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  1. What should i focus on ?
  2. I'm having problems starting my honda accord, what should I do?
  3. what parts do i need so my 94 honda accord can go fatser?
  4. how do you remove a radio from a 2006 honda pilot?
  5. A/C pressure on 4 cyl. engines?
  6. where is the best spot to run the turbo oil inlet line from on a 1996 civic with the stock d16?
  7. What do you think about the 8th gen civic's 1.8 SOHC VTEC engine?
  8. How much wwill it cost to lower my 99 prelude 2-3"in?
  9. Does the 2007 Honda CR-V come in manual transmission?
  10. can a 1990 honda civic ex (1.6 vtec) engine fit in a 92-95 honda civic (any model)?
  11. How to start a race with a standard honda accord?
  12. can a k20a2 fit in a honda civic ex coupe?
  13. is it better 2 shift at 5500rpm or at 6600rpm on my 98 honda civic ex?
  14. My 1997 honda civic has steering problem. It has a lot of vibration when my speed is at...
  15. Can air conditioning be fitted to my Vreg 99 Honda Accord Type R EASILY???
  16. What's so cool about a 1994 Honda Civic?
  17. Just purchased an used Honda 1994 Accord.?
  18. Could I Drag race if I install?
  19. Why wont my car start?
  20. Accord or Civic?
  21. Hi! I have a 96 Accord and cannot turn off the hazard flashers. Where is the fuse located?
  22. How to swap a 95 gsr b18c1 engine into my 99 civic si em1?
  23. cheap parts for 2006 civic si body parts?
  24. is there a difference between the airbags of the 2006 civic coupe and sedan?
  25. how to tell if a honda valkyrie conforms to california emmisions?
  26. Honda Civic 2000?
  27. my honda 2002 accord EX intermittently drops rpm, what shoud I check to fix this problem?
  28. 2000 Honda Civic P0505 Code?
  29. How do i program my keyless entry remote for my 1996 Honda Civic?
  30. How to install a cold air intake on a 2007 honda civic?
  31. Honda civic 94 coupe, EJ2 and EG6 question??
  32. Can you help me change my headlight? '92 Honda Accord!?
  33. Stereo on 1999 Honda Accord EX is asking for code.?
  34. Why is my speedometer and gas gage getting "stuck" in my Honda Civic?
  35. I need help with my car.?
  36. What is better SOHC vtec or DOHC vtec?
  37. Honda Civic 2000?
  38. Civic AC sometimes blows hot air.?
  39. how do i know if my 96 honda civic coupe has vtec engine?
  40. EG 92-95 Honda Civic Body Kit?
  41. air problems.?
  42. input on honda?
  43. Did I pay too much for my Honda??
  44. i am looking for some help finding out whats wrong with my 2000 honda civic?
  45. What color should i paint my car?
  46. Accord Window Opening The Door Problem
  47. how hard is to swap a stock 91 crx with a F20c engine?
  48. 96 honda accord ex?
  49. 1996 honda civic 2dr vs 4dr?
  50. were do you find the vine number on a honda 2002 400 EX?
  51. Can any body helps me find this for my honda civic 92 4 door?
  52. ways to soup up a 2005 Honda Accord?
  53. How hard is it to engine swap? Honda CRX?
  54. I am looking for the low-side service port for the a/c on my 1989 honda civic lx.?
  55. Can you swap a 2.4L Accord motor (2003) with the V-6 of the same year?
  56. 91 honda accord shifts hard between 1&2 and 2&3 and solution for this problem??
  57. Honda in Taiwan?
  58. trying to find obd2 dtc P01066 for Honda CR-V are there discussion groups online that do that?
  59. Where is the PCV valve located on a 1999 honda accord lx 4 cylinder? Could you show me with a
  60. How much would it cost to bring my 1994 accord to a shop and change the strut?
  61. Is the Honda Pilot really good?
  62. 1992 honda lx, why does the tempature gauge go up, then down, can this be a big problem?
  63. Is $ 5,000 to much for a 99 Honda Accord with 92k miles.?
  64. should i modify a honda fit as a tuner car?
  65. Is a STOCK 91 CRX HF really slow?
  66. what engine should i get in my honda hatchback?
  67. Should we throw rice at hondas?
  68. honda accord durability question?
  69. helloooo, from 0 to 10 at idling speed where should the rpm needle be?
  70. What is the best Honda for a teenager going back and fourth to school and shopping?
  71. ways to trick my honda out?
  72. Where is the dust and pollen cabin filter located on a 2004 Honda Element LX 4WD?
  73. Why do my windows SQUEEK????
  74. f22b and h22 timing belt.?
  75. Does the 2006 Honda Odyssey have an AUX port for MP3 players?
  76. should i get exhaust system or just a muffler for an integra?
  77. bluetooth question (car)?
  78. where can find wiring diagram Honda Fit?
  79. Does the 1998 Honda Civic LX 4dr sedan have a gas light?
  80. what horse power do honda civic sedan 2005 1.5L have??
  81. H22a or Ls/vtec for an honda civic ek swap?
  82. Radio code for 07 Honda? Diconnected battery?
  83. What is the best stereo for a 2001 Honda Civic LX?
  84. 90 Honda Civic Clutch Problem?
