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  1. How much horsepower would i get?
  2. how does Acura RSX look in Desert Silver Metallic color ?
  3. how much did people you know or yourselves pay for the 2009 acura tsx?
  4. Acura integra type R(2000) Vs Nissan Sentra spec v (2003)???
  5. How do you make an Acura TL go faster?
  6. Is the upcoming 2009 Acura TL type S considered a luxury car?
  7. which is better a 92 acura legend or 02 protege?
  8. 91 integra LS redline?
  9. 1990 integra GS starter relay location?
  10. is there a difference between acura integra gsr block gs and ls?
  11. 1997 Acura Integra?
  12. Rsx Base vs Rsx-S?
  13. How to remove Paint from Acura TL Wheels?
  14. Which headers to you prefer? help?
  15. 09 tsx radio
  16. Sport headers or racing headers for an rsx?
  17. Codes for an 02 Acura RSX S?
  18. 02 RSX gas tank capacity?
  19. Car upgrade?
  20. New rims for Acura TL.?
  21. for 2Cr2+ +CL2(g)>2Cr3+ +2CL-, E cell=1.78 calculate E cell for Cr3+ +CL->Cr2+ +(1/2)Cl2(g)?
  22. Does the Acura RSX Type S come stock with turbo?
  23. Mortgage for a Pre-owned Acura RDX in Toronto/GTA?
  24. Are the parts for a 1992 Accura Vigor interchangable with any other Accura?
  25. How do I find the unlock codes for a 2004 acura tl?
  26. what type of credit score i need to have in order to drive out a 2008 or 2009 acura mdx or...
  27. 2002 Acura el keyless entry
  28. how to conet the d16 vtec?
  29. hii have a 2005 acura tsx it needs car service it has 32,000 MILES how much and what
  30. hi! i have a 2005 acura tsx it needs car service it has 32,000 MILES how much and what
  31. i have an acura tsx 2006. my steering wheel does not go back to normal position and pulls
  32. Parts for a '95 Acura Integra?
  33. is acura made by honda?
  34. What is the maintenance on a 2000 Acura 3.2TL?
  35. which color looks good on acura rsx BLACK or WHITE?
  36. I own a 96 Acura 3.5RL. I want to "pimp it out" but still keep the luxury look of it. Any ideas?
  37. 1994 Acura integra ls with b20b enigne????
  38. is it illegal?
  39. 2002 acura rsx-s motor swap?
  40. Will rsx 02 fender fit on 05 rsx???
  41. jdm b18c / gsr?
  42. I want an Acura NSX?
  43. are acura mdx good trucks?
  44. Acura TL exterior questions?
  45. Where can I find the best deal for an Acura Integra (or similar), in Alberta?
  46. 99-00 GSR ISSUES
  47. my 1990 acura integra still runs when I take the key out of the ignition, the only way I can shut?
  48. how do you install a turbo on a 90 integra hand drawning pitures to show were vacum lines go?
  49. Acura TL Bumper?
  50. if i install a intake on my acura legend do i have to get a exhaust as well?
  51. 1999 Acura Integra with 277xxx km is it worth 4 grand?
  52. Theres a 06 TL with 23K miles for sale for 25,000$$. This car is certified by acura....is it
  53. 90-93 Integra Vtec Motor?
  54. Where is it cheaper to lease an Acura TSX, NY, NJ, or Conn?
  55. 96 Acura Integra GSR?
  56. 91 integra?
  57. How much would it cost to install factory navigation to my 2006 TL?
  58. Got a 2006 Acura Tl?
  59. 92 integra radiator
  60. '97 Integra a/c compressor never cycles off
  61. Ball bearing question?
  62. In a 2000 Acura Integra LS (4 speed Automatic) what is the best gear to drive in, regularly?
  63. Which car is better? In all aspects?
  64. Acura RSX hatchback part needed-i dont know what it is!
  65. 06 Acura RSX Type S warranty question?
  66. What kind of manual transmission oil does a 1988 acura legend need?
  67. 94 acura gsr vtec diagram?
  68. Running Lean!!
  69. How much would an Acura Integra RWD Conversion cost?
  70. Is the Acura TSX(2008 model) a safe and reliable car?
  71. Has anyone heard of giovanni rims?
  72. acura integra?
  73. how to remove sub grill on acura tl?
  74. skunk2 maniflod on a 90 teg?
  75. Will a tire size of 235/40R18 fit on my 1994 Acura Integra?
  76. have a 1988 Honda Acura?
  77. 2006 Acura TSX Heated Seat??
  78. I live in san diego and I need a fellow acura integra enthusiast?
  79. does anyone know where i can get a 2001 acura gps manual?
  80. Will the Acura RSX price go down or up in value?
  81. the electronegativity difference between C and Cl in carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) is?
  82. I just bought an acura integra 99 I live in a decent neighborhood?
  83. Where is MAP sensor located on 1998 Acura 2.5 TL?
  84. Bogging Down
  85. B18b engine built?
  86. I just bought a 99 acura integra ls manual transmission?
  87. will acura integra steering colums interchage with honda accord both with cruise?
