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  1. ugh! i'm trying to change to color of my clock in my integra?
  2. how much heat can an Acura B18c block take before the engine gets blown?
  3. would my acura intergra qualify for cash for clunker program?
  4. Car enthusiasts (tuners) tell me what you think.?
  5. a question about a acura mdx car?
  6. Maintaining a 2004 Acura TSX.?
  7. is a 2002 acura rsx type s with 128,000 miles on it a good buy?
  8. 91 integra trani
  9. '94 Acura Vigor a/c problems. can anyone help?
  10. acura integra question need help?
  11. What are some cool accessories for my 02 Acura TL?
  12. what is the size of the speakers in a 98 integra?
  13. How can you localize navigation on an Acura?
  14. 91 integra has slow crank any ideas
  15. How do you take out a fuel pump for a 1992 acura integra gs?
  16. do they still make acura rsx's?
  17. Is it possible for an Acura rsx to drift?
  18. My 98 acura integra car got stolen last night how is the process of getting it back?
  19. 2010 Lexus Rx350 or 2009 Acura MDX?
  20. my v-tech in my gsr is not kickin in for some reason can you tell me why and how i could fix it?
  21. My 98 acura integra turbo car got stolen i need help ?
  22. I bought a 2009 acura MDX with Sports, Tech & Entertainment (DVD), how do I hook up my I-Touch?
  23. What is the drive belt & tensioner assembly on my Acura TSX?
  24. What muffler should I get to replace mine in my RSX-S??!?
  25. Does my RSX have a Aspec suspension?
  26. Is there a way i can get my 1995 acura integra LS to have a little more acceleration power?
  27. 1991 Acura integra Ls Replaced the started but still wont turn over. What else am i missing?
  28. what is the best deal you can get on a new 2009 acura TL with all wheel drive and the...
  29. I had brought an Acura Tl and want to know what is the purpose of the dvd payer in the trunk ?
  30. acura rsx body styles different?
  31. how to disable traction control system on 99 acura tl 3.2?
  32. 2009 acura tl odometer problem?
  33. Diagnostic port location on a 2002 Acura TL?
  34. What is the best car cover I can get for my Acura MX?
  35. Navigation system problem?
  36. I just got a 2006 Acura RSX Type S and don't know what more to do to make it faster and fast
  37. which one is better ? Honda Civic vs. Acura TL?
  38. what do you think of Acura TL ?
  39. What is the lowest price anyone has paid (in canada) for a used 2004 acura tsx?
  40. I went to the dealership and played the game....now what.?
  41. A5 stock used with an X7 are they compatible...?
  42. is the 97 ls acura integra vtec?
  43. i have a 92 acura integra rs overheating problem.?
  44. How do I remove 1997 Acura TL front door panel?
  45. what the difference between DC2/DC4/DB7/DB8 integras? vtec? non vtec? 4 door? lol whats it all mean?
  46. rims for an '05 acura rsx?
  47. HELP! 93 Integra A/C went out?
  48. how many belts does an alternator for an accura tl 2.5 use??r=1247660575?
  49. What is the Acura model in Pulp Fiction ?
  50. make your car more enjoyable
  51. What kind of superchargers would work with a Honda Odyssey 2001?
  52. what size muffler does an 93 acura legend have?
  53. 2010 Acura MDX in Canada?
  54. how long has your acura vigor lasted for?
  55. Best tires for my 2006 Acura TL with Manual Transmission?
  56. how are acura vigors?
  57. How is the acura tsx?
  58. D16z6 V-Tec Problem?
  59. How fast is a 1991 Acura NSX stock?
  60. would 17'' rims fit on a 4 door integra?
  61. idle revs
  62. What are some websites like autotrader?
  63. Is this Acura worth the money?
  64. 1996 acura 2.5 tl brake wear indicator?
