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  1. my acura got jacked last night with all my school work and books?
  2. Anyone else with an Integra have oxidation problems?
  3. why does my 2001 acura mdx turn off by itself while the car is still on?
  4. Does the 01-03 Acura MDX tailights fit a 2004 model??
  5. why does my acura mdx model year 2001 turn off by itself?
  6. does an rsx type s wing fit on a 97 integra?
  7. Does anyone have and Acura Integra stock exhaust?
  8. 1999 Acura CL....good deal?
  9. Is the NSX's the next true "classic car"?
  10. In which colors is the Acura Integra type R 1997 available?
  11. What would be the best swap for my '95 Acura Integra 4dr??
  12. i need to know where to look for to buy a honda emblem for my acura rsx steering wheel?
  13. What is the difference between the AEM V2 intake and Original AEM Intake for the Acura TL?
  14. I am looking to put exhaust on my 2000 Acura TL and the stock Exhaust is Gold. Can I...
  15. ALPINE SWX-1242D. can they be ported?
  16. removing rsx-s cd changer?
  17. How do I reset the user PIN for my Acura 2003 MDX navigation system.?
  18. Transmission problem (possibly) with 3rd Gen Integra Automatic, or possible ABS system issues.?
  19. How many horsepower can I add by installing a AEM v2 Cold Air Intake on my 2000 Acura 3.2TL?
  20. mods for a better acura integra?
  21. Acura RSX 2002 conversion to 2006?
  22. Is Acura MDX 07 a good car? how about Lexus R350 08 or Infiniti FX35 07?
  23. How much should it be to replace tie rods on a 1992 Acura Legend?
  24. How much is it to replace the exhaust system on a 1992 Acura Legend?
  25. door handle question?
  26. troubleshooting a problem with a 2001 acura tl?
  27. What is max tire width for Acura RSX 2004?
  28. Are ACURA RDX AND HONDA CRV are just one?
  29. How much money should I put into my? brother's 1992 Acura Legend with 140,000 miles on it?
  30. Acura TSX vs Audi A4?
  31. Is acura a part of honda?
  32. what kind of gas does a 2001 acura 3.2TL need?
  33. How do I clean my AC evaporator in my Acura TL? I was told the musty mold smell was coming from it.?
  34. is a honda accord nav compatible to a 2005 acura Tl?
  35. Is a 1996 Acura 2.5TL a good car? Any known problems or issues? Do you reccomend it?
  36. Question about transmission for Acura TL 02-03 owners?
  37. Would you get an 07 Acura MDX or 07 Lexus RX350? Why or why not? Thanks?
  38. where can I buy the factory navigation unit for my 2005 mazda 6?
  39. Do you like the 05-06 acura rsx type-s?
  40. what is honda's next move for the Integra.?
  41. Where is the transmission filter and the plug to drain the fluid on a 1990 Acura Legend?
  42. Should I trade in my 06 Auto RSX for a Type-S ?
  43. Can a bmw X5 rim with a bolt pattern = 5x4.72 fit on a acura MDX with a bolt pattern =
  44. ive been looking for a rim that ENKEI makes, model number (RPOM) if anyone can help me
  45. Acura rsx-s interior questions...?
  46. radio code of 2002 acura 3.5 rl?
  47. Do they make Euro/Altezza taillights for '05-'06 body style Acura RSX's? I can only find...
  48. is a 2004 acura MDX using the same transmission as a 01-03 acura TL?
  49. where to buy a rl flowmaster sprayer model#227d?
  50. i want to swap engine from my base acura rsx to the k20 type-r engine?
  51. What model of Honda is closest to the Acura TL?
  52. i would like peoples oppinion?
  53. why is acura discontinuing the rxs?
  54. Need to know the offset (#) of rims of Acura Legend 2door coupe mod.91.?
  55. Which cams would be best for my ls/vtec?
  56. Where is RL Harris?
  57. What is required to Turbo Upgrade an RSX type-S?
  58. I want to do a JDM conversion to my 94 2dr Integra!!!!!!!?
  59. RSX Question?
  60. i want to pimp out my acura integra 1994?
