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  1. where can i buy a scale model honda goldwing 1800 in black? only find other colors..please help!!!?
  2. Will a 2.0L from a 89 Accord SE-I fit in my 91 Civic SI and bolt up to the transmission?
  3. Anyone know how much it is a new/2nd hand 1994 honda civic steering column/rack cost?
  4. IS is possible to drop a f20 on 98 honda civic?
  5. How many miles per gallon will a 1981 Honda prelude convertible get?
  6. How much HP can i get out of my 98 civic ex without swaping the engine?
  7. Is there a fuse box inside the 93 honda del sol??? (not inside the hood)?
  8. aftermarket tach and shift light for 1998 honda civic?
  9. which honda i must buy the civic 1994 model or the honda integra 1999/2000 model ?
  10. 93' honda accord ex sedan 4 door?
  11. What is the release date of 2008 Honda Accord?
  12. will a zex n2o kit for a 94 civic hb fit an 95 integra non v-tec?
  13. 1999 Honda Civic LX auto horsepower increase?
  14. truck dies out when you put it in reverse or drive?
  15. I have a 95 honda accord and my d4 light blinks and it wont hardly move in that gear?
  16. 95 honda accord doesnt blow COLD air, only cool. Heater doesn't work. it blew cold after a...
  17. B18c, will it fit 89 4WS Prelude.?
  18. What kind of headlight bulbs should I buy?
  19. Does anyone know how to take the seats out of a 2002 honda civic 4 dr?
  20. I have an 02 Honda Accord 4cyl , what can i do to boost my performance level but be reasonable
  21. what engines fit in a 1991 honda civic?
  22. Why did honda stop making the Prelude?
  23. civic with k20 vs sti?
  24. how do i remove the alternator from a 1988 honda civic?
  25. Where online can i find the Honda Ridgeline TV commercial? the one with where the trucks are
  26. 2006 honda jazz?
  27. I need to know how to get to the ignition wire in my vehicle to do a test. What is the...
  28. Where can i find BODYKIT for a 07 HONDA CIVIC LX 4 DR?
  29. how do i reset a fuel pump.?
  30. My 1990 honda civic DX hatch has a fuel problem, i think?
  31. my car wont start check engine light is not on?
  32. 1991 civic hb when the car is cold and i try to move forward check engine light comes on?
  33. 95 honda accord v6?
  34. different tire widths on my 1998 Honda Accord LX?
  35. Is a Honda Ridgeline Truck good on gas???
  36. What size tire would I need for a 1990 Honda LX 4 door?
  37. How do you change an alternator in an Honda Accord 2000?
  38. Honda civic coupe or hatchback for 96 to 2000?
  39. How do I change the spark plugs on my 93 honda civic.?
  40. Any Honda Civic Hybrid owner?
  41. 2006 Honda Accord (Error E)?
  42. 1989 Honda CRX SI What's it worth?
  43. would suicide doors look good on a 2001 honda accord?
  44. where can I see 1994 honda accord manuals?
  45. b16a2 swap problems?
  46. my car died on me in the middle of driving and now it wont turn over. help me please!!!?
  47. how much would it cost for a K20 for a my 98 honda civic?
  48. What year is this car?
  49. 2007 Honda Pilot--What do you think?
  50. Does anyone know anything about cry?(hope I spelled it right?) I wanna try it in my honda.?
  51. What is the Honda Ridgeline TV ad music? the one with where the trucks are like cattle.?
  52. how much should a honda civic ex 99 2 door cost?
  53. Where can I rent 2007 Honda Odyssey minivan in Los Angeles?
  54. Is this honda prelude worth the money?
  55. email address for jobs at honda greensburg,ind.?
  56. 93 Honda Prelude Rod Problem?
  57. how do i get my shift light to work on my 1998 honda civic. It has the 1.8 with a 5 speed.?
  58. What is the best change oil schedule for a 2001 honda civic sedan?
  59. Problems with 2002 Honda brake light staying on?
  60. Should a 95 Accord V6 be loud?
  61. i have a honda 89 civic hb and it has a new b16 5,000 miles and a msd and cold air?
  62. How to install Halo Projector headlights on a 1997 civic?
  63. 1991 Honda Prelude automatic with a 2.1L stalls at low speed only when less than 1/2 tank of gas.?
