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  1. I want an Acura RSX type s but I'm a begginner and have trouble pulling off. Help?
  2. Can a 2007 Acura RDX navigation system play dvd's ??
  3. engine code 19 Acura integra "95
  4. 96 integra with an 01 b18 engine?
  5. How can I increase the performance of my STOCK 06 Acura RSX Type S?
  6. Anyone know what would be a good replacement stereo system for an 04 Acura RSX?
  7. Acura Integra GSR 1996 engine mounts?
  8. Acura RDX Memory?
  9. what do you recomended for transp[ortation names?
  10. i have a 1992 acura vigor that wont crank .. no gas??
  11. Anyone with a 1999 Acura 3.5 RL w/Navigation? If so, can u give me a brief synopsis? I'm buying one
  12. 1994 acura legend
  13. 1991 interga overheating problems?
  14. camshafts for acura?
  15. Purchasing Acura MDX Certified Pre Owned?
  16. how much would it cost to replace a driver side fender for a 1995 acura integra gs-r?
  17. what is the real top speed on a 2005 acura rl?
  18. Is $14,999 a price that sounds to good for an 04 Acura Tl?
  19. Best tires for 2003 Acura TL Type S?
  20. 2002 RSX Trunk lock/open problem
  21. On what website can I find a well priced air intake filter for my '01 MDX THAT I KNOW WILL FIT?
  22. Will my Acura Integra LS rims fit on a Base RSX, 2002 - 2003?
  23. Just bought a 2005 Acura 3.2 TL Sedan, do I really need to use premium gas?
  24. Aftermarket parts and warranties....GRRRR?
  25. Any quickie TuningTips for a (Canada-only) CSX ?
  26. would the greddy turbo kit work on my car? What changes do I need to make to the ecu?
  27. Would i be able to modify a Acura legend?
  28. 2001 Acura Integra?
  29. do i have to put premium gas in 2004 acura TL?
  30. I have an 96 acura integra rs but not much money. What are easy mods to boost my cars performance?
  31. Question about my 98 Acura Integra GS-R?
  32. is an acura integra cheap on insurance?
  33. Acura Tune Up?
  34. where to find radio codes for 2004 acura tl?
  35. Does the 2006 Acura RSX type S come with fog lights?
  36. Why does my 2004 Acura TSX consume fuel so quickly?
  37. What is the blue book value of a 1996 Acura Integra?
  38. Acura Legend ignition problems...?
  39. What do u guys think about the Acura legend and what do u guys think about it then when it came...
  40. Which car is better?
  41. What are all the differences between a 2002 Acura TL and a 2002 Acura TL Type-S ?
  42. michelin tires for mdx?
  43. All motor of Turbo?
  44. does the blue tooth hookup described by the Acura person work for 2005 MDX?
  45. looking for a low mileage NSX...anyone know of one?????
  46. What do you all think about the 05-08 Acura RL ?
  47. will a horn from a 97 acura integra fit and work on a 97 honda prelude sh?
  48. Would be unstoppable?
  49. what's the wage for replacement/repair of a speed sensor for a '94 acura legend?
  50. how do you program a late model (2005) Acura/Honda keyless remote? (I have tried already...
  51. how much would it cost to get a new fender for a 1995 acura integra gs-r painted white?
  52. Acura Timing Belt?
  53. how to remove a 91 acura legend engine?
  54. Need help with heaters/AC
  55. Acura Integra 1996 alarm goes off
  56. 99 Acura 3.2TL, reliable car?
  57. Acura RDX color?
  58. Acura TL premium or regular?
  59. Little Things to Make Car Faster?
  60. Acura RDX VS. MDX VS. Infiniti EX?
  61. Acura tsx hid bulbs?
  62. Acura RSX: How do defeat the stupid "A/C comes on with defrost" nonsense?
  63. I found this car on craigslist and it says it has a b22 block. what is it? is it a new engine?
  64. where can i buy a dvd rom for a 2004 acura tsx?