  61. Do you like Acura Rsx type S??
  62. Trade my BMW 318is for a Acura RSX-type S or Accord Coupe?
  63. Where is the cabin air filter located on a 1995 Acura Legend LS? I can not seem to find...
  64. Anyone has the qx45 infiniti suv?
  65. where are jack points for 1998 Acura 3.2TL?
  66. I wanna do a JDm conversion to the front of my 95 integra 4dr, any suggestions, where to buy?
  67. If I pruchase LED turn signal lights bulbs (rear) for my 99' Acura Integra will it blink
  68. Engine swap help please?
  69. 2006 Acura?
  70. RDX snowing?
  71. Anything I need to worry about with buying a used '03 Acura RSX-type S 50k miles?
  72. How much HP does a 06' RSX TYPE S have?
  73. 2005 Acura MDX clock?
  74. I want to know if acura rl 2004 has blue tooth in it?
  75. looking for acura tl headlight (driver side?
  76. ive been riding clutch for about 2 months how bad is my clutch?
  77. Which Integra should i modify a DC5 (02-06) or a DC2 (1994-2001) integra?
  78. I need help changing the headlight on my 03 acura rsx ?
  79. Where can I find a site that sells Acura car parts?
  80. If i were to install headers in my RSX type s, would i see an improvement in performance?
  81. can you supercharge or turbo a base automatice acura rsx?
  82. are geos good cars?
  83. Buttons on the rear view mirror?
  84. which model should i put the Integra type r conversion on should it be the coupe or sedan
  85. why is my car burning oil its a 1991 acura legend?
  86. What is the difference between the Acura MDX and the Acura MDX Touring?
  87. Acura TL w/ Nav or Infiniti G35x with Tech/Nav. package?
  88. Rims for a Dark Green Acura Integra?
  89. Acura TSX? Should I buy?
  90. What would give my 06' RSX Type S the most horse power a supercharger or and turbo charger?
  91. Is Acura an American car?
  92. where can i find white rims for an acura integra 95.....in las vegas.......i need them with tires?
  93. Is there an stand alone engine managment for automatic acura integras (90-93)?
  94. 2001 acura mdx touring package w/ premium sound. Sirius radio?
  95. Im wondering about an engine for a 2000 integra?
  96. Acura Cake?
  97. 2007 Acura TL Pricing?
  98. what is stronger a H22 engine or a type R?
  99. Should I turn a '91 Integra LS into a project car? Thoughts?
  100. what are some good (cheap) mods i can put on my 1996 Acura integra, 2dr, standard?
  101. 1990 ACURA Integra problems!!!!?
  102. I have A 90 Acura Integra ls INline 4.Need to nowwhat to do ..make it faster or what..?
  103. NO (PPM) is too high on 92 integra w/JDM motor. Does anyone has same problem what the fix?
  104. I was wondering how I should go about replacing the sunroof on my 1990 Acura Integra?
  105. which is better NGK iridium or Denso iridium?
  106. Is the new 2007 Avura TSX a V6?
  107. im looking for a bomex body kits for an acura legend 1995?
  108. Looking for an Acura website that shows pictures of all their vehicles. Plus questions and answers.?
  109. how do I disable the alarm system on a 2005 acura rl when the remote is not working and I need
  110. i have a 94 ls integra.. auto yes auto lol.. its what i have and i cant do anything to change it
  111. 2007 Acura TL-S vs Infiniti G35 Sedan Sport?
  112. how much horse power should i get with a basic turbo kit around 8psi and one size bigger cams?
  113. I have a 96 acura tl and i need to know about the oxygen sensors?
  114. ACURA RSX 2003 cam shaft issues?
  115. i have a 99 acura integra and i am getting so much fuel it is filling all cylinders full?
  116. does anyone know if the 1999 Acura Integra GS has an engine immobilizer?
  117. i have an acura 3.2tl 03 and i want to get my windows tinted i need a good website to go to see?
  118. how much difference make spark plugs and wires?
  119. What do you think of the new Acura RDX?
  120. Acura Integra?
  121. how can i choose the piping size for my exhaust?
  122. what do i do to my 1990 acura integra to have it run on ethanol gas?
