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  1. what is the capability of my acura cl gps in dash unit. can it play video?
  2. I got a 2000 Acura Integra but radio doesnt work?
  3. Does the GPS (navigation unit) in a 2007 MDX Acura bought in the United States work in Canada?
  4. I have a 2005 Acura Tl engine, and swap into 1997 civic coupe?
  5. I'm buying a 2001 Acura TL. Should I also get a warranty?
  6. Does the 2005 Acura RL have any known problems?
  7. if i have a acura 90 chev and i lost the tittle what can i do?
  8. Good Sounding Intake for 97 integra?
  9. i'm not sure if i should get this car or this car?
  10. Any advice on how to deal with the DAMAGE done in this crash:
  11. GSR motor swap, falls on its face
  12. is the acura integra gsr alot slower than the type r. like is there a big difference. in...
  13. 04 acura tl want to buy 07 nav disk will display be same as the 07?
  14. how much boost can a B18C take safely and how about the max boost on the K20 engine?
  15. where can I get the keyless entry remote for acura 1996 2.5TL?
  16. If the setup was the same, what motor is more powerful: GSR or LS V-Tech?
  17. what the general opinion on the 2005 Acura RL? Any particular proplems with that car? How is
  18. is a third generation acura integra gsr or type r a good car?
  19. can a acura integra gsr some mods beat a eclipse gt v6 on the track?
  20. HELP! What is the difference between the 2005 and 2004 Acura Tsx?
  21. Front Lip For Acura TL?
  22. Any Transmission problems on 2004 TL????
  23. is the acura integra rs is 1.8 or 1.6??????
  24. where and how much can i get integras and supras from?
  25. I own a 2003 Acura MDX, and the display is in Kilometers instead of miles. How do I change it back?
  26. Which is better a v-tech engine or GSR motor?
  27. I drive a 1993 Acura Legend that calls for premium gas. What would happen if I used regular?
  28. Should I get an Acura TSX, Acura TL, or Suburau Legacy?
  29. 2006 Acura TL, The Acura/ELS DVD-Audio system - What the heck is DVD-Audio?
  30. Where can I find a new center console lid for my 2001 Acura MDX?
  31. how do i disconect the alarm on 1993 acura legend?
  32. vibration at about 1400 rpm 97 tl 3.2, what gives?
  33. How do I program the keyless fob remote to a 2003 Acura TL?
  34. integra brakes?
  35. does acura rsx have a speed limit switch?
  36. How do I find a body kit,rims and spoiler like the 1 on the Acura RSX A-SPEC concept car?
  37. whats the best car alarm system to get, viper, python, lojack, well i have an acura integra,
  38. Why do the head lights on my 1993 Acura Legend go out when I use the highbeam?
  39. Is it possible to play dvds on an 04 3.5 Acura RL? If possible how can i do it?
  40. acura 1.8 timing belt play?
  41. does anyone know where the oxygen sensor located on a 1996 acura 3.5 rl?
  42. "Top Acura Answerer" How do I make my profile q&a's list private?
  43. 2007 or 2008 acura tl?
  44. what is the abbreviation of VTEC?
  45. Should I stick with my stock 17x7.5 rims or go with the 18x8 motegi rims?
  46. hey i am 16 and im getting a Acura Integra and i need some help on how to hook it up.. l?
  47. is 2004 acura rsx worth it?
  48. whats the difference in the acura rsx and the s-type?
  49. is the camilla school a good one ??!!!?
  50. RDX problems?
  51. Check engine light came on in 2002 RSX. What could be wrong ?
  52. 91 acura crackshaft pully?
  53. 18's on acura legend..{rubbing} what do i need?
  54. how many seat does acura mdx have?
  55. Anyone have an Acura TL 2005 model? How do you use the radio aux feature to connect your mp3 player?
  56. How can I make my Acura TL faster?
  57. wat kinds of Engine can i put in a 1995 ACURA INTEGRA LS?
  58. 2005 RSX Type S or 2006 TSX?
  59. 91 acura 1.8 timing belt?
  60. why my acura jerks ?
