. I have a complaint to share.?
  242. what is the best suspension set up?
  243. Does anybody own a Honda Civic Si hatchback 02 and earlier? Are they as good as they look?
  244. HELP! ITBS (individual throttle bodies)?
  245. Where can I find a B series tranny for my Honda civic B18B?
  246. honda accord f1 fenders?
  247. how do i colour my engine block head cover?
  248. car shakes........?
  249. 2000 Honda Civic AC problems?
  250. My oil pressure warning light on my Honda Accord 96 goes on when the engine is idle,