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  1. will headers of a 91 acura integra fit on my 95 integra?
  2. I have a 99 Acura 3.2TL with a bad transmission. Can I get anything for it?
  3. how much should i expect to pay for a 94 integra motor?
  4. ok so i decided to get an integra, 1997 or newer, but which model should i get? ls or gsr?
  5. xenon Light question!! HELP?
  6. integra is overheating please help =/?
  7. Which car would win in a race ? 1994 Acura Legend Coupe vs 1994 Nissan 300zx?
  8. civic fog lights on 99 integra
  9. B20 vtec sir tranny
  10. what is the recommended turbo kit for 1997 acura integra ls w/ vtec using stock internals?
  11. How much would it cost to put a v6 engine in my 2005 acura rsx base model?
  12. 91 acura integra headers.. will they fit on my 95 teg?
  13. is there a upgrade for a 2002 mdx navagation?
  14. acura integra ls 95 headers?
  15. difference between rsx type-s 05 and 06?
  16. dc5 type-s gear problems?
  17. How long do Acura RSX's last?
  18. How much longer will this 2003 Acura TL Type S Last?
  19. 1990 B20 integra help?
  20. could an 1988 acura legend tow a jet ski?
  21. Calling all Acura Rsx owners -I have a rim/tire question!?
  22. 97 acura integra brake light help!
  23. 1998 Acura Integra Question. Help please?
  24. How to make my B18 FASTER!!?
  25. ticking sound from the dash on my acura integra?
  26. I have a 1995 Acura Integra LS, It jerks when I put it in drive.?
  27. Rear Air Problem
  28. ok i finally got my integra dc2?
  29. Need instructions on how to install a full nose mask on an 99 Acura TL.?
  30. My 1995 Acura Integra hardly has any power?
  31. Radio code for 91 Acura legend
  32. Is the Australian 2004 Honda Euro the same as the US Acura TSX?
  33. Questions about my Acura TL?
  34. How do I put power locks on my 97 acura integra rs?
  35. 1991 acura legend 4dr ls IS THE FANS?
  36. Which model Acura or Honda ECU do I have?
  37. Acura RSX base ECU change?
  38. 92 acura integra type ls or gs and so on?
  40. i want some spun supermesh rims?
  42. What problems could I expect to encounter if I bought this Acura?
  43. need to find out what all I need to run a turbo on my integra?
  44. i have a 89 integra i need help with some ecu codes!?
  45. i drive a 97 acura 3.5RL what should my tire pressure be?
  46. integra ls/vtec buzzing when ignition is on?
  47. about a 2002 acura TL navigation sytem?
  48. Can I use the same (Original) wiring harness from my 2003 RSX and swap out the engine for a TYPE S?
  49. What should be the first performance upgrade added to a Acura integra ls 1995?
  50. lights for the 2009 acura tsx?
  51. 1998 Acura Cl 2.3 f23?
  52. Where can i get EURO STYLE clear of Black Tail Lights for my Acura TL-S 2008 ?
  53. acura integra LS 1990 need help?
  54. will a turbo kit hurt my 97 integra's engine?
  55. 1988 acura integra rs DOHC, vs. mustang gt and supra question?
  56. Acura TL or RDX? and Why?
  57. 1999 acura tl shifting?
  58. do any of the newer acura tl's come in manual or stick?
  59. Is a body kit for a 1998 Acura Integra a bad idea?
  61. wheres the vin # located on the 1998 acura tl i need it so i can get the code for my radio its a...
  62. 2002 acura rsx name and emblem removal..?
  63. What is the difference between Acura RSX and RSX Type S?
  64. where is the fuel pump located in a 96 acura integra ls?
  65. turbonetics t3/t4 for automatic rsx?
  66. i have an acura rsx s and i need to replace the 02 sensor where is it!!!?
  67. Approximately, how much would it cost to paint my 1998 Acura Integra a different color?
  68. can a b16a engine fit on an integra 1994 and up?
  69. What other year transmissions will fit a 1994 Acura Integra 1.8L automatic?
  70. my 1998 acura tl 3.2 says code on the radio and idk the code to unlock it,,is there like a...
  71. 2006 Acura TL engine vibration at low RPMs?
  72. how many miles will a acura rsx go before dying or needing major repairs?
  73. 05 rsx 5 speed auto shifter problem?
  74. 1997 integra motor swap
  76. how do i convert my acura integra from automatic to manual?
  77. i have a 1991 acura legend and it's over heating?
  79. does a 1990 acura integra brake calliper piston twist back in or compress in?
  80. 1986 acura integraā€¸ pulling to the rite?
  81. does the acura rsx have the same suspension as a honda civic(01-05)?
  82. Acura RSX Speakers/Subwoofer Installation?
  83. would u rather have a acura tsx rsx or tl?
  84. do you think this price is good?
  85. acura integra vs toyota celica?
  86. i have a 1991 acura legend my cars heat jumps up and down it doesnt stay stable?
  87. best shock setup for comfort on 93 integra?
  88. acura integra 1994 problem........need help!!!!!?
