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  1. Is this a good deal for an Acura TL?
  2. Acura TL dvd audio question?
  3. Can I put a 2001 Acura TL Stereo on a 2002 Acura TL?
  4. 1991 Acura Integra rack and pinion?
  5. i have a 2000 integra type R, how do i make it to run in the low 11s or high 10s?
  6. How much hp does an automatic '94 Acura Integra LS have?
  7. Will I ever get a feedback from customer service?
  8. Acura RSX windshield wipers!!!!!?
  9. Xenon Headlights?
  10. Will a Honda F22B motor bolt straight up to the five speed in my 1990 Acura Integra GS?
  11. RSX VS TSX Fog Lights?
  12. Any websites to give you instructions on how to put lambo doors on an acura integra or...
  13. buy or lease the eternal question acura TSX?
  14. what voodoo is this?
  15. 98 2.3cl. no crank. good battery. need help asap please read
  16. what are good mods for a 99 tl?
  17. what intake is best for 1992 acura legend?
  18. Which Exhaust System is Best for 2005 Acura RSX?
  19. Acura 3.2 TL transmission problem?
  20. Can the extension shaft on a 92 acura Legend be removed is there a speacial pulley..?
  21. From where can i get some hot wheels for my ride?
  22. Im new!
  23. Acura cars have no personality?
  24. Is the 95 Integra SE as rare as they say it is?
  25. Acura 2006 TSX tighten fuel cap warning?
  26. 91 acura integra won't start. help.
  27. How much it cost to change camshaft for my 03Acura RSX base ?
  28. How much less from the MSRP did you pay for your brand new Acura?
  29. can the acura tsx be fast?
  30. integra vs 3.2 tl?
  31. I have an 2002 acura tl and my stereo broke. Does a 2001 acura tl stereo fit?
  32. how many horse power does a 2005 acura tsx have?
  33. Acura integra headlights?
  34. Is this price too much for this car? 1991 Acura Legend....?
  35. Can someone give me some info on the Acura MDx and RDx?
  37. fix up integra performance?
  38. Question about a 2000 acura integra?
  39. How many liters and and horsepower does a 1994 integra gs have?
  40. Did Honda ever fix the Acura TL transmission problem?
  41. Is it possible to buy an Acura RDX and find someone to install a standard transmission...
  42. How much does it cost to change the timing belt on an Acura CL?
  43. Which one would you choose?
  44. Where is the coolant leaking - Acura integra 2000?
  45. where to find cheapest price for acura mdx 2007 w/tech pkg in rockville, md and what price?
  46. Are there any aftermarket transmission upgrades for an '07 Acura RL?
  47. Acura Integra 1996 insufficient purge flow?
  48. does anyone know the diff between Ballast/ignitor set of acura TSX 2004-05 and 06?
  49. What is the difference between a standard and type S Acura?
  50. 92 acura GSR struts
  51. 2003 Acura TL Type S?
  52. Can anyone tell me where i can find some excellent speakers for my 91 acura integra?
  53. integra air intake question?
  54. How do I get the maintence required light turned off in my 2005 Acura TSX?
  55. 93 Acura Legend ABS Problem 1.2 error code
  56. What is the font of the Acura Integra logo?
  57. what car is faster rsx or rx8?
  58. Honda and acura related?
  59. HI, I would like to know which one is better between subaru wrx and acura integra gsr, and why.
  60. Hey guys i have an Acura Rsx 05 thinking of getting the sun hyper voltage system. Will this work ?
  61. whats the difference in acura models 1994 and up. ls vs gs and gsr etc... I am looking to buy?
  62. Some questions about my Acura 3.0 CL?
  63. How do i install ignition coil in my 95 integra?
  64. what else can i do to my 99 acura 3.5rl if i closed the gas tank tightly and is still on?
  65. Is there a way to train an Acura TSX Handsfree Link to better understand my voice?
  66. Integra new engine?
  67. Acura CL 1998 3.0 mods?
  68. Whats the difference in Acura RSX Type S models 2002 and up?
  69. Which Honda's and Acura's have K20's as a standard feature?
  70. 1990 Integra shifter problem
  71. what car is better 2007 honda civic or mazda rx 8 or acura rsx type s?
  72. will this suspension fit my car?
  73. whats ITR stand for?:?
  74. how do you change the starter for a acura legend 1995 ls?
  75. Are the Acura Integra?
  76. How difficult is replacing a clutch in a 1991 Acura Integra?
  77. Can not decide between Honda accord 08 or Acura tsx 08? Feed back, please!!?
  78. TSX vs C300 Sport?
  79. Greddy Evo II on my Acura TL?!?!?
  80. Acura CSX 2008 black color?
  81. XM Nav Traffic Acura Mdx?
  82. rsx type s or srt4 neon?
  83. what would be the best exhaust system for a rsx type s?
  84. Acura Mdx???
  85. how do i get my 98 acura 3.5 rl navigation working without the passcode?
