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  1. Difference between GSR and other model integras?
  2. Where can I buy replacement emblems for my car?
  3. Can you afford a Acura MDX if your enlisted in the Air Force?
  4. insurance for acura rsx?
  5. do ford focus rims fit an 88.acura legend?
  6. JDM gift help pleaseee?
  7. Does my 2002 acura tl have a oil pan gasket?
  8. is 10K$ a fair price for a 2006 RSX type s with 153000?
  9. 91 Integra Won't Crank
  10. Difference between a regular model integra and a GSR integra?
  11. i have a 2005 honda pilot, vtm 4 light comes on?
  12. can i use honda civic parts for integra?
  13. I have a 1995 Acura Integra and would like to know if 1998 tail lights would fit fine on my car?
  14. 01 honda ciivic power window swicth?
  15. the unit kilogram makes the base unit larger what about milligram unit , megagram, centigram,...
  16. Is there a dash board light for a 1998 Acura CL?
  17. How to swap a new engine for my 00' Integra?
  18. 2000 acura integra timing belt question?
  19. Control arm and Lower ball joints?
  20. Stamdard 97 Honda Civic DX Coupe Drag Project?
  21. Is the 2010 Acura TL an expensive car to maintain ?
  22. Auto to Manual tranny change?
  23. Will a integra standard radiator work on a automatic integra?
  24. Does a 2001 Acura Integra GSR have side airbags?
  25. for a 2001 honda civic will a used computer need to be progam?
  26. What are the specs for an 3.2 Acura TL?
  27. i have a 91 integra i replaced all the plugs, wires, cap and distributor and still doesnt start
  28. Is a 2001 Acura Integra GSR a good first car?
  29. 2003 honda civic ex vtec coupe overheating?
  30. I want to get a Cool, good and relieable car. are Honda coupe (2013) great cars?
  31. I want to get a Cool, good and relieable car. are Honda coupe (2013) great cars?
  32. Whats the fastest honda civic?
  33. 1996 acura integra staring problems?
  34. How much will a brand new 1995 acura integra engine will cost?
  35. Can a 2jz fit in a 97' Honda Civic GSR?
  36. If i have an acura rsx type s will it it say type s on the title?
  37. will a 94 integra gsr harmonic balancer fit my 94 acura integra ls?
  38. What makes a whining noise and gets louder when i accelerate?
  39. How can I save gas on my 96 integra?
  40. My 1996 Integra revs to 3 Rpm and down on its own on neutral?
  41. Should I get the base or tech model in my new car?
  42. can you tube a stock ecu?
  43. How much does it cost to rebuild the transmission on a 1999 Acura CL?
  44. Is the 2006 Acura RSX or Mitsubishi Lancer a good first car?
  45. Do the skunk2 pro s 2 coilovers come already at a lower height when ordered from a company?
  46. difference between astable and monostale multivibrator in ic555?
  47. I have a Acura MDX 2012 and while I was Driving it my dog pushed it out of drive and it went into
  48. Location on a 1997 acura cl ignition relay?
  49. Can I get the blindspot warning system install when I buy my Acura ILX?
  50. need more information on spark plugs?
  51. if u replace the radio in 03 MDX..can u be given another code for unit to work?
  52. where is clutch fluid reservoir bleeder in honda civic 1.7 cdti 2005?
  53. what are good low priced lowering springs for my stock shocks?
  54. rsx type s spoiler the same as rsx type r spoiler?
  55. About How Much Is It To Fix A Car Door!?
  56. American and Canadian cars of fifties and sixties were extravagent?
  57. How does ATF being pumped to the cooler on 2001 Acura MDX?
  58. 96 Acura 2.5 tl. I've replaced the engine, ecu, coil & ignition control module.?
