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  1. 92 Honda Prelude,How much would it cost for new and used for the computer that runs the 4...
  2. anybody drive a stock b20z2 vtec swap in a eg hatch AND a stock k20a2 or z1 in the same shell?
  3. My car is making this squeaky noise after belts changed. HELP!!?
  4. 2007 Honda Civic Si SEDAN = 2007 Honda Civic Si COUPE parts?
  5. where can i get a h22 engine from?i want to put in my 96 accord?
  6. Honda S2000 quality?
  7. 2000 Prelude Or Civic SiR?
  8. how much can i boost on a stock b16a?
  9. Where to Find a Clean 88-91 CRX in Calfornia?
  10. my vtec randomly cuts in and out when driving?
  11. How do I play my Ipod in my 2006 Honda Civic LX?
  12. salvage title due to theft?
  13. sunroof drain location
  14. optima battery model for honda civic 96-98?
  15. what should the cost be for a fuel filter installed in a 92 honda prelude?
  16. I have a 1993 Honda civic dx A/T and having transmission problem?..how do you drain the
  17. How do you get a sparkler firework stick of out a keyhole in a Honda Odyssey?
  18. my honda crv is having difficulty shifting gears and the engine becomes noisy at high speed.
  19. what is the stock engine on a 93 civic ex?
  20. Will the front a-arm of an 01-05 civic go on an 02 civic Si?
  21. I have a honda prelude 91 which won't start sometimes. is it anything in the engine?
  22. how do you set the cruise control on a 92 honda accord lx?
  23. 1996 Honda Accord Air conditioning?
  24. What are car emblems made out of?
  25. Does anyone own a new 2007 Honda CRV? Where did they put the spare tire? Is it a full size spare?
  26. how do i refill the ac can on a honda dx 96?
  27. Frame Damage but it is Honda Certified can I claim on this 3 years later?
  28. O.K. I found another CR-V but its a 2004 model....?
  29. 2002 Honda Civic EX?
  30. Civic & CR-V vs. Corolla & RAV-4?
  31. the clutch?
  32. does anyone own a HONDA FIT ?
  33. Regular Honda civic or hybrid civic ?
  34. What Type of Specification of Power Steering Fluid should i use in my 1996 HONDA CIVIC VTI SOHC
  35. a honda or acura?
  36. will a small 300-some hemi fit in a 91 civic hatchback.???
  37. what size of rims should i put on my 93 civic ex?
  38. Honda Del Sol for first car? Good idea?
  39. How do I replace a 2003 Honda Pilot driver's side door lock actuator? Thanks?
  40. i have a 2001 honda accord and the backlight of my clock isnt working! does anybody know...
  41. 2003 Civic EX Coupe?
  42. i have a 98 prelude that idles rough and bogs down in lower gears what should i do to fix it?
  43. How do you hook led light wires to your car battery?
  44. how can you keep a car aerodynamic but looking stock?
  45. Has or does anyone work for Honda in Swindon????
  46. anyone who has purchased a body kit online?
  47. what kind of pistons does a 94 honda accord has?
  48. Honda Odyssey EX Alarm System Question?
  49. How do i change the headlight bulb on my 1990 Honda Accord lx?
  50. I would like to buy a 1998 or up honda accord coupe?
  51. 2008 Honda Pilot?
  52. What is the difference between the 1998 Honda Civic Dx and Cx ?
  53. What are the top 3 best, easiest, and cheapest ways to add high performance to a 2000 Honda
  54. When will they launch the 2008 Honda Accord sedan?
  55. What would you Say about Mitsubishi Spider?
  56. are imports and domestics that are tuned overpriced?
  57. Im going to test drive this vehicle....?
  58. wat if you twin turbocharged a stok 1995 honda and put nitrous on it?
  59. My son wants me to buy a 91 Honda Accord 2-dr 4-cyl 5-speed. It has a lot of recent work and is...
  60. what do you think of a honda [[yay or nay ??]]?
