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  1. How much does a 97 Acura 3.5RL go for.?
  2. Does anyone know the average cost to replace front ball joint's on a acura rsx?
  3. What products can increase the performance of Honda K20A engine?
  4. 2007 acura tsx or 2007 honda civic?
  5. 2007 Acura TL - Color preference?
  6. I want to a have stock gps navigtion in acura tl 2004?
  7. Will integra GSR cold air intakes fit a integra GS?
  8. If I install a navigation system in a 2004 Acura TL, will the voice commands work?
  9. acura tl taillights 07 type s for a 04?
  10. anyone know if the toyota x-runner will countine production.?
  11. if i want to make a ls vtec what kind of ecu do i need?
  12. I have an Acura 2000 LS and lost the radio code. Does anyone know what I can do to retrieve it?
  13. What year did Acura discontinue it's 3.2 TL model?
  14. Does a 2000 Acura integra GS come stock witgh a v-tech engine?
  15. Which color of 2007 Acura TL do you like best?
  16. i need help with my rsx's nozzle?
  17. how to remove the stereo off from a 03 base model acura rsx?
  18. I have a 1998 Acura Cl 3.0 bose stereo system?
  19. were can i see were a fusible link is on a 1991 acrua interga?
  20. 1999 Acura SLX / Isuzu Trooper where is the transmission dip stick located? this is the V-6
  21. what are some good touch up paint brand for my satin silver rsx?`?
  22. car security? what should i do?
  23. How much hp can I gain by adding a cold air intake and an exhaust to my stock 99 acura integra LS?
  24. What should I buy to make my car a few inches taller? I have a 95 Acura Integra?
  25. What does Acura's Type-S mean? What makes it different from the regular non type s models?
  26. acura 1997 integra good price used and new?
  27. I have a 2000 Acura Integra - Help me find a rack for my Kayak?
  28. Is it possible to copy a newer DVD upgrade version of the navigation system for an
  29. how i can get to set garge door code to my acura car's remote?
  30. I bought a 2001 Acura 3.2 CL and I did not notice before but I hear a humming sound whenever I...
  31. Acura NSX seats?
  32. Whats a good standard acura car?
  33. what kind of motors would do good in my nsx?
  34. How much should I pay for this Acura TL?
  35. how much horse power does a Acura Integra 1.8L have?
  36. What kind of oil would a 96 Acura Integra GS-R turbo need?
  37. How hard would it be to drop a 2.2l DOHC V-TEC into a 94 integra w/stock 1.8l DOHC non V-TEC?
  38. Im about to buy 17 inch rims to put on my 94 integra. If so do i also ahve to get new struts?
  39. need car advise Sould i trade these cars acura?
  40. what colors can i use when painting an acura integra?
  41. where can I find a good Deidara for mugen?
  42. What would be faster, an 04 WRX stock, or a 96 Acura integra GSR turboed at 7psi?
  43. Which preformance chip should i buy for my 05' Acura TSX?
  44. Is a RSX Type s motor supposed to get twice as loud once u pass 6000 RPM's?
  45. how do i change headlight bulb in acura rsx?
  46. Acura noise canceling?
  47. acura legend differential?
  48. I am being offered a 2003 Acura TL with 90K miles for $8K. Towing?
  49. What are some good internet car listings for local dealers besides Autotrader(I wanna buy...
  50. Our TL Type S sun roof keeps rattling. We had the track replaced and oiled but it still does it.
  51. Acura Automatic Transmission?
  52. i did a engine swap on a acura integra ls to a b18 c1 but i just used the obd2 hardness on
  53. Where can I find a manual transmission for a 95 Integra?
  54. is that good for my RSX?
  55. Is An Acura TL A Good Car For A Teenager?
  56. 90,000 mi service for acura mdx?
  57. Do you own a 2007 Acura MDX? What is your opinion of the car? Is the 2008 model coming out soon?
  58. does anyone work for acura car dealership?
