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  1. 2009-2010 Acura TL's?
  2. Can I Fit an Optima battery in my 1996 Acura Integra GSR?
  3. looking to buy a 2005 acura TL...any feedback from somebody who has one would be appreciated...?
  4. Oil filter location on a 1990 acura integra??
  5. Urgent! Can somebody tell me what is wrong with my 2009 Acura TL?
  6. Is there an auxiliary input in the 2004 Acura TSX?
  7. I own a 2001 Acura MDX. The gear shift is stuck. It wont move out of park. I have my
  8. Possible problem with ZX12R A1,?
  9. Why is my steering wheel so loose?
  10. acura integra or honda prelude?
  11. Anyone know is there any difference in size between Honda Integra JDM DC1 and DC2 front bumper size?
  12. I want to buy an ACURA RSX Automatic Shift?
  13. why do integra owners put shocker stickers on their bumper?
  14. i am just about to buy a 2006 acura tsx.....?
  15. acura c-pillar bar for my rsx question?
  16. would a 90-91 acura integra be a easy engine and tranny to rebuild?
  17. which car is better, acura integra ls, nissan 240sx, or acura rsx auto stock?
  18. 2004 Acura RSX blower motor inop?
  19. are they going to start making acura integra again in a future?
  20. What happens if you put 10 dollars of diesel into a 2005 Acura RSX that had about 10 bucks of
  21. what happened to the acura rsx?
  22. Porsche Cayman S converted Strosek leggy frog
  23. acura vigor wont start?
  24. skunk 2 lowering springs QUESTION, I NEE UR HELP!!!!?
  25. fuel line sizes
  26. 05 TL Losing memory setting on mirrors
  27. About how many miles should I get on a full tank for a 2008 Acura TL?
  28. what is the faster acura i can buy?
  29. 2000 Acura Tl Idling Roughly?
  30. will getting a front strut bar put in my rsx void my warranty?
  31. acure integra b18a1 and b18b1?
  32. how to find vins on a 1995 acura intergra motor??AND HOW DO I GET PAPERWORK SAYING ITS LEGIT?
  33. San Gabriel Dealerships?
  34. Acura Legend Check Engine light comes on once in a while, what can it be.. 1993 sedan...
  35. How do i make my acura integra go faster?
  36. cars like acura integra?
  38. MY 1991 INTEGRA REV UP VERY FAST. GEARS: 1-25, 2-45, 3-70, 4-80, 5-105. IT WILL ONLY GO TO TO...
  39. how do I take out the radio on my 2002 acura tl?
  40. Acura Integra blue smoke?
  41. I just paid $16,300 before taxes for a certified 06 Acura TSX with 30k miles and no
  42. What is a JDM car ??????????
  43. Acura integra vs subaru svx?
  44. One blind Brake Light Problem
  45. 1992 acura integra gsr brake lights AGAIN!!!?
  46. Is it bad that I need a new clutch with 57,000 miles on my 04 Acura RSX-Type S?
  47. Acura Integra Engine Swap?
  48. Acura TL Type-S, color of choice?
  49. how do i make my integra gsr faster!!?
  50. 1992 acura integra brake lights wont work!?
  51. I want a 2003 Acura TL, i have a question?
  52. can i fit the fender and front door of and integra 97 from a 2 door to a 4door?
  53. kyb shocks acura integra 96-01?
  54. Why does my RSX slip out of gear?
  55. how long will it take to install a JDM front end on a integra?
  56. Can you install racing pedals on an automatic? Can the third pedal which is for the clutch just..
  57. Help with the Acura MDX Problem that Navigation system doesn't work when i was changing
  58. Help me find a white Integra GSR!?
  59. RSX Seats in a 90 Integra?
  60. Which Car (CL or TL)?
  61. Do I have a GSR motor in my integra?
  62. do the motor mounts from 94-00 integra fit a 90-93 integra?
  63. ls/vtec swap fit an ls exhaust?
  64. Is it a good deal to buy a 2007 Acura TL S with 28000 Miles for $8500?
  65. I'm buying a new car I need advice!?
  66. "Swap" I Need Some Help. I Want To Put A K-Series Motor on My 1999 Integra. What Do I Need?And
  67. 2005 Acura RL battery dead?
  68. Integra 1999 v-tec or 1999 type-r?
  69. should I change the transmission fluid of my acura 3.2 tl (2001)if i do it im scared of
  70. how much horsepower acura integra?
  71. 92 acura vigor air condition weak?
  72. I have a 2001 acura 3.2 tl and I don't know if I should change the transmission fluid its kind of
  73. i got a ? about my acura integra?
  74. 2000 Acura TL headlight problem?
  75. How much do you think Insurance will be on a 2004 Acura RSX Type S for a 25 year old?
  76. no pressure in 1991 acura integra brakes?
  77. 1997 Acura Integra Overheating Problems?
  78. 92 integra problem..ignition?
  79. How to change brake pads and roters 1991 acura integra GS?
  80. black smoke on a DC2 Integra VTIR/GSR?
