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  1. What causes a tapping sound which strongest at the crankcase ?
  2. 91 crx tail lights or parking,dash lights will not work?
  3. Lug patterns for a 95 Honda Prelude SI?
  4. Can the Upper Front Grille on a 2001 Honda Accord Sedan LX be removed???
  5. what is a Double Wishbone Suspension and Independent suspension? (comparing honda and toyota)?
  6. How Much does a civic coupe VTEC cost around australia?
  7. Attention all Honda owners?
  8. b20 heating up. how do i bleed the water system???
  9. how to change serpentine belt on honda civic?
  10. 91 crx tail lights or parking,dash lights will not work?
  11. will it go through the sunroof?
  12. What causes a tapping sound which strongest at the crankcase ?
  13. 2006 Honda Civic Road Noise?
  14. Will there be an Acura RL coupe?
  15. What does CRV stand for on a honda ?
  16. will a window regulator from a 92-95 del sol fit my 95 civic ex?
  17. I've got a honda prelude 86 not getting gas new module and found 4 fuel relay switches in the...
  18. Does it matter that Honda antifreeze is blue now (not green anymore)?
  19. what is the best way to clean out egr valve ports in a honda accord?
  20. I have a 97 civic ex, and i want to put acura rsx parts on it. is it possible without buying...
  21. How much money would i save if i import a civic coupe?
  22. Is the body style of a 6 cylinder honda the same as the body style of a 4 cylinder honda?
  23. How do I increase the brake's stopping power of my 2000 Honda Accord?
  24. my 95 honda civic makes a weird noise!?
  25. What is wrong with my car?
  26. 2004 Honda Accord intake noise??
  27. Is it possible to use a more powerful aftermarket coil on a 1994 Honda Accord LX (16 Valve...
  28. Whats the highest powered amp/subwoofer setup I can put in a stock 91' Honda Accord EX?
  29. Car Seat for 95 honda civic 2 door?
  30. How do I find the price the dealer paid for a 07 civic 4 door automatic with navi ? MSRP...
  31. what would i need to convert a regular automatic 97 Honda civic ek to a manual...
  32. new honda clutch?
  33. Whats the widest rim I can put on a 99 4 cyl accord coupe without doing any modifications?
  34. Hybrid vehicles do not provide enough heating/cooling for our Canadian winters/summers.?
  35. 18" rims for my 04 civic sedan, whats the best tyre size and would there be any tyre rubbing?
  36. 2004 honda civic FF(front engine front wheel drive)?
  37. How do I remove the power limiter in my 98 civic ex?
  38. 06 Honda Civic EX certified for 16500, it only had 8k miles, steal?
  39. hi I just bought a keyless entry for my 2001 honda accord (EX ,2D) how can i program it?
  40. Do I put 93 octane gas in a 1994 Honda Prelude?
  41. speedomeer problem on a 1995 honda accord?
  42. 1991 Honda Civic DX rear lights stay on?
  43. I have a 96 prelude with the f22a motor. Does anyone know where i can find a header or
  44. Looking for right hand side driver Del Sol?
  45. 2007 honda civic dx-g?
  46. 2008 Honda Civic?
  47. Does a 2004 Honda Civic come with an alarm?
  48. Where can I buy 87 crx corner lights?
  49. Which Civic do you reccommend?
  50. Can I make an 99 Honda Accord EX V6 AUTOMATIC---> MANUAL????
  51. How do I adjust my headlamps for a 2002 Honda Accord EX?
  52. Where can I find the engine code/number on a Civic?
  53. Can anybody show me how to install a strut tower bar for my 05' accord?
  54. 2007 honda crv?
  55. Curious about a Honda Fit. Anyone own one?
  56. what engines fit into a '82 civic hatchback?
  57. how hard is it to convert automatic transmission to a manual (1996 honda civic)?
  58. How would a turbocharger effect my 1996 honda civic ex that has 160k?
  59. how can i find a list of dead prowrestlers from 1999 to 2007?
  60. 90 prelude.... it rotate but wont start...?
  61. leather steering wheel on Honda Cr-v 2005?
  62. 2005 honda element?
