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  1. vtec controller settings?
  2. What color looks best on an Acura RSX?
  3. 91 integra advice (WING OR NO WING)?
  4. How much does it cost to replace a 2003 Acura RSX engine including labor.?
  5. im thinking of getting a 2007 acura TL type S in blue? what you think?
  6. what car is faster and better in general a 02 Acura RSX s type or a 02 Toyota Celica GT?
  7. Issue with 2005 Acura TL Navigation: Resets frequently!
  8. how to replace a heater core in a 1990 acura integra?
  9. does a honda s2000 steering wheel fit on a rsx type s?
  10. Is it safe to use 100 Octane Fuel in Acura RDX?
  11. intakes i got 4 sale
  12. Intercooler and Exhaust kit?
  13. 1996 ACURA 2.5 TL needs new engine.How much would it be?
  14. acura legend starts when its cold and does not start when its hot what causes that?
  15. would stock rsx struts be able to handle a 1 inch drop on skunk2 coilover?
  16. how to take a dash out of a 1990 acura integra 2 door gs?
  17. I Have A 2005 Acura RSX Type S?
  18. Rear Eccentrics
  19. Does an Acura TSX have the same engine as a Honda Accord?
  20. What is the biggest size rim that will fit on my 4 door 1998 Acura Integra? (without
  21. 1997 Acura anyone know what I should sell it for? Needs work but is a beautiful car!!!?
  22. New Acura TL compared to old TL?
  23. Will i pass smog if i drop a gsr motor in a Ls integra?
  24. How do i test the TDC sensor on my 91 ACURA integra?
  25. questions for everyone about an amazing car!!?
  26. Is this a good muffler for my 93 acura legend?
  27. i just buy a 2001 acura integra and i wanted to know with 1000 dollar what performance...
  28. where is the drivers seat belt relay on a 93 acura integra?
  29. how fast is a 95 acura integra?
  30. 1998 Acura 1.6 EL AC interchange questions.
  31. How to gain more h/p and torque on an Integra '98 Ls with automatic tranny?
  32. my acura legend soudns louder? i didnt even do anything!?
  33. are their 2 thermostats on a 1988 acura integra?
  34. best way to change clutch on 1990 acura integra rs?
  35. What the differences between the Acura RSX models?
  36. The trunk on my '02 Acura RSX wont open, any tips?
  37. I'm think about buying an Acura RSX type S.?
  38. need help with integra type r parts?
  39. acura tl aem short ram intake?
  40. i wanna engine swap my acura rsx?
  41. i just bought a 1999 acura 3.5 RL and the engine, abs,srs, and the tcs are all on how...
  42. Transmission leak in my Acura TL 2004?
  43. Is a 94 Acura Integra Parts Expensive?
  44. 92 Integra turbo help?
  45. How to customize my Honda Integra (Acura RSX)...?
  46. What happened to the Acura NSX?
  47. How many Precision Fuel Injectors: 1600cc do I need to buy for my 2005 Acura RSX?
  48. What custom work needs to be done to turbo an NA engine?
  49. I have an injen cold air intake on my acura RSX, how do I clean it?
  50. Looking to replace my automatic 2005 acura rsx engine?
  51. Is a 2004 Acura TSX a good first car?
  52. If you have paid to update your Acura TL Navigation System, was it worth it?
  53. ok i have a 98 integra ls and i have a jdm b16a motor will it fit?
  54. whats the best suspension for my 95 integra ls on 17" rims?
  55. How can i get 200-250 horsepower in my integra GSR?? its all stock ... ?
  56. I need help setting the clock of my 2004 Acura TL?
  57. 94-95 integra swap
  58. Oil filter location of 2004 Acura TSX?
  59. Do catback exhausts on automatic transmission integra's sound bad?
  60. b20b/z short block on integra ls automatic?