  59. Electrical problem for 05 Acura Tsx?
  60. Is 21799 it a good price for a 2010 Acura Tl/ w tech package?
  61. How good is BMW, AUDI, ACURA?
  62. Blown fuse in my 05 TSX?
  63. im looking for a used car and im torn between a 2002 camry xle V6 and a 2002 acura tl or tl-s v6?
  64. Why won't the radio in my 1999 Acura cl turn on?
  65. Looking into an Acura integra 96 with a Honda DOHC VTEC 4 cylinder, do I need to use...
  66. I want an 99-03 Acura tl?
  67. 2005 acura tl navigation unit is saying "please check disk" . what is wrong?
  68. is a it possible to swap a acura type s engine into a basec rxs?
  69. Is an Acura 2006 TL a good car?
  70. Is an Acura 2006 TL a good car?
  71. 05 acura tl nav code is it under the radio code in center console?
  72. 2002 Acura rsx with 147,000 miles and a rebuilt title for 3800... is it worth it?
  73. What is the difference between the Honda NSX and the Acura NSX?
  74. acura integra engine swap?
  75. 10W30 oil on 2005 Acura MDX will works?
  76. where can i found the front,side and the rear lip for an acura tl 2000 and how much is
  77. Acura TL magnaflow mufflers?
  78. Lookin for the best acura?
  79. Smoke under my hood/hood is hot? Integra?
  80. what do you think of the 2004 Acura TL?
  81. Which city is the new commercial for Acura ILX 2013 made in?
  82. Acura legend 88 head lightd?
  83. Rims for CGP Acura TSX?
  84. How do I know if a 2002 acura rsx is the type s if the engine cover is gone the vinels and...
  85. Should I get this Acura integra? Please help?
  86. Is a 2004 acura tl good in winter/snow driving?
  87. 2000 acura tl factory ballast how much is cost at the junk yard ?? and where can i find a...
  88. Mid-muffler delete on 03' Acura TL?
  89. How to check, check engine light 1994 acura legend?
  90. Question about 2000 Acura tl?
  91. I just bought a 91 Acura legend and I'm not sure if I should drive in D4 or D3?
  92. 1993 Acura Legend of rims?
  93. Cost replace clutch on a 93 Integra?
  94. Db1 or da9? which one is better?
  95. Are some radiator systems supposed to be closed capped?
  96. Do the late 90s honda civic and acura integra share the same chassis?
  97. Acura tsx 2006 rack and pinion need help please?
  98. All about the acura tl?
  99. My 1997 acura cl has started to over heat In traffic?
  100. Where can I find a door panel for a 94 Acura Integra 4door?
  101. Buying a 2000 Acura 3.2 tl is it too old to buy?
  102. First Car? Acura RSX Or Acura RSX type s?
  103. why wont my headlight on 03 acura tlo work even with new bulb?
  104. I bought an acura mdx 2002 but i dont think my bose system works for my fm radio how can i...
  105. tps sensor for 2005 acura?
  106. Play s4 music into the mdx speakers?
  107. how much would it cost to put a turbo kit in a Acura RSX Type-S?
  108. Should I buy me a acura rsx type s 2006?
  109. Acura RSX or Acura RSX Type-s for tuning?
  110. what is the last year of acura nsx?
  111. Could I have a bad thermostat on my 1993 Integra?
  112. Can i still do a recal on my 2000 acura tl transmission problem?? The car has 150,000 mile on
  113. Acura rsx type s 2006 specs vs BMW 328i 2001 specs?
  114. Does the 2010 Acura TSX have similar suspension as 2013 Honda Accord?
  115. Xxr 521 similar wheels?
  116. 94 integra engine swap specs?
  117. I'll be driving in a few if be A TON to insure?
  118. A good acura car not expensive?
  119. so i have an aftermarket headlight on my acura tl?
  120. Should i buy a es300 1998.Or a 2000 Acura RL ?
  121. bad gas in 98 Acura cl 2.3 Goodyear told me it wasn't the bad gas...cars just old ...bs?
