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  1. when installing a turbo kit..what else is needed?
  2. Where Is The Speedometer Cable/Speed Sensor On A 92 Honda Civic LX???
  3. Honda Accord, D3 or D4 for everyday driving??
  4. does anyone know a place where i can watch videos on how to fix a main relay on a 91 honda accord
  5. Honda Accord engine or transmission?
  6. where can i find a honda civic dx hatckback in oklahoma?
  7. Anyone have or know where to buy a Chilton Repair Manual for an 88 Honda Prelude Si in the BC area?
  8. how do I adjust the dash clock on my 94 honda accord?
  9. about honda integra type?
  10. How often should the oxygen sensor be replaced in a '91 Honda CRX?
  11. Does anyone know the gas mileage of an '89 mustang with a 2.3liter engine?
  12. are the wiring harnesses for a 1999 civic lx and ex the same?
  13. i have a honda civic with a rebuilt manual?
  14. Is there a good intake/dry air filter for a 2003 Accord 4 cylinder? Also an exhaust...
  15. H22 or F22!What is faster.?
  16. Infiniti g37 or Honda accord 2008? Which is better?
  17. ****^^^^Has anyone actually seen a 2008 accord on the streets yet? or Have u bought one?
  18. What's the highest psi boost for a SOHC Vtec motor?
  19. does a 94 honda civic have power steering?
  20. what's a better car...Mazda 3 or Honda Civic?
  21. 2003 accord antenna troubles
  22. Can or have you fitted Hand brush guards to a Honda XR 125 L 06 model motorbike?~?
  23. 2008 Accord 4Dr - how to differenciate between LX and LX-P by looking at the car?
  24. 05 hond civic top limited speed?
  25. Any one know the invoice price for 2008 Accord LX-P 4Dr Automatic?
  26. Is there a revving limit on a 07 honda accord v6?
  27. Does anybody know what kind of profiles can i put on 18" rims with low suspension on my 99 Civic Si?
  28. If i have a 2005 Honda Accord V6 sedan, will i be able to install an ipod adapter that was...
  29. Why is that my civic decides to set the rev-limiter at 4000?
  30. 2003-2005 Honda Accord 4 cylinder VS 2003-2005 Honda Accord V6. which engine last longer
  31. 1997 Honda Civic over heating?
  32. where can i find peformace parts for a 1990 prelude?
  33. Will a K20A1 honda engine fit in a 2001 civic?
  34. Honda Auto question?
  35. Importing JDM Cars?
  36. how can i change radiator in Honda Accord 1991.?
  37. My Honda Civic 2005 at 40, 000 Miles and has a steering problem?
  38. Honda prelude ac question?
  39. what could be wrong with my honda prelude?
  40. what is exhaust re-circulation circuit malfunction?
  41. 2001 honda civic?
  42. What distributor and rotor kit should I get for a 1996 Honda Accord LX f22b2.?
  43. My 91 Civic DX wont start...sometimes.?
  44. Honda civic 2006 and was left in a flooded parking basement.Do i need to replace the engine?
  45. How do you get more power from a 05 honda civic automatic?
  46. Headers on a Honda Prelude?
  47. Just bought a 2005 Honda cr-v.?
  48. 98 prelude sh tranny bogs down in reverse, trans just rebuilt and shift selinoids replaced, still
  49. Anyone know where i can get a 94-95 Accord EX alloy wheel in Dallas TX?
  50. will a rear hub for a 91 crx fit a 91 civic hatchback with drum brakes?
  51. is it cheaper to insured a celica gt or a honda accord coupe both are 2001 models?
  52. how much would it cost to put a b16 engine in my honda civic?
  53. Exhaust on 1999 Honda Prelude?
  54. best sounding exhaust for '99 prelude?
  55. 2003 honda civic lx new header install?
  56. whats the best spring/strut combo for a prelude 95?
  57. automatic Transmission revs up then shifts hard into 1st and 2nd?
  58. accord starter problem!!!?
  59. Which tires are best for a 2006 Honda CR-V LX 2WD?
  60. What's wrong with my 92 Honda Civic Dx, 4dr?
  61. 06 civic si coilovers?