  63. how many psi should my ac be charged to on a 94 honda accord?
  64. What is a main relay?
  65. Should I buy a 03 odyssey with engine mount issues?
  66. Does any Honda come equipted with radar detector or is that extra ?
  67. I have an air/fuel ratio gage from OBX racing and i need to insal it......how do i do it??????
  68. What engine swap would be best for my 1996 Honda Civic EX.?
  69. what all do i need to change my 1996 honda civic to a manual?
  70. where can i get a B16 swap on a 82 civic?
  71. what is a weight or a honda 2007 civic?
  72. What Do i have to do or replace?
  73. Ive got a Honda civic type R, any top tips on modifying it ?
  74. acura tl or honda civic?
  75. 91 honda accord driver power windows works but not passenger and back windows?
  76. honda civic side molding?
  77. Testing a power window relay?
  78. does anyone know how many bolts an size an everything has of 14" rim has ?
  79. Tint for an 03 Accord????
  80. What will I need for a K20a Swap In a 96-00 Civic?
  81. Is it possible to order a JDM emblem at US honda dealer? I want to buy a new design 'Type R'
  82. Honda models what dont have the shift stick on the floor?
  83. parts for honda accord?
  84. Difficulty of replacing an engine in an 01 Honda Civic?
  85. unknown noise when changing gear??? help please?
  86. alrighty, last month, i replaced the engine, radiator, and both half shafts in a 88 honda accord.?
  87. i purchased a certified honda,payments to high,appraised 6,000 less due to relaced fender....
  88. Is the Honda Civic Si in the thieves favourite list?
  89. What year did the Honda Accord begin offering anti-lock brakes (ABS) as an option?
  90. 91' Honda Civic SI?
  91. Is there a fee on the GPS in the new Civic's?
  92. What is the best spark plug for a 1999 HOnda Accord LX 4 cylinder? Iridium spark plug?
  93. How do yo become a "top contributor"?
  94. How do I change my automtic trannsmision on a 95 civic to stick????
  95. Can someone give me a free Honda Ridgeline?
  96. Why won't my car start when it is hot? Honda Accord '93 4cyl new battery, spark plugs
  97. Is it worth adding performance parts on an automatic car?
  98. taking my Honda civic to the track...?
  99. I have a 94 Honda Accord that's running great, it has 160,000 mi on it now, How long...
  100. How often do you change oil in Honda?
  101. changing the anti freeze
  102. Honda sh125i?
  103. 2007 Honda CRV- how do i reset oil life?
  104. I want to bring a car into Canada from Japen ?
  105. What's the model for a dome light bulb for a 1999 Honda Civic HX?
  106. How do I fix the automatic seatbelts in my 91' Integra RS?
  107. Squeal coming from inside of 2001 Honda Civic when A/C is on.?
  108. sleepy eye look?
  109. I bout a 1995 Honda Accord LX Sedan 4D; any tips recommendation for a better driving experience...
  110. Honda 2002 CRV making clicking noises from the front end when breaking in Drive.?
  111. Will a approx. 7 foot long couch fit into a Honda Odyssey, with both passengers seats down?
  112. Does anyone have a link to that Honda car commercial?
  113. i found old in my spark plug.Do i have a broken seal in the cam shaft?
  114. HONDA CRV door problems?
  115. How do I fix the auto unlock from driver side door on a 98 Honda Accord LX?
  116. which model of NGK Spark Plug & DENSO Spark Plug is most popular in Japan market ?
  117. When will the 2008 line of Honda automobiles be available in the U.S. ?
  118. When is the Honda Civic MUGEN Si Sedan be available in US??
  119. Timing Belt Question?
  120. What do you think of.......?
  121. What can I do to my 07 civic Lx to get more horses?
  122. what parts are needed for k24/k202 swap? please give detailed answers!?
  123. What would be better? The K20A or the K24? And second can the K24 even fit in My 04' Civic?
  124. Which one would win??
  125. Why did Honda stopped making Prelude, CRX, Passport,CL, and SLX?
  126. What is better?
  127. 2004 honda accord humming noise at 65mph?
