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  1. i need code for my 1992 acura legend.?
  2. Is it o.k. to drive my Acura with the VSA - ABS light on?
  3. My transmission in my 99 Acura seems to be slipping?
  4. Acura TSX 2008 comes with a USB Audio Interface aka like a ipod connecter to the car?
  5. Acura rsx 2006 cost in 2013?
  6. HI, I am looking for parts for my 1997 integra 4 door?
  7. i have an acura GS-R but i want a BMW but i love my acura a LOT i cant make up my mind ?
  8. what type of engine does an Acura NSX have in it.?
  9. My Acura TL hood wont shut?!?
  10. 94 Acura Legend LS. Temperature gauge shows very low after 2 hr hwy trip.?
  11. I have a 05 Acura TL Can i put a different engine in it ?
  12. Integra GS-R or swapped LS?
  13. How do I do a burnout in a 2003 Acura TL type-s?
  14. Brutal Legend DLC Achivement?
  15. How much does it cost to get the motor rebuilt on a 92 Acura integra?
  16. How good is the acceleration on the Acura TSX four cylinder 08 or 09 model?
  17. Can anyone find me some professional ratings on the Acura Integra?
  18. Do Acura RSX Type-S cars come in the color (Magnesium Metallic) and BLACK leather interior?
  19. 1992 Acura Legend Transmission Problem?
  20. Would it even be worth it to buy an Acura Integra LS/GS?
  21. are sedans (4 doors) capable of racing just as much as a coupe (2doors)?
  22. Making a carbon fiber hood?
  23. HELP Buying a 2006 car?
  24. Should I buy an Acura TSX 2008 model?
  25. Working on my integra...?
  26. Speedometer not working on 1993 Dohc vtec prelude (h22)? Is this an easy fix?
  27. 1991 Accura LS fuel pump
  28. turbo ls integra should i buy Brian Crower stage 2 turbo cams for it ?
  29. Swapping 02-04 rsx headlights/backlights with 05-06?
  30. why do my tail lights stay after i shut my car off? Its an acura integra 1993?
  31. How much would a Integra LS to GS-R swap cost?
  32. what do touring mean from acura mdx touring?
  33. 92 vs 93 acura legend engine is there a difference?
  34. how much horsepower does a 1990 acura legend have?
  35. will the acura legend type II engine bolt right in?
  36. 2001 or 2002 acura mdx is better?
  37. ************ am i a ricer ************?
  38. Can a 1997 Acura Integra rim fit on a 1996 Acura Integra?
  39. how do i know if my o2 sensor plug is good? 93 integra?
  40. Is there any new Acura RSX Models coming out?
  41. 89 Integra check engine light for Crank angle sensor, replaced Distributor, checked all connections?
  42. 1991 interga engine problems?
  43. Is the acura legend a good car? did they have a lot of problems? are they worth buying?
  44. Why does my key get stuck in my 1995 acura integra ignition & cant take it out of park. HELP!!!!?
  45. need help
  46. 05 Acura Tl M/t or 02 BMW 325xi?
  47. hey wuts the difference bout integras?
  48. need help
  49. What is the address of Acura USA?
  50. 93 integra GS
  51. What are two simple mods I can do to my 91-95 Acura Legend to run faster?
  52. Difference between USDM and JDM Ecu...?
  53. What is the difference in a 97 and a 94 integra motors?
  54. ABS & VSA Lights on since Wheel Spinning in Snow
  55. Do integras have seats in the back?
  56. Thoughts on The 1995-1998 Acura Integra?
  57. Acura EL any good......?
  58. where can i buy a good exhaust system for a 2000 acura tl?
  59. I am facing some trouble with my car !
  60. 2002 Acura rsx. Auto stick????????
  61. CAN A 1991 ACURA LEGEND SIT HIGHER?? Idont want it to be low anymore?
  62. Will a 225-45-16r fit on a 91 integra?
  63. What year/model Acura Integra is best for my interests?
  64. can someone explain this integra gsr clutch problem?
  65. are acuras nice cars?
  66. What are some good upgrades to my 2005 Acura TSX?
  67. can anyone give me an estimate to how much it will cost me.. acura rsx type s?
  68. where can i find an acura tl type s for sale (2007-08) ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!?
  69. Honda Civic or Acura Integra?
  70. Where can I find a stock Integra coilover springs?
  71. high nox smog acura legend?
  72. why do teenage boys think that they are on top of the world just because they own a honda...
  73. Changing all 4 tires on my 2003 Acura 3.2 CL - What is a good brand and make or tire to...
  74. what clutch kit will work for acura legend ?
  75. What happened to the Acura NSX
  76. 1995 Acura Integra 2 Door Coupe (LS or RS)?
  78. How do i unlock my Acura car Bose stereo?
  79. What should I buy for my boyfriend's Acura NSX for Christmas?
  80. how are the emblems on a 2000 Acura integra attached ?