  65. the alarm on my acura vigor keeps going off, how do i get it to stop?
  66. What is this thing installed in the truck of my new Acura TSX??
  67. How do you program the lock unlock remote for a 99 acura CL?
  68. How can I upgrade/mod my 2002 acura 3.2tl into an acura 3.2tl type-s?
  69. 2006 acura rsx premium?
  70. Who would win?
  71. About Acura TL 06?
  72. Where is the fuel filter on a 2002 acura TLs?
  73. integra clubs in L.A.!!?
  74. I have an Acura TSX 2006 and I'm trying to set the windows and sunroof to close when I turn the...
  75. who would win?
  76. Where is the diagnostics plug for a 2000 Acura 3.2TL?
  77. Cold Air Intake?
  78. does the acura gps dvd have to be black? I have one now and it is black and there are different...
  79. Wanted: 98-01 Integra OEM USDM Front End
  80. Water in my engine
  81. Is a 1992 Acura Integra a decent platform to modify?
  82. Are all Japanese engines illegal in the US? I have a 1994 Japan Spec B18C GSR Engine,
  83. What do the letters SE, SES, GLS, XL, XLS, GS mean after the names of cars?
  84. acura integra front end 94-97 to 98-00 front end conversion?
  85. how can i supe up my 98 acura integra ls?
  86. Going for an interview at a toyota and acura dealership for sales, what are the obvious questions...
  87. Would a K23A1 Fit in A Acura Integra 99 LS stk.?
  88. custom supercharger or turbo charger?
  89. 2004 Acura TSX: $10,100.00 w/NAV, auto, 132,000 miles - Deal???
  90. Im looking for aftermarket performance upgrades for my 94 acura legend?
  91. Acura RDX Cargo room....?
  92. What is the difference between an Integra LS and GSR?
  93. i have an acura and i want to modified it,but im cocern about the gas mileage.will i guess
  94. does the acura rsx only come in manual tranmission?
  95. Where Can I Find Yellow Daytime Running Lights 05 RSX-S?
  96. The drivers sid e window on my 1993 Acura Legend is the only one that works what are my options?
  97. i wana get black or chrome rims for my white pearl acura tl. which one looks better and stays...
  98. can sirius satellite radio be integrated into my 2004 acura tl without a separate radio?
  99. anyone can tell me where to find the best shock tower bar??
  100. Acura 2008 MDX or Lexus 2008 GX 470?
  101. intake manifold acura or honda or???
  102. Can anyone tell me where the temperature sending unit is located on a 1994 Acura Legend?
  103. Acura MDX tech package. $41K, in San Francisco Bay area. ANy idea?
  104. My headlights in my 90 Acura Legend go out whild driving. WHY?
  105. lowered Acura?
  106. was it the battery that went dead after 5days of inactivity from an acura TL'08 type S?
  107. Acura Integra gsr 95 Two Door Coupe?
  108. does anyone know when the 2009 acura tsx comes out?
  109. How much boost i can put in my 90 acura integra stock?
  110. What else can I put on my 1996 Acura Integra to make it faster?
  111. What are the pros and cons of building an LS VTEC motor in an acura integra?
  112. Acura Integra 1992 GS 2-door?
  113. I have an Acura TL 2004 and I have the radio code on my hands..I put in the code but it
  114. I'm looking into buying an Acura TL?
  115. Acura Integra 1991 LS Turbo - Help with miles!?
  116. is a performance chip worth buying??
  117. how many horsepower does an acura tl 2000 has?
  118. Anyone own an RDX? and is this a good deal?
  119. my '80 Accura Integra goes really slow when starting in 1st all the way to third gear. Why?
  120. did all the acura legends radios have the same security code?