  61. Can you put a Honda S2000 Engine in a 1997 Honda Civic?
  62. Do you love the sound?
  63. 98 Honda Civic - Good Deal or Bad Deal?
  64. Does anyone know when the 2008 Honda CR-V is coming out?
  65. Has anyone hooked up a backup camera to a 2004 Honda element?
  66. honda civic wire diagram?
  67. Honda Fit owners, How do you like your car?
  68. For a 1996 Honda Civic, do all power lock actuators need to work for the security system to work??
  69. Change the clutch in a 89'Honda Accord?
  70. I have a 1987 honda accord and it cranks up but won't stay?
  71. I have 2005 Honda Civic EX S.E. and was wondering on the trip meters is there a max amount
  72. My seatbelt is on yet the indicator noise goes off every other minute...?
  73. 2007 Civic EX - Battery Light comes on intermittently?
  74. why does dash and taillight fuse blow on my honda del sol?
  75. Sulfur Smell?
  76. Will Honda Civic rims/tires fit on a 2007 Honda Fit?
  77. what is the millage of the honda civic??
  78. where can I buy 2007 civic si mugen?
  79. HONDA PILOT! my mom lost her 2004 hona pilot's key, can someone give me an estimate
  80. Will an engine from a 1991 Honda Civic DX fit into a 1993 Honda Civic DX?
  81. How far does a honda ek3 d15b go on a single liter?
  82. Who makes the Honda Passport?
  83. are there any aftermarket parts that i can get to give my 96 honda civic more torque?
  84. Can leather seats be put in a 95 Honda civic hatchback?
  85. AEM short ram VS cold intake?
  86. do u think its good to upgrade my civic EK?
  87. Fuel Problem...experts opinions welcomed!?
  88. Honda sucks!!!!!!?
  89. Transmissions problems on 2000 Honda Civic
  90. I have a 1987 honda accord and it cranks up but won't stay?
  91. I have a 2005 Honda Element LX it does not come with a rear power source. Would it be
  92. where is the best place on the web to get parts for my 05 civic si?
  93. How can I shorten my gear ratio on my 89 Honda accord?
  94. My 87 Honda Accord Dx Automatic will just randomly die when I am driving down the road and wont...
  95. Does the 1998 Honda Accord Ex 4 cyl come standard with Keyless entry?
  96. what is the length of the windshield wipers for a 2002 honda civic lx?
  97. hi ihave honda civic 92 and am having aproblem with my cv or drive shaft .?
  98. where can i find spec info on 86 preludes?
  99. I have a '06 Honda Accord and I want to put a differents CD Player in. How much and...
  100. 2004 Honda accord, already an oil leak!?
  101. Any opinions on the 1994 Honda Civic Si?
  102. any 1 no cheap parts for 2006 honda civic si ?????????? coupe?
  103. problems with the 2000 Honda Civic SiR?
  104. i have a '05 civic si if i add a turbo will the turbo put more wear and tear on the engine than...
  105. What will be the cost to replace the front bumper on a black 07 accord..It has dent and has
  106. where to buy crx engine?
  107. New Accord Styling?
  108. b18b on a auto 98 civic good or bad??
  109. is the Honda Pilot a good SUV?
  110. 2000 honda civic si leaking oil?
  111. Why is 1993 Honda accord water level dropping, and reservoir level increasing?
  112. Vtec Over V8?
  113. Car Decals: Cool or Blah?
  114. 98 Honda Civic manual transmission fluid check?
  115. 2002 Honda Odyssey - Problem with Rear Wireless Audio System?
  116. How to change cluster in a 1994 honda civic coupe?
  117. I want to know the features of 1993 honda civic DX sedan 4D. Does it have power steering. How
  118. How do we change the PCV valve AND filter on a 1999 honda accord lx 4 cylinder?
  119. 2000 Honda Civic SiR?
  120. Need Openion about Honda Odyssey 2007?
  121. 1996 Honda Civic DX engine started making deep throaty sound?