  62. 2001 Honda Accord question.....?
  63. How much does it cost to rebuild transmission in 99 honda accord?
  64. Honda Civic question PLEASE HELP.?
  65. How much will it cost to get the head gasket replaced?
  66. does catback exhast give me hp and sound?
  67. What is the first performance part I should buy to improve my 2006 Honda Civic EX Sedan
  68. what causes water to drip out of my ehxaust -91 crx-?
  69. 2001 accord ex 4-door sedan and 2001 accord ex 2-door coupe?
  70. Best Cold Air Intake Manufacturers?
  71. is it safe to put a turbo on a?
  72. 1996 HONDA ACCORD ENGINE UPGRADES??? See details?
  73. Honda Cbr125r fuel consumption?
  74. Does anyone know what carb in take would fit on a honda b20a5 head?
  75. Honda prelude question: what does the lock near the boot and fuel latch do?
  76. Help...2002 Civic LX 4-Door transmission problem?
  77. Can anyone tell me what the code is to reprogram my 2003 honda civic radio with serial #U24261350?
  78. How can i get trouble codes out of my 96 civic with out a scanner?
  79. Where do i find the coolant temperature sensor on a 90 honda accord lx?
  80. What yrs. did they make the del sol with the DOHC vtec engine?
  81. does anyone know where the ontario california races are now and where they meet up??
  82. NEW CRV EX-L perma-shine/undercoating?Should I?
  83. 2000 honda accord firing order?
  84. honda parts needed?
  85. I have a Honda Accord 99 shaking, what could it be?
  86. My greddy performance exhaust vibrates, how come??
  87. What size lugnuts do I need for a 2001 Civic - Need tuner lug nuts for new wheels?
  88. 2008 Accord LX-P Sedan - Is Alloy wheels standard ? I saw in some website that 18in alloy
  89. Honda Fit Bad 20 MPG, Contacted Honda, they wont so shit, HELP?
  90. What parts would i need to do a 99 civic si motor swap?
  91. Honda Broken?
  92. Will WRX STi fuel injectors fit Honda civic?
  93. what is the best way to get horsepower out of my d16y8 engine besides a turbo?
  94. I have a 2003 Honda Civic with air con and gear box probs, low mileage. has anyonelse
  95. How do I remove the cabin air filter on a 2003 Honda Odyssey?
  96. HONDA Accord vs Toyota Camry?
  97. 1990 Honda Accord. It has no power, engine stalls, but runs. Put in water Pump & Belt....
  98. Problem HONDA CIVIC 2001..?
  99. How can I check to see if there is something wrong with my Vtec solenoid?
  100. Prelude question?
  101. Prelude question?
  102. How much potential does a FB22 VTEC engine have?
  103. i got a 95 honda civic, and my high beams and quarter lights work but not my regular lights,
  104. does anyone know where the DLC (Data link Connector) is located on a 94 honda accord lx?
  105. 03 Honda civic (whistle in the mornings or when cold)?
  106. how do i open the trunk to my '06 honda accord with a valet key?
  107. 96 honda civic cuts out at low RPM?
  108. What is this civic body kit part?
  109. 1990 Honda Accord. It has no power, engine stalls, but runs. Put in water Pump & Belt. Timing...
  110. I got a 95 honda civic, and my high beams and quarter lights work but not my regular lights, what
  111. Will it be a problem to switch a stock sohc vtec cam gears to a perfomance cam gears?
  112. Should I trade in my baby??? (s2000)?
  113. 98'Civic using 5W-30 oil...Is there a better oil I can put in?
  114. can i turn a 99 honda civic sedan front transmission into a rear one?
  115. Prelude owners name what kind and what engine and what year and why you like it cause im thinking...
  116. How to protect front bumper bodykit??
  117. 1990 honda wont start?
  118. Which is the better exhaust system apexi world sport or the GREDDY Evo 2 system.?
  119. How can I afford a 2003 Honda Accord without co-signing for one and I only make $8 an hour at my
  120. can a honda S2000 beat nissan skyline in drag race?
  121. i have aftermarket euro halo projection fog lights on my 1995 honda civic and i don't know how...
