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  1. What size rims are the factory rims on an 92 Acura Vigor?
  2. 1992 Acura Legend LS Body KIT?
  3. Do you like the Acura RSX?
  4. How fast can an 2001 Acura TL type S go?
  5. best to turbo-charge?
  6. acura rsx muffler questions?
  7. HID lights for a 2006 Acura RSX Type-S?
  8. im looking at a 01 acura cl that is a reasonable price and mint condition. But it has 180000...
  9. wat engine is better the 2001 gsr vtec or the 2002 rsx-s ivtec?
  10. does anybody know what the Mugen RSX Type S has?
  11. where could you get a used battery the right size for an Acura Integra GS?
  12. Would you buy an Acura with 200k miles on it?
  13. where could i buy a supercharge kit 4 my acura integra ls $ what all will i have to do for
  14. where could i buy a supercharge kit 4 my acura integra LS & what all will i have to do for my...
  15. can i change my acura tsx 2008 light?
  16. is konig rims jdm??? ?
  17. What would be the best engine for a 1993 integra?
  18. when will the 2009 Acura TL with SH-AWD arrive in dealers?
  19. Difference between a 2005 Acura TL vs. 2006 Acura TL?
  20. Why are the new Acura TLs so ugly?
  21. need help make my 2001 integra gs-r vtec faster?
  22. Integra turbo $ ??????????????????
  23. Putting a vtec in a non vtec ready 95 acura?
  24. Modifications to Acura TL?
  25. What is included in a 105000 mile servicing for 2002 Acura 3.2 TL car ?
  26. 2006 Acura TL automatic transmission?
  27. Integra turbo $ ??????????????????
  28. Can a cold air intake that fits other Acura tsxs be used for the new 2009 acura tsx?
  29. Need some Help!!!
  30. Do you like the Acura NSX?
  31. Anyone know how to change RSX-S Shift Boot?
  32. buying a 2002 rsx good idea?
  33. JDM'S TD05H 16G TURBO is this a bolt on turbo. and is it compatible with a 93 integra?
  34. 2 cars. dad loves both. which should i get? acura or nissan?
  36. I want to buy an Acura RSX?
  37. 1999 Acura Integra Front End Conversion?
  38. wats faster a stock integra or a stock civic ?
  39. More HP for my Acura TL?
  40. I have a 2000 acura integra gs-r and it doesnt let me go over 5000 rpms?
  41. I just got a 2005 Acura RSX Type-S and dont know what to put in it first (Any Advice)?
  42. Making a Wop? Too Old?
  43. what year does the acura integra start having the round head lights?
  44. What kind of turbo for acura?
  45. Can you put a Twin Turbo on a Acura RDX?
  46. does tha interior of an acura?
  47. question about acura integra?
  48. 1993 Acura Vigor headlight question?
  49. Turbo on Acura Integra non-vtec 1.8 L engine?
  50. 96 acura 3.2 tl- timing belt?
  51. Is it difficult to change a oil pressure switch on a 1996 Acura 2.5 tl?
  52. I cannot get reverse gear in my 1989 acura integra?
  53. 1991 acura legend when check engine light is on the motor idles about 400 rpms faster. Why?
  54. ACURA RSX 06 or HONDA CIVIC 2000 SI?
  55. what year is this motor?
  56. Should I buy an Acura MDX?
  57. How hard is it to find a 98-01 GSR in decent condition and low milege?
  58. I just lowered my acura rsx type-s with springs and am considering getting the koni yellows?
  59. 92 Integra not starting
  60. I have a 2004 Acura MDX. Lately when I put gas in, the pump clicks off as though the tank
  61. I am checking out 2001 Acura TL, tell me if it has any problems...?
  62. Need A Car...Help Please (97 Integra)?
  63. Is acura a type of honda?
  64. What are the top ten cars with a lot of HP and Torque (STOCK)?
  65. Tl a-spec rims???where?
  66. acura legend srs fault light is on and have no cruise or horn?
  67. Need to replace two o2 sensors on Cat Converter for '02 Acura RSX Type - S?
  68. i have an acura mdx in the last oil change seem like the mechanic?
  69. I need car radio pw for my 1995 acura integra. Can someone help me by sending the pw no...
  70. Replacing pistons with lighter ones increase HP?
  71. Acura Legend GS! Problems?
  72. What year is best to buy an acura gsr?
  73. my 2003 acura tl type s sounds like its in neutral when when im taking off at a light?
  74. Blueprinting A Motor ?
  75. where is the distributor assy located at in a1988 acura integra?
  76. How do i replace my 1988 acura integra's ignition distributor assy..... please tell me ?
  77. what are symptoms of a bad distributor assy for 1988 acura integra?
  78. are acura integras good cars to work on?
  79. My 99 acura TL is having some clank clicking problem when I do left turns.. what is wrong with it?
  80. Looking to buy an 04 Acura TL. Should I ? ?
  81. I just lowered my 02 acura rsx type-s on skunk2 springs and need to know what kind of struts to get?
  82. 2005 White Acura TL...?
  83. Disengage 08 Acura TL seatbelt alarm?
  84. does this integra look ricy?