  61. Are integras still at the top of the list for most stolen cars in america anymore?
  62. Is it illegal to have 3k hid's on my 95 acura integra's high beams?
  63. What mods and customizations can I do to my Automatic 94 Acura Integra Ls to make it...
  64. How do i upgrade the zagat information on my RDX?
  65. Acura Type-R color codes?
  66. do you think these mods will get my acura integra into the low 12's high 11's?(in the 1/4 mile)?
  67. Will i be able to swap this itr motor into my 92 integra?
  68. Are all coilovers interchangeable?
  69. I have an acura 1998 RL and I have problme with Control unit for front electric seat adjustment?
  70. i have a 1991 acura integra and the overflow was boiling now it turns over but wont
  71. My 95 acura legend. in april the cruise control, tilt streering wheel stop workingand
  72. specs on a dohc b16a vtec motor?
  73. V-TEC on a Acura TL 2004?
  74. Acura 2000-03....................?
  75. Does the 2006 Acura TL have an auxiliary jack in the OEM stereo system?
  76. What mugen rims are these!?!??!?
  77. How do you find and reset the code for the radio in a 2001 Acura MDX?
  78. can i replace the back seat of my 91 acura integra with speakers?
  79. Do 20 Inch Rims fit on my Acura RL 2005?
  80. What does "MAINT REGO" mean?
  81. acura rsx horsepower help?
  82. Acura RSX Base Auto Turbo?
  83. How do I recharge my 1994 Acura Integra a/c?
  84. Modification on Acura TL (2006)?
  85. Were Acura Integras made in 1999?
  86. Is it possible to change my Acura emblem to a Honda?
  87. To make a Jdm integra conversion?
  88. I want to buy an Acura RSX 2006 Type S! What do you think?
  89. can anyone tell me what kind of gas is good for acura mdx?general or premium?
  90. Is my Acura 50,000 mile warranty still good?
  91. Does anyone have an informational video on replacing a stock 1991 Acura Integra tail
  92. I bought a Acura tl 03 should i get rid of it?
  93. After getting off work, i went to start my car . my 89 Acura Legend failed to start after...
  94. 17" rims vs 18" rims On my RSX?
  95. I currently drive an automatic 1997 Acura Integra GS. What is the fastest stock Integra
  96. How do I find out what type of springs I need to buy in order to raise my RSX back to stock height?
  97. I have a 1999 acura integra ls losing 1/2 quart oil?
  98. Check Engine Diagnostic
  99. Acura RDX a cool teen car?
  100. 90 integra cv shafts?
  101. how to adjust the headlights on a 2005 acura tl?
  102. i bought a 1993 acura integra rs. what kind of race motor can i buy that will handle a turbo
  103. What cheap, effective upgrades are good for a stock Acura Integra GSR?
  104. my 94 acura legend has a loss of power, is it the spark plugs? It's stillquick just not as quick.?
  105. i was wondering if a k24 with fit in a gsr?
  106. integra gsr questions help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  107. Integra B18B1 engine ticking noise?
  108. Why won't my '92 Acura Integra's stereo turn on?
  109. i have a 91 integra please help?
  110. i need to find the code for a 2002 rl navigation system?
  111. RSX TypeS
  112. 1994 Acura Integra maybe just a fuse?
  113. Integra Engine Swap to ITR?
  114. 1997 Acura 3.0 CL Light Issue
  115. where do i put my dielectric grease in my acura legend?
  116. should I buy this car 1995 Integra GSR?
  117. 97 Integra gsr max hp and speed?
  118. 1995 Acura Integra will crank but not start. What can I do?
  119. Would it look okay to put a lip kit on a rsx type s without lowering it first?
  120. 1994 Acura Integra GS???
  121. What type of oil do I need to put in my 1988 Acura Legend V6?
  122. where vss speed sensor is located on a car where to find on acura legend?
  123. The Acura NSX, first time car?
  124. 1999 Acura CL 2.3L vs volvo s70 2.5L which is faster?