  61. Where do i find indicator lights for an Acura Integra body kit?
  62. How would you rate this car? Is it good for me or whats better?
  63. is the TL KENNEDY a good school ???
  64. spoiler for a rsx?
  65. should i get a 2003 or 2004 acura tl?
  66. 2004 Acura TL - transmission problems???
  67. can you turbo charge a 03 rsx ?
  68. I wont be driving until 2013 and i love cars. My favorite is the acura rsx . Are there going...
  69. What's the difference between an Acura TL and an Acura RL (besides price)?
  70. Acura 1.7 EL (2001) has the SRS lights on, how do I reset it?
  71. I need the radio code for my 94 acura, how do i take my radio out?
  72. I can't shift out of park after I start my 95 Acura Legend. I have to start it in Neutral, then...
  73. 97 RL doorlock actuator?
  74. How much can i get a 94-01 integra gsr at an auction? I would go with my dads best
  75. Where is the best place to sell my 2003 Acura 3.2 TL Type S in New York?
  76. How much should a 2007 acura tl type s cost per month on a lease with no money down?
  77. Integra GRS or Prelude?
  78. Does anyone know what is the Bluetooth version for HandsFreeLink of 2004 Acura TL?
  79. Is it possible to upgrade firmware version of Bluetooth HandFreeLink to nerwer version on Acura TL?
  80. whats the best sub compact (sport compact) you can buy for under 30 grand?
  81. How much should a 2007 acura tl type s cost per month on a lease with no money down?
  82. do these lowering springs come in a set of 4?
  83. What's the top speed for the Acura TSX ?
  84. what is the shelf life of an acura integra radiatior? mine went at 70,000 miles, and that...
  85. Could someone get me a acura lengend radio code Ser # B20148048?
  86. Who makes the Acura automobile?
  87. What should be the next performance modification for my 06 RSX Type S?
  88. under lip for integra?
  89. I have a 91 Acura Legend, I am changing the driver side door to a 92 acura, will this affect
  90. 2005 Acura TSX?
  91. Which is better? keep the stock headers on or will a shorty header help with the performance.?
  92. what do you guys think of the new 2009 acura tsx thats gonna come out?
  93. Does anyone know where I can get LEATHER seat covers for a 1995 Acura Integra SE? (btw ebay
  94. Is the Acura RSX expensive to maintain/repair?
  95. My daughter needs another key for her 2001 Acura RSX, Since there are no dealers within a
  96. Is the 2007 acura tl type-s worth the 40 plus grand?
  97. about acura integra 97 window tinting plz help?
  98. how can i boost my automatic rsx to 200 hp?
  99. What does it cost for extra set of keys for the Acura RDX?
  100. My boyfriend has a 1991 acura integra, it recently started reving up as soon as he starts it,...
  101. 1991 Acura Legend shifter problem, transmission?
  102. When replacing the front rotors on a '97 ACURA 2.2CL.?
  103. I need to remove my stock exhaust tips on a 2003 acura tl. Whats the easiest way?
  104. removing the center caps of an integra?
  105. how can i boost my automatic rsx to 200 hp?
  106. what is a Acura Frankenstein and how do i make 1?
  107. Where can I find a cake tin to make a two layer cake?
  108. How do you like your Acura RDX?
  109. how to replace acura 03 cl low beam headlight?
  110. I have a 93 Integra 4 Door Sedan. Do they make custom taillights for the 4 door Sedan?
  111. When does the 2008 Acura MDX model come out for purchase?
  112. is there anyway to get rims for a Acura Legend?
  113. when the acura mdx 2008 come out?
  114. Do different types of tires give you different gas mileage?
  115. Is the Acura MDX a good choice for a six-person family?
  116. I just purchased a 2001 MDX without GPS Navigation.?
  117. What is a good deep dish tire size for spokes on an Acura Integra ?
  118. Problem with A/C Blows air only on Max and not cold HELP !!?
  119. I'm looking to buy a Acura Integra GSR w/ light front end damage?
  120. I have a 93 Integra 4 Door Sedan. Do they make custom taillights for the 4 door?
  121. does anyone know how to hack a 99 TL's navigation system.?