  128. 22 inch wheels will fit on a 2000 honda accord (no scrub) jus a 1in. lift?
  129. 91 Accord EX Code 43?
  130. where is the oil filter on a 1992 honda prelude 2.3 si?
  131. How much insurance do you pay for your 2006-2007 Civic SI?
  132. 2004 honda accord weird noise at 65 mph?
  133. How often do I need to have my A/C system serviced?- 2001 Honda Civic?
  134. For those who own a 2007 Civic Sedan LX automatic, what real world mpg have you been getting?
  135. Honda S2000 roof operation?
  136. JD Power initial quality survey: what do you think of Ford as the quality champ?
  137. How hard is it to put on a detachable MOMO steering wheel on a 92 civic hatch?
  138. where could i find a bmw conversion kit for a 92 Honda accord or would I have to make one custom?
  139. if a car is more "sportier" that another one, what does that mean ?
  140. Car rims where to look?
  141. Is interest rate negotiable on a car?
  142. i have a 1992 hunda accard it is getting fire but it want crank whaty could be wrong.?
  143. I own a 2001 Honda Accord EX, the check engine light came on and the TCS light as well.?
  144. Car rims where to look?
  145. Is interest rate negotiable on a car?
  146. i have a 1992 hunda accard it is getting fire but it want crank whaty could be wrong.?
  147. if a car is more "sportier" that another one, what does that mean ?
  148. For those who own a 2007 Civic Sedan LX automatic, what real world mpg have you been getting?
  149. Honda S2000 roof operation?
  150. JD Power initial quality survey: what do you think of Ford as the quality champ?
  151. I own a 2001 Honda Accord EX, the check engine light came on and the TCS light as well.?
  152. where could i find a bmw conversion kit for a 92 Honda accord or would I have to make one custom?
  153. 2004 honda accord weird noise at 65 mph?
  154. How often do I need to have my A/C system serviced?- 2001 Honda Civic?
  155. can 22 inch wheels fit on a 2000 Honda accord?
  156. How can I get better gas mileage in my CRV?
  157. Will a H22A fit in a 1993 Honda Civic?
  158. How can I prevent thieves from stealing my 92 civic hatchback, no garage :(?
  159. What would be better a mazada mx6 or a honda crx?
  160. What happened to my 2007 CRV (Yellow exclamation point) and should i be worried?
  161. 3rd Gen. Civic?
  162. what engine is in the 2007 honda s2000 and can it fit a 94 integ coupe?
  163. honda 2007 question
  164. i need a honda cbr 600 for spears with numba plates log books can en1 help plz?
  165. How much will it be jus to add clear on a carbon fiber hood at a body shop in orlando?
  166. will a 95 honda accord with a v tec head interchange with a 88 honda accord LX with 2.0
  167. My Honda SRS light has come on, what do I do?
  168. Is a honda civic del sol 93 a good race car / sport?
  169. 2007 honda civic si: How do I turn off the horn alarm on the keyless locking?
  170. VTEC timing activation HONDA CIVIC Si?
  171. what kind of PC card can you use in a 2007 honda civic hybrid?
  172. 07' Si Sedan Suspension..any suggestions?
  173. Upgrading a Honda Civic Ex engine?
  174. Best tires for a 1996 Honda Accord Ex Sedan?
  175. What type of exhaust is affordable and good quality sound for my 1993 Honda Accord LX 4door?
  176. I want to paint my car and add rims, is there a site that lets you see your car and
  177. would the 92-95 dohc h22 prelude engine and transmission fit my 96 ex civic?
  178. where is the oil filter on the 1998 honda accord?
  179. What should I set my VTEC to activate? RPMs For BEST performance?
  180. can you cook chicken breast in a glass casserole dish raw?
  181. What cars are comparable to (in reliability and gas mileage) the '03 honda accord, but are
  182. What if ur carbon fiber hood clear coat gets wasted wh\at can u do to make it look as new as
  183. Lookin at a Civic Si?
  184. I have a 1995 Honda accord Lx There is a leak on the passenger side.?
  185. How much will it cost?
  186. 2007 Honda Civic SI: Is there a procedure/sequence to disengage the annoying ding of the
  187. I own a 94 Accord with 241, 000 miles on it. Its running fine. When will it quit?. Accord owners
  188. expert opinion needed: Camry VS accord, which one is better and why?