  122. My climate control on my 99 accord lights up but wont light the lights above the toggle switch?
  123. Honda CRV Cruise option Question?
  124. Whats the quietest exhaust for 2006 Honda Civic Si?
  125. Is a 96 civic hatchback with a JDM GS-R engine swap a good, reliable setup? What kind of times can
  126. srs light on 2000 honda accord?
  127. How many horsepower and how many pounds of torque does a 1998 Honda Prelude have?
  128. should i swap a N1 exhaust to my CIvic?
  129. Has anyone else had to wait 6 months for new civic type R? Grrrr?
  130. Rear Defroster issue for 93 Accord. Professional Needed.?
  131. 2001 Honda Civic Air not blowing at all. It did work off and on, now stopped at all!?
  132. what do you guys think of an auto 98 rodeo v6 LS?
  133. Anyone know if the hfp wheels from honda are any good?
  134. Problem Starting up?
  135. I have a 2001 honda civic sedan im trying to soup it up whats the highest rim size i can go?
  136. how to tell If I am getting spark?
  137. Is $23,500 for a Honda CR-V LX a good deal?
  138. I have a honda civic DX.....2003 model...please help!!!!!!!!!?
  139. 1989-95 honda civic?
  140. I have a 2005 Honda Civic. Does it have anti-lock brakes?
  141. Whats the quietest exhaust for 2006 Honda Civic Si?
  142. I am considering swapping a h22 into my 95 civic coupe is this a good idea?
  143. what is ABS in car engines?
  144. why is the honda crx not in the kelly blue book? (at least online)?
  145. 1990 honda prelude JHMBA215L009345?
  146. question about 3rd generation civics "help"???
  147. cooling fan blowing fuses 1991 prelude?
  148. Would like info regarding the Christmas Prelude in Kennebunkport Maine. Dates and any info. Thanks?
  149. Honda Euro 7th Generation difference?
  150. How much is my 1980 honda PA50 I moped worth? good running condition. goes about 30 mph
  151. In the UK, what's the difference between the Honda Civic and the Jazz?
  152. Honda civic motor swap?
  153. What is the song from the Honda commercial?
  154. 94-97 accord trunk capacity..?
  155. if i change the oil on my 07 civic wich have an elect. feat. to check the quality of oil will it...
  156. Hondas with 13" x 120 4-bolt wheel?
  157. My 99 4-cylinder Honda civic won't shift into reverse, park, or 2nd. Why?
  158. Does cruise control on a 2001 Honda Civic utilize a fuse?
  159. cat back exhaust for 2007 civic lx coupe???
  160. honda civic?....?
  161. Civic Ex for 350Z?
  162. Can someone clarify this for me (1997 Honda Civic LX 4-Door)?
  163. what are the signs of a fuel pump or filter going bad? see the thing is when i turn my
  164. What do you mean by certified pre-owned??
  165. What kinda engine fits in a 1993 del sol honda?
  166. what is a good car around the Honda civic size?
  167. See the new HONDA ACCORD ?
  168. need help b16a OBD0 swap into 93 Honda Del sol?
  169. Who likes the Honda Element?
  170. AC Works intermittently?
  171. Honda Accord 1987 Cruise Control mal-functioning?
  172. Short summery on Odyssey 1-8?
  173. 07 honda accord which way do u turn the screws to make the headlights go up?
  174. will a 91 civic hood fit on a 91 crx?
  175. Bank 1 02 sensor was bad so i changed it and lights still shows do i have to change the
  176. Where could i find someone to make me a custom sub box that goes behind the seats in my
  177. replace honda accord sedan bumper?
  178. Does anybody have a minivan with automatic doors?
  179. would a 2.2 auto trans from a 1990 honda accord bolt right on to a 1994 accord trans?
  180. 07 civic strut tower bar?
  181. What would sound better or prefer. A custom sub box in the trunk of a honda del sol or
  182. When's the new Honda XGA coming ?
  183. 2007 honda crv vs huyndai santa fe?
  184. Turbo on 97 Honda Prelude H22 Base?
  185. 07 honda accord which way do u turn the screws to make the headlights go up?
