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  1. Does a 2003 Acura MDX have good A/C and Heat?
  2. I'm looking to buy a used Acura Vigor. What are your experiences with this car?
  3. Acura 1.6EL with 200K km, how long it will last?
  4. gsr head rebuild?
  5. B16 motor swap on 90 integra?
  6. what do you think of hankook tires?
  7. Does anyone out there own an Acura Integra 4-door and have children?
  8. How to raise 1996 acura integra?
  9. Hyundai tiburon or acura rsx???
  10. Interested in buying a Acura MDX, is it a good car ????
  11. how do i replace my shift knob on my 2001 integra?
  12. Box fit in Acura RSX?
  13. Need help of leasing new Acura TL?
  14. Does the 04 Acura TL have an mp3 jack?
  15. wats the difffrents between the acura integra ls and the gsr and which one is better?
  16. acura rsx owner's manual?
  17. Acura make.. need help.?
  18. Is 76000 miles a lot for a 2003 acura tl?
  19. Is it a good deal to purchase a 2002 Acura RL for $9,500. It has 101,000 miles, which
  20. does anyone else have a Acura TSX 2004, 6 speed with 8.000 miles on it?
  21. is 144000 miles on a car alot?
  22. Anyone know anything about an 2002 automatic transmision Acura RSX and if they are reliable?
  23. I just bought a used 2003 acura tl 60k miles for 12,900 was that a good deal?
  24. I have a 2005 acura tl and i want to put hks exhaust on?
  25. whats faster a honda civic si or a acura rsx base model.. they have the same engine but which ones..
  26. Anyone have success in getting Acura to fully repair SRS indicator system?
  27. Does anyone else have a Acura TSX 2004, 6 speed with 8.000 miles on it?
  28. what are the latitudinal nd lonitudinal extents of A.P.?
  29. Was there ever and Acura Legend convertible??
  30. Is it bad to get an acura with 130k miles on it? They say the life of these cars is >200k.?
  31. How many miles to the gallon does a 1994 Acura Legend get?
  32. Would A k20 fit in my acura integra?
  33. acura tsx 07 i bought it brand new and it came with blue radiator water and i need to fill
  34. song for acura mdx commercial?
  35. acura tsx 2009 or tl 2008?
  36. How much does it cost to do a 60K Mile service for an Acura RSX 2002? San Jose, CA?
  37. 2009 Acura TSX or Cadillac CTS 2008??? Long question.?
  38. Can I trade my car for RSX?
  39. Does all Honda and Acura vehicles have a VTEC engine?
  40. will a spec side skirts fit on a base acura rsx ?
  41. Do I need any special tools to change my oil in a 2008 Acura TL?
  42. i have a 2001 integra ls and i want to get either a cold air intake or a short ram?
  43. trying to get rsx rims?
  44. How do I get a bad key out of my Acura 3.2 TL?
  45. What is the best exhaust for a 92 Acura Integra GS?
  46. Can someone please help me find a 2005 acura TL sedan (used) for under $5000? i can't...
  47. URGENT! My a/c on my 1996 Acura TL doesn't blow any air;however, it'll blow air intermittently.
  48. Is all Acura cars imported from Japan or made in the N. America?
  49. why acura 96 TL shuts of after 15 mins of driving?
  50. In order for a car to be Acura Certified Pre-Owned, does it have to be bought at an Acura...
  51. 2002-2003 acura TL 3.2 Standard not TYPE-S?
  52. 2002 or 2003 acura TL 3.2 standard not type-S?
  53. what would u pay 4 a used turbonetics turbo kit used.?
  54. any suggestions on a bottom end 2 a 95 ls turbo?
  55. location of acura integra 1990 ac pressure switch?
  56. What version navigation dvd does a 2002 Acura TL-S need & where can I get one. Free download...
  57. Need Tires for 2007 Acura TL Type S?
  58. whats faster an acura rsx or a honda prelude?