  64. Simple, very simple Car Question?
  65. Is A Honda Civic EX With 128,000 Miles A Bad Buy?
  66. if you had a had a honda accord what would you do?
  67. Fast Cheap car?
  68. a 1999 honda civic, a 2000 acura integra, and a 2000 toyota celica?
  69. I am putting a JDM d15b in my 92 EG because I cannot afford a b16 right now and I need to get it
  70. Im wondering what kind of exhaust i should get for my hondaciv1999, i want it to sound loud?
  71. is a honda s2000 good for a teen and relaiable??
  72. What will happen if i lower my car and put rims on it to?
  73. Honda Accord master cylinder problem?
  74. 03 accord ex coupe v6?
  75. A list of parts for a b16a2 engine swap into a 92 honda civic, can anyone help? (going from auto...
  76. which is better steering control the 2007 honda crv or the new 2007 mitsubishi outlander?
  77. Will honda come out with a1300 or 1400 sportbike?
  78. Expected fuel consumption for honda 180i luxline (1998)?
  79. average price of these services?
  80. Is it difficult to change the thermostat in a 1999 Honda Accord EX? It seems simple, but...
  81. What is the location of the spare tire on the 2007 Honda CR-V? Is it full-size?
  82. Im about to purchase a Honda Civic EX SE. What does SE stand for and what makes it different?
  83. anyone looking for a fast honda crx 91'?
  84. 92 Honda Civic Si???
  85. my car make -?
  86. Does anyone know if Honda ever plans to reintroduce the del Sol models again at some point?!?
  87. how do you hook up speedometer gauges on a 1995 honda civic?
  88. what is the radio code to my 2006 honda civic coupe ex?
  89. how to know when your motor mounts are bad?
  90. Can I put the BOV kit ?
  91. How stable is a 2000 honda accord lx?
  92. How long should I leave the negative battery cable disconected to reset the ecm engine
  93. what should I do next?? and no kit?
  94. how much to retard timing on a 1995 honda civic d16z6 when installing nitrous?
  95. I have a 98 accord...everything stock right now...how can I make it faster?
  96. 2000 civic si, 2000 integra gsr, 2000 prelude base??
  97. How reliable is a Honda (JDM) B16B engine in comparison to the b18c gsr engine? What is the
  98. 2006 Honda CR-V speaker wires?
  99. How much motor oil does a Honda 300 ATV hold?
  100. How do you hook up the vtec to you computer after you have done a mini-me swap?
  101. What is the place around the homelink system in 07 Honda Accord?
  102. How much is a 2000 honda civic si?
  103. What are some good Mods for my 2005 Accord?
  104. Honda accord transmission problems?
  105. how doi replace new balljoints on a 92 subaru legacy?
  106. Honda Accord LXI 1988 ECU not relaying codes?
  107. How big of a gas tank does a 1999 Honda CRV have?
  108. Doing a Acura GSR swap want to know where I can buy a good one. Any recomendations. No dealerships.
  109. Has anybody converted the rear brakes to discs on a 2000 civic ex? If so talk to me on how hard it
  110. Where is my ECU in 94 accord ex located?
  111. Honda Passport leak?
  112. 1991 Hond CRX...won't start...help?
  113. Which is a better SUVoverall, honda pilot vs honda crv,which would you recommend and why?
  114. What should I do? Switch my b16a2 to a b18c or just to fully rebuild my b16?
  115. Integra worth it?
  116. Does taking wheel off and adjusting camber (no parts actually taken off), affect the toe
  117. Where can I find the speedometer sensor of a 1994 Honda Accord?
  118. Are Honda's still Japanese being they are made in USA now?
  119. I had a new timing belt installed in my 2002 Honda Accord LX , the car shifts rough, why?
  120. would you rather buy 05 honda coupe accord or 05 coupe civic? plz consider exterior and interior.?
  121. how do i install a Cd player in 1997 honda civic sedan?
  122. 93 Honda civic Del Sol. What should i do to make it look sportier.?
  123. Someone know if there is a honda cruise club in Connecticut?
  124. Civic's Idle Air Control Value problem, somone help?
  125. intercooler style ram/cold air intake?