  59. Do you have to take the a/c out of an acura rsx-s when you install most turbo and supercharger kits?
  60. Is it possible to install a navigation system on a 2004 Acura TL?
  61. What is the best way for me to hook up my iPod in my 04 Acura TSX?
  62. I have 04 rsx type s and my rims are dirty looking, how do i make it look "new" again?
  63. my passengers light bulb in my 2003 CL-S is out and im told that its a prob among acuras.?
  64. my 1999 acura integra vibrates when I'm on the freeway. why is that?
  65. about the acura tl?
  66. Does anyone here has an ACURA RDX and what do you think of it? LOVE IT, Hate it ?
  67. Has anyone used the bluetooth Nextel or Sprint phone with their Acura TL?
  68. do 1990 integras use the same wiring harness as the 92 civic?
  69. 07 Acura TL Type S?
  70. Is an Acura Legend ('92) a good car?
  71. which country makes acura?
  72. What should i get next?
  73. are they gonna stop making the acura rsx?
  74. i need to supercharge my car but i cant find one that fits..?
  75. wat is the top speed on an acura tl?
  76. 1990 acura legend?
  77. Where is the fuel pump connector located on a 1990 acura legend?
  78. Any experience with a ~1997-2004 Acura RL 3.5?
  79. Where is the best place to find a center console for my acura?
  80. When will the 2008 RDX be released? What changes will there be between the 2007 and 2008 model?
  81. acura integra overheating?
  82. 1990 acura legend need help please???
  83. '98 Integra clutch?
  84. I need advice and/or help with replacing my shocks with aftermarket shocks. Its a 97 Acura...
  85. I'm buying an ACURA 3.0 CL, 1998 make, 98000 miles, coupe, leather interior, well
  86. Integra rpm problem?
  87. 89 acura Legend Steering?
  88. question on light replacement on 94 acura legend?
  89. Looking to buy either a used 3.2TL or 3.2CL?
  90. 1999 Acura Cl bumper..Cost???
  91. can you change the brightness on an acura intergra stereo?
  92. Integra rpm problem?
  93. Difference in RSX engines?
  94. I have a 92 Acura Legend and I was wondering what is the best oil to use?
  95. I lost my keys to an 05 Acura?
  96. where can i find some decent rims for a 96 acura integra?
  97. Acura TSX 2006 Front Bumper Damage?
  98. Where is the Fuel Pump Relay at on a 1990 Acura Integra?
  99. Problem shifting gears in winter : 1993 Acura Integra LS?
  100. Acura Legend sunroof?
  101. I have a 97 Integra RS. Everytime I start the car and turn the AC on, it makes a high sqealing
  102. why did they stop making acura rsx?
  103. what can i do to a stock 97 integra to increase HP?
  104. how much does a used year 2000 Acura RSX cost?
  105. What do you think is too much mileage for a 2004 Acura TL?
  106. how much HP does a 1991 acura integra have?
  107. Where is the IAT sensor located on a 2005 Acura TL?
  108. quadcity sueckie?
  109. Lost keys to an 89 acura legend...?
  110. I have a 1991 Acura Integra. I'm looking to add some lowering springs what is the
  111. 96 Acura Integra, Whenever i turn on my a/c my car shakes and my cold air is off and on....
  112. what size rims would look best on my 1991 acura integra?
  113. Acura TSX coupe?
  114. how much is a acura nsx 2000?
  115. I Have a 2002 Acura RSX S-type 6-speed manual and I need to make it fast in $500. Anything
  116. Does Honda offer sales and service in southern Africa (Angola and Namibia)?
  117. I need help setting up my G-tech pro for 2007 Acura TL Type-S?
  118. To lower compression in my Acura GSR, can LS pistons fit?
  119. Please who knows how much the acura advance sport car will cost when produced, and when it will be..
  120. What would cause an Acura 2002 CL 3.2 to shake while braking I checked the pads and
  121. what is a good but cheap flywheel for an acura rsx type-s?
  122. how much does a fully loaded 2007 acura rl cost?
  123. i need to get my torque up by 35?
  124. if someone drives an acura, is it ok for them to call it a honda?
  125. the most inexpensive luxury car?