  81. Does Acura MDX 09 elite come with headphones?
  82. Acura Legend 1993 160,000 Miles... what do you think of this car, sedan, automatic...! Any
  83. what other car motor mounts fit a 90-93 integra?
  84. Where is the Thermostat located in a 1993 Acura Legend 4 door?
  85. Acura Legend... where can I download a repair guide?
  86. Honda, Acura Legend...How does EMISSION PASS LIQUID WORK...?
  87. What do you think is the better car? Acura NSX (1991-1994) or a Toyota Supra Turbo (1994-1998)?
  88. Acura Legend... How what is the right size tires for this car? I have a 1993 Acura Legend Sedan.?
  89. grinding sound on 96 acura integra?
  90. I am trying to burn a cd for my 2004 Acura TL and on itunes it has the option for several things...?
  91. Is it just me, or does the new Acura TL remind anyone else of Jabba the Hutt?
  92. How could i get an Acura dealership in UAE?
  93. 2001 Acura Integra GS Issue... Please help!?
  94. Which is better? Acura,Lexis,Infinite,Hyandai,or Benz? put in order 1-5 depending on Quality...
  95. Should I keep my 2000 Acura TL?
  96. will 20" rims fit on 1991 acura integra ?
  97. Making an acura tl faster?
  98. How to change ballast, igniter, bulb in acura tl 03?
  99. how can i get a radio serial # off a 19997 acura car radio?
  100. Hi guys, is 15000 worth for an 2005 Acura EL PREMIUM that has 85kms on it? This is in Toronto,
  101. What type of rims should I get for my rsx?
  102. i have a 2002 acura tl type s i wanna lower it and just wondring how much it will cost?
  103. What is the name ofthe clip that makes the front fender flesh with the bumper?
  104. Are Acura TSX cars good, dependable cars? Are parts expensive when need replaced?
  105. How much boost (psi) should i run on my STOCK b18c5 type R?
  106. how can i convert my sun roof off my 90 acura teggy yo go out side like the 94-01 teggy?
  108. how to replace a motor fan in acura vigor?
  109. joomla mods information's ...... ?
  110. Can you put a 94-97 front & rear bumper on a 98-01 integra?
  111. im looking at a 1994 acura integra LS?
  112. why is the odometer on my acura rsx blue?
  113. Should Acura start making their cars rear wheel drive?
  114. 2006 Acura TL or 2006 BMW 330i?
  115. is it possible to continuously repair Acura legends?
  116. Who can tell me about this car?
  117. what is the width of an integra hood?
  118. My Acura Integra GSR E-Brake Lock on my brake when released..?
  119. how much does it cost to change an acura 2005's bumper?
  120. acura rsx 2002
  121. Which Car Should I Get?
  122. i have a 1999 acura integra and the fuse for the tail lights keeps popping can someone help me
  123. transmission problem on 03 rsx type-s?
  124. 2004 Acura RSX radiator support frame?
  125. Acura Integra GSR .?
  126. Do keys of a 2005 Acura TSX have an electric lock/unlock feature?
  127. 1993 Acura Legend - Intermittent Low Beam Headlight
  128. Will a B20B Long Intake Manifold engine mount up to a 93 Acura Integra? Or will I have to buy
  129. 2001-2003 Acura CL Type-S?
  130. acura rsx base speakers?
  131. Can
  132. Questions about 2007 Acura TL?
  133. Simple Question for 3rd Gen Integra owners?
  134. would you prefer a BMW or a ACURA?
  135. 2000 Acura TL shaking a bit?
  136. what's your opinion on the acura rdx?
  137. 2005 Acura Tl Power Mirror Issue
  138. How do I know if my 2003 Acura rsx clutch is going out?
  139. What engines can I transplant into a 1994 Acura Integra with minimum modification? Will an
  141. can you help with my legend?
  142. wat car is faster the acura rsx type s or the Mitsubishi eclipse gsx?
  143. I really need help with this question. Im going to buy Tein lowering springs for my 93
  144. should i buy acura rsx?
  145. What are the options that an integra GS has ?
  146. where is the intake cylinder head on a 94 integra?
  147. which car will win in a race, a 2001 honda prelude, or a 2002 acura TL type s?
  148. location to the plug for my OBD2 reader on an acura LT 1996?
  149. realistically how much power will i gain from a complete exhaust system?
  150. I have a 2000 integra GSR, i want a lip kit, the only prob is the lip kit i want is for 94-97'
  151. What do you think of a 2005 Acura TSX? I found one for around 16k (no taxes) on models
  152. 1988 acura interga not starting sometime?
  153. Rear speakers not working?
  154. What website can I find custom rubber floor mats for an Acura TSX with the logo?
  155. How much do Acura RSXs go for?
  156. Acura tl windows and sunroof opened on their own without the keys?
  157. 89 Integra NSX swap v.s CRX b16a 2.0 supercharged? read bottom.?
  158. help me plz!!!! 2006 acura rsx base model?