  65. Should I trade My Acura Integra 4 Del Sol?
  66. Need user manual for my car 1991 Acura Legend 4-door LS.?
  67. Is there an acura TL 2 door car?
  68. Does the 2009 Acura RDX qualify for cash for clunkers?
  69. Does any company make and automatic shift kit for a 1999 acura integra...B&M style shifter?
  70. I was thinking of putting a turbo charger on my 1999 acura integra. How muh horsepower should...
  71. I ordered an alternator for my Acura?
  72. I own a 06 Acura TL, it has a oil life % indicator. At what % should I change the oil?
  73. What is the European version of the Acura Tl?
  74. is there a way to put a vtec head on a non vtec h22a engine? and would a h22a fit in a acura...
  75. Integra Type R Wing!?
  76. What should I do to my old integra LS 94 for a new engine?
  77. Acura TL information...please help!?
  78. How to make my Acura Integra more fun to drive?
  79. Is an Acura tsx a good and reliable car? I don't want a tl and I have heard these are pretty
  80. Vtec Experts once again!!! 10 Points to top answer!!!?
  81. i have a 1990 ACCURA it will run but will stop and want start until next day.?
  82. 2004 Acura TSX CD Changer Issue
  83. 90 acura intega fuel issues?
  84. acura cl keyless entry.?
  85. how do you replace rear brake pads for a 97 acura integra ?
  86. buying a 2004 Acura TL?
  87. how much is an distributor ignition coil for a 1991 integra?
  88. i am thinkiong about buying a acura rsx type s or TSX. i want a manual. Which is better?
  89. what are some good size rims for a 1995 ACURA LEGEND?
  90. Light Parts for a RSX-S? also..is the k24 motor swap for the rsx alot of money?
  91. where can i find a low priced 2000 acura integra gsr,DOH V- tec engine?
  92. 1998 acura cl cigarette lighter socket not working.....?
  93. what is the 0-60mph time for the 3rd gen acura tl type s?
  94. GENRAL QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  95. why did he change his type S engine to a Type R?
  96. 96 Acura tl 3.2 AC Problems?
  97. How can you tell the difference between a real RSX Type S and a Reg. RSX?
  98. Can I put the head of a gsr motor on my B18B integra?
  99. what is a good ricer?
  100. Can an Acura 3.2cl be converted to manual transmission?
  101. Is a 2004 Acura with 90,000 miles still good?
  102. I need to know how to bleed a hydraulic clutch line for an 88 acura legend. It says to have someone?
  103. b18a1 good idea for a turbo?
  104. Will a drivers side door window from a '90 acura integra coup fit into a '92 acura integra coup?
  105. should i build a ls/vtec or gsr motor?
  106. Can an Acura car run on unleaded gasoline?
  107. what struts can i get for my 2000 integra gs-r?
  108. What could be the cause of a scratching (screeching) sound coming from my Acura Integra, when I...
  109. tryed fixing my egr valve on my 99 acura tl bought a new one but check light still comes on?
  110. What shocks/struts can i get for my acura integra gs-r?
  111. Is a 2002-2003 RSX TYPE-S a good car to own?
  112. hows a 1991 acura integra gs?
  113. can you put a 95 integra ac compressor on a 90 integra?
  114. where can I get a 2nd hand transmission for my 1987 acura legend?
  115. will a b18c type-R motor fit in a 1994 integra?
  116. how to replace a thermostat in 1990 acura integra?
  117. How much does it cost to change the head gaskets on a '91 Acura Legend?
  118. 1990 Acura Integra transmission problem
  119. will an integra b18 headers fit a b17 engine?
  120. Acura Integra Owners? Help a Teen please?
  121. Acura Integra Owners?!?
  122. Best Online website to get a Full JDM B16a Motor swap!?
  123. when should change timing belt on acura tl 2004 ?
  124. Crank speed sensor code
  125. need help on a 1999 cl
  126. is this correct 15-b16-c17-a and 18 is b?