  89. 2006 acura tsx cd player problem?
  91. Does an Acura 2006 have a timing belt or chain and what is the difference?
  92. 96 Acura Integra too high RPM's due to not shifting gears right.?
  93. What is a good seasonal tire for a 97 Acura integra?
  94. 2007 Acura TSX w/GPS with 20K miles for 20K a good deal?
  95. i want to know where are the Acura Tsx's built?
  96. 93 integra gs
  97. One of my locks on my Acura is not working, how much to repair it?
  98. is it possible to but a turbo in a 2005 acura rsx?
  99. Can you describe to me an Acura NSX in a nutshell?
  100. Good deal on Acura?
  101. I am looking at a 2006 Acura TL that recommends using 91 octane. Can I run it on 87 or 89 without...
  102. Would the Skunk2 Mega Power R Exhaust fit on both the GSR and LS?
  103. intermittent p1164 on my acura rsx?
  104. Who can tell me about this Acura?
  105. Can you get a integra gsr for less than 4.5k dollars?
  106. 1999 Acura TL question?
  107. fuel filter
  108. Is 130000 mileage a lot for an acura?
  109. What do u think of this 06 Acura tl Color?
  110. show i buy 2005 acura tl?
  111. what do u think about this 2005 acura tl color?
  112. What kind of motor does a 89 integra have in it?
  113. 1997 four cylender acura integra. will not start!?
  114. Anyone know anything about Acuras?
  115. Acura tl paint and rims?
  116. Whats the best way to add speed to my 2004 Acura TL?
  117. Volvo 850R vs Acura RSX?
  118. RSX lip kit or body kit?
  119. I want a Acura Integra!!!!??? lol?
  120. Acura Integra Rubbing wheel?
  121. is LS Vtec better or a GSR swap?
  122. question about a 1990 Acura Integra?
  123. my 2.2 CL Acura makes...?
  124. About HID Xenon Lights..?
  125. Will 22 inch rims fit on a 2002 acura TL?
  126. 91 acura integra I need to replace it. is it just two screws on top where it mounts?
  127. problem with my acura integra
  128. Land Rover LR2? Navigation Question?
  129. What types of springs do i use if im trying to lower a 98 integra gsr?
  130. I have a question about a certain Acura Car I saw?
  131. costs to convert acura rsx to honda integra type r?
  132. How can i listen to my ipod songs in my car? How or where do get this installed? Drive an acura
  133. how to do a jdm headlight swap on a 94+ integra?
  134. labor for a 95 acura integra clutch?
  135. My mom has an Acura MDX with hands-free cell. How do you maintain a call when you leave the car?
  136. Which Acura body kit looks better the green one or the dark blue one?
  137. Help me with my car before i break it plz?
  138. Acura certified pre-owned question?
  139. how much does a integra type r cost in Canada ?
  140. ACURA 1999 TL INFO ON IT?
  141. What year and model is this Acura?
  142. How do you change fog lights yellow on stock 1990 acura integra? And can you show me how low a
  143. what is better a nissan or an acura????????????
  144. Acura TL backup camera?
  145. is it possible to forage a stock block on my acura integra Gsr b18c1. or do i need to buy a...
  146. How can i connect a switch for run tvec but still using the same stock ecu non vtec?
  147. Is Rosenthal Acura in Gaithersburg, MD still open.?
  148. Diagnostic Connector on 1989 Integra?
  149. How do I get an instakill in RL?
  150. Acura Integra LS Turbo?
  151. how do i check to see if my drainage tubes in my sunroof are clogged (1990 acura integra)?
  152. how can I get an acura navigation dvd upgrade for europe?
  153. What type of 1994 acura integra do i have?
  154. Is the Acura Integra front wheel drive(FWD) or rear wheel drive(RWD)?
  155. Acura Integra GSR and LS/RS/GS Difference?
  156. I have a set of jdm Integra type r rims championship white?
  157. Acura RSX type S...Love it or Hate it?
  158. Is a 98 integra coupe rear bumper the same as a 98 integra sedan?
  159. will a b18c type r integra motor fit in a 1995 integra Gsr ?
  160. Does anyone know who patrick gaynor ramsey is the stock car legend?
  161. ^&*^(V& Acura tl good &*(&)(?
  162. %*%^* acura tl is good ^(&^*(^&?
  163. What size speakers come in a 97 acura 2.2 cl?
  164. 2004 Acura RSX dash removal?
  165. Rattling Noise in 1995 Acura Integra GSR, B18c1?
  166. 1994 Acura Integra LS brake light on?
  167. What do you think about a 2002 white acura rsx in mint condition? Is it a good car?
  168. Temp gauge on '91 Acura Integra: What's a safe level for it to be at?
  169. is a 90 acura integra ls a dohc or a sohc?
  170. Where can I find the stereo code for my 1991 Acura Legend Coupe?
  171. trying to find the radio code for my 93 acura legend?
  172. i have an 4grand limit for a car i need elp finding and acura integra GS-R for tht price
  173. Which would win in a drag race, an Acura RSX-S, or a Mazda RX8?
  174. 2004/05 Acura TL, whats your take?