  159. DO all The 2003 Acura TL's have problems?
  160. Are Acura cars very reliable/good 1st cars?
  161. What are the differences between the the 2004 and 2005 Acura TSX base models?
  162. Would the insurance be higher on an '05 Acura TSX than on a cheaper car? Is it considered a
  163. Can someone answer an Acura question?
  164. heater control unit
  165. What is the song used in the new Acura tsx commercial?
  166. High Mileage on Acura Vigor?
  167. 1998 Accord overheats with aircon on
  168. whats a good muffler i can put on my 93 acura legend?
  169. What would be the best exhaust system for me to buy for my base 2003 RSX 5-Speed? It has K&N
  170. Recommendation Please?
  171. Acura TSX '04 horn won't stop blowing after replacing battery!!! HELP!!!!?
  172. next upgrade on a 94 integra?
  173. What kind of motor does a base model 2005 Acura Rsx have?
  174. acura or honda?
  175. can you get your Ls on your birthday vicroads ?
  176. 91 acura legend blowing white smoke
  177. Head gasket on Acura Integra makes my car overheat?
  178. Lowering an Acura Rsx?
  179. where can i get everything id need for an ls vtec swap?
  180. 4-1 header or 4-2-1 header for integra?
  181. Rear brake problem...help!
  182. Acura legend 1993 working fine... How do I prevent head gasket problems....?
  183. Integra Type R pic request?
  184. integra fog light installation?
  185. Tips on fixing up an Acura RSX ?
  186. Ford 2.3L Turbo Swap Into Import?
  187. Do Acura Navigational DVD torrents work?
  188. RSX service light help?!?!?
  189. What kind of benefits come with working at an Acura dealership?
  190. A 98 Acura Integra with 116k miles. It shifts very rough into 1st and 2nd gear, but does...
  191. Are acura parts expensive?
  192. is the 2002-2004 Acura RSX considered a "sports car"?
  193. What is the 0-60 mph for a 2003 Acura rsx type-s and a 2007 Acura tl type-s?
  194. 2001 ACURA 3.2 TL OR 2005 Dodge Caravan?
  195. Does anyone know when the body style of the Acura RDX will change?
  196. 2009 Acura tsx with skunk 2 muffler?
  197. 1995 Acura Integra gsr EMERGENCY?
  198. what is the best type of lowering spring for a 93 integra (spring not coilover)?
  199. used accura tl around 4000 dollars year-99?
  200. immobilizer
  201. What things should I watch for when putting larger wheels on my car?
  202. how much wheel horsepower should my car have?approx?
  203. How do we fix transmission slip from 1st gear to 2nd gear. its a 99 acura tl..?
  204. Acura Navigation DVD Version 2.05A?
  205. 2007 Acura MDX Comfort button and AUX Jack?
  206. No HEAT!!!
  207. what kind of oil does a acura integra need?
  208. Acura Integra Type R or Honda s2000?
  209. Where is the fuel filter on my 2002 acura CL located? ?
  210. Brake light issues
  211. is it true that an 2004 acura tsx doesn´t have good acceleration but it has a good top speed?
  212. 2004 Acura MDX questions?
  213. enigine swap on a integra?
  214. What does L4, 1.8L (112 CID), DOHC 16V mean?
  215. motor swap on acura integra?
  216. Anyone have the blue 2008 Acura TL Type-S wallpaper in that unique city?
  217. Cold Air Intakes For the acura RSX type-s 2006?
  218. which is better a Q45 Infinite or an Acura rl both 08'?
  219. Greddy Turbo kit for auto RSX available?
  220. acura integra vtec engine rebuild?
  221. Which one is best for me?
  222. Alright TL owners!!! Convince me!!?
  223. Cost to install gull-wing or lambo doors on a 01 Acura RSX?
  224. 2009 acura tsx on putting a air intake or exhaust system?
  225. 1994 Acura Integra fog light choices?
  226. acura rsx jumps a lil bit when letting clutch out?
  227. How Hard is it to Upgrade an 06 RSX Type-S yourself?
  228. Im thinking of buying a 2005 acura TL. ?
  229. i need to know how to put my 7 pisce turbo piping togeather?
  230. What are the specs on an Integra GS?
  231. What is the radio unlock code for an 03 acura mdx serial 3000 3299. disconnected battery yesterday.?
  232. integra right hand drive conversion?
  233. Acura integra rebuild?
  234. Integra mod.
  235. Acura TL 2005 side maker upgrade.?
  236. are their any cons about buying a 2005 acura TL?
  237. 2004 honda accord ex 6 speed or a 2003 acura rsx type s which one is faster or better ?
  239. Can you help me with my 97 Accura Integra?
  240. what country does acura come from?
  241. Acura Integra modifications ?
  242. Tranny is gone in acura tl...what should i do?
  243. witch Engine would be better for my swap into my 98 LS integra?
  244. How to upgrade a '05 Acura RL Navigation?
  245. Body part: what's it called!?
  246. Differences in the Acura TL and Acura RL..?
  247. 02-04 vs 05-06 acura rsx type s?
  248. 2004 to 2008 Acura TL motor and transmission reliability?
  249. Why won't my 95 Acura Integra Start After Disconnecting a Spark Plug Wire?
  250. how does the hands free work in a 2004 acura?