  122. Are there differnt 1995 Honda Civic LSI steering columns? I just ordered 1, but was told...
  123. 95 honda civic ex engine swap?
  124. mpg for honda?
  125. how much would all this cost?
  126. I have a 2003 Honda civic. PLEASE HELP!?
  127. what kind of oil does honda over 100000 miles?
  128. What should I do to fix up my 1999 Honda Civic EX?
  129. how much money would i spend on this?
  130. Hi, will you share your personal experience about Honda Pilot? I am planning to lease one...?
  131. fluid leaking from back passenger wheel?
  132. I'm trying to buy a short ram intake for my civic, i need suggestions?
  133. what is he difference between a honda crx dx and a honda crx hf?
  134. How many miles can you drive a 1996 honda civic, total miles. in the cars lifetime?
  135. What Swap whould be better a CRX?
  136. How often are you suppose to change the timing belt on a 2002 Honda Accord?
  137. Size of S2000 trunk?
  138. My car makes this squeeking sound when I start it...?
  139. How do i put the belt on my a/c?
  140. What is a scangauge ? What's a fair price ? Is it easy to install on a '07 Honda Fit Sport ?
  141. * does any honda junkie know what are the specs to adjust the valves on a, B18a non V-TEC.?
  142. How to change my Civic's antenna?
  143. does anyone know where I can find a 5 speed H22 transmission from?
  144. where do i find 1984 honda big red parts (engine)honda no longer deals with 3
  145. What size Honda "H" emblem will fit a 1998 Civic?
  146. How does a Honda civic s14 front end conversion look on a hatchback?
  147. How does a Honda civic s14 front end conversion look on a hatchback?
  148. What kind of mileage would a Honda Element get??
  149. What size Honda "H" emblem will fit a 1998 Civic?
  150. Can a 92-95 Honda Civic Sedan Body Kit fit a Hatchback?
  151. 1994 civic EX (V-tech) won't start. Plugs, wires, etc are new but it won't turn over. Any ideas?
  152. civic map sensor?
  153. Can you put a D16Y8 1.6L engine w/ manual trans from a 98 Civic EX into a 99 Civic EX w/ auto trans?
  154. How long will a honda civic (circa 02-04) last, if maintained well, without difficulties?
  155. Has anyone bought an 07 Honda CR-V? Did you negotiate much off the sticker price?
  156. 99 honda civic ex coupe... good buy?
  157. 87 civic or 91 accord?
  158. ?Honda FIT license plate holder?
  159. H22a fit in 99 prelude?
  160. I just bought a Honda FIT 25 mpg help.?
  161. Whats a great car, high quality, doesnt suck gas, has power and doesnt cost a fortune? Please...
  162. Legal or Not Legal?
  163. did i get a good deal on my 2007 civic lx?
  164. What type of Fuel Pump would be good for my stock CRX?
  165. Can a HONDA beat a FERRARI in a 1/4 mile?
  166. Transmission Oil 1993 Honda Civic?
  167. 1989 Civic fans will not shut off
  168. Help, 94 honda accord has speedometer, surging issues wife is mad, HELP
  169. How many speakers does a 2006 Honda CR-V LX have?
  170. Any solution to Honda Fit interior rear view mirror vibrates?
  171. PLEASE HELP ---- wrx idles ruff?
  172. How to install (Header or Exhaust System) in my 2007 Honda Civic Si Sedan?
  173. honda accord?
  174. 1994 accord tcm
  175. how much 2001 honda prelude!?
  176. Aem v2 cold air intake?
  177. Truck comparison! =]?
  178. how to disable 1997 honda accord car alarm?
  179. has a honda accord ever been a transformer character?
  180. Can Power windows be installed in a 1992 car??
  181. i have a honda crx that has no back set?
  182. 1987 honda accord fuel reset button?
  183. Does anyone know where I can find a video where a Honda beats a ferrari in a drag race?
  184. please help me with my 1999 honda civic body?