  122. On a 2003 Acura TL, does the drivers side outside rear view mirror tilt down when put into reverse ?
  123. B18C1 (gsr motor) vs. B18c5 (type r motor)?
  124. Who else wishes Acura would go back to real names for its cars?
  125. What should I do to fix up my 1997 acura integra gsr?
  126. Acuralink...?
  127. how to replace headlamp bulb for acura rsx 2003?
  128. Diagram for a 1994 Acura Vigor Starter?
  129. Should I Buy 2002 Acura TL (Read Below)?
  130. rsx guage light?
  131. When will the 08 Acura MDX come out and are there any changes from the 07?
  132. Acura Car Dealers?
  133. 91 integra timing belt?
  134. Acura Integra GSR - Type R front end conversion?
  135. My Car is ACURA INTEGRA LS (1998)Now it has appeared error message "ENGINE CHECK" PLS TELL
  136. What is so unique about the Acura NSX? For example why is it so expensive for being a V6
  137. how much would a transmission cost for a 91 acura integra?
  138. Who drives an Acura Vigor?
  139. How can I make the navigation system in my new acura rdx work for Puerto Rico?
  140. Acura tl 04 airbag light is on?
  141. Some help on my RSX type-S?
  142. Did i get a good deal on my Acura Legend?
  143. whats the top speed of a 91 acura integra?
  144. Should I buy 2001 Acura TL (read below)?
  145. is gs and gs-r the same thing?
  146. is it true that a modified acura integra stick shift is faster than the acura integra automatic?
  147. what kind and how many belts does rsx have in the engine?
  148. how much gallons do you need to fill up the 02 rsx's tank?
  149. How and where can I find information on timing chain 2002 acura RSX to replace it?
  150. f i turbo my 94' Integra gsr and turn the boost up would it dramatically ruin the life of the car?
  151. How to Change a heater core for a 94 acura integra?
  152. salvage parts for my teg?
  153. Can I put 17" rims on my factory Acura RSX which has 16" rims and not have to rase my car?
  154. i have an acura tl-s 03, what should i put in it?
  155. does anyone have a very close up shot of acura rsx's rear "A" emblem?
  156. Brand New Acura 2007 TL Type S BAB BAB!?
  157. If i buy a Acura will people like me?
  158. Anybody know if the 2001 Acura TL has the child car seat latch system?
  159. what are some good setups?
  160. Can you put B18c1 or B18c5 or B16a2 Heads on a 94-97 Acura Integra RS or GS Engine?
  161. b18a1 VTEC vs non VTEC?
  162. Does anyone lease a mdx acura?
  163. integra rpm?
  164. How are Acura's on gas milage?
  165. Acura TL or Acura TSX?
  166. is an acura a good car for a Lesbian?
  167. were is pump discharge line located on a 1988 acura legend?
  168. Any one have the new Acura RDX?
  169. Who has the Acura RSX with the most miles?
  170. 92 Acura Legend Vs 99 Accord?
  171. Will Acura Integra sext cover fit Acura Legend?
  172. looking to buy a Integra with manual tran. !!!!!?
  173. Any countries where Acuras are avaiable ( besides US, and Canada) ?
  174. what is the difference between acura 3.2 cl type s and acura 3.2 cl?
  175. My Boyfriend want to put a manual transmission in his 1990 acura legend?
  176. Acura Navigation System - Disk Read Error?
  177. were is the fuel gage sending unit located on a 1988 Acura Legend?
  178. were is the fuel pump relay located on a 1988 acura legend?
  179. why is my car engine pinging acura tl 2004?
  180. where can i find a Acura or Integra Iron-on embroidering patch? the kind you can iron onto
  181. how do i remove a automatic 1990 acura integra transmission?
  182. need help to figure out why 1988 acura legend v6 wont start what to look at?
  183. I own a 00 Integra LS. I'm thinking a turbo or H22. Any suggestions?
  184. i think i'm going to buy an acura TL...should i?
  185. If i turbo my 94' Integra gsr and turn the boost up would it dramatically ruin the life of the car?
  186. Which company makes Acura?
  187. why wont my security system on my acura legend 91 engage?