  85. is there any difference between twin turbo and bi turbo, what is it?
  86. My air conditioner in my 1994 honda accord blows hot air. What else could it be besides the...
  87. Where would I find a place that will turn my civic into a tuner.?
  88. honda civic si?
  89. How can I increase the performance of my 4cyl 2002 Honda Accord?
  90. 2007 Honda Fit Average 23 MPG!?!?!?!?
  91. i've got a civic and io am putting a h22 int it already....plus i am putting a turbo on...
  92. does adding a muffler help with HP or do i need the full exhaust system?
  93. 93 Honda Civic Vtec... Automatic vs. Manual?
  94. 97 honda accord that has a engine maintenence light on, not the check engine light...any idea
  95. what type of engine does a 96 honda civic si come stock with?
  96. 2003 Honda antitheft system issues - help!?
  97. 1996 Honda Civic outside Door handles?
  98. 2003 honda civic hybrid mpg?
  99. How do i replace the corner headlight of a 95 honda prelude?
  100. Honda Odyssey 2007 Can anyone help me change the regional coding for US dvds. I exported the
  101. I would like to know more about the Honda Civic GX.?
  102. i have a question about a honda civic?
  103. honda have hard brakes?
  104. Type of Civic?
  105. 2001 honda accord ex.... want to know wat is the best oil that i can can use for my car?
  106. Could I get help finding a part for my Honda Del Sol?
  107. how can you tell the difference between a 2006 Honda S2000 and a 2007 Honda S2000 based on looks?
  108. What oil is recommended for a 93 Honda civic?
  109. new civic type R GT?
  110. When should the spark plugs be changed on a 1999 Honda CRV with 113k miles?
  111. A Honda DX question? What is that S symbol in the dashboard mean?
  112. Does anyone one know a shop in Jersey that does turbos in civics.?
  113. About how much should it cost to get a new ignition switch put on my 98 Honda Civic?
  114. What brand of rims have the letter A in the center cap?
  115. how much should it cost to fix a thermostat in a 1996 honda civic?
  116. What is the true 1/4 time on a 06-07 civic si?
  117. is honda accord a "tin can"? how does toyota camry compare?
  118. where can i get a OEM spoiler for a '01 accord online for not a lot of scrilla (money)??
  119. How many miles does your Honda car have?
  120. How big of rims can i put on a 03 civic lx?
  121. Levoc Hybird Shifter for Honda?
  122. does the 2001 honda civic si-g have a stabalizing strut bar on the front?
  123. honda prelude?
  124. does somebody needs air bags for a 96 ^ civic?
  125. what are the benefits of a short shifter. i was thinking of putting one in my honda civic 92.?
  126. can some body work on civic computers?
  127. help!!!!!!!!. honda civic 92. when i turn yhe A/C on its acceleration decreases is that normal ?
  128. how can i check the manual transmission oil level in my honda civic 92. it does not come with...
  129. 97 honda accord mods.?
  130. Do you know a website where I can buy orange wheel rims for my orange Honda Element?
  131. Honda Fit/Jazz Modifications?
  132. who sells a honda civic 2 door 5 speed near charlotte nc?
  133. need a quick estimate?
  134. Does anybody know how much more gas a V6 Honda Accord burns than a V4? Is it much more expensive?
  135. Odyssey headlights (2003)?
  136. I have a 1998 honda accord 6 cylinders. How many miles per gallon of gas do I get?
  137. When is the CVT transmission coming to North America for the Honda Fit?
  138. My 2003 Honda Accord is making a noise when the air conditioner is on.?
  139. where online can I find calculate my miles per gallon? OR IF YOU KNOW...?
  140. how do u make a 1998 honda civic LX go fast?
  141. 2003 Accord SC........ will this fit???
  142. where do i go to check the milage in my engine?
  143. will 01 civic ex 1.7L parts fit on my 01 civic si 1.7L?
  144. how would i know if my clucth need to be changed in my honda civic 92. can i check it my self?
  145. Adding an Intake?
  146. 1992 honda accord was running fine when i left for work today is stsrted missing what could it be ?
  147. i have a 99 honda civic EX manual?
  148. 2008 Accord?
  149. 1987 honda prelude 2.0-how to remove alternator?
  150. what is a good performance chip for my 2000 honda civic si?
  151. honda civic99 ex?
  152. honda civic99 ex?
  153. 99 honda civic ex?
  154. how do you fold down the accord rear seat?
  155. 2002 s2k or 2004 s2k?
  156. build up the crx si motor or do a swap?
  157. i checked my VIN.one says i have sedan/se and the other sedan/vp.are they the same?
  158. Whats going to break first? 2007 Honda Civic?
  159. Honda Car Help?
  160. Whats wrong with my thermostat?
  161. what do you think???
  162. Keys get stuck in my 2001 Honda Civic ingnition...what's going on?
  163. Why is the new accord so ugly!?!?!?!?
  164. does honda ridgeline have a timing chain?