  126. i want to purchase the new vw r32, but its a bit expensive, you think the GTI is the way to go?
  128. Im looking for a 92-95 Honda civic and a Acura 2002 and up CL or TL for a good price?
  129. please help me please !!!!!?
  130. What is the proper psi for 225/40/18 tires on a 1994 Acura Legend L?
  131. Is it true that the 2008 Acura TSX exterior will be changed?
  132. My Acura is making a whinny noise when i step on the gas.?
  133. is acura better than honda?
  134. i want to supercharge my acura rsx, but it isn't a type-s its a base automatic.?
  135. On my 1994 Acura Legend LS I can start the engine in "Park"?
  136. On my 1994 Acura Legend LS I can start the engine in "Park" but?
  137. Will the 2008 Acura MDX require premium fuel?
  138. do you think that this car is good for me it is a 1998 intergra, acura?
  139. PC which has been running with Windows 98. There is a spread?
  140. acura rdx 2007 overdue oil change question?
  141. Anyone drive an Acura TL, 2000-2003 model, mine is approaching 100K, should I keep it,
  142. integra gsr or 300zx or 3000gt?
  143. I want to buy an '07 Acura MDX, but refuse to be forced into premium fuel. What are the
  144. RSX TYPE-S!!! Performance tips (people that know what theyre talkin bout only!!!)?
  145. What exterior / style / mechanical differences are between a 2005 Acura TSX and a 2006 Acura TSX?
  146. installing a k&n intake on teg?
  147. Stick-shift Driving--for the girls only?
  148. I am looking for a set(4) of the 16" Acura GS wheels from the 94 or 95 GS sedans or the...
  149. Will a acura RSX body kit fit a Intgra?
  150. i haven a '95 integra RS and.....?
  151. 1995 Integra GSR ECU?
  152. Did they discontinue the RSX in the us?
  153. what type of oil if better for hard driving in extremely Hot conditions .?
  154. I want HID lights?
  155. Does a '96 Integra GS-R have computer settings that can be adjusted?
  156. Acura RSX Automatic?
  157. Acura Vigor turn singles don't work and the AC?
  158. How do you change a lug bolt on a 1991 Acura Integra?
  159. Did Acura make a mistake by redesigning the MDX and raising the price?
  160. did you need jdm fenders to put in the sidemarker for 04 rsx?
  161. Does the 2007 Acura MDX have a "snow mode" setting for its transmission like the Lexus RX 350 does?
  162. I'm kind of embarrassed to ask as I own a 2005 TL....but....what does "TL" stand for?
  163. Acura Rsx 2005 Black?
  164. Acura RSX 2002 headlight?
  165. Does anyone know of a web site where I can see a pic. of the Acura RDX with out navigation system???
  166. Does anyone have a pic. of the Acura rdx WIHT OUT the navigation system???
  167. How can i take the seats off of my 2003 Acura CL?
  168. 92 acura legend .i have a very ''nit'' sound when my car is on?
  169. What type of vehicle is a Haflinger ?
  170. K&n cold intake?
  171. PLEASE HELP!!!!where can I find a pic. of Acura RDX with out navigation system???
  172. Acura Integra Racing Parts...?
  173. RSX Type-S Oil change?
  174. How fast is a 92 acura Integra GSR?
  175. How to program 2002 acura tl-s key fob?
  176. How do I change the shift knob in my 2001 Acura MDX?
  177. What's the difference between types of integra.?
  178. RSX Exhaust Fit Integras?
  179. 2006 Acura TSX?
  180. How much should a complete replacement of an exhaust system for an 02 Acura RSX Type S cost?
  181. Whats faster a 2006 Acura TL 6 speed or a 2000 Nissan Maxima 5 speed?
  182. Does the 2004 Acura TL have a 4 wheel drive option?
  183. What mods would be good for a 95 Integra GSR?
  184. The driver seat in my 2003 RSX is causing me back problems. Are there any solutions?
  185. Thinking about using a broker for a Acura Integra?
  186. Honda with Acura engine?
  187. Thinking about using a broker for a Acura Integra?
  188. is there a short throw shifter for acura legends?
