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  1. What do you all think of the Acura TSX? Worth the $30k?
  2. wuts the difference between a 91 integra and a 94 integra . Do they have the same motor?
  3. how do i install a heater core on a 91 legend?
  4. What is this? (An Ethernet cable attechment or something?
  5. looking for torque specs for a D16A1- 1988 Integra - rods,mains and head?
  6. i have a 91 integra , any one some good websites to get performance parts?
  7. When replacing your exhaust system, is it a good idea to replace it with the same one it had ?
  8. my 91 acura legend overheats?
  9. Does anyone have a NSX if so are they reliable and are they acaully fast?
  10. How fast is a stock 98' Integra LS engine?
  11. whats better chevy or ford?
  12. What speeds can you travel at using the acura tls traction control system?
  13. 2000 acura integra gs-r OBD II diagnostic code help (P1456)?
  14. What speeds can you travel at using the acura tls traction control system?
  15. After Market mods.?
  16. how can i upgrade my acura tl?
  17. 2000 acura integra gs-r trunk lock help?
  18. my acura integra 95 recall?
  19. Question about 91-93 Acura Integra LS?
  20. the airbag light is on in my 97 acura. what does that mean?
  21. I'm looking to buy an Acura TL, any feedback good and bad?
  22. When should I replace the struts and springs???
  23. RSX...con't..?
  24. 2007 Acura TL Type S?
  25. Trying to customise 97 Acura Cl... need good websites for parts and accesories? Any suggestions
  26. acura cl(97-99). Is it reliable?
  27. 95 Acura Integra...?
  28. The RSX....?
  29. what is the best model?
  30. Why are Acura Intergra TypeR so special?
  31. 91 acura legend overheats why?
  32. Acura 3.2 TL MPG?
  33. Who makes the best Alternative fuels automobile?
  34. where can i find pictures of the 2008 Acura TSX ?
  35. I installed an air intake on my car while im going reverse and changing direcetions it makes...
  36. Would you consider a acura rsx a chick car?
  37. RSX radio problem?
  38. ok need some help finding an acura legend?
  39. Body Kits!?
  40. how do i install cold air intake on a 2000 acura integra gsr. couple xtra hoses on
  41. when you drop your rsx , does it affect the handling??
  42. mile per gallon Acura Integra 1999?
  43. What are some early signs of your clutch going bad ?
  44. 2006 Acura RSX base auto?
  45. How did Honda/Acura number the Type R's? I have a 98 ITR 1196 although in 98 they only made 750.?
  46. I am having problems with my 1990 Integra?
  47. Why can't we Americans buy Canadian cars and drive in the us?
  48. how to improve gas mile on my acura integra 1999?
  49. Acura Integra mods HELP?
  50. Does fuel injector cleaner or octane boost help your car run better/ faster ?
  51. Who makes Acura?
  52. is there an addapter for a 1993 acura integra so that i can put 1996 nessan altima rims on?
  53. problems with 1998 acura cl transmission?
  54. Location of ECU on 2003 RSX Type S?
  55. Ever Had the Pleasure of Getting Your Car Stolen?
  56. Integra checkup?
  57. Acura TL - when will it be redesigned?
  58. I am getting ready to purchase a 1999 Acura TL, what are typical problems with this make and model?
  59. what consitute a salvage vehicle?
  60. i want to put my friend's rims on my car and i am having a problem wit the lug patterns?
  61. I need the stock engine horsepower of the car listed inside.....?
  62. Acura TL...anyone have any problems with there 06 car ??
  63. Is there a database where I can find all the makes and models with a specific information I am...
  64. Can you take the head off of a C32B engine and put it on C32A motor?
  65. Help! Acura Integra Distributer?
  66. acura motor into a civic?
  67. Where can I find a list of cars that have continuous power in the lighter socket, even...
  68. Acura Integra Sister Car?
  69. I have an Acura integra Ls 97?
  70. whats better acura or lexus?
  71. Who is the best car makers ( Japan , Germany , Usa ) ?
  72. 1999 Acura CL 3.0 SRS control replacement cost and is it recomended??
  73. what size wiper blade fits on acura tl 2003?
  74. 93 integra ( lime green twist )?
  75. What should I get? An Acura TSX or a Mazda6 5 door (Hatchback)? Which is better quality?
  76. 30+ mpg 94 Acura Integra GSR?
  77. Where can I go to find out how much it would cost to completley repaint my car?
  78. Why does www.acurazine.com discriminate people based on their race and ethnicity?
  79. how can you tell an acura integra type r from a gsr?
  80. Why isn't the Acura sold in Europe?
  81. Is an acura a good car and isn't it the same as Honda?
  82. how do i know if my ignition coil is bad on my 1994 integra rs?
  83. what do you think about the Hogan Randy Orton match at Summerslam?
  84. need to know wqts wrong with my 1994 acura integra rs 2door automatic
  85. why is my acura cl drain hose leaking?
  86. Anyone have problems with the braking in a 2001 Acura TL ...?
  87. Why SUVs have rear wiper and not sedans?
  88. Anyone have an Acura CL 2001-2003? (Please read the details below first)?
  89. How to install a performance chip for an '06 RSX Type-S??
  90. Will there be another Acura CL?
  91. do you love the new acura?