  127. Whats the difference between an Acura RSX and an RSX-s?
  128. Is there going to be a Tl type S in the 2009 Acura line up?
  129. Is the discontinuation of the Acura rsx going to make the prices of rsx parts go up?
  130. Is there an Acura tsx type S?
  131. unknown problem.. help
  132. Is an 3rd gen integra h22a swap faster than the 97-01 prelude?
  133. Any VTEC experts out there?
  134. Fuel injection cleaner in a 2005 Acura TL?
  135. 2009 Acura TSX easy mods?
  136. Turbo acura integra kit Ls 95?
  137. can you swap a vtec engine?
  138. Integra Gsr Coil covers?
  139. is insurance high for a 1995 acura integra coupe high for a teenager?
  140. The check engine light on my 95 Acura Integra blinks ?
  141. Does a 92 honda civic and 94 Acura Integra have same bolt pattern?
  142. Spark Plugs 2000 Acura TL
  143. I think I need a new tranny
  144. Acura MDX xenon or HID mods?
  145. 94 acura integra with new air intake. acu-moto or something like that.?
  146. LS Block w/ a Type R Head?
  147. how much is an acura integra motor (honda 1.8 liter)?
  148. Are Acura 3.2 TL good cars?
  149. I have a 1992 Acura Viogor?
  150. Is this worth $300 on from CL?
  151. Does this seem normal for brakes on an acura?
  152. Should I buy a 2002 Acura TL?
  153. I bought a 2006 Acura TL?
  154. Acura RSX transmission problem (weird sound..)
  155. Can anyone help me out with this weird car (acura Rsx-S) noise?
  156. Acura Integra Owners?
  157. where is the power steering pump on an acura integra?
  158. i have a standard acura legend and when i press the gas i can hear a continuous whistle in my...
  159. In a 2006 Acura TL, where would the power seat fuse be located?
  160. i need to replace headlight bulb for my 2003 acura TL vehicle.?
  161. I'm not sure, I really do want an Integra though.?
  162. where are acura integras made? plz help?
  163. wheres the best place in miami,fl to find parts for a acura legend 92?
  164. 2005 Acura TSX Remote Keyless Entry?
  165. why is my mother trying trying to get me to sell my 93 acura legend? she drives an 88 corolla?
  166. b20 stock on a 2000 integra gs-r?
  167. Does anyone recomend a 2009 Acura MDX?
  168. One of my friends has a 96 Acura Integra but he want to put a new Skyline and Silvia...
  169. What does everyone think looks better? Acura Integra 98-01 front end or JDM Integra front end?
  170. why does my integra jolt?
  171. which rims would look nice on a gold 91 ac legend?
  172. i have an acura integra 95 with a 6 cylinder and a honda civic 4 cylinder. the acura has a bad...
  173. What other leather seats will fit in a 1990 Acura Integra LS Coupe?
  174. Will 17x7.5 rims with 215/40/17 tires fit on a 1998 Acura CL without making any modifications...
  175. V8 or 3800 supercharged swap in fiero?
  176. what kind of a/c does a 1989 acura have?
  177. Is an acura TL 3.2 good for my first car?
  178. i have a complete set of jdm integra type r rims.?
  179. Are JDM engines on eBay worth buying?
  180. Should i replace the engine in my 1992 acura legend 4dr with a jdm ebay motor or just buy a new car?
  181. Is 10k a good deal for this custom 1994 acura integra?
  182. What size is the bolts that hold up a Integra bumper!?
  183. Honda Civic or Acura 1.7 EL?
  184. 01 firebird stock vs 94 acura integra ls w/ CAI and exhaust who would win?
  185. which headlight is which for acura integra 3rd gen?
  186. Exhaust for an 1998 Acura Integra LS?
  187. my 1998 acura cl will not start. the car got flooded.?
  188. is rolling on a acura vigor in neutral safe?