  86. websites to look at different ideas on hooking up ACURA RSXS'?
  87. Can't decide b/t Acura TL and Mercedez C230. What are some pros and cons?
  88. do u like the Acura MDX or the Lexus GX 470?
  89. cheap mods to make car quicker have 00' integra gs plz help?
  90. what type of acura is good and nice but not that much money???
  91. Does this work?
  92. Acura RSX, 2005 or 2006. why does consumer report say 2005 is better?
  93. 95 integra gsr problem?
  94. Tires on an 01 TL?
  95. Has Anybody ever heard of a rwd Integra?
  96. I got a deal on a acura rsx 38,000 m?
  97. rim color for black RSX, besides black!?
  98. Headlight Lens???
  99. what do i need to do a automatic to manual swap?
  100. Whats the best engine swap for a 96 integra?
  101. What's the current rev for 2003 TL nav DVD?
  102. 2006 acura rsx?
  103. whats the difference between all the K20 engines?
  104. air breather on air intake?
  105. how can i gain more hp on 90 ls acura integra?
  106. Which Headlights?
  107. Black intake pipe effect air comming in....?
  108. where is my thermostat located?
  109. Are the bulbs on the taillight blinkers yellow on a 99 tl?
  110. 1991 Acura Integra Top Speed?
  111. How Is the Acura TL in the snow?
  112. Does Acura plan to make a new coupe?
  113. 91 acura legend power door locks problem!
  114. Integra Rides Funny cracking sound?
  115. Acura 2001 Cl with Inactive Speedometer and Odometer?
  116. 2003 RSX type s with 45K miles for 14k$?? Its from a dealer. Carfax is good, just passed emisions.?
  117. when I saw the integra I knew anything was posible!?
  118. Steps to program my keyless remote for Acura RSX 2002?
  119. 1990 Acura Integra question
  120. will the 2009 acura tl appear at the detroit auto show?
  121. how much should an axle cost for a 2001 Acura 3.2TL?
  122. does the 1990 acura integra rs have the same body style as the 92?
  123. i have a black 2003 acura rsx. i want to paint them gun metal/graphite. how bout it?
  124. Faulty thermostat signs?
  125. Something's wrong with my stock spring, 2000 Integra?
  126. I'm Confused???
  127. i bought a used transmission and was told that it is a 92\93 integra GSR?
  128. what would be a good a exhaust system for a 2002 rsx type s?
  129. Theres an 2002 Acura RSX type s at an acura dealer for $16000. IS it worth it?
  130. Would you rather buy a 98 Acura TL, 200hp,3.2L v6, or a 02 Chrysler 300m Special with 255 HP with...
  131. owners manual 96 acura 2.5tl
  132. 2008 Acura Mdx?
  133. Are you smart??
  134. RIM color for silver cars! other than black !?
  135. Is there a beep when the VSA is active on the TSX?
  136. is interga a sport car?
  137. I have no owners manual, what is the SRS light mean on a 2001 Acura 3.2 type S?
  138. Acura MDX rev limiter?
  139. are there any scanners that you can use with out your engine light being on?
  140. does anyone know where i can find a set of taillight with LED for an ACURA 2.5TL 1998?
  141. How do I fix this scratch?
  142. I need help A.S.A.P ACURA INTEGRA header problem?
  143. Looking for skyline tail lights for my acura legend coupe.?
  144. Engine swap in an acura rsx?
  145. Will TSX HID ballasts/ignitors work on 2003 TL?
  146. which motor is beter b20 vtec oe type R motor?
  147. Can the Xenon headlights from a current generation Acura TL go into a 1997 Acura CL?
  148. my acura integra?
  149. 94 Integra with broken odometer?
  150. Acura TL or TSX?
  151. can you put 22inch rims in a 1997 acura tl 3.2?
  152. acura integra LS with gsr engine...?
  153. i need integra 90-93 JDM sidemarker measurements?
  154. how do i install JDM sidemarkers on integra 92?
  155. were can i find 90-93 integra sidemarker measurements?
  156. the integra ..well i be able to drift ok?? im planing to use it for that even though its front
  157. Is there any way I can install Daytime Running Lights?
  158. Tip Tronic or Regular Automatic whats faster?
  159. How do i replace the air filter on my 2005 Acura TL? Please provide diagrams if available.?
  160. msd on a stock gsr worth it?
  161. is ls/vtec hybrid setup illegal to drive in CA?
  162. Two acura integras - need to make one?
  163. My 91 Acura Legend overheats even after changing thermostat and bleeding cooling system. Why?
  164. Hi, does someone know if i can put a 2004 Acura MDX front bumper on a 2002 mdx? thank you?
  165. Vibration at acceleration on a 2008 Acura TL?
  166. Iphone and my Acura??
  167. 1994 acura integra?
  168. The spare tire hatch area on my Integra Is leaking. What is the best way to go about repairing it?
  169. 1994 acura integra srs?