  88. Bluetooth in my Acura?
  89. Can you help me with an anti- theft radio for 2004 acura tl?
  90. Whats faster Prelude or Integra?
  91. B18A1, need a vtec head?
  92. will a C32A TYPE II 3.2 V-6 230 HP engine for a 91-95 acura legend fit into my 91 integra GS?
  93. which is better?
  94. Honda Accord and Acura Integtra?
  95. Where is the cigarette ligther fuse on a 1996 Acura3.5 RL?
  96. ACURA TL difference?
  97. What is the Acura legend's average lifetime?
  98. I have an Acura 2001 3.2 TL. It is has the original CD player?
  99. Which light weight rims should I get for my acura rsx type s.?
  100. I'm a girl and I know nothing . . . . HELP! Lol?
  101. Honda Accord or Acura TSX?
  102. 92 acura integra ls engine swap
  103. Acura RSX colors?
  104. Can supercharged acura RSX beat a Supra Twin turbo?
  105. horse power for a 1988 acura legend coupe?
  106. need help. After I had put on my i/h/e I don't know what else is next performance wise?
  107. How much will the dealership charge to replace the passenger side motor mount on a 2003 RSX?
  108. Hi! Does anyone know if you can use the factory 2007 Acura TL wheels/rims on a 2005 model TL?
  109. does honda and acura really have a lifetime seatbelt warranty?
  110. acure TL type S?
  111. can i make my 1991 integra faster without messing with the motor & only with boltons and...
  112. The front v-shaped chrome part on the front of my acura tsx is peeling/ wearing off?
  113. acura rsx ecu removal?
  114. Is this a smart buy? I love this car, but the mileage is high.?
  115. Acura Rsx Automatic weird breaking...or not?
  116. 2001 Acura CL Type-S upgrade?
  117. I have a 98 acura TL w/o the keyless remote. I found 1 for a 96 Acura in parking lot.
  118. How many gallon gas tank is the 2003 Acura TL and what is the gas mileage?
  119. turbo for 04 acura TL? Anyone know what company sells turbos for 04 TL's?
  120. ♥♥ ♥how much is the 2005 accura tl white diamond(i hav a url) thanx♥♥♥?
  121. i want to put a turbo in my rsx 06 what do i need?
  122. what dose k series mean on a rsx?
  123. acura integra bogging issues?
  124. Acura Integra Radiator Support Replacement
  125. do i need to do anything to my ecu if i am putting a turbo in to my 04 acura rsx-s?
  126. 95 integra starting problem?
  127. Would a reflash on my ECU be worth it?
  128. what color is the acura rsx a-spec?
  129. i have a 97 integra gsr sometimes i cant get it to go into gear?
  130. What is the difference between the 2004 and 2005 Acura TL.?
  131. 2009 Acura TSX?
  132. Acura integra 95 turbo kit?
  133. i have 1999 Acura 3.5 rl.?
  134. 2004 Acura Tsx?
  135. 2008 accord 2.4 & 2009 acura tsx 2.4 is there a differece in motors?
  136. turbo for my acura rsx?
  137. Will the K20A2 Intake manifold fit the K20A3?
  138. is an 2003 acura cl type s six speed manual trans fast and is it realy a rare car like they say?
  139. I drive a 2001 Acura MDX now at 111,000 miles. I am told to replace timing belt etc for...
  140. Just bought an Acura Integra, and am looking for ways to keep it from getting stolen!?
  141. How do I know if my legend has a type II engine. I have a 1994 with a 3.2?
  142. is integra a good car in the way of upkeep and reliability?
  143. Why does the Acura '09 TSX req prem gas when '08 Accord w/same 4 cyl engine req reg. gas?
  144. The Acura NSX. Supercar wannabe? Or a great piece of machinery for its time?
  145. acura integra ?
  146. trouble starting my integra?
  147. if I get my engine strengthened on my 04' Acura TL can I get a custom fabricated twin turbo built
  148. please..do my resume for private company im civil graduate? thanks..and god bless!?
  149. 2000 acura RL aftermarket parts?
  150. Acura Integra: What year and edition is best?
  151. will an integra type r gauge cluster fit in my 1994 acura integra gsr?
  152. Filled in small rust spot about the size of a 1 cm dot with good touch up paint, will rust...
  153. Acura TL?????????????????
  154. 2001 Acura Cl question?
  155. Acura 1999 2.3 CL factory built in alarm?
  156. getting bigger rims for a stock 02 RSX will it jeopardize performance? if so in what way?
  157. can i safely use regular gas in my 2003 acura tl?
  158. How many mpg can a 2005 Acura NSX get?
  159. Busted keyless entry remote and alarm system on my Acura.?
  160. The bearing on piston rod broke on my 98 integra GSR?
  161. 1989 acura integra. parked running great it. now wont start without starting fluid and
  162. 2009 Acura TSX?