  189. Is it worth it to convert a 97 Integra Ls into a Type R?
  190. Does the 2006 Acura RSX have a self-replaceable air filter?
  191. ebay short throw shifter acura integra 95?
  192. Where to find an Aftermarket intake for a 98 acura rl?
  193. Acura RSX type S vs base model..?
  194. Integra RSX Mod advise?
  195. My Acura Tl 99 Car Problem!?
  196. i need a b20 motor and tranny live in west palm beach?
  197. how many integra type r were built?
  198. 1992 Acura Legend Engine mounts?
  199. how to i check my maintenance required light on a 1995 acura integra Gsr.?
  200. how do you set the timing on a1988 acura integra 1.6 automatic?
  201. 1995 ACURA INTEGRA GSR?
  202. what will be better for a tsx?
  203. How to program remote for 2000 Acura TL?
  205. how do you turn off the warning beeping for seatbelts not being buckled in a 2004 acura TL?
  206. What happened to TSX DITEC diesel?
  207. 91 Integra Brake Bleeding Issue
  208. Does the 2003 Acura MDX have safety latches for a car seat?
  209. What do I do to make my 2001 Acura Integra faster?
  210. what is the difference Between acura Tl 07 and Tl 08?
  211. What is a fair price for a reconditioned 2005 Acura RSX with 53k?
  212. '91, Honda Acura, cranks, but doesn't start.?
  213. I have a 2004 Acura RSX and I would like to know when I should do a tune up. It's at 75,000...
  214. 2005 TL Navigation System
  215. 2005 TL Navigation System
  216. Acura MDX transmission?
  217. I need a cheap airfilter for my 95 Acura Legend sedan, where can I get it the cheapest?
  218. what are the wires on a 90 acura legend rear left window plug?
  219. how to turn the maintainance required lights off on a 2006 Acura MDX?
  220. How Much to Fix this Acura Integra 98'?
  221. How much a Integra Type R 1995 Cost?
  222. How much dose a Integra Type R 1995 Cost?
  223. how long do acura integs last of year 1998 and lower?
  224. Acura RSX question??
  225. 1987 Acura Legend will not stay in 2nd gear(auto) after so long it's like it shifts into neutral.?
  226. 91 Acura Integra automatic poor accelleration and has had spark plugs changed with compression test?
  227. 1999 acura tl transmission?
  228. Opinion on custom 2006 Acura tl?
  229. acura integra engine?
  230. Ls vtec? or Ls turbo? acura integra 95?
  231. Will 17 by 7 inch rims fit on my 2002 acura rsx?
  232. What is the max rim width I can put on my 2002 acura rsx?
  233. whats good compression in a acura integra gsr vtec b18c1 motor?
  234. i just bought a 1992 acura legend, what a good sight i can buy parts for it. such as speedometer,
  235. Should I buy an Acura MDX 2002 model for $7500?
  236. is it possible to swap the engine out of an 87 acura integra for a new year engine, preferably
  237. How much should i sell a 99 acura tl with the srs abs tcs check engine maintanence req...
  238. best price someone has bought rsx type-s at auction?
  239. I have a 99 chrysler lhs in gold. I'm lookin for HID headlights but I don't want blue. Can I...
  240. what engine or mod should i do or put in my stock 1995 acura integra to beat mustangs on the drag
  241. Is a 2002 acura rsx type-s for $7,000 a good deal?
  242. Whats is the fastest HP on the RSX?
  243. need help with '01 Honda Reflex?
  244. Acura Dealer sold me a Brand new wrecked car. Please help!!!!!!?
  245. where is the hazard fuse located on my 1991 acura integra? Or how do I reset my ecu?
  246. ls vtec.....! any good?
  247. 1999 acura tl trans shift?
  248. Where can I find a used 2002 Acura RSX engine that is affordable and safe?
  249. 94 Acura Integra- Sup it up!?
  250. Mileage on Acura RSX?