  189. where can,t i get front bumper for sm4,92 model (recond) its so hard to get and how much...
  190. what is the difference between the vtech and the i vtech?
  191. 94 Honda Civic?
  192. 2008 Honda accord?
  193. Is there any exhaust manifold made for 06 Honda Civic sedan?
  194. how do i get rid of my srs light on a 98 civic cx?
  195. my honda accord 2001 ex?
  196. will the honda accord or the honda civic change body styles in 2008?
  197. How do I find a Mugen Engine for my.........?
  198. Best Pistons For H22A 99' Prelude?
  199. is that good for my car? please help me !!?
  200. I want to buy a Honda Civic EK 1.5 3DR (UK Model) Do the LSi models have a VTEC engine?
  201. 1997 honda accord code P1457 what does it mean?
  202. Engine swap?
  203. Is there a cold air intake for a swapped (b18b) CRX that is carb legal?
  204. I would like to add keyless entry to a 2003 Honda civic LX sedan with power lock doors. How...
  205. 1994 Honda Prelude SI Pistons issue?
  206. How do I get the "Maintenance Required" light to go off...?
  207. I have a 2001 honda accord ex i just want to know wat does the right quantaty of oil sound
  208. Anybody with a 2007 Civic?
  209. is honda changing the body on civics and accords in 2008?
  210. how do i get rid of my srs light on a 98 civic cx?
  211. please help me !!!?
  212. what you think of Honda CRV 2007 model?
  213. which model is the better? A Honda CRV LX or EX? (Or should I say which is more expensive)
  214. What is the breaking speed of new civic sedan 1.8cc . 100-0 km/h how many second?
  215. who owns honda ridgeline? how does it drive on snow? smooth ride? do you like it?
  216. when will the 2008 honda civic be on the market?
  217. How does the SH (super handling) system on the newest generation of the Honda Prelude work?
  218. Does the Civic hybrid beep when it is in reverse?
  219. When I turn on my headlights my dash lights go off. When I turn on my park lights my dash...
  220. Spoiler Break Light?
  221. Honda Help?
  222. what does zc mean on a honda engine?
  223. how much does an automatic yaris sedan with no power options cost?
  224. Currently my honda euro r when hit 6000-6500 rpm then the V-tec engine boost.?
  225. 92 Honda Civic LX Overheating?
  226. how much is a good price for Civic Si sedan?
  227. I have a 94 civic lx that has a/c problems. Have replaced compressor, evaporator core,...
  228. will the struts on a 1997 acura fit on a 1998 honda civic?
  229. Deal or no deal? How much will u pay for a 1994 honda civic which has run 110,000 miles.?
  230. How many miles/km we can expect from a honda accord or civic?
  231. Engine swap or rebuild? H22 99' Prelude?
  232. honda civic is a 2001 model it has 130000 miles on it the srs light and the check engine light...
  233. Honda is a great car brand!?
  234. is it illeagal to have no bumber on my 1986 honda ? i live in ca .?
  235. Is Vtec a part of an engine?
  236. Is 135,000 miles bad for a 1999 car?
  237. How to pimp out a Honda Accord 94?
  238. All Honda Civic Owners...Do you like your car?
  239. Where is the expansion valve located on a 1995 Honda Accord with a V.6?
  240. How do you tighten up the front bumper of an honda Accord year 2002?
  241. 1980 Honda Goldwing...?
  242. my honda element had the rear hatch window replaced. When they replaced the window the window
  243. Is this a good cat back exhaust for my 98 civic lx 4dr? ...
  244. Is a 2007 honda Civic Coupe (LX) a good car??
  245. what size wheels does a 1998 honda accord come with?
  246. indicators & front light of 1997 honda civic?
  247. civic vti-s?
  248. How much does a used Accord or Civic cost in College Station?
  249. Why does my 2003 Honda Civic manual trans clutch squeak?
  250. did some 1 knows how can i find a security code for a honda radio?