  81. What color is the GSR Stock INTERIOR?
  82. What kind of fuel needs to put into a 2003 Acura 3.2 CL 2 door coupe?
  83. Does the 05 TL have 270 HP or 258?
  84. acura 4 wheel drive question?
  85. what does a 1995 acura integra look like.?
  86. Will an air intake from a 92 integra LS fit on a 96 itegra GSR? Thank you?
  87. Integra Type R Spoiler?
  88. How do I clean my air filter in my stock air box on my 2005 RSX?
  89. 89 Acura Legend that stalls sometimes while in reverse and slowing down. Anyone know why?
  90. remot controler for jeep2008?
  91. what should i do for my 91 integra LS exhaust?
  92. 92' Acura Legend window problems with my master power window switch?
  93. are acura's good cars? would you recommend them?
  94. Anyone know of a good source for a 2002 RSX rear spoiler?
  95. What is a HID kit for halo lights? plz help!!!?
  96. My 5 dis CD in Accura TSL-S 1993 can not eiject, load and play CD?
  97. acura rdx 07 radio and navigator wont turn on . checked all the fuses already they r ok ..help...
  99. replace an acura nsx windshield
  100. painting a fender on a integra?
  101. 2008 Acura TL trunk opening button?
  102. '92 Acura Integra Overheating and leaking Coolant?
  103. Possibly Too Good To Be True?
  104. Any Car Experts Out There? 1990 Acura Legend- Should i be worried?
  105. Do some Honda suspension parts fits Acura?
  106. nissan 350z or acura nsx?
  107. what is the best spoiler for an acura tl?
  108. I want an Acura TL so bad! Do you know where they make cutouts?
  109. Should I buy these STANLEY SIDE MARKERS?
  110. 1989 Acura Integra I may need a New radiator how much am i going to be looking at to replace?
  111. remote car starter installed
  112. Acura Integra Headlights Help!?
  113. ACURA LEGEND .. what gives???
  114. 1996 Acura Integra RS worth?
  115. acura integra has a really loud rattling type sound when i first start?
  116. Acura legend overheating?
  117. Why is it a requirement to adjust the hydraulic valve lifters in a 2000 Acura 3.2TL?
  118. my 91 acura integra will not start after sitting for one month?
  119. Problem with my 2001 acura 1.7 EL (Canada only)
  120. Where can i get a remote can a car remote starter?
  121. 92-95 h22 engine on ls b18 tranny?
  122. 1995 Acura Shimmy, shaking, vibration?
  123. old lady selling her 94 acura integra?
  124. 2000 acura RL aftermarket parts
  125. Audi A4 or Acura TSX ?
  126. Acura integra 1991's do they come with vtec in this year?
  127. What engines will fit in my 00' integra ls.
  128. '06 Acura RSX automatic with Leather Should I buy?
  129. 08 Acura TL tire pressure error message?
  130. I want to restore my 1992 acura Legend.Can you help me.?
  131. WHITE or BLACK Integra GSR? JDM!!!!!!! pics?
  132. How do you change the spark plugs in a 94 acura integra?
  133. ACURA Help !! any suggestions will be considerated?
  134. What EXHAUST do you prefer? Integra gsr?
  135. Broken power antenna on a 98 acura integra?
  136. Serpentine Belt on an Acura 2006 tl?
  138. how do I take out my factory radio for a 2000 Acura RL with Navi?
  139. Help with my Acura 03 3.2TL?
  140. How much would a manual transmission cost for a 2002 Acura RSX?
  141. I have acura tl 3.2 2002. I have 17 inch factory default rims on it. What should be the...
  142. How much longer will my car last? ( Acura RL 1998 )?
  143. 1994 Acura Integra not starting?
  144. mitsubishi evolancer or acura integra?
  145. What year Acura Integra is the best? and why?
  146. can a integra gs beat a 3000gt?
  147. Which is The Best "Frankenstein" Engine Combination For Acura Integra GSR?
  148. speedometer works on and off on acura legend 1994?
  149. My 1990 acura legend makes a squeaking clicking noise when i drive it?
  150. 17" Rims on '94 Integra LS
  151. What is the best motor oil for Acura 2002 RSX ?
  152. 90-93 Acura Integra (DA) or the Acura Integra 94-up?
  153. 94 acura legend VSS location!?
  154. Just bought an Acura recently.. But I have one question. (Please help)?
  155. Why are the new Acura's so dinosaur looking?
  156. 2004 acura tsx or 2003 honda accord v6 coupe?
  157. 07 acura rdx dashboard and radio lights off .?
  158. is acura with 160,000 miles worth byuing?
  159. TSX HID lights on a RSX?
  160. I have a 1998 acura 3.0 cl 6cyl, the mechanic tells me there is silicone in my oil drain
  161. Acura cars, you can lease them, but can you buy them?
  162. 2004 Acura Tl questions?