  122. Non vtec engine with GSR transmission?
  123. 98' Acura Integra linkage question?
  124. How do I protect my 98' Acura Integra Sedan from getting stolen during school time?
  125. Can anyone tell me why Acura still do not have Tech pack as base?
  126. Where is the aux port in Acura MDX 2005 ?
  127. Should I buy a K20a type r or a 1998 ITR half cut?
  128. What car would win racing 1996 pontiac ssei 3.8L or 2004 acura legend 3.2?
  129. 1995 acura integra... with 118k?
  130. What are some upgrades I can add to my rsx type s?
  131. What engine fits in a 97 acura cL?
  132. Problems after installing integra ls transmission.?
  133. Acura Integra GSR 1995 value?
  134. Whats better and faster 2000 acura integra or 2000 honda civic ?
  135. 06 Acura Rsx Type S Wont Start!!?
  136. Where in UK i can get Honda(acura) legend 3.2 coupe head gaskets? Would prefer metal ones.
  137. Which car is better to buy a 06 Acura rsx or a 08 Volkswagen gti ?
  138. 1999 acura tl transmission slipping in reverse?
  139. Would integra dc back seats fit in my 88crx?
  140. What do you think about a 2002 Acura TL S?
  141. Can someone list everything I need to convert my DB8 integra from automatic to manual?
  142. Honda Civic Vs Acura Integra, Who Would Win And Why?
  143. Honda Civic Ex 2001 Vs Acura Integra 1998, Who Would Win And Why?
  144. I want to know how to tell 1993 Acura Integra's apart?
  145. Can you get to the starter from underneath the car 2006 acura tl?
  146. Do Acura tls type s come in automatic?
  147. Is a 2004 Acura TL w/143k miles for $6800 a good deal?
  148. I need help im not sure what to do?
  149. Should I buy this Acura Integra?
  150. Acura Integra or Subaru Legacy?
  151. How much would cost the service A124, and what does it mean?
  152. What's a better / faster engine of the integra's?
  153. What is a good and cheap insurance for a Acura Rsx 2002?
  154. electric seat in acura won't raise up?
  155. My 1997 acura cl sunroof?
  156. PLEASE HELP. 2003 Acura rsx . When I hit a bump or put pressure on the hood and let off my
  157. Acura integra gas mileage?
  158. Are Acura cars good to buy ?
  159. What iPod adaptor to install in my acura tsx?
  160. I bought an rsx but aint sure if is a type s?
  161. How many gears does a Rsx type-s has?
  162. What' is the name of the auto transmission found in the Acura CL 1998 3.0L v6?
  163. Spoiler desing on cars?
  164. Acura TL CV Joint question?
  165. I have a 96 Acura TL I just bought and I need a radio code to access the radio.?
  166. My acura integra needs a ring job, how much?
  167. Can I Put A f22b Vtec in A 91 Integra?
  168. how to replace rear struts on a 2002 acura?
  169. Anyone own a Acura ZDX?
  170. My acura integra gs feels like its loosing speed when i go 50 it feels like 40?
  171. How to open the sunroof of a 2004 Acura TSX.?
  172. Turbo for rsx type s help?
  173. How do you fix a driver side door lock on an Acura integra 2000? Key cannot be used to lock it.?
  174. I have a 1991 acura integra ls won't crank and none of the dash lights come on what could be...
  175. 2000 Acura TL Steering noises?
  176. How much does an Acura RSX type S cost?
  177. I'm a new driver which are would be best for me a 2010 acura tl or a 2010 honda accord coupe?
  178. Is the 2010 Acura TL a gas guzzler ?
  179. Need help with ignition wire numbers on Acura integra gs 99?
  180. 1990 acura legend problems?
  181. How can I make my rsx faster?
  182. Acura: audio disabled after new battery was switched in?
  183. 2007 base acura tl heater only works on hi setting. The heater will not work with any...