  121. Toyota Camry more luxurious and expensive than acura?
  122. Need a little help on a good exhaust systeim for my Integra?
  123. Acura RDX????
  124. Which Car is Faster?
  125. I have an '05 RSX automatic with a injen cold air intake. What results would i get from chipping...
  126. Is purchasing an Acura TL 3.2 2006 with 16K and fully loaded a good deal to purchase for...
  127. can the computer in a 1992 acura legend cause fuel pump and injectors not to work?
  128. 99civic si vs acura 97integra gsr?
  129. Does anybody know the size, litr of the 1993 Acura Vigor 5 cylinder, and the H.P?
  130. i got a acura integra LS 98 60 t miles and i got i tune up last 2months ago?
  131. Acura TSX 2008 Commercial Song?
  132. are Performance camshafts worth it? can you race and even turbocharge your engine with the
  133. Acura RDX vs. Ford Edge?
  134. i just called and they told me i cant reflesh my stock ecu????
  135. is 150,000 miles on an acura too much?
  136. i want to rev higher on my rsx type s how can i do that with out buying a diff ecu i
  137. how to remove acura mdx 01 car cd-radio?
  138. F20b, h23a, civic type r?
  139. how much will hercules ryders cost? which is better ryders or hero octane?
  140. What is wrong with having an automatic for an acura rsx?
  141. Where is the egr valve in a 1998 Acura cl 3.0L?
  142. Where can I find a carbon fiber interior trim kit for an Acura RSX? thanks!?
  143. Replacing Water Pump Acura Integra 00
  144. 98 Integra LS Starter Jams
  145. 2003 acura tl-s rims?
  146. is a1990 Acura integra ls wired for power windows?
  147. What brand of HID lights would you recommend for an RSX?
  148. 2001 & 2002 Acura 3.2 T.L stock rims?
  149. Is this a good Acura TSX Lease Deal?
  150. can i put a turbo in my 90 acura integra stock?
  151. How to make a 1999 Acura TL "Fast and Furious"?
  152. What kind of gas should i use for a new '08 Acura TL(regular, mid-grade, premium)?
  153. I was wondering how I fix my fibregalss ground effects on my Acura Integra, the front is cracked...?
  154. How many miles to break in new valve job on Acura Integra Head?
  155. my 99 acura tl alarm keeps going off?
  156. How many miles should an Acura TL have if it has not been test drove by anyone?
  157. How many miles should a brand new Acura TL have when it comes from the factory?
  158. 2004 Acura TL gasoline question....?
  159. Acura Integra brake light bulb?
  160. where can I find used performance parts for my 03 Acura RSX?
  161. Acura Legend Help!?
  162. Is a 1992 Acura Legend a reliable car?
  163. my manual Acura Integra 1994 will not shift into gear?
  164. i have a 1999 integra GS-R with vtec!! could i beat a BMW 323i??
  165. my engine check light is on and i have a 1990 -1994 acura integra?
  166. acura intergra GRS 1999???
  167. rsx vs. rx-8?
  168. headers for acura GSR?
  169. how do set up the bluetooth in my 2004 acura TL?
  170. How do you get your ecu reflashed from hondata?
  171. i have a 2000 acura tl and i need the 90,000 mile service done?
  172. What kind of muffler should I put on my 1997 Acura cl ?
  173. 2005 Acura TL?
  174. 2008 Acura TSX or TL?
  175. How much would it cost to replace a timing belt on a 02 Acura RSX?
  176. How can i sup up my 2003 acura 3.2tl?
  177. ignition timing with turbo and NOS???
  178. how do I keep the crank shaft from turning while loosening the center bolt on my Acura?
  179. Whats a good SOUNDING exhaust for my car?
  180. A4 vs Legend?
  181. Where can I find decent rims for my 2003 Acura TL?
  182. Will diesel fuel damage any part in an unleaded acura rsx?
  183. Is this a good price 2002 Acura MDX?
  184. where can I find 1991 acura legend vent visors for the side windows.?