  125. How do you get the radio code for a acura legend 93' without having to pay?
  126. Engine Parts for my RSX?
  127. Do you know of anything you can do to a integra thats free that helps the performance?
  128. 2006 acura mdx is making aclick noise when i try to start it light are dim know still wont start
  129. Which car would you choose Acura or Honda?
  130. MY 1996 acura integra has an oil leak, help?
  131. ITR-2 & ITR-3 kiske liye kam aate he?
  132. Can I put a Honda racing engine in my Acura?
  133. I have a 2002 Acura 3.5 RL?
  134. How much horsepower does a 1999 Acura Integra GS have?
  135. '96 Integra LS - Screeching noise when reversing?
  136. i need a breakdown of all the acura integra models. i-vtec?
  137. Driver's Side Window gets stuck
  138. Acura 3.5 RL-hookups?
  139. 1999 acura tl spoiler light cover?
  140. Integra DC2 DIYs done. Check'em out here.
  141. Integra with a B20 Non Vtec?
  142. Erratic speedometer
  143. I would like to know how much would a windshield cost on an Acura 2001 3.2 cl?
  144. how much does it cost to repair a head gasket in a 91 acura legend?
  145. 92 integra ls/vtec swap?
  146. good tires for acura 2006 csx good price and value?
  147. What is the latest Acura NSX?
  148. swapping a b18b1 for a b18c1?
  149. Acura TL 2009 body.........?
  150. Is this a piece of crap or should I consider it?
  151. How much can a K20a Swap cost in a Integra?
  152. Acura RSX Greddy Evo 2 CARB legal?
  153. what all i need for an k20a swap into an integra ls body?
  154. Is the suspension on an RSX type S the same as the type R in japan?
  155. what headlights will fit a 1990 acura integra ls?
  156. i need to figure out my security code for my acura legend its a 1992 and i need the ccode...
  157. high idle on a 1992 acura integra?
  158. Tricking out my RSX...?
  159. How mutch stress can an acura/honda NSX engine tack?
  160. What would a 1995 Acura Integra LS SE sell for?
  161. I have an Acura TSX 2004, I was just wondering if I have a timing belt or chain?
  162. my brakes on my accura legend 95 are stiff. i changed the fuses, bulbs and added brake fluid.?
  163. something wrong with my 1992 acura integra Ls look like loseing power?
  164. lips for an integra 98- 01?
  165. will these fit a 1995 acura integra ls?
  166. What was the price of a 2001 Acura NSX in 2001?
  167. Best performance for 2003 Acura tl?
  168. 2006 acura tl Anti theft radio code?
  169. I have an Acura Cl 1998 V6. Just recently, I started my car and it started shaking and was at a...
  170. integra gsr coolant drain plug thread size?
  171. Please help!! 91 Integra won't start ...
  172. What is the song in the Acura Advance commercial?
  173. how much would a integra gsr go for?
  174. What is a fast acura ?
  175. what kind of bolt on upgrades can i get for my 98 acura integra?
  176. where can i find gold rims for a 2007 white acura tl type s?
  177. Which Aftermarket HID's Will Be closer To Acura Factory HID's?
  178. Acura MDX 2009 Vs Mercedes Benz Ml 350?
  179. Acura MDX 2009 Fast?
  180. what type of transmission fluid could i use on my 94 acura integra?
  181. what can i do to fix up a 1995 acura integra?
  182. acura ZDX price ???? super car only super runner?
  183. How do you put the Emblem to my 97 Acura Integra?
  184. how much does it cost to get a mirror put back in it's socket in a car - acura mdx?
  185. Will 2008 Acura TL wheels fit on a 2005 Acura TL?
  186. 2004 Acura TL... what can I do to make it look nicer and drive better...?
  187. i want to buy a integra?