  175. Exhaust on 2006 Acura TL?
  176. Engine swap for 94 Acura Integra?
  177. im looking forward to buy a honda integra type-R but are they really good cars?
  178. bronze "fat fives" on matador red pearl integra?
  179. Should I buy this Integra?
  180. Should I Mod My Integra Looking Good Or Boost Up the Speed With a Turbo?
  181. How can i repair a low air flow in a 2003 Acura TL?
  182. I have a 1991 Acura Legend L and my windshield wipers are not working.?
  183. 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse Gt vs. 2005 Acura TL?
  184. Whats is the meaning of D4?
  185. will an old caddy or olds 455 fit in a 1993 acura legend?
  186. can an integra have a turbo?
  187. is there a difference in ceramic headers and stainless steel headers?
  188. Alarm on a 1996 acura integra.?
  189. What would you rate Acura from 1-10?
  190. wats faster? a 95 acura integra ls stock,manual trans. or a 97 eclipse manual stock....?
  191. i got acura 2001 TL .my audio player is locked . i need code to open it.please help me?
  192. Acura Integra rebuild?
  193. how to charge ac on 91 acura legend ls?
  194. Other models or year cars that parts will fit a 91 Acura Integra?
  195. How to make a 2007 acura tl faster?
  196. How do I hook up my Ipod in my 2008 Acura MDX with the tech package (but not the entertainment...
  197. 01 Acura CL 3.2 Check Engine/ TCS Light & Tranny Problems?
  198. how to replace abs accumulator 1997 acura cl 2.2?
  199. What will happen if i put premium gas into a 98 integra ls which needs unleaded gas only?
  200. how do i make my `97 honda 150i faster?
  201. my "89 acura integra's engine or clutch creaks when engine is idiling it just startedto
  202. Where can I buy wide body kit for acura NSx?
  203. do you think the 2009 Acura TSX looks better than the 2008 Acura TSX?
  204. do you think the 2009 acura TL looks better that the 2008 acura TL?
  205. where do you add transmission fluid for a 1992 acura integra?
  206. Does a 1999 Acura tl 3.2 type-S exhaust fit a 1999 Acura tl 3.2L non type-s?
  207. RIGHT-sided cars in America?
  208. What is the best camber kit to get for a 97 Acura Integra?
  209. ACURA rsx...60,000 mile check up?
  210. is it a good deal to get a Integra GS-R with 40,000 miles for 8g's but the engine is from Japan?
  211. How much is RSX 06 lip kit?
  212. What tire should i get for my RSX?
  213. 1995 acura integra hard to tint back window?
  214. What is the best Exhaust for an Acura RSX Type-S?
  215. 3rd time they try to steal my integra!!! tips on security?
  216. Rattling noise underneath my 1995 Acura Legend?
  217. 3.2 TL transmission fluid leaking HELP A.S.A.P?
  218. Is the 2001 Acura Integra GSR a good car for a sixteen yr old boy?
  219. rsx type s for $7000 cad?
  220. How do I remove the headlights on a 2003 Acura RSX Type S?
  221. Black or Chrome Rims on a Black 2006 Acura TL?
  222. 1990 integra acura rs. it cranks, but wont start.?
  223. can you swap a 2jz engine into a 99 integra?
  224. Biggest possible street legal engine?
  225. How should I trick out a four door Acura Integra?
  226. What should I get for my RSX...?
  227. will 94 acura integra coil overs fit a 95 acura integra?
  228. Acura Forum with People who will respond?
  229. Where can I find a used Navigation LCD panel for my 2000 Acura 3.2TL?
  230. How do i make the ****foglights and signals*** on 2004 Acura 1.7EL bumper work on a 2001 model?!?
  231. How does a magnaflow catback exhaust (4 inch tip) sound on a 2002 acura rsx premium?
  232. What RPMs should i shift at to powershift?
  233. Performance upgrades for a 2004 Acura TSX?
  234. Where can I buy a wire harness for the dash for my 95 acura legend coupe.?
  235. Changing the power window motor on an Acura Integra?
  236. Rsx vs. gsr. which car is faster?
  237. I was looking at exhaust systems for acura integra?
  238. should i buy an 05 acura rsx?
  239. What do you like better, JDM or American Musscle?
  240. how do i test my 1991 acura integra ecu?
  241. shift lock problem (acura mdx 2002)?
  242. Integra 97 ls Manual Tranny clutch noise???
  243. is it a good deal to get a 2001 Integra GS-R with a engine that is from Japan for 8g's?
  244. Will these fit in 93 acura legend?
  245. What should I get for my RSX...?
  246. Is this a good deal: $25,600 for a 2007 Certified Acura RDX tech package and 25,000 miles?
  247. is the Acura TL a chick car?
  248. What, No One Knows Anything About Rear Eccentrics?
  249. Transmission Problem Of Acura TL 1999 ! Need Little Help !?
  250. Why won't the acura emblem that i ordered fit?