  85. Acura RSX Base Performance Question?
  86. i got a 1988 acura integra and need a little help/...?
  87. acura integra problems..?
  88. how much would it cost to replace my acuras clutch?
  89. 97 Integra Questions (LS)?
  90. is the torque converter for a 2003 acura tl types expensive?
  91. Integra Turbo???????
  92. i have a 2003 acura tl how can i get the dvd navigation disc for my car, how do i know what...
  93. 97 Acura TL 2.5 ECM Where is it located?
  94. 1988 Acura Legend Radiator Fan Not Working - how can i troubleshoot?
  95. do u have to take the bumper off to replace the taillights on the 04 acura tl ?
  96. 2004 Acura RSX Fuse Guide?
  97. what do you think of this system?
  98. What turbo kit should i get with a nonvtec 1.8 L integra engine? i want 100 more hp but only
  99. I have a 04 acura tl without navi system can i install the a OEM navi system?
  100. acura rsx or acura integra?
  101. Does this actually affect my gas mileage?
  102. difference between integra db7 and db8?
  103. What cars are similar to the Acura RSX?
  105. What is a faster and better car? Gti or Rsx S?
  106. Acura 3.5 rl with navigation?
  107. I Have An 98 Acura Integra LS Stock I Want To Upgrade It I Need Help For The Best Part's To...
  108. BMW 525i 2007 VS ACURA TSX 2009?
  109. What it the locking sound from a 2004 and up Acura TL?
  110. How much would do I pay for a 1991 acura integra?
  111. Integra(DA) Upgrades.?
  112. Where can i find a Toyota Supra or Acura integras?
  113. wat K&N intake should i use for my integra- i really need help!!?
  114. My 1996 Acura Legend went through a puddle, stopped, and will not restart tho lights and starter...
  115. In a 2002 Acura TL Type-S, there are three drives: D5, D4, and D3. What is the difference?
  116. g1 integra tail lights = g2 integra tail lights?
  117. Heater Gauge in my 91 Acura Legend says engine overheating but Engine is cool! changed
  118. Is there a way to change the odometer from miles to km on an ACURA MDX 2005?
  119. do i need a garage to fix my acura?
  120. would a 2001 integra gsr cold air intake fit on a 2001 integra ls?
  121. whats the difference between the acura integra type r and a gsr?
  122. Can We Put A HID Kit In A Integra ?
  123. Performance Parts for my 2006 Acura RSX (base)?
  124. How much would it be to switch a 2004 Acura TSX from Auto to Standard?
  125. The button on the trunk of my 2005 Acura TSX isn't working?
  126. Does the Acura RSX use stick-shift? What about the Type S? Is there an option for manual
  127. Is there going to be a new acura legend?
  128. Why did I lose rev gear in my 94 Integra automatic?
  129. will there be an Acura RDX soon?
  130. What does integra DA stand for?
  131. 1988 acura integra need owners manual, let me know where to find it?
  132. WIll this exhaust fit on my car?
  133. is it hard to find an Acura Integra GSR with a Turbo in the UK?
  134. Which hood looks better on this car, can't decide between the two.?
  135. 04 acura rsx with vtec controller?
  136. Acura Legend LOUD whistle coming from car. 8 Degrees outside?
  137. is a acura integra GSR hard to find in tne UK?
  138. What are some cheap bolt ons for an Acura Intgera LS?
  139. What color black does Acura use for the mirrors and wipers, need to touch them up?
  140. What HID kit should I get for my RSX Base?
  141. Does a B18C engine fit into a 1993 Integra?
  142. 2000 Acura RL Headlight help!?
  143. smogging a 99 integra ls?
  144. My 96 acura integra will not go into gear a couple nights ago it was raining and the tire slipped ?
  145. anyone know the radio code to an acura tl 2004? the battery went dead and i dont have my owners...
  146. Learning How to Drive My RSX with Techtronic Trans?
  147. Fitting a front bumper from a 92 to a 90 Integra
  148. Do the 18x8 tenzo dc5 version 2 wheels look good on an acura rsx type-s?
  149. Why my acura tsx07 works better on snow without the vsa?
  150. can anyone tell me how to change water pump for acura integra 1994?
  151. Any Honda/Acura Mechanics in Southwest Ohio?
  152. Could anyone help me pick speakers for a 1997 integra?
  153. How much would it cost to ship a new car from iceland to the U.S. ?
  154. 89 Integra erratic idle, alternator warning on
  155. white acura TL interior question?
  156. integra with new crappy dizzy?
  157. need help.. people who know alot about acuras and could explain this to me an easy way?
  158. How many Miles do you have on your 2001 Acura CL Type S (and what has been the Major Problem
  159. Acura TL 2004: did I over pay?
  160. Should I debadge my 2007 carbon grey TSX?
  161. 1996 Acura Integra LS?
  163. Would I be a ricer if I added rims/spoiler to my Integra gs-r?
  164. will honda sign fit my acura ?
  165. How much would insurance be on a 2006 Acura TSX?
  166. my 96 Acura Integra to the Junkyard?