  126. Would it be diffcult replacing a radiator on a 1990 honda accord?
  127. Recommendations on a 2007 Honda Odyssey Warranty?
  128. civic hybrids vs civic 4cyl?
  129. civic hybrids vs civic 4cyl?
  130. Do you have a 2007 Civic EX Coupe and are you happy with it?
  131. i have honda crv 2003 with 42000 miles on somehow i see emission light sign on how do i fix it?
  132. Are the 2006 Civic Si with Navigation rare?
  133. How do I program garage remote button on 2000 honda accord?
  134. 2003 honda accord stereo upgrade?
  135. Engine light on 98 Honda Accord LX 4cyl went on, the code reads P1456 what does it mean? How much...
  136. honda civic ram/cold air intake?
  137. You think lots of people would want to buy a 96 neon?
  139. how many miles can a 94 honda accord lx get up to?
  140. I'm getting an incorrect gear ration on my 99 honda accord v6- what does it mean?
  141. '95 Honda Accord V6 Motor Oil Type?
  142. I have a 2000 Honda Civic Vtec. When is it normal for the Vtec to kick in ?
  143. civic hybrids vs civic 4cyl?
  144. Do you have a Honda Civic?
  145. WHY why why why why?
  146. how do I make my honda prelude faster then a gti without changing exhaust?
  147. Should I replace my civic's timing belt?
  148. Is the mp3 auxiliary standard for all 2007 Honda CR-Vs?
  149. For a 1994 Accord does the EX come V-TECH only or is there a 4 door version.?
  150. H22 idle and tranny problems?
  151. how much do scissor doors cost?
  152. ok so i need to know the answer?
  153. ok so i need to know the answer?
  154. Is the mp3 auxiliary standard for all 2007 Honda CR-Vs?
  155. For a 1994 Accord does the EX come V-TECH only or is there a 4 door version.?
  156. H22 idle and tranny problems?
  157. how much do scissor doors cost?
  158. What are "normal" driving conditions for a Honda Civic Hybrid?
  159. Does the 2007 Honda Accord EX-L (4 cyl. w/o Nav) have the garage door buttons built in?
  160. Where can i find a Natural Gas Vehicle(NGV) TRUCK, like the new honda civic. Do they make one?
  161. anyone have trouble with 2006 honda civic bridgestone tires?
  162. would any1 know the price range to get a auto tranmission swap to a stick 4 2000 honda civic HX?
  163. 92-96 honda prelude owners have you noticed this?
  164. where do i put the retroe fit adapter caps for the air conditioning on a 1993 honda accord.?
  165. Where is the cabin (pollen) filter in a 2001 Honda Accord. My air vents don't blow air out?
  166. Who owns one of the newest Honda civic 4 doors, tell me the good and bad things about this
  167. How good is the 2003 Honda Civic Si?
  168. How much does a 1979 Honda weigh?
  169. what kind of engine swap can i do to a 2001 honda civic?
  170. Anyone know a link where it tells you EVERYTHING one needs to know about turbos?
  171. An good honda body kit sites?
  172. How can I charging the battery in a Civic Hybrid by braking?
  173. Why did Honda stop making the EV Plus car?
  174. How do you like your Honda Civic Ex?
  175. What is the average life expectancy(mile wise) of a Honda (Accord) to be exact?
  176. Honda with Acura Engine?
  177. Is 3" exhaust piping for my stock civic '97 better than 2.5", and why?
  178. How do you change the horn settings on a 99 accord remote?
  179. Does any body know when do the 2008 honda odyssey and chev tahoe comes out?
  180. Turn 97' Honda Accord Auto Theft Off!!?
  181. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST a month TO have a honda CIVIC(01)?
  182. Can a catback system for a civic EX/ HX/ LX/ SI fit on my DX???
  183. why did my 1990 civic fail e-test?
  184. How many times will I have to replace the struts/shocks if I get my car lowered?
  185. toyota celica gt-s vs honda accord coupe v6 3.0?
  186. anybody know what is the gas mileage for a 2001 honda civic lx automatic?
  187. Is a 2007 Acura switchblade key compatible with a 2004 Accord?
  188. My radio shuts down every 3 minutes. I have to keep entering the first 2 digits of the code
  189. how do i change a drive shaft of a 92 honda civic?