  59. will a sunroof assembly from a 91 acura legend sedan fit on my 94 legend 4dr?
  60. how do I install a car horn on a 1994 acura integra sedan?
  61. 94- 01 integra fenders??
  62. HKS high power cat back exhaust?
  63. Cost to fix /replace front bumper for 2003 Acura TL?
  64. 1999 Acura Integra LS Problems HELP!!!!! Repairs?
  65. apexi N1 or world sport cat back exhaust?
  66. 1999 Acura Integra LS 4Cyl DIED OUT!!!! "REPAIRS"?
  67. Engines in Integras?
  68. best exhaust for under 700 for acura integra?
  69. what is the best preformance chip for a acura vigor?
  70. Used Acura TSX?
  71. 1997 Acura Integra, Tall People???
  72. Which is faster ls vtec or crv vtec both stock and why?
  73. My Acura Integra wont start...I need some advice.?
  74. 2000 acura integra LS modifications??
  75. 2000 acura integra question?
  76. what is better...acura RSX or the acura TL?
  77. Which car is better?
  78. Should I get rid of my 2000 acura integra turbo ls for a 2005 legacy gt?
  79. is anyone selling or know anyone selling an acura rsx?
  80. Which is faster ls vtec or crv vtec both stock and why?
  81. How is more fast ls vtec or crv vtec and why?
  82. Help/Advice?
  83. Can you swap 95' LS head to 91' RS?
  84. whats the difference between acura tl type S and type A?
  85. whats faster acura tsx or TL?
  86. Acura Legend Transmissions Manual VS Auto?
  87. cost of a new transmission for Acura car>?
  88. Where's the maint. reset switch for a '97 Acura Integra?
  89. My acura tsx 07 needs premium gas to run, should i feel proud of that or screw?
  90. celica vs integra who gonna win?
  91. Acura TL or TSX?
  92. any places that sell anything and everythin 4 honda and acura???
  93. Is a '94 Integra considered a "sports car"...?
  94. Is there any Rear wheel drive Acura's?
  95. Which speed should I be using on my 5-speed Acura MDX?
  96. 94 integra ls tranny swap
  97. my 94 acura integra makes a real bad squeaking noise when i turn the steering what is it?
  98. 2009 Acura RDX?
  99. My Acura Legend Burns Fuel ?
  100. B18 to B16?
  101. Who can win celica or integra ?
  102. Is the Acura TSX good in hot (Phoenix/Vegas) weather?
  103. im possibly purchasing a 1994 acura integra, how good is this vehicle on gas?
  104. The hand brake on my 2002 Acura RSX does not hold on hills. Is this common - any solutions?
  105. How much hp does a 92 acura nsx have?
  106. Acura '09 TSX - Gas question? Also any comparisons?
  107. Whats faster? A 2006 acura rsx non type s or a celica?
  108. A-Spec on Acura's?!?
  109. how much will a paint job be on a 97 integra?
  110. Will 2006 Honda Si Spoiler fit a 2003 acura rsx?
  111. 2001 acura cl type s engine problems maybe?
  112. would 5x8.5 bolt pattern fit on my 2008 acura tl?
  113. do anyone know where i can go to to convert my car lights?
  114. I have an Integra da 90 with a B18 ls?
  115. Isnt that new 2009 TSX a joke?
  116. Very rough shifting when car heats up?
  117. how do i swap a b18c1 gsr engine in my 91 da integra?
  118. Hella Headlights???
  119. In your opinion what car overall is better the Acura RSX base or Toyota Celica GTS?
  120. Can I match a GSR head w/ a B16 block?
  121. What's that song that's on the Acura commercial?
  122. Symptoms of blown head gaskets or cracked heads?
  123. So what is the difference between honda and acura integra?
  124. would an F22 Vtec head work on an F23 non-Vtec?
  125. is 40 dollars good for a oil change and spark plugs on a acura legend?
  126. is a 2006 acura TL with 16K miles/NAV/Leather for $25K a good deal?