  189. Honda with Acura Engine?
  190. Anyone use any specific websites for Integra parts?
  191. Acura...no keys for 'trunk'/Robert S?
  192. Which would win a street race? An Acura TL (not Type S) OR a Dodge Nitro RT?
  193. Torn between 3 cars!!!?
  194. 4 door DC2 Type R, but theres a catch...?
  195. when replacing my stock b-18 throttle body with a high performance throttle body what do i do...
  196. I have an '03 Acura TL type-S. I need 4 new tires for it. Does anyone have any good
  197. 1992 Acura Integra GSR (B17 1.7 liter engine)?
  198. trunk lock stuck in acura rsx?
  199. is an accura tl 3.2 a good car?
  200. Acura integra, Did my bro get hosed?
  201. I am interested in an Acura.?
  202. 2007 Acura TL 5 Speed or 2007 Fully loaded Nissan Altima?
  203. Which is better Acura TL or RL?
  204. How can I convert my 2 door 1995 Integra to like a 2000 Integra?
  205. Sequential Sports Shit in Acura 2006 RSX Automatic?
  206. If I remove the stock stereo in my 2000 Acura Integra is there anyway to keep my stock alarm...
  207. Integra fuel pump installation?
  208. How to hook up and power a CB radio?
  209. when replacing my stock b-18 throttle body with a high performance throttle body what do i...
  210. Would JIC Magic Bullet Universal Titanium Canister be a choice for a nice muffler i have an
  211. Accura 3.2 TL 1998?
  212. Will the navigation cd from an 04 acura tsx work on an 04 acura rl?
  213. Vtech problems with 2000 gsr integra HELP!!!?
  214. Lexus RX 350 or Acura MDX?
  215. How much did the 1993 Acura Legend LS cost brand new back then and what is the equivalent to today?
  216. what oil does acura rdx use?
  217. How to change the interior air condition filter for 2005 Acura TSX?
  218. My usdm b18c1 gsr is not passing smog high on nox HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  219. boosting my 94 b18c gsr?
  220. On average?
  221. Do you like the 1993 to 1995 Acura Legends?
  222. wich is better for my buck the acura tl, tl type-s, or tsx?
  223. What is the best way to add horsepower to my 2007 Acura TSX?
  224. what is the cheapest accura?
  225. What is the type of HID does the Acura 1999 TL have?
  226. How do you program a 2003 acura TL type-s homelink transceiver?
  227. Honda/Acura experts question?
  228. dianosticautomovil?
  229. I have a '03 Acura CL-S. I need the OEM fog lights, know where I can find them?
  230. how much horsepower does a stock 2001 integra gsr have?
  231. Who makes Acura stock stereo?
  232. SRS Light Indicator?
  233. I want to get the new 2007 Acura MDX Tech Package. Does anybody how much this SUV costs?
  234. Celica or Acura RSX ? 01-02-03-04-05-06-07 which one?
  235. 91 Integra Fuel Cutoff / intertia switch location?
  236. Does anyone know of a place or person the can make custom tail lights lenses to replace stock lens?
  237. Average price for 1994 acura integra?
  238. Will rims and tires from a 04-07 Acura TL fit on a 02-03 Acura TL? Thanks?
  239. i have 18" rims on my Acura RSX..if i get coilovers, will the rims scrub the wheel wall?
  240. The bumper on my '90 Acura Integra is falling off, are there any kits that I can buy to
  241. Which would win in a head-2-head takeoff? 2004 acura TL vs. 2005 VW Touareg V8.?
  242. Which is the best type of exhaust to put in my integra?
  243. rsx, tsx, or accord?
  244. Does using mid-grade gasonline vs preimum on Acura TL Ty S 2007 hurt the car in any way?
  245. Does anyone what is a good car pc that I could put in an Acura RSX?
  246. How to download ITR?
  247. does any one know where i could get parts stock and aftermarket for my 99 toyota camry wit
  248. steering wheel?
  249. Acura RSX base model owners?
  250. My Honda Acura has 3 gears... what do they mean?