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  1. Rim size for Acura 3.5 RL?
  2. Which is car is more fun to drive? Acura TL Type S or BMW 335i?
  3. out of curiosity which one U think is better LS VTEC or GSR???
  4. ok i have a b18 non vtech in a 91 integra what is the best head swap?
  5. my 91 acura integra would crank and run fine 1 month ago now it wontrun but will turn over...
  6. I just got a new '92 Acura Integra LS!!! How can I improve the engine performance and efficiancy?
  7. does anyone know ehere the fuel pressure regulator is in a 1989 acura legend?
  8. What is the best year models for acura tl and scion tc?
  9. alarm Valet switch/button in 95 acura integra. (car wont start)?
  10. b16 vs b18?
  11. what do i need for vtec?
  12. How much would a new head gasket cost on a 1992 Acura Legend LS Sedan?
  13. where is my NAVIGATION DVD IN my 2005 ACURA MDX?
  14. 2005 Acura TL DVD?
  15. what is the diff between my 91 integra ls special and a regular ls???
  16. i just put a t o3/04 turbo on my rsx type s but i dont know what kind of injectors i
  18. How to remove driver side (left) axle from a 1998 Acura 3.0 CL Premium.?
  19. Where can I get a H1 HID BULB without the whole kit?
  20. My 95 gsr is sluggish what could be the problem?
  21. what color temperature is acura TL 2002 low beam equiped with?
  22. is there any street racing groups in sacramento?
  23. Buying a new car, I want a 2005-2006 acura rsx?
  24. How would I know if I had bent valves?
  25. How to remove Inner Tie Rods from a 1998 Acura 3.0 CL Premium.?
  26. Acura 1.6 EL year 2000
  27. is the acura TSX a good car?
  28. any extra maintenance i should be aware of...?
  29. Does anyone have a 2006 Acura TL- if so- do you like it??
  30. Is a 2004 Acura TSX with 61000 miles and manual transmission worth 13995?
  31. im looking to put a vtec engine in my 94 acura integra but i cant find anything online?
  32. when i start the car in the mornings (94' acura integra), it revs up and down by itself for
  33. Is a 2001 Acura cl 3.2 a cool guys car???
  34. is acura and honda the same car company?
  35. I have a 1999 Acura Integra, I can't open the hood from the inside, is there a way to fix this?
  36. what is the song in the acura tsx commercial and not the one by citizen cope?
  37. i have a 2001 ACURA 3.2TL. i want to install HID headlights on it. can i get some advice?
  38. 8500K HID in a integra.?
  39. Would a 2009 Acura RL trunk cover fit on a 2008 Acura RL?
  40. Daytime Running Lights for Acura?
  41. 98 CL keeps burning up alternator?
  42. Tsx steering noices?
  43. I have a 02 Acura TL. How do you tightning the rear view mirror?
  44. Is 75000 miles a lot for a 2005 Acura TL Navi?
  45. 2008 Acura TL Type S a good car?
  46. What is a good tire choice for the 2006 Acura RSX?
  47. What are your guy's thoughts about the new TSX?
  48. are there any 6 cylinder engines that will fit in an '04 acura tsx 6mt?
  49. are there any 6 cylinder engines that will fit in an '04 acura tsx 6mt?
  50. how many integras type r were made?
  51. leaking water?
  52. what shifter is better for my acura rsx type-s buddy club or matrix?
  53. April 2008 Acura Song in Commercial?
  54. whats the song from the new acura TSX commercial?
  55. Japanese Type R Integra?
  56. What type of brake pads are recommended for a 2004 Acura TL?
  57. which car would look better?
  58. exhaust leak?
  59. I've got a 2004 Acura Rsx Type S. CAI, headers, exhaust. what next?
  60. where can i buy these integra tailights?
  61. Does a 2004 acura tsx have the option of connecting an ipod?
  62. where is the brake light switch located on an 88 acura legend?