  127. acura tl as first car?
  128. How much for an acura rsx at auction?
  129. Can a RSX cluster fit into an Integra?
  130. Does a 1990 Acura Integra have a place to put steering fluid?
  131. ACURA SLX is it realible and a good car?
  132. how do i clear my orange turn signal.?
  133. can a vafc control fuel like the safc or just vtec engagement?
  134. where can i find an Acura Integra Type R on auction FOR SALE?
  135. Is acura integra GSR the same thing as acura integra TYPE R?
  136. i got 95 integra ls turbo. rings are out. what do i do 2 get for a daily drive any head swap maybe?
  137. first car (acura tl)?
  138. Any problems with an RSX? Common problems?
  139. Whats faster and more impressive?
  140. Will a 2006 acura rsx base model beat the older civic models?
  141. 1990 Acura Integra Idling High?
  142. Code 4 Crank issue.
  143. how to program garage door on 2004 acura tl?
  144. Acura RSX Type S, 02 03 04 05 or 06? Which Was better?
  145. Maintenance questions on my 08 Acura TSX?
  146. Does anyone own a base Acura MDX w/o Tech pkg?
  147. My Father and I put in a New CD player in my Acura Integra, My clock in my car is gone... What
  148. Transmission filter / cooler
  149. 90 acura integra timing issue
  150. 2003 Acura RL replacing low beam bulb
  151. can I install AC in my 1997 Acura Integra, even if I purchased it without? Cause it's hella HOT...
  152. Which inventor invented the 2007 Acura CSX?? 10 POINTS!?
  153. What is the European, specifically British version of the Acura RSX?
  154. '95 Acura Integra insurance price?
  155. Civic EX 2001 OPDS question, need help
  156. 2008 or 2009 acura tsx. do you need premium fuel?
  157. how many PSI should i put on a 1996 acura 2.5 TL tires?
  158. Several Problems, need advise
  159. My 1991 Acura Legend is acting crazy!!?
  160. i just found out that my 1994 acura integra needs a new radiator and brake system-these are...
  161. O2 sensor of a 1991 Acura integra gs?
  162. i have a1995 acura integra gsr, As I'm driving the car just shuts off. there's power still
  163. how can I distinguish the integra 98-01 oem tailights from the type R tail lights?
  164. Does anyone have this test of the Acura RSX?
  165. why i select you as TL?
  166. acura p1457 code what is wrong?
  167. anyone know where i could get a super clean 92-93 acura integra?
  168. what can i use to lift a 1996 acura 3.2TL about 2 1/2 inch so my rims want rub?
  169. 1999 Acura 3.2TL Constantly Stalls Suddenly.?
  170. The lights on my 88 acura integra wont go down. What could be the cause and cost to fix?
  171. how do i get fixed of malfunction of idol control system of Acura integra 1998 (code p0505)
  172. Tire Question
  173. 1999 TL Dasbhboard Issue
  174. 5 inch or 4 inch Tip for 2002 Acura RSX?
  175. My Acura Legend is lowered and has rims but the inside of my front tires are going bald ?
  176. I just found out my car has a rebuilt title??
  177. where's the ac pressure switch on acura integra 1990?
  178. Does anyone know a site that has the cheapest cold air intake for my 2001 acura cl?
  179. I am thinking abouit getting a cold air intake for my 2003 Acura CL S type. Is this a wise decision?
  180. acura tl performance exhaust?
  181. can you do a good drift with a acura integra?
  182. Want to know how to fix my Acura Legend Problem ?
  183. I have a 1999 acura cl and the transmission was rebuilt 32000 miles ago should the shop who did
  184. Acura MDX Commercial?
  185. Acura, car window....?
  186. With a redesigned body style in Fall 2009 for the Acura TL, will the prices of used TL's
  187. what kind of motor is the 2004 acura rsx type s k20a2 or k20a3?
  188. Acura RL Air Filter Replacement?
  189. How much is a K24 head?
  190. where can i find new DB7/8 Type R rear seat?