  123. integra power mirror diagram?
  124. What does a module look like? and Where is the IAT sensor located on a 1990 acura integra?
  125. what is the purpose of the s4 button on the 89 acura legend?
  126. Where can I find free wiring diagrams & fuse panel diagrams for 97 Acura Integra LS?
  127. I have an 06'RSX type S,and i was wondering should i turbo charge it or supercharge it?
  128. 06 rsx stereo?
  129. Question about dashboard lights in my 2002 Acura RSX?
  130. Is anyone sad that the Acura RSX has been discontinued?
  131. I need help i'm 16 years old and right now i'm looking at two cars the Acura Integra GSR 2
  132. what does GS-r and type mean in the acura?
  133. I'm curious to know more about UK Spec Integras with the red bumper tail light, what are they for?
  134. What are the bolts called that connect the rear lower control arms of a 1995 acura integra gsr??
  135. Integra ls vtec?
  136. Acura TL Reversing Camera?
  137. what's the best size rims for a 2001 acura cl? i want 19'' or 20'' rims?
  138. When did Acura stop making the RSX and why?
  139. Acura RSX - Front Wheel Drive? All Wheel Drive?
  140. what does the letters in the acura cars mean?
  141. how can i move on?
  142. How to adjust power window on a 1995 Acura Integra Sedan Special Edition?
  143. Acura Integra carbon fiber door panels?
  144. Looking for a 99 Acura/Honda Integra non-vtec SPOON or MUGEN Thermostat, anybody know of...
  145. What is that song in the new Acura tsx commercial?
  146. Car Tint in California.?
  147. GSR or type R integ?
  148. itr vs rs teg?
  149. what s the RADIOCODE for 95 legend acura?
  150. Future of Acura?
  151. Infiniti I35 or Acura TL?
  152. acura vigor?
  153. Can I tune my 2006 Honda Accord's 2.4 i-vtec to 200 Horsepower just like an 2004 Acura TSX engine?
  154. Acura CL???
  155. ACURA RSX: steering wheel naturally more difficult to turn?
  156. Where is the fuel safety switch on a 1990 acura integra?
  157. What would be the best company to choose to do the head on my car?
  158. Integra Ls, Gsr swap... what do i need to know?
  159. are the acura tsx good cars?
  160. acura tl or infiniti g35?
  161. Acura TSX wire harness?
  162. timing belt diagram for acura integra?
  163. Where can i buy Self-Leveling HID Headlights for my Acura Integra?
  164. Are there anyone out there that needs acura vigor parts?
  165. Honda Accord Coupe V6 6 speed or Acura TSX 6 speed? Owners' view would be helpful.?
  166. '03 TL Gas Door Stuck?
  167. I have a 2001 acura tl and I would like to update the nav system. how do I do that ?
  168. will 18" fit on a 1994 integra without rubing?
  169. my acura integra when i high speed spit 5 gear?
  170. Are there tailights available for a 06 Acura RSX?
  171. acura/honda question?
  172. Changing RSX's Engine?
  173. what is the 0-60 of a 1996 standard Acura integra LS all stock except an air filter?
  174. tl body kit / cl body kit?
  175. I have a 2006 Acura RL. There is a noise coming from the steering and I want to know if others
  176. When does the speed governer hit on a stock 1996 integra 2 dr LS?
  177. i got a car offer 1990 acura integra with 33 thousounds clicks on it ?
  178. what websites do i go to learn about 59 impalas?
  179. 2003 acura 3.2 cl s-type or a 2004 nissan 350z whats will win??
  180. how do you know if the v-tech has kicked in or not?
  181. How reliable are ACURA INTEGRAS? I was thinking of getting a 2001 GSR...?
  182. how much is 1992 acura integra in fairly good condition with over 194,000 miles on it?
  183. acura integra rs?
  184. Harness Bar on Acura Rsx ?
  185. I have integra ls vtec....my vtec doesnt kick in...i tried reving up to 6000rpm and doesnt kick
  186. Suspension Upgrades for Acura RSX..2006?
  187. I have an acura rsx base 05 im thinking of getting headers is it worth it ? will i fell much...
  188. Anyone having problems with the clutch on Acura's?
  189. 2003 acura mdx touring radio code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  190. What kind of modification can i do on my car when i don't have much money.?