  167. Integra gsr Mod- Question?
  168. 97 integra questions (REVISED)?
  169. What type of headlights should I get for my RSX?
  170. Acura RSX serpentine belt?
  171. will a cold air intake system made for the v6 accord 3.0l vtec fit in an acura cl 3.ol vtec?
  172. Does Acura Make a Performance Version of the TSX?
  173. SRS Soundbox + Soundcard?
  174. Honda Accord 2006 V6 or Acura TSX 2006 ?
  175. Which Integra is better for a type R conversion, GS-R or LS?
  176. 1997 integra ls questions?
  177. Where can I find an Acura badge?
  178. Should I get an Acura Integra and is it a ricer car?
  179. How is the Acura TL generally as a car?
  180. How do you trade a paperclip for a car?
  181. i need radio code for acura radio serial;30006824 and 30010955 thanks?
  182. Are the 2003 Acura TL good?
  183. How to make my 2001 acura intera sound nice and loud?
  184. What does K-pro do? (acura rsx)?
  185. which of these acuras are faster?
  186. Trans Fluid, 94 Integra?
  187. Can you put 2009 acura tl type ?
  188. 99 acura rl the problem is that my cruse control volume buttons and my horn went out at...
  189. I am considering buying an Acura TSX. One fear I have is the premium gas requirement.?
  190. What is so special about my Acura integra? ?
  191. 2004 Rsx mods? Will 04 type S rsx cams fit into a 04 base model Rsx, without futher mods?
  192. location of fuel filter on 98 acura integra ls?
  193. Is my Acura 50,000 mile warranty still available with aftermarket parts installed?
  194. Who can tell me something about the RSX?
  195. Does anyone own or ever owned an Acura MDX?
  196. 1992 acura integra engine?
  197. HID light Kit for 94 integra, at san francisco?
  198. Which is louder buddy club spec 3 or buddy club pro spec exhaust? For my 05 acura rsx type s.?
  199. Question about acura TL type S, BMW 528i and 328i?
  200. when I turn the ligths on my 2003 3.5 acura tl. the fuses go bad what may be wrong?
  201. What cat-back exhaust should i get for my 02 rsx type-s?
  202. My 2006 MDX nav system is asking for a code-do not know the code. Can you help?
  203. Turbocharging my Ls integra. Do you guys think ill get respectable hp /tq out of an 140 hp engine. ?
  204. 1994 Acura legend HELP!?
  205. When I hit the brakes... (1996 Acura 3.2TL)?
  206. 2004 Acura TL: purchasing help?
  207. 2002 Acura rsx type s. Is it my transmission?
  208. Speaker for TSX and TL?
  209. Navigations system for 2004 acura mdx ?
  210. How Easy Is It To Replace Hood On 98 Acura CL?
  211. differences between JDM and USDM? ?
  212. 2000 Integra m/t will not crank
  213. are 94 acura legends known for blowing head gaskets?
  214. how do you raise redline.?
  215. Acura and Honda!! why is one called the other?
  216. 96 Acura GSR-clutch/tranny issue?
  217. 92 integra gs-r lsd??
  218. 1998 Acura CL ignition recall?
  219. I am looking into buying an Acura?
  220. i have 96 acura integra and cant figure out y the amp wont work??????? im stumped?
  221. Integra B18a1 Transmission Fluid?
  222. on a 92 acura legend can a bad crankshaft sensor cause your fuel pump and injectors not to function?
  223. how much horsepower does a stock rsx have?
  224. Acura Mdx 2001 maintenace light?
  225. 2002 Acura 3.2 TLS Factory Stereo Removal?
  226. im buying a 94 integra wiht 129xxxx miles on it for 2800 is it a good price?
  227. can i put a 02-04 RSX body kit on my 06 RSX?
  228. any suggestion for performance upgrades for acura rsx base, keeping in mind fuel economy?
  229. Integra or RSX ?
  230. is there a possibility that i can put a 02-04RSX body kit on my 06 RSX?
  231. new rims for an integra dc?
  232. does a 1991 acura integra ls have airbags in it?
  233. is there a difference from aftermarket catback exhaust for the acura rsx base and type s?
  234. Have 99 acura cl 2.3 and need new engine ?
  235. Gas Mileage for TSX, and TL?
  236. 91' Acura Legend temp guage shows very hot ?
  237. my rsx that i just bought came with a comptech full cat back exhaust is comptech a good brand ?
  238. 1994 Acura Integra RS?
  239. how would acura tl rims from 04 look on a 04 acura rl?
  240. How to covert a 2001 acura integra with an automatic transmission into a manual?
  241. lowering an Acura Integra (3rd gen) with springs?
  242. Wierd idling on my 95 integra gsr?
  243. is there any acura dealers that have a acura rsx type s automatic in san jose ca?
  244. maintenance for 2005 acura rl?
  245. yellow highbeam for integra?
  246. Is the new Acura RL a good car?
  247. 94 acura legend or 94 acura vigor?
  248. Red Honda badges on RSX?
  249. Acura TL Multiple Questions?
  250. Automatic Acura RSX questions?