  163. can i put a h23 in in my acura integra?
  164. Are there rumors or plans Acura will drop the power plenum grill next year?
  165. Anyone Have Pics of 1990 JDM LS Integra?
  166. Condenser Fan - 1990 Acura Integra?
  167. Acura rsx opinions??? pics included?
  168. What do you think of Acura? Have you owned one ever? Opinions please...?
  169. Where can i find the auxiliary input in my Acura MDX 2007 (with Navigation system)?
  170. 2004 Acura mdx navigation
  171. 1990 Acura Legend LS not starting?
  172. Used RL worth the extra money?
  173. Maintaining a '08 Acura TL?
  174. How much longer do you think this timing belt will last?
  175. 2010 Luxus RX350 versus 2010 Acura MDX?
  176. What is the best muffler for a 1990 Acura Integra GS?
  177. which body style would save more gas for integra gsr ?
  178. Where can I get the rear spoiler of an Acura RSX type S?
  179. oil is goin in to my distributor whaat can b the problem 97 acura cl 3.0?
  180. CAN YOU BUY A 2002 ACURA MDX WITH 187,000 MILES FOR $6,500 ?
  181. I have an Automatic Acura RSX, Can I change it to a manual?
  182. what is a good suspension setup for an integra?
  183. What front spindles will fit an Acura Tl 99?
  184. How much more performance could I get if I put an AEM cold air intake in my '02 RSX automatic?
  185. 2009 Acura rl Manufactoring cost?
  186. How long did your battery last?
  187. Can I make a automatic LS motor into a LSV motor?
  188. Do cruise and audio control switches on steering wheel lighted in Acura TL 99?
  189. Electrical Problems I think... 96 Integra?
  190. How common is the Transmission problem in the 2001-2003 Acuras?
  191. acura vigor main relay problem???? PLEASE PLEASE HELP?
  192. What is the biggest size rims that can fit onto a 2000 Acura Integra?
  193. Squeaky noise on 2006 Acura TSX?
  194. Should I be concerned about the transmission in a 2001 Acura cl?
  195. thinking about buying an integra?
  196. 2004-2005 Acura TL
  197. why won't my 1990 acura integra rev or accelerate?
  198. How much longer do you think this timing belt will last?
  199. will the engine and transmission from a 94 honda prelude fit into a 94 acura integra?
  200. Can you put a JDM Honda Civic Type R EP3 6 speed gearbox with LSD on a Acura Rsx 2002?
  201. What are some of the problems with the the acura tl. Mainly between 2004-2008 models?
  202. My vehicle is giving starting problem each afternoon. its acura tl 2005.?
  203. Is a Acura Tl or Acura Tsx better?
  204. Good turbo for a b18c1?
  205. Whats the law in California for putting a K20 (Rsx DC5) into a Ek hatch?
  206. does a regular acura rsx (not type s) have bose sound system?
  207. is the acura cl 1997a good car?
  208. do i need a new clutch on my Acura Integra?
  209. which is better for my integra 91 ls jdm b16a (2nd gen) or my b18a1(stock)?
  210. Which would be better, 2008 TSX or 2006 TL?
  211. Why does America have Acura as well as Honda?
  212. Where can i find a 4-Door Integra?
  213. building my b18c1 head?
  214. i am thinking about getting a 05 RSX type s?
  215. Should I drop a 2nd gen jdm b16a in my 91 ls integra? Can i also get pros and cons?
  216. 94 acura integra wont start all is fine but it is not arcing what happend to my car?
  217. DC and DA in conjunction with Acura Integra?
  218. will the 2008 tl type s wheels fit in my 2004 tsx?
  219. Whats the difference between a 91 acura legend or a 93 or a 95, besides the engine and # of doors?
  220. 2000 Acura Integra GSR, same as GSR DC2?
  221. 2004 acura tl with 100k miles good investment?
  222. HELP!!!!! Automatic to Manual
  223. help with me 2000 gsr integra?
  224. is my 94 acura legend fit for racing, or is it too heavy?
  225. Acura Navigation System.?
  226. 98 Acura CL 3.0 buzzing noise?
  227. 92 Acura Legend Vs Acura Integra GSR?
  228. how much hp will stock 95 gsr sleeves handle?
  229. Acura Tl???? type S???? 2008??
  230. Does anybody know where I can get a black or blue Acura RSX something under 5,000 in Georgia?
  231. Would butterfly doors look good on an Acura RSX?
  232. New transmission for '02 Acura TL - What should it cost?
  233. 94 acura legend question?
  234. When do I change the timeing chain on my acura rsx 2004?
  235. how many camshafts does a 1995 acura integra ls automatic have?
  236. fuel not reaching fuel rail on 1990 acura integra gs?
  237. Just bought Acura TL but it doesn't have navigation DVD or code