  92. Looking for 2000-2001 acura integra gsr wheels in the El Paso area?
  93. Instructions For Taking Off An Acura 94' Legend LS Door Panel????
  94. Acura 3.2TL 98 - replacing the a/c clutch?
  95. Does anybody know where I can get a trunk for my RSX???
  96. How much horsepower can I add...?
  97. acura parts?
  98. Why aren't these features included in the new 2007 Acura RDX?
  99. How can I tell if my Acura RSX is a type S or regular?
  100. Should I get an 06 Acura RSX base model or wait for 07 models?
  101. What's a GMC Sierra Power Programmer?
  102. Anyone know where I can find info about remote control cars in the US? Not toy remotes.?
  103. Does anybody know if the Sony Ericson z525a links with the Acura HFL (hands free link).?
  104. 2003 Acura 3.2TL Sedan?
  105. why there is no Acura Model in Malaysia ?
  106. can you use stock shock absorbers with lowering springs?
  107. What type of transmission fluid is used in a 1996 Acura 2.5 TL?
  108. I want more horsepower in my RSX Type-S.... suggestions?
  109. Has Honda/Acura made any announcements about hybrids in the Acura line?
  110. How do I get a car with bad credit?
  111. Benefits of leasing a car?
  112. my 92 Acura integra will not start when the s2 light blinks?
  113. where could you buy a acura rdx at ten% discount?
  114. Anyone have and Acura TL?
  115. When will the 2007 Acura TL be available for purchase?
  116. What do the suffixes on the Acura cars mean?
  117. acura parts?
  118. acura 3.2 TL review?
  119. why is there light smoke coming from the the tailpipe when I first start off or somtimes just...
  120. what is a gsr engine called??
  121. what does an acura RSX type S has that a regulla RSX doesnt?
  122. Does the 1992-1996 prelude have type SH? Is the type Si equally as good?
  123. 1993 Acura Legend Alarm Problems?
  124. Ls-v turbo v.s. Ls turbo?
  125. my wife wants to know who out there owns an acura EL?
  126. Anyone have a acura RXS?
  127. on what website can you find the cheapest acura integras??
  128. Any advice/comments on 2003 Acura TL 3.2?
  129. Octane for 2006 Acura TSX? Is my salesman lying?
  130. How would you start a bonfire without getting caught by beach police? lol ;)?
  131. what is best car for a 16 year old girl?
  132. Can I replace my B18A1 with a D15B7 for my 1990 Integra?
  133. since the acura rsx is going to be discontinued...................................... ........?
  134. Anyone know where to have remote start installed on an 06 Acura RL (keyless) in the northern
  135. how to install the exterior door handle on an acura rl 3.5?
  136. Can I replace my B18A1 with a D15B7 for my 1990 Integra?
  137. What kind of motors fit an 1990 integra?
  138. How feasible is it to swap a K20 into a 1993 Integra?
  139. is my 1994 acura integra outdated for this time period we are in now?
  140. ever drove a 2002 acura 3.2?
  141. what do u think of the acura rsx?
  142. like to more about acura mdx sport utility care?
  143. 1990 integra to1998 gsr?
  144. how can i get more torque from my rsx without spending an arm and a leg?
  145. does anyone know where i can find a discontinued rim? I need one TSW VX1 17X7?
  146. i want to rent a cadiallac cts for my best friends wedding?
  147. How many miles can the average ACURA get? (I have a 1998 Acura 2.5 TL with 85K).?
  148. I just bought a 2005 non-navi Acura TL with 35K miles on it. I paid $24981 before tax. Did...
  149. what is the red book value of an 1996 acura?
  150. i have a 1991 integra gs. Whats the best engine swap i can do? and what are all of my possibilities?
  151. what good sports car should be good to race?
  152. what transmissions bolt on to a b18 engine?
  153. Where can i find more information on a Acura Integra 1995?
  154. how do you start a Carr club?
  155. Are there smoked tail light covers available for a 1997 Acura CL?
  156. i have a acura an its idling funny an shutting off the diagnastic anyone know what it could be?
  157. Has anyone checked out the new Acura RDX yet?
  158. Is Acura discontinuing the TSX and RSX or just the RSX?
  159. are you sure the rsx is gone for good? does this affect the states? so the integra is over?
  160. I have a 1994 acura vigor , and sometimes it does not start, if I do not disconet the
  161. any body knows if there are any integra club in Houston TX?
  162. Acura integra lights on a cl ?
  163. How do you install a Cold Air Intake on a 1996 Integra LS? HELP!!!?
  164. where can i get the collar and ring for the aluminum shift knob of rsx type s?
  165. any body knows if there are any integra team in Houston TX?
  166. The view out of my windshield in my new Acura TSX is extremely difficult at night.?
  167. I am selling a 2003 Acura TL Type-S with a full body kit and 75,000 miles. How much
  168. How much horse power does a 1995 acura integra LS have?
  169. which is faster a honda prelude or an integra?