  63. How much is a !998 Type R worth?
  64. Help! 1994, 1995 or 1996 Acura Integra, WHICH TO BUY!!?
  65. Should I put a supercharger or turbo into my 2004 Acura Rsx type s?
  66. 2008 Acura MDX fuel economy?
  67. Car Help, 93 Grand Marquis or 90's acura integra???? Help!?
  68. What parts have to come off to access a rear main seal on a integra?
  69. does the 2003 acrua tl 3.2 s type have bluetooth?
  70. Whom have the owner’s manual of a Acura 2.5 TL ?
  71. how to change the sparks in a acura 2.5 tl ?
  72. What's the difference bewteen the Acura RSX type S and the original Acura?
  73. What do you think of the all new 2009 Acura TSX!?
  74. How do you change the fuel filter on a 1994 acura integra RS?
  75. 1989 acura legend help??
  76. what tool do you use to remove the transmission drain bolt on a 1991 acura integra?
  77. MAP Sensor high / P0108 error
  78. I have a 94 acura legend. When i push down on the gas slowly the rpms drop .?
  79. If I buy a new car shell for my 1996 acura integra ls?
  80. 1987 acura legend fans work when a/c is on but not when hot.?
  81. My 1990 Acura Integra is overheating. Help please.?
  82. Just got 4 new brake pads installed on my Acura RSX?
  83. got a question about my cooling fan for my integra ?
  84. Acura Integra GS-R horsepower?
  85. How much does a 100 000 mile service cost for acura cl 2001?
  86. how to change the fuel pump for acura legend 2.5 year of 1987 ?
  87. 91 Integra PR4 ecu question...?
  88. will a 1989 acura legend radiator fit in a 1989 ford thunderbird?
  89. Is there a relation between Acura and Honda?
  90. Subaru WRX STI, Lancer Evo, or Acura Rsx Type S...whats better?
  91. 2006 Acura RSX: does this use unleaded fuel or does it require premium?
  92. integra help??????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!?
  93. 2005 Acura Tl?
  94. 2001 Turbo'd Acura Integra GS-R Dependability??
  95. What intake Manifolds are compatible with a 2002 Acura RSX-S?
  96. 2006 Acura MDX maintenance req'd light?
  97. Dose any1 know how a 1987 Acura Intgra fuel line run?
  98. i have a 2004 acura TL and i bought a 2007 switchblade key, any can cut the key in NY??...
  99. got a question about doing an h22 swap ?
  100. what is the difference from a DC sports race header and a DC sports regular header for an acura...
  101. b16-ls integra?
  102. what motor was in a 1991 acura integra?
  103. Is an 1997 ACURA Cl 3.0 v6 an interference engine?
  104. acura lease millage question?
  105. true gs-r?????????
  106. what is the lowest price you have seen for a 2008 base model TSX?
  107. does anyone know...What is the different between Acura TL Type S 2007 and 2008?
  108. i have an 88 acura legend,my brake lights stay on after i turn my car off.what could cause this?
  109. For anyone else who has a moderately used Acura has the quality reputation lived up to the
  110. 1992 acura integra B18A1 fit into 1990 acura integra? please help?
  111. Does anyone know where I can get a 97-99 acura cl hood in any color?
  112. Acura CL Shifer?
  113. Any one know where I can get a driver door for a coupe Acura Legend 91-94?
  114. Is there a free online breakdown diagram for a 1995 Acura Integra transmission?
  115. integra test pipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  116. which headers for my acura 3.2cl type s?
  117. I have a 2002 Acura TL and the bulb for the clock went out.?
  118. 1992 acura integra buzzing real loud from muffeler?
  119. my 92 acura integra has trouble starting sometimes?
  120. Why does the acura integra gsr vtec engine have an inner and outter valve spring for the intake?
  121. how do you remove trunk panel in Acura RSX.?
  122. I need a new engine for my 1.8L 1994 Acura Integra LS. Can I get a NEW engine from Acura?
  123. Can I split AM/FM antenna connection for 2005 Acura TL?
  124. What kind of body kit is this?
  125. where can i find a high flow cat for my 2001 acura 3.2 cl type s?