  191. Can you play DVD videos on the Acura TL navigation system?
  192. What's a fair price to pay for a new 2007 Acura MDX with tech package?
  193. Acura RSX Tail Lamps?
  194. b18a1 engine what turbo should i get?
  195. Why is there no power in my car's (Acura TSX) power outlets?
  196. What is a good exhaust for my Acura Integra 2001 LS?
  197. My 91 Legend temperature gauge keeps goin up, what could be the problem?
  198. Is this a good price for this?...
  199. If I buy an Acura TL without Navagation can they install a factory one????
  200. acura rsx type-s wheel weight?
  201. 97 acura integra engine swap?
  202. Reviews on the Acura MDX?
  203. RSX Type R cams, how to tell?
  204. What voice commands are there for a 2004 Acura TL w/o Navi?
  205. why won't my 1990 acura legend turn right?
  206. hey i need to know if anybody knows where the thermostat is located on a 1996 acura integra ls?
  207. In gone in 60 seconds they call the cars names ie:Elanore (a mustang) what would you call a 1997...
  208. what does the GSR stand for in the acura integra model?
  209. Can I purchase navigation for 2005 Acura TL without having to buy from dealer?
  210. How much is an Acura TL 1997??
  211. I have a 91 Acura Integra I need a diagram of the timing settings.Can't find them anywhere.Can
  212. how to change the bulb on a 1994 acura legend radio?
  213. Can i use my car going uphill for prolong driving?
  214. 2007 Acura tl type S - reviews?
  215. 97 acura integra thermostat?
  216. Can you install turbo in a automatic 1990 Integra ls ?
  217. Why did my radiator fan on 1995 acura legend stopped working?
  218. Where to buy pre-painted Type-R spoiler for Acura RSX?
  219. I need to know what is the best sporty sedan to drive? Is it Acura or Lexus or etc. Please
  220. Is stainless A2-70 a good bolt material for automotive suspension parts?
  221. My 97 Integra--49K mi--had a transmission lockup & must be replaced. Do you know of
  222. Adding a navigation system to my car?
  223. 01 acura CL smoked tail light?
  224. Honda b series swap (b18b1 to b18c1)?
  225. Does anybody know of any problems that can exist on a 2004 Acura MDX?
  226. what are some good web sites for finding parts for a 1993 Acura Integra?
  227. integra question?
  228. will 20 inch rims fit on a 2002 acura cl type s?how about 22 inch rims?
  229. what difference between 2006 acura TL and TSX?
  230. What is an LS VTEC?
  231. A question for Acura TL owners with splash guards?
  232. Anyone have trouble changing headlight bulbs in their RSX ?
  233. does a 1995 Acura integra gsr have a cabin filter? And if so, where is it located?
  234. What part of an Acura's vin# shows if it has navigation?
  235. How do I reset the maintenance of the required lite of a 2003 Acura RSX 2.0 Liter V-Teck?
  236. Will this turbocharger fit on my 03 TL? What other turbochargers are there for my model?
  237. 1993 Acura Legend has its engine temperature indicator on the dash cluster moving from normal to
  238. Should I turbocharge my 1996 Integra LS, or convert it to an LS-Vtec?
  239. Ls vtec conversion?
  240. what are the shoppers opinion of the new gmc acadia versus the acura mdx --compare both 2007 models?
  241. Custom Sound System...where could i get it done in the NYC area?
  242. Where is the starter located in a 1994 Acura Vigor?
  244. what causes milky oil in a b18 engine?
  245. For people who know what there talking about with integras?
  246. I have an 05 Acura RSX Base Auto is it worth getting a performance chip from ebay.?
  247. Can an all wheel drive vehicle (Acura MDX) be driven on a beach?
  248. why do people put honda signs on acuras?
  249. Is it possible to put a type II Acura Legend engine in an Acura Legend LS? What additional
  250. ABS light comes on in 91 integra is it Speed Sensor?