  170. What is the first mod I should do to my Acura RSX Type-S?
  171. How well does the acura tl's navigation system voice command work?
  172. computer code 107or104doesanyone know what this means?
  173. what was the recommended fuel octane for a 2000 acura integra gsr? a type-r?
  174. What year of Acura TL model had the best quility and rating out of 2003-2005?
  175. How much does a distributor cost on a car such as an integra?
  176. wat does it mean when the handling of a car is "nimble?"?
  177. when my car is at idle my headlight is low but while in motion it brightens?
  178. why they stop making Integras?
  179. which is the best from these two? Acura RSX 2006 and Volkswagen Golf GTI?
  180. when my car is at idle my headlight is low but while in motion it brightens?
  181. my car sometimes drives as if its in a strain for power the transmission changes out
  182. my car fan runs longer than normal after i shut my car off and there A rattling noise
  183. what do you think of the new Acura TL?
  184. Stupid question, especially since I work for a dealer, but what is the best wax to use on...
  185. Are The Seats In The Acura TL Comfortable?
  186. when my car is at idle my headlight is low but while in motion it brightens?
  187. import racer cars?
  188. Pls tell me, Why My Legend'91 didn't want to start .. fuel, sparkplug, coil,battery is ok ....?
  189. which color is better on a rsx?
  190. what is the best website for custom car?
  191. Do you have to remove the camshaft to replace a cam seal on a 1990 Acura Integra ?
  192. its gold nugget, 98.9 purity, price is very reasonable .can i get a genuine buyer?
  193. Important question :ACURA RSX?????????
  194. 2002 Acura RL wheel options ????
  195. Has the Acura RSX had any transmission problems ?
  196. What kind of gas should I put in my 2000 Acura TL 3.2?
  197. Should I buy the TL now or wait till 2007. I heard the RL engine will be in the new TLs, is...
  198. 2006 TL Air Conditioning?
  199. Acura MDX VS. Honda Pilot?
  200. Is 130$ for a battery replacement too much?
  201. Is there a online company to order lowrider personal checks?
  202. where can i find a turbo kit for a 03 rsx non type s?
  203. can you swap an acura integra GSR thorttle into an acura NSX thorttle?
  204. how long will the lambo doors last on ur car if u use it everyday.?
  205. When will the 2007 Acura TL's be in dealer showrooms in Massachusetts?
  206. What's all involved in fixing an oil leak on my 1990 Acura Integra ?
  207. What is Riding The Clutch On A Car Mean?
  208. Is the Acura 3.2TLS a good quality car?
  209. Golf or Accord?
  210. acura tsx or lexus is300???????
  211. can u put a A-spec spoiler or an OEM spoiler on a 05 or 06 RSX that already has a trunk...
  212. Back seat space in RSX?
  213. Whats the difference between a sports car and a sporty car??
  214. how to change rear brakes on a '96 Acura TL?
  215. integra help?
  216. What is wrong with my Integra?
  217. Has anyone purchased a new Acura TL? Or Infiniti G35? Pros and cons?
  218. What would be a good, first, not too expensive modification to do on a stock 95 Integra GSR?
  219. which is better, 05 acura rsx or 05 scion tc?
  220. What car is better? The new Acura TL or the Lexus IS 350?
  221. how to install air conditioning in acura b18b motor?
  222. Anyone selling an ACURA INTEGRA year 1995 in New Jersey or New York or Connecticut?
  223. I want to buy a 94 GS-R and put a turbo like t5. Can you give me a estimate of the specs?
  224. why doesnt my radiator fan and the heater doesnt work?
  225. whats the engine code on a 1991 acura integra?
  226. engines for the top secret rsx?
  227. how to install timing belt on an acura integra?
  228. will 22 ' rims fit on a acura rl 2000'?
  229. What type of medium size cars have you been finding reliable?
  230. What is the offset on 1998 integra type r 16x7 wheels?
  231. balance rod came out from rear wheel?
  232. Whats Unique about the 2000 Acura integra Special Edition? whats special about it?
  233. What is the Acura RSX Bolt Pattern.? I wanna take Rims from an RSX and put the mon my 03 Jetta...?
  234. 2005 acura tl performance chips?
  235. i have a rhd integra .. does any one kno how to rigister it for california?
  236. I have a 1987 Acura Integra and needs a new transmission what can i do?
  237. what do you think about the Acura TSX '06? Good buy or not?
  238. What engine swap would be best for a 1988 Integra RS?
  239. Acura RSX or Mitsubishi Eclipse?
  240. what is the best car to street race ?
  241. What were the original exterior/interior color choices available for the 1989 Acura Integra LS
  242. Will a 225/45R17 tire fit on an Integra? What size wheel to use?
  243. Looking at a car?
  244. 91acura integra cooling system diagrams?
  245. If you have an Acura MDX, what do you think about it? Was it worth the purchase?
  246. I'm looking for a body kit for my '99 Acura 3.2 TL. Does anybody have any idea where i...
  247. what is the octane level for the 2006 Acura TSX? I couldn't find it on their website.?
  248. What do you think is better, a Gsr or an ls Integra?
  249. Acura rsx, or Lexus is300?
  250. is the acura nsx reliable?