  188. please help rsx owners!?
  189. What's a fair lease price for a 2008 Acura RDX w/ tech package (18,000 mi./36 months) and $1700 at..
  190. I have a base acura rsx that I want to supercharge, where can i find one at?
  191. Is the passenger seat (or seatback) interchangable with the Driver's seat (or seatback) in a...
  192. what is the difference between a regular 2004 Acura MDX and a Touring MDX?
  193. What would be a good racing clutch for my 90 Integra?
  194. Is there going to be a new generation Acura CL?
  195. How much horsepower does a 2006 Acura rsx have?
  196. Do you think chrome wheels look good on White cars? I have a white diamond pearl acura TL?
  197. *10 points* I have a 2005 Acura TL, what are the specs for 18" wheels that I could use on...
  198. Car Interior?
  199. Can parts made for a 1992 Acura Integra GS-R Fit An LS?
  200. Would extra horse power blow a stock auto transmission?
  201. Where do I find a place to work on adding accesories to my Acura TL in my area?
  202. What are some good sites to find mods for a 92 vigor?bodykitz, performance,etc...?
  203. Do all Acuras have 7year/100K warranty?
  204. Which car is better Cadillac SRX crossover or Acura MDX?
  205. How is 2008 Acura RDX ?
  206. How much would an Acura 2004 Tl with 70-80 thousand miles cost me?
  207. How can I install a radar detector cord in the roof of a 2004 Acura TL?
  208. Acura TL DVD Nav system question.?
  209. would a 03 type s muffler fit into a base model 02 rsx or will it work?
  210. How do install a Chrysler intercooler in my '92 Integra?
  211. will an 03 rsx exhaust fit an 02?
  212. Where is the water pump located on a 88 acura legend 2 door?
  213. Acura Integra 96 Tranny Swap Auto to Manual?
  214. Does anyone how about how much it is a month for a Acura SUV?
  215. How can I switch the passenger seat with the Driver's seat in a 1991 Acura Integra?
  216. i just got an oil change on my acura tl and now the maintaince light is not going off anybody...
  217. where can i modify my acura tl type s?
  218. Have a 96 Acura 3.5RL has 200,000 miles on it, but i'm looking to improve it anyway, worth it?
  219. Where is the cig lighter fuse on a Acura 2.5 tl 1996?
  220. Acura Integra?
  221. rl kothenbeutel leisure time - mallards?
  222. Acura RSX type S injector clips?
  223. Cat back exhaust for an integra?
  224. integra automatic?
  225. does anyone know what speed the engine governor kicks in on an '06 acura rsx?
  226. Is the Acura TL Type-s upgrade owning cost worth it?
  227. Ground effects for 03 tl?
  228. what are auto leveling high intensity discharge lamps?
  229. Is there any other body kits that i can put on my acura cl ?
  230. 1987 Acura Integra 4DR Hatchback LS?
  231. does Acura check out your airbags for free?
  232. what the different between K20z2(base rsx) and k20z1(type s)?
  233. Why is my accura legend blowing white smoke out of the exauhst pipe 1991 accura legend?
  234. i have a 1992 acura integra, cold air or short ram?
  235. what is better....cold air or short ram intake?? 02 rsx type s?
  236. vtec on acura integra GSR 94?
  237. please help with my acura rsx?
  238. 87 Integra transmission swap?
  239. Can the 92 legend bumper and fender fit the 92 vigor?
  240. TL splash guard?
  241. Is the 3.2 liter engine in a 1995 Acura Legend a zero tolerance engine.?
  242. Anyone know where I can buy engines? I'm looking for a (Acura TSX) K24a2 bottom end and a
  243. 04 Acura tsx, change exhaust noise?
  244. do they make euro brake lights for 1995 acura legends?
  245. what is the best performance mod for a 2006 acura rsx ss?
  246. should I buy an Acura?
  247. How long should it take to replace the oxygen sensor in my 2000 Acura LS? Also, how much...
  248. where the water pump to the rear wind shield is located in a acura RSX?
  249. How to remove taillights in a acura tl 2004?
  250. where can I purchase a cold air intake system for my acura rsx 2006?