  170. What is a good engine to put into my 91' acura rs?
  171. Please Help I can't turn my car off!!!
  172. Is $18,500 to high for a 99 Acura Integra GS-R with the following..?
  173. Acura MDX 2008 Bluetooth?
  174. How to get a RHD Integra in/to Lasvegas?
  175. Anyone own a Acura RSX?
  176. Are the new Acura cars reliable?
  177. Acura RSX transmission question?
  178. weird grinding
  179. Please help with my Integra
  180. can tiptronic mess up transmission?
  181. what usdm Honda accord front end will fit the 95 integra, i like to make it different and unique?
  182. Will a Honda dealer service an Acura AS AN ACURA DEALER WOULD, even though, they're not
  183. describe how the 3stage vtec work?
  184. How do I disable seatbelt alarm in 2007 Acura TL?
  185. Transmission swap 92/93 GSR transmission into a 90 Integra GS?
  186. Can a 92' acura integra gsr engine fit into a 91' rs acura integra? Im looking for to do an...
  187. why does my abs light come and off on my 1995 acura integra?
  188. how fast will an integra gsr top out at?
  189. whats the wheel lug pattern for a 91' acura legend. 5 x ? also whats the offset?
  190. Acura Integra will not do into park. Please help
  191. I have a 2002 Acura 3.2 TL type S and i changed my battery? and my radio requires a code?
  192. how much should i pay for a used 04 Acura RL???
  193. Acura Integra 1995 Heating/AC suddenly doesn't work
  194. My car is Acrura RSX 03 and it always has red SRS sign!!?
  195. whats the biggest rim size that would fit on my 1995 acura legend 4 door?
  196. 1990 Integra won't go into park. Please help
  197. Acura TL vs RSX Question?
  198. will rims from a Acura fit a Chevy?
  199. No water flow to the motor 1995 Acura Integra?
  200. What Function This Particular Swith / Button Means?
  201. My car has trouble downshifting form gear 2 to gear 1 in the morning.???
  202. i have an 03 Acura RSX that the heater will not blow hot air at idle,but at 30+mph it works fine?
  203. 90 integra won't go into park
  204. why is it important to use premium gas in the acura tl?
  205. Why in my Acura TSX are my clock and radio and temp. lights not working anymore?
  206. Anyone drive an Acura TL 2000?
  207. should i trade in my integra for a 03 civic?
  208. Exhaust Piping Gains?
  209. Integra electrical problem
  210. Benz C-320 Vs. acura TL?
  211. whats the difference between a special edition integra ls and an integra ls?
  212. where can you get a mid pipe for a '94 acura integra cheap?
  213. Acura RSX Type S
  214. My seat warmers, ac panel, & mirrors on my 2001 acura cl typ s dont work. Fuses are
  215. which car is better? Lexus 250 or Acura TSX (Both 2008 yr)?
  216. i just bought a 2004 acura tl. anyone out there have one and if so has it been a reliable car.?
  217. 2004 Acura TL Hand-free (aka Bluetooth)?
  218. Leather seat covers for Acura Vigor?
  219. 91 integra went down driveway through snow and now no power?Lowend power is 0!?
  220. Are there parts from any other car that I can use on an Acura Vigor?
  221. Can A K24 Engine Fit Any Acura RSX?
  222. Do you HATE your car? We HATE our Acura RDX?
  223. i have a 1992 acura integra automatic and need help!!?
  224. how do i do the heater bypass on a 1991 acura integra?
  225. my 1997 acura TL. sometimes it won't start unless if you take it out of park and put it back in
  226. I have a 1999 acura integra. what engine swaps will fit into a 99?And what do I need to do
  227. I have 1998 Acura 3.5rl. In winters or when I do a Car Wash (Underwash), its alarm goes off...
  228. Getting the inner CV joint to mate with the transmission?
  229. integra gsr problems?
  230. a small red Acura RSX toy car.?
  231. Acura TSX Question?
  232. Can I install in my 2007 RDX Acura 22 Wheels ??
  233. 99 TL key fob/transmitter programming
  234. Rsx Owners!help me out!?
  235. integra gsr slow?
  236. What information does the info button on the 2004 Acura TL dasboard display? Mileage to empty?...
  237. What do you think about this Acura TL S?
  238. Shall I sell my Acura Vigor?
  239. do u like the acura mdx or acura rdx and which one looks more luxury?
  240. how much does a syncrhonizer for a manual trans on a 97 acura cl cost?
  241. what can i do to steal-proof my car? (acura rsx 02)?
  242. What do you think about this TL?
  243. How do you hook up a push button start on a 1995 Integra LS?
  244. how much would a new tranny for a 1999 tl run me?
  245. I have a 1999 acura tl and my trasmisson is going would it be better to go to an acura dealer...
  246. How do i change my car headers!!?
  247. integra emission recall??
  248. What's the best vtec head for the b series mod?
  249. What's the best street racing suspension for an Integra?
  250. Question about 2005 Acura TL?