  165. Where is the main relay located in the 1990 honda accord lx?
  166. 1992 honda accord was running fine when i left for work today is started missing what could it be ?
  167. Intake on a civic?
  168. 2002 honda civic spark plug lube question?
  169. Honda or Hyundai?
  170. Should I get extended warranty on my bran new Honda Civic?
  171. what will make a 1991 honda accord ex automatic transmission not shift?
  172. honda civic 07
  173. Engine OIL
  174. 92 honda civic sunroof leak
  175. 96 honda passport
  177. do you own a Honda fit sport ? what's your pros/cons ?
  178. honda civic se executive 2001 y reg is it chain or timing belt?
  179. how many miles a honda CRV 1998, needs to be driven before its ready for inspection?
  180. Problem with Honda Pilot 2005?
  181. i have a honda civic 99 i want to fix it up, where should i start fixing it up?
  182. Is there a magazine all about modifying civics?
  183. How long is the grace period that honda gives you to pay your bill?
  184. alt wiring 1989 honda civic?
  185. apply parking break? should you apply the break and leave the break on and then apply the...
  186. who will win in a drag race dead stop a 91 honda accord stock or a 96 doge noen single cam ?
  187. when do the new Hondas and toyotas (2009) come out?
  188. What trim is a civic sedan/ se in the U.S?
  189. How much does an auto a/c cost for my 94 honda civic ?
  190. Can you get the new seats for Honda S2000?
  191. what does 2 wd mean on a 2007 honda cr/v?
  192. is modifying the exhaust pipe into open pipe could change gas consumption?
  193. 96 Honda Civic. 1 tech tells me I need a new O2 sensor the other tells me I need a new...
  194. Where can i find a k20 engine for my civic?
  195. i have a 99 honda civic ex can a dohc vtec engine of a honda si fits in it?
  196. Is the K20A swap into an EG street legal i know stupid question?
  197. what is the best body kit for a civic?
  198. is a 200000 miles 97 honda civic bad?
  199. Why do some Honda's have gold symbols?
  200. Which head is better on a B18C1, a B16A head or the B18C1 head?
  201. Honda City - 1300cc., Manual?
  202. i want to know about 07 or 08 crv. recomended?
  203. what is the selling price of honda eterno of 20/10/2003?
  204. How do you setup bluetooth in 2007 Honda CRV?
  205. how would i know if i need to change the timing belt in my honda civic lx 92?
  206. Repairing Honda City's scratched bumper?
  207. my honda civic 92 has manual transmission. it makes a noise when i shift it to reverse i
  208. the A/C in my honda civic 92 is not cold enough during the day. does it need refrigerant?
  209. 2001 Honda Civic air not blowing?
  210. 1995 honda accord lx?
  211. how do i install a header on a 2000 honda civic dx?
  212. I blew a 80a fuse in my honda del sol, help?
  213. Storing a Honda Accord for a year. Do you need to drive it once a month or just start it?
  214. What would be the next upgrade for my 94 Honda Accord?
  215. 94 Prelude Si H22a or a ls v-tec Integra?
  216. Where can I find a remote for keyless entry on a 99 honda accord?
  217. what does idle means when it comes to car?
  218. 99 CIVIC EX having problems with cooling system. HELP.?
  219. How do you make your car turbo?
  220. What are the differences between the Honda SP1 and SP2?
  221. 1999 Honda Civic EX Mileage?
  222. which should i buy a honda civic or accord?
  223. whats a better choice? honda s2000 or BMW Z4?
  224. Which car is better? The Accord or the Prius?
  225. Turbo vs Supercharger Honda Civic 98?
  226. How do you use cruise control in a 91 honda accord?
  227. i have a 2002 honda accord?
  228. cabin wire harness for 89 Accord?
  229. How can I unwind the radio aerial in my 1998 Honda Civic? I don't see any button to do that.?
  230. Is the a good Honda Mechanic in Houston?
  231. what's the best modification can be done on a honda SX8 (yr2000) rpm?
  232. i have a 2002 honda accord ex and my problem is when sometimes my car is at a stop sign my...
  233. What all would it take to get acura rsx body parts on my honda civic?
  234. How do you fix your car alarm?
  235. My 2003 Honda Accord has starting making a noise when the Air Conditioning is running and
  236. Tranny issues?
  237. what is the best turbo psi rating ??
  238. How much will I pay for a Complete Car Check? i have a 1999 Honda Prelude?
  239. Honda Civic roof rack?
  240. My 1991 Honda Accord Radiator Fan stays on?
  242. what tire do i need if i am trying to fit a 17 inch rim on a 1995 honda accord?
  243. 1993 Civic DX Performance Chip?
  244. why does the new honda book says i have to change my oil every 5,000 miles .....what happened to...
  245. Where do you go to update the Honda Navigational System for a Odyssey?
  246. Strange noise coming from 2005 Honda Civic LX (tire/wheel related??)?
  247. Where is the best place to buy the k20a engine for a swap?
  248. What does D3 mean on Honda's?? What's the difference?
  249. want to add spoiler to 03 Honda Civic?
  250. My Honda 2002 Air Cond went out. Dealer wants 3300.00 to fix Is that too high?