  185. Do you have any ideas about the 1992 Acura Legend used car with 165,000k miles?
  186. How much do you think the 1992 Acura used car worth?
  187. How do I clean these wheels?
  188. Can someone please give me the dimensions of the 2008 Acura TSX dashboard storage compartment?
  189. Why is the brake light in my Acura lit??
  190. rsx-s exhaust best ones h/p gains?
  191. i have a 1999 integra GS-R with vtec!! could i beat a BMW 323i in a race please help!!?
  192. Does an Acura MDX log top speed?
  193. Acura Integra SE b18b1 motor?
  194. Can I get a mechanic's opinion?
  195. Integra GSR Question?
  196. How can I tell if its a GSR?
  197. Help?? 10 Points to best answer!!?
  198. Does anyone know of a reliable company to purchase a quality used B18C (OBD1) motor,...
  199. 2008 Acura Mdx?
  200. Which is more classy an Acura or Lexus?
  201. Would a 1998 acura integra type r lip fit on a 93 acura integra? (It's a after market lip)?
  202. Real Time traffic Acura mdx?
  203. "How do I activate the 3month XM trial subscrition for my certified preowned acura TL"?
  204. 97 Acura CL, 200k miles, transmission whines?
  205. difference between MDL& MDX fuses?
  206. How do i get my ipod working in my 2007 acura TL?
  207. Need help customizing my Navy Blue 2007 Acura TL.........?
  208. whats faster an acura rsx or nissan altima?
  209. Acura MDX HVAC Noise?
  210. 2004 Acura TL?
  211. Harmonic Balancer on a Acura Legend? Is the retaining bolt right, or left hand threads?
  212. whats the engine code for 06 Acura RSX base automatic ???
  213. How come My 2003 RSX doesnt have V-tech lable on engine?
  214. where can i buy/find a CD changer for my acura RL?
  215. abs fuse on acura?
  216. Acura rsx...?
  217. ? about a b20 build up?
  218. 2009 Acura RL?
  219. how do i become a deaeler sellsmen?
  220. Where can I get a bike rack for my Acura RSX?
  221. I have an ACURA TL 2004 and the Navigation system asks for a code. Are the radio & navigation...
  222. rims acura cl 97?
  223. 93 Integra Bad Solenoid???!!!!
  224. My 2006 TL's windshield is cracked?
  225. Thinkin about an Acura?
  226. Where can I get a 1990 Acura Integra Service Manual?
  227. What is a good psi boost for this engine?
  228. Will the radio for a 2000 acura tl fit a 2003 acura tl?
  229. does the 2006 acura tsx have standard ipod connectivity?
  230. need help!!! i have a 92 integra LS?
  231. I have an Acura Tl and I really want to make it look good and sound good...any suggestions?
  232. is me getting an Acura 08 proving i get everything i want? my dad thinks i'm a brat?
  233. I have a 96 acura tl that makes whomping sound.?
  234. Cracked Passenger Side Mirror - 2000 Acura RL?
  235. i have a 2002 rsx base model semi-atumatic.can i use a the transmission with a 2006 tipe...
  236. What is the best exhaust for my Acura RSX?
  237. Can anyone tell me where the transmission filter is on a 97 Acura Integra?
  238. Spoiler for 1999 Acura 3.2 TL?
  239. 95 acura integra body kit?
  240. Anyone own an Acura TSX?
  241. how you level your high beams in an acura integra?
  242. what are the differences between the B18a, B18b, and B18c from the acura integras?
  243. 97 acura CL 2.2.... 4100?
  244. vetch not working
  245. 2000 Acura TL CD Player?
  246. Check engine light on acura rsx 03 comes on and goes off.Diagnostic test says 41-7. What...
  247. 1991 Acura Legend...should I buy it?
  248. acura integra manual?
  249. Acura integra trunk?
  250. how do i turn off the maintenance light in my 2003 Acura MDX ?