  163. Acura integra,.atomatic to manual.?
  164. does tint affect XM/Navigation?
  165. does anyone have kpro for their rsx?
  166. Acura TSX VS. Acura TL?
  167. Is a skunk2 Megapower or Megapower R exaust leagl in california?
  168. Replacing the Weather Stripping for My Trunk?
  169. how would i disacemble a bitch shift?
  170. what to do next to my integra?
  171. Acura Integra vs. Camaro z28?
  172. I have 1994 acura integra. when i'm driving my foot is still on gas pedel and it drops speed ?
  173. Where do I load CD's on the 2002 Acura TL type S Car??
  174. transmission switch?
  175. Trans Thump + Stalling
  176. Life Expectancy of a 2002 Acura CL Type S?
  177. Heat related Electric problem
  178. 2001 Acura 1.7 EL Speaker Size?
  179. My 2000 Acura Integra, factory alarm system doesn't make sound, how do I fix it?
  180. Is it possible to trade in a salvaged 2000 Acura?
  181. How much to tune a integra?
  182. 2000 Acura TL Navigation Problem?
  183. I want to delete my Rear wiper on my Integra (dc2) and i cant find a plug?
  184. how to clean inside of headlight for an acura rsx type s?
  185. What size rims should i get on my 04 acura rsx type s?
  186. What type of engine cam so i want to put in my 96 integra for better performance?
  187. How do you take out a 1999 acura tl radio???
  188. What is the most i can get in an integra for $4,000 and under?
  189. i need some?
  190. Who knows if 158cm size(75*49*34cm) suitcase could be put into Acura TL's trunk?
  191. is it possible to swap transmissions on a 98 acura integra LS?
  192. Gsr motor vs. LS/Vtec, whats better?
  193. Acura RSX Bumper?
  194. Are acura Legends (93 to 95) nice cars? If so why?
  195. 1991 Acura Legend with 215k miles for $500...HELP?
  196. Are all Integra GSR's from any year Stick Shift?
  197. will a gsr fit in a 1987 integra?
  198. Integra Will Not Start
  199. How reliable and how long would a ls/vtec last for?
  200. ceramic headers?
  201. Exhaust headers ??
  202. How much gain of horsepower and torque would I get from a b16 head on a 1993 Acura Integra LS?
  203. Acura TL a-spec rims on a 2008 honda accord?
  204. Im thinking of getting an 06 TL. What you guys think about this car? Also what kind of oil does...
  205. Can someone give me a convincing arguement on why the Acura MDX is better than the Toyota...
  206. how much for sending and inscribing a car in costa rica?
  207. 2008 acura tsx rim opinion?
  208. whats a good performance headers for a 01 acura gsr, and wats better full exhust or catback?
  209. i have a 1999 acura tl 3.2 . my car wont start but my dash lights up windows and radio works.whats
  210. PCV valve
  211. 1988 Acura Legend?
  212. Can you get an Acura RDX in Leinster, Ireland?
  213. what is acura mdx tech package 2008 wholesale price?
  214. rsx engine on 90 integra??
  215. which car is faster the acura integra gsr or the eclipse gt manual?
  216. What should i put in my acura rsx type s?
  217. changing acura tsx alarm sound?
  218. what is better a aem intake or a injen intake?
  219. going to turbocharge my integra!!?
  220. how much to do a 98+ integra conversion?
  221. what is that blue light in my 2004 Acura TSX?
  222. Bmw 328i automatic vs matrix xrs?
  223. acura rsx type-s vs matrix xrs? from 50mph-120mph?
  224. gsr head on a ls integra?
  225. What is a good replacement audio system for '03 Acura TL that will also work with the Acura
  226. How many Type R integras were made in 1994?
  227. Braking Problems!!!!
  228. wanting to swap in civic engine into 95 integra
  229. i want to buy an integra gsr but i heard they dont last long is that true?
  230. is an acura integra better than a honda civic?
  231. 1999 Acura 3.2 TL Catalytic Converter?
  232. Oblivon Mods?
  233. whats wrong with my gsr transmission?
  234. wutz betta: an acura integra or a toyta supra?? or any otha japanese good cars?
  235. acura gas mileage?
  236. what is the maximum size rim i can put on a 2008 acura tl?
  237. what is the tint shade on the acura mdx?
  238. i have a 1990 acura integra and the reverse not work?
  239. what is the best car?
  240. how do i put freon in my 94 Acura Legend?
  241. GEAR GRIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
  242. Acura integra??
  243. 1994 Acura 2.5 Tl?
  244. Premium GAS for TL?
  245. how do you?
  246. rsx color help?
  247. my 1996 acura 3.5 RL is get hot but fans and the water pump work were alse can be wrong ?
  248. ?s about my 97 acura tl?
  249. will a 97 integra transmission fit onto a 91 integra transmission?
  250. gt35r turbo?? on a DA9??