  185. Have a strange problem with my 05 Accord EX V6 with starting, and the dealer is clueless?
  186. I have a Honda Accord EX V6 2003 automatic. Do I need regular, mid-grade, or premium gas?
  187. My Honda Civic is still new, at 27k miles my car has low antifreeze, other problems. The dealer
  188. When does the HONDA CIVIC TYPE-R come to americA?
  189. I ran a diagnostics test on My 1998 Honda Civic Lx and it read P1146 Emission Control. What does it
  190. 2008 hondas!!!?
  191. when we talk about rpm is that the crankshaft or the pistons?
  192. Our 86 prelude is smoking, can we fix it cost effectively?
  193. Can someone tell me if I should put a short shifter in my stock civic si and what it does to...
  194. what year is my car?
  195. please help me with my honda civic 1999 doors?
  196. shoud i put a k24 in my prelube?
  197. How much is a distributor for a honda?
  198. please help with my honda civic 1999 2000 doors?
  199. What parts should I put on my stock 02' Honda civic engine? (AT)?
  200. Can I switch through the gears in my Honda Odyssey manually?
  201. Is it lame to have an AT Honda Civic that is raced out?
  202. How do you remove the shift knob for a Honda Civic SI 2007?
  203. Why do so many people hate Honda's that are fixed up? They are soo fun to drive!?
  204. Question about the 07 Civic?
  205. How much does it cost to install A/C on a 92-95 civic hatchback?
  206. 2007 Honda Civic: The oil light came on with the number 15 next to it. What does it mean?
  207. Honda Civic 96 Not Start in Hot Days?
  208. Where is the tail light fuse for a 2004 Honda Odyssey?
  209. Is the honda dealership service dept a rip off for service?
  210. How to make 2004 Honda Odyssey seats more comfortable?
  211. I just got a 86 Honda accord-dx, I allready did the water pump, and brakes on the...
  212. how do i fit a mugen chip into my DOHC 1.6vetec intregra. its 1991?
  213. shoud i put a k24 in my prelube?
  214. I just bought a 2007 HONDA FIT. How long should i let the engine warm up in the morning
  215. I just got a new Civic and want to get a good car system what do you recommend?
  216. How far can i get?
  217. Please help m ewith my Honda civic 1999 door kit?
  218. what are the best brand of tires to get for a honda civic?
  219. What's wrong with you ppl??!!?
  220. gain interest for sponsorship
  221. Where can I find a digital dash for a 1986 honda accord?
  223. What year is the first model of the Civic Hybrid?
  224. Good / Bad Experience with Honda Pilot?
  225. what are prices of HONDA CRV?
  226. Honda motor sites?
  227. So I want to buy a used accord?
  228. Does the sedan window regulator fit in a coupe?
  229. I have a 2007 Honda Civic Lx and I want to make it faster what do you recomend?
  230. Is it possible to mod. a 2002 Honda Civic LX? Does the model even really matter?
  231. Electrical problems on a 1991 honda crx dx?
  232. which bike is good for milege?
  233. We just got a new Honda Civic 2007. Radiator fan seems to run way too frequently. What gives?
  234. Towing Capacity for a CRV?
  235. 2002 Honda civic engine noise, please help?
  236. Honda motor from scratch?
  237. do i need to change my inside wire harness if im changing automatic to standard ?
  238. how would i konow if my a/c compressor or condenser is not working, or if there is a leak in...
  239. How much will i pay for front brakes in my 99 Honda Prelude?
  240. Starting Problems with 1991 Honda Prelude?
  241. What mpg does honda civic reach best mpg?
  242. who is the founder of Honda?
  243. '95 Honda Civic, I wanna do an engine swap, what do you recommend?
  244. How can I open a Honda Accord 91 driver's door panel/?
  245. Can i do i H22 swap on a civic?
  246. Metal hood trim tarnished on 01 Civic?
  247. Honda CRV Keyless fob directions?
  248. how to change a power brake booster for a 1993 honda accord LX?
  249. can you lower 2007 honda accord if you have 22"in wheels?
  250. Are Dc Headers legal on a 2000 civic si?