  126. How do you remove the bose speaker on the rear deck lid in a 2003 Acura TL Type-S?
  127. Anyone know where i can get a owners manuel for a 1987 Acura Integera?
  128. overheating problems with a/c on a acura integra?
  129. How to adjust 2004 Acura MDX roof rack crossbar?
  130. which years Acura Rsx automatic has triptronic feature?
  131. How do I make my car faster???
  132. Is this price fair for a 1992 Acura Legend LS 3.2?
  133. How do you connect an iPod to a 2008 Acura MDX?
  134. where can i find some headers for my 2001 acura 3.2 cl type s ?
  135. my TL says my car has 70 percent oil life left, but i passed 3000 mile .what do you think?
  136. Someone find me a turbo for my 1994 integra ls please.?
  137. Fixing Scratch?
  138. Im about to purchase an '03 RSX S-type, any advice?
  139. How much to repair IAC Valve on a 1999 Acura TL?
  140. TSX or BMW or S40?
  141. who here thinks?
  142. check engine light on my 1999 acura integra is on?
  143. how to connect ipod..?
  144. Is this too good to be true? (Acura NSX pricing)?
  145. I want to put headers in a rsx (base) k20a3?
  146. Dose any body know how to install a vtec head on a non-vitec n where i can find the best...
  147. audio
  148. will aem v2 fit on 1999 tl?
  149. Does anyone have transmission problems on an Acura Tl?
  150. How long does a Acura MDX Last?
  151. RE: Acura Vigor that won't start... it sounds like its out of gas (but it is not)?
  152. Headlight Oxidation?
  153. how can i check if my abs sensors are bad on a 90 acura legend LS4 dr with auto trans?
  154. Does anyone know what the best/most popular Acura RSX forum/part site?
  155. how do u fix an right upper ball joint on a acura ledgend 1988?
  156. doing an LS vtec ?
  157. I have a 1992 acura integra?
  158. Do I need to change my 06' OEM ECU to a 04' OEM ECU in order for me to Install a Greddy Turbo...
  159. 1992 Acura Integra Fuel Pump works but does not turn on.?
  160. which car would look better?
  161. 97' Acura Integra
  162. Grinding sound when braking?
  163. 2006 accura tsx?
  164. 1992 Acura Integra rim choices?
  165. Integra 1991 power steering fluid leak
  166. Air release valve in Acura Integra 1994
  167. How many buttons does the factory keyless remote for a 96 acura 2.5 TL have?
  168. where is the cheapest place on the net to buy acura rims?
  169. Tuning an B16a sir ls/vtec?
  170. Which color would you prefer on a white Acura RSX?
  171. got a question about LS Vtec ?
  172. can the acura 2008 tsx back seats completely fold down?
  173. Power steering fluid leak until 1/2 in below low level
  174. So is there any Honda/Acura fans out there?
  175. What would win in a race/drag race...04' Acura TSX or 05' RSX type s?
  176. Check Engine Light on 95 Acura Legend? Any Acura/Honda drivers know?
  177. Why did Honda/Acura stop making the RSX/Type S?
  178. Acura Integra 91 replace Brake Disk Rotors?
  179. Safe for son in back seat of my 1999 Acura Integra LS hatchback?
  180. does acura make a hatchback?
  181. 95 acura integra 1.8 dual overhead cams
  182. What automatic transmissions will interchange with 1989 acura legend?
  183. how do i fix a leatherseat?
  184. need help on turbo charged ls non vtec b18b motor?
  185. 99 acura tl bearing noise sounds like the muffler but noise stops at turns towards slight left?
  186. My 94 Acura Integra?
  187. Acura Integra Gs-r Reliability?
  188. is an Acura TL better than a TSX?
  189. 1996 Acura Integra GSR?
  190. 2006 Acura TL -Should I use Low, Mid or Premium gas?
  191. Does Acura give cash back on new vehicles?
  192. Does 2004 Acura TL have a rear fold down in seat from trunk?
  193. How much would someone sell an acura integra motor for?
  194. 1994 Acura Integra GSR Turbo?