  190. My 91 Honda Civic ran out of gas. I put some gas in, and now it wont start. How can I get my...
  191. Anyone got the new Honda Civic?
  192. Honda 2000 si's clutch got stuck on way to work?
  193. increase boost w/ a supercharger?
  194. Honda VTEC...SOHC? DOHC?
  195. Who has a Honda Civic SI? How do you like it?
  196. i have a 98 civic dx (non-vtech), i want more performance(HP) what can i do to improve my...
  197. Can I change the horn on my Civic?
  198. What is the trade in price for a honda civic lx 2001?
  199. my 91 honda civic will not start even with a jump it has no response what so ever. what could it be?
  200. Do Honda Civic hybrid runs only on electricity or it also consume petrol or any other thing ?
  201. what does DOHC for?
  202. Should I buy the 2007 Honda CRV or 2007 Honda Civic?
  203. What is that background song to the Honda commercial? (2007)?
  204. Civic engines...?
  205. 05' Civic 33K miles. clicking noise when changing gears down.?
  206. Honda Bars?
  207. 1990 Honda Accord – Intermittent wipers, rear window defroster, dome light & key chime
  208. Is a Honda Accord Ex-L V-6 for $24,500 out the door (including tax, license, etc.) a good deal?
  209. Where is the oxygen sensor after the catback exhaust from a '98 Honda Civic Dx located? A pic
  210. 2003 Honda Accord Turbo Question?
  211. Honda Accord 92' Transmission Problem?
  212. 98 Accord V6 Exhaust.?
  213. Help with a 2000 Honda CRV OBD2 code P0172?
  214. what will i need to put a b16a2 engine into my 92 honda civic? (and don't leave any details out)?
  215. Where is the oxygen sensor after the catback exhaust from a '98 Honda Civic Dx located? A pic...
  216. 2003 Honda Accord Turbo Question?
  217. Honda Accord 92' Transmission Problem?
  218. 98 Accord V6 Exhaust.?
  219. Help with a 2000 Honda CRV OBD2 code P0172?
  220. Is a Honda Accord Ex-L V-6 for $24,500 out the door (including tax, license, etc.) a good deal?
  221. Is a Honda Accord Ex-L V-6 for $24,500 out the door (including tax, license, etc.) a good deal?
  222. Where is the oxygen sensor after the catback exhaust from a '98 Honda Civic Dx located? A pic...
  223. 2003 Honda Accord Turbo Question?
  224. Honda Accord 92' Transmission Problem?
  225. 98 Accord V6 Exhaust.?
  226. Help with a 2000 Honda CRV OBD2 code P0172?
  227. what will i need to put a b16a2 engine into my 92 honda civic? (and don't leave any details out)?
  228. I'm looking to buy a commuter car. What's better on gas in a Civic a VTEC engine or Twin Cam?
  229. Any driving tips on how to save gas driving a Honda Civic 01 Automatic Tramissions?
  230. what is the cheapest turbo kit for a 2006 civic si?
  231. What kind of gas mileage does a 2000 honda accord get with a 4-cylinder?
  232. 93 honda civic that is throwing the number 15 code (ignition output signal) any ideas what...
  233. My car's air conditioning and cruise control stopped working at the same time. What could the...
  234. What year did Honda start making Ridgeline's?
  235. Okay i wanna get custom plates for my new 2007.... read on?
  236. What is the best exhaust system for Honda S2000?
  237. Will a JDM Integra Type R motor fit a 91 crx?
  238. can i put a 92 accord manual transsmision in a 93 accord that had an automatic?
  239. how do i make my honda xr125 go faster?
  240. performance chip?
  241. [97 Accord] Drivers' Door won't open from inside
  242. 1998 honda accord computer
  243. My wife was driving...and...check engine light ...and
  244. Will switching from D to D3 while driving damage my civics engine?
  245. Ok I don't think the Rebel Honda is for me. Maybe the Shadow. What mpg does it get?
  246. I live in Roseville, Ca and need to find a reliable shop to fix my Honda Accord?
  247. I got 205/40-16'' rims for my 1989 civic HB what type of tires will fit...?
  248. Honda Civic fuel consumption?
  249. What size tires does a 2003 Honda Civic Lx Sedan need if I put 17" rims on the car?
  250. Honda engine swap?