  184. Will I need a camber kit for my DA9 if I were to lower it with Skunk2 lowering springs?
  185. 1994 acura integra ls?
  186. I bought an rsx but aint sure if is a type s?
  187. my 1990 integra wont start and i just installed a new fuel pump and its not not getting any fuel ?
  188. How do you know if a Rsx is a type-s?
  189. Acura tsx questions? someone help?
  190. how do you find the troble code on a 1994 acura legend?
  191. i have a 1994 acura legend and want to change the transmission filter and add lucas
  192. I have a 1990 Acura integra gs 4 door and when I hit the breaks on the left side has
  193. Is there an Acura RSX Type-S Automatic?
  194. What type of motor does a stock rsx type s has?
  195. Acura mdx paddle shifter?
  196. what wheels should i put on my acura RSX type S?
  198. Catback for Acura RSX type s?
  199. What's the difference between an Acura RSX Type-S and an Acura RSX Hatchback.?
  200. 2004 TL service light turn off?
  201. 03 RSX won't start????
  202. how is the handling on a 2009 Acura TSX? how does the paddle shifters feel? and how does the sport
  203. 2008 Honda Accord V6 Coupe or 2009 Acura TSX with an i4. Pros; Cons. How do the sound...
  204. 2006 acura tsx or 06 lexus is250?
  205. Where is the factory amp located in a 1993 acura integra?
  206. Rsx intake upgrade??
  207. What could I put on my integra to make it faster?
  208. 2004 transmission acura tl?
  209. Is the 1999-2003 acura tl's automatic transmission really that bad?
  210. How to make the best preformance of acura tl 05?
  211. Comparing Acura TL and Acura TSX?
  212. 2010 acura tl navigation updated by used disc?
  213. Questions about a 2010 Acura RDX?
  214. I recently purchased a 2000 acura integra but my speedometer does not Turn on, my wiring and
  215. MDX vs X5 2013 models.?
  216. What is the bolt pattern for rims and tires on a 92 acura integra?
  217. I need find the unlock my radio for acura TL 2004 the serial number is U1212L5148?
  218. Nissan Silvia 200sx vs Acura nsx?
  219. How many horsepower does a stock acura Rsx 2002 type-s has?
  220. Is 200,000 miles too much for an Acura rsx 2002?
  221. Need some advice on building my 98 integra RS its a b18b1 i dont know if i should go
  222. Need A Thule 409 For My Integra?
  223. My Speedometer lights on my acura integra dont turn on, the fuses and wiring are good,
  224. B18c swap in my 88 integra rs?
  225. Is 189k on an acura tl too high... even if it has properly been maintained?
  226. Swap Integra LS auto to stick?
  227. Integra Apexi n1 axleback question?
  228. '98-'02 ACURA first car help?
  229. 2003 acura mdx navi and cd with error code?
  230. Help finding a car similar to the Acura TSX?
  231. how to add hp to a b18b1?
  232. Difference between Acura TL 04 - 08?
  233. What do I need to Turbo my integra ?
  234. I have a 94 integra ls?
  235. Question on automatic 1993 Acura Integra?
  236. Acura legend or acura rl?
  237. How can I make my Acura integra faster?
  238. what size are my 2013 civic sedan low beams?
  239. How fast is an 2001 Acura CL 3.2L S-Type?
  240. Which acura is the best?
  241. My 1996 acura integra will not start?
  242. Acura integra only cranks?
  243. Do 2004 acura tl's only come in auto trans?
  244. changing an Acura RSX 2002 stick shift knob?
  245. Fuel efficiency products for 2007 Acura TL?
  246. 1995 acura integra gs-r switch?
  247. My boss is sellin '06 acura tl it has 189k with reg. maintenance. i need a carbut is thisa good buy?
  248. Can anyone tell me what this is? Pic?
  249. How much should I sell my 95 integra wit jdm front with only 177k on the otameter?
  250. 95 integra starter sparking?