  188. Where can I find used acura tl type s wheels (just wheels) under 700?
  189. I have a acura tsx 2009 and i want to hook up remote start, will this void the warranty of the car?
  190. Where can i get a good 6spd shift knob for under $60?
  191. Maintenance required light (Acura TL 1996)?
  192. What is filltech on my 97 acura 2.2 cl? im trying to install a cold intake but i dont know what...
  193. 97 Acura Integra Problem with Spark Plugs!!!?
  194. what is filltech on my 97 acura 2.2 cl? im trying to install a cold intake but i dont...
  195. Keep auto RSX or get auto g35?
  196. Acura 1999 3.2 TL problem?
  197. Remove moon-roof/sun-roof wind deflector on 2005 Acura Tsx?
  199. 2004 acura tl used for less than 10,000?
  200. which acura rsx would you choose?
  201. Good O2 sensor for Acura RSX?
  202. is there any way to put a targo top on it?
  203. which year for an acura RSX?
  204. 1/8 mile time for STOCK RSX type-S 2002-04?
  205. will thos work like at all and how much is it taking from my pocket?
  206. can you put horizontal headlights on a acura integra with the 4 indevidual headlights?
  207. Best website(s) for Acura RSX performance parts?
  208. where can i purchase a speedometer sensor for an acura integra? i can't find it online?
  209. Why does Axle seal keeps leaking on Acura RSX?
  210. How many Integra Type R's were sold in america in 2000?
  211. 1997 acura integra. metal on metal scraping when i turn?
  212. 91 acura legend whats the best cleaner for the rims?
  213. is there any way i can make a b18c vtec valve cover fit a b18b1 head?
  214. is it ok to use 5w 30 in place of 5w 20 for 2002 acura TL?
  215. do 2001 acura 3.2 cl type s have lights for the clock?
  216. How to install speakers to my 97 Acura Integra LS?
  217. Looking for Acure TL or CL 6speed manual transmission?
  218. 99 Integra LS grinding noise from front left (dirver's side) wheel.?
  219. 97 Acura Integra LS 1.8 Non Vtec Problem.?
  220. MAP Sensor for 1997 Acura Integra LS 1.8 Non Vtec?
  221. Bought an integra gsr but the guy lost the master key how much and how fast can they replace it?
  222. Acura Integra Gsr Smoking Question?
  223. Where can I find a cheap Acura RSX in Souther California, or Northern California for that matter?
  224. will the ls final drive fit into or be swap into a gsr tranny?
  225. where can i find acura 3.2 tl (not type s) performance parts?
  226. Acura 3.2 TL performance parts?
  227. Are the front lower controlle arm bushings the same as the lower rear controlle are...
  229. removing and installing motor, 93 integra
  230. what is the difference between an 05 and 06 acura tl?
  231. How can i make my 04-05 Acura tsx faster?
  232. Can i put myown cd player on an 2004 Acura TL?
  233. what are some ways to get a bolt out of a rear strut in a acura integra?
  234. Door issue 1998 Acura CL 3.0
  235. How can I take the fog light out of Acura Tsx 2009 because i want to install HID fog light on it?
  236. To all ACURA RSX (02-06), CL (03), and TL owners, do you have problem with shifting to 3rd gear?
  237. acura rsx base cool air intake?
  238. What is an Integra Da9? Is it better than other Integras, like people seem to think?
  239. LED help. need calulations or advice etc?
  241. Acura TL 2004 Stereo Face plate?
  242. 2004 Acura TL Cd player Problem?
  243. i have a 94 acura integra and i have a bad clutch!?
  244. What could i do to a RSX type S to get around 300 hp.?
  245. can you pull your crankshaft on a b18 block from under the block?
  246. Will a AEM cold air intake for 04 rsx type-s fit a 93 civic?
  247. i might buy an integra that is bored over .020,,what does that mean? Good or Bad? thanks?
  248. What is the cheapest website for high quality honda/acura parts?
  249. Where in vancouver to get new tires for 2004 Acura ?
  250. What is wrong with my Acura integra 1996?