  195. i want to know how to pass smog for a jdm b16a motor? is the b16a jdm motor go with good...
  196. Handsfreelink problems
  197. 95 Acura Integra LS Special Edition. I wanted to know the difference between 4-2-1 headers and 4-1?
  198. acura legend question?
  199. 2002 acura rsx will not rev over 4000rpm it starts to jump and bog down why ?
  200. I want to do the K24a Block and the k20a heads, is their anything i need to by as in controllers?
  201. Turbo RSX-S vs Supercharged RSX-S?
  202. Acura RSX Type S questions about reliablity 2nd gear grinding??
  203. If I buy a 08 Acura TSX with A-spec package should I get a manual or automatic transmission??
  204. How much would someone pay for an LS motor in an acura integra 1995 se?
  205. what is the better buy? a k20 engine or a k24 engine?
  206. will stock rims from a fairly new Infinity m45 fit on a 1999 Acura RL??
  207. hondata s200??????????????????????????!!!?
  208. Whirring sound when my 2003 Acura MDX starts...
  209. How much hp should I expect from a modded 03 acura tl type s?
  210. i need help on reseting the check ,maintaince light for a 1999 acura tl?
  211. Can you tell me what you know about the ECU chip, k pro hondata? Increase in performance?
  212. What is the difference between the 05 and 06 Acura RSX TYPE S?
  213. Just purchased an Acura TL 2005 W/58,000 miles on it, for $ 20,000 with 7.5%APR ... did I
  214. What cold air intake should I get for my 05 rsx-s (stock) ?
  215. For a acura AT rsx, when i rev why does it hit 5 in a half rpms?
  216. 2008 Acura TSX A-spec?
  217. 98 Acura Radio Problems?
  218. Is this a good Lease rate for 08 TSX?
  219. Malfunction Light in 2004 Acura TSX?
  220. How slow is the Acura TSX?
  221. any transmission problems with the acura 2002 3.5 tl?
  222. I have 1996 2.5 acura tl it runs good and the suddenly radio goes off lights turn dim and stops
  223. cannot find Acura EL parts??help!!?
  224. HELLLLLLLLLP! i have an acura integra 91 gs and i need to find the IAT sensor?
  225. I own a 1992 Acura Integra. I would like to know how many miles I can expect to get from the engine?
  226. Heat Shields Making Noice?
  227. 91 Integra lsvtec vafc ii vtec controller vs ecu vs per chip?
  228. Car handling at high speeds?
  229. Noticed change in acceleration / pick-up today?
  230. 2001 Acura 1.7 seatbelt sensor issues, SRS light on dashboard on all the time.?
  231. Checking Oil In Acura Intergra 91?
  232. how do I check my ignition coil on acura integra 1990 if it is within the specs?
  233. Will a 1995 hatch fit a 2001 acura integra? Thanks in advance!?
  234. how many 92-93 acura integra gsr were made?
  235. Will the factory spoiler on the Honda Civic fit on the Acura CSX?
  236. What would you pay for and RSX Type S?
  237. What LEGAL swap is highly recommended for a stock 1994 integra? Price doesnt matter.?
  238. 91 Integra trans...help please!
  239. Does any one know know where i can rent a Acura TL in miami?
  240. I'm considering getting an Acura RSX type s. Do you think it is more of a feminine car?
  241. my car smokes in the middle right behind my E- Brake wondering what that could be, my car
  242. Is a 2008 Acura TSX a good vehicle to own?
  243. Can you intall a Navi system in an Acura TL 05-06?
  244. Can you put a B-12 Engine in an Acura Integra?
  245. I recentley saw a new lexus on the road and the licence plate bulbs were i nice pure white
  246. anyone know good rims to put on an acura rl elite?
  247. Where online can I find an idler pulley for a 94 Acura Legend?
  248. Is $550 for my water pump and timing belt to be replaced too much?
  249. 1990 integra electrical?
  250. What upgrades can I do to my 99 Acura 3.2TL to get the extra 35 horsepower that is in a 3.2TL...