  191. whats the song for that Acura comercal?
  192. ok Vtec, what's a kruger?
  193. how do i get acura navigation system codes?
  194. My 5 speed shifts harshly
  195. which speaker package is best for ROTEL RSX 1067?
  196. i have an integra ls and want to turbo it , but i have no idea what i need to even begin. Can...
  197. How can i convert my 1992 Acura Integra from automatic to Manual tranny?
  198. Will I pass emissions in new york with a header on my 1991 integra?
  199. Is a honda accord EX vtec 4 cylinder still faster than any of the Civic EX or SI models of that
  200. Acura Integra Turbo Crankshaft.. help?
  201. 2009 Acura TSX lease?
  202. acura navigation codes?
  203. Side Molding For '99 Acura Integra?
  204. were can i get some information about a 1989 acura legend coupe ?
  205. could you give me feed back on g35 coupe?
  206. is it possible to get 200HP from a Base Acura RSX (auto or sportshift) w/ just bolt ons and
  207. I have a Acura Integra GSR why does my RPM stay up when shifting to neutral?
  208. 1988 Integra turns over, won't start
  209. Is there any LSD for the 2008 Acura TSX (Automatic)?
  210. would 18 inch rims fit a 98 acura integra without any modification to the suspension or anything...
  211. what type of rims would look good on a 98 red acura integra 2 door ?
  212. Dc Race Ceramic Headers or Dc Race Sainless Heders?
  213. help! 90 acura issues
  214. Acura Rsx or Honda Civic Si?
  215. RSX exhaust system help?
  216. how do you reset the anti theft on an 1998 acura?
  217. My 2005 automatic TSX Acura requires highest octane gas. Can u use lowest w/out any problem?
  218. Which car do you think is better looking?
  219. How much is it to do an Manual Conversion for a 96 Acura Integra?
  220. Does a 1991 Acura Legend need Premium gas?
  221. when does ivtec kick in?
  222. H22A Swap in Acura Cl?
  223. My friend of mine is selling his 89 acura integra for 700 bucks and its still running.. should
  224. I got an acura CL type S and i noticed that it releases the heat to the doors or the back, im...
  225. Can I buy aftermarket headlights for an acura integra that look like the audi r8 headlights?
  226. acura cl rl or tl ? which is better and why?
  227. i just put anti-freeze in my 94' acura integra on friday and noticed slight smoking under
  228. What is the song on the new Acura TSX 2008 commercial...?
  229. does anybody now the song that plays in the new commercial for the acura coupe/sedan?
  230. Shopping for an Acura MDX & want a DVD player. Best to go with built-in or buy after-market
  231. Remove an oil pump from Acura Integra???
  232. Used JDM DOHC ZC?
  233. What do you guys think about Acura CL type S? if u like it or don't can you tell me why?
  234. i have a 94' acura integra and noticed just yesterday that when i step on the brake, it goes...
  235. Help with fuel pump problem!
  236. how much would it cost to chang the piston rings on a 1990 acura integra?? Also what eles...
  237. 17" or 18" Rims?
  238. Where to get red A acura emblems for my rsx type-s?
  239. my 91 acura integra would crank and run fine 1 month ago now it wontrun but will turn over fires
  240. I have gear 1, 2, D3, D4...which one to use and what is better on gas?
  241. 1999 acura TL?
  242. Can't find my starter on Acura tl 1997?
  243. for high boost applications on a b18c1 motor what kind of valvetrain would you recomend ?
  244. Should i buy a acura vigor and tune it? by the way im 17?
  245. How do you make a Type R from Japan legit in the USA??
  246. im looking for a silencer for my 4.25 tip muffler?
  247. Anyone own a '94 Acura Integra w/ keyless entry?
  248. Could anyone tell me what it the top speed of Acura TL 96?
  249. 2009 Acura TSX?
  250. Anybody know what song was used in the new car commercial for the Acura TSX?