  186. does a 2.2 auto trans from a 1990 accord fit in a 1994 accord?
  187. Just some insight, please...?
  188. fair price for 2008 honda accord exl 4 cyl no trade, tried dealer quotes but they're the
  189. Where is my reset button on my 94 Honda Prelude Type S?
  190. 07 honda accord which way do u turn the screws to make the headlights go up?
  191. wear can i find a cylindr head and valve cams for a 91 crx si cheap?
  192. I just purchased a 1991 Honda Civic hatchback with 136k on it, can I drive it to colorado?
  193. Should I go with a B18 gsr or a B16 for a engine swap in my 93 Honda civic?
  194. Honda Civic?
  195. Timing belt on 99' Civic dx hatchback?
  196. 1 muffler into 2 muffler..possible or not?
  197. I was wonder if anybody out there knows the size of a 1997 honda accord trunk?
  198. 2001 honda prelued oil leak for exaust?
  199. 1997 accord preamps?
  200. what would be the alternate route for putting power windows for a 97 honda civic without the
  201. Honda Civic Gas Pedal Clicks......?
  202. Are all Honda CRV 2003 4 wheel drive?
  203. '92 Honda Accord LX?
  204. How do I reset the clock on my 2003 Honda Accord EX?
  205. Honda Element?
  206. What cat back exhaust system should I get?
  207. where should the oil level be on the dip stick of a 95 honda civic?
  208. Stinkin' Fish?
  209. Whats the biggest width of tires I can put on my 06 honda civic?
  210. when was the first honda element product?
  211. 1998 old Civic... i'm considering to buy another car, mine is giving me some engine problems?
  212. what components do i need for a type r head swap on my 2000 civic si?
  213. What is the song on the Honda Accord commercial? Who sings it? "Hold on tight to your
  214. How could i hook up an extra turn signal to my 1992 Honda accord?
  215. Is it worth it to get the 2008 Honda Accord if a diesel version with twice the efficiency is...
  216. is a honda civic with 1.5 k miles okay?
  217. DVD player in Honda Ridgeline...?
  218. What's the quietest exhaust system for a '94 Civic coupe?
  219. Does Accord'08 has timing belts or timing chains?
  220. My Honda civic has a Vtec engine but the vtec is not kicking in at all?
  221. Difference in Honda CRV Models?
  222. Who knows how to adjust a 2007 honda accord ex-l headlights?
  223. how do u adjust a 2007 honda accord EX-L low beam headlights?
  224. Power Steering/AC adapter and ECU adapter?
  225. Does anybody know what size a 1997 Honda Accord trunk size is in "cm"?
  226. how do u adjust a 2007 honda accord EX-L low beam headlights?
  227. who knows how to adjust a 2007 honda accord ex-l headlights?
  228. Does any one know what the exhaust systems that are suppost to be under 93 dbs are called.?
  229. civic starter motor?
  230. Who knows how to adjust a 2007 honda accord ex-l headlights?
  231. honda accord question please help !!?
  232. Why did my idle speed control increase?
  233. is thier a Honda civic type R owners or members club in the north of england?
  234. where is the starter?
  235. How to replace 92 honda accord timing belt ?
  236. My 2001 honda crv keeps dying!??!?
  237. How do I get the "maintenance required" light to go off on my 2004 Honda Accord?
  238. Is a Honda Prelude good on gas?
  239. how much can i get a used 2008 honda accord?
  240. what performance mods should i get for a b18c type-r in my 95 civic.?
  241. At how many miles does the timing belt need to be changed on a 98-02 Accord coupe?
  242. Should I buy the Honda Civic Si coupe or Si sedan?
  243. Better first car for 16 year old guy?
  244. b16 ek or h22 ek?
  245. Are the Honda cars as reliable as the Honda motorcycle's?
  246. What is the "winter" switch for on a 95 Honda Passport?
  247. how to change the shift knob on 06 accord coupe 5-spd manual?
  248. Performance of Merwede lowering springs?
  249. will ls motor mounts fit?
  250. Should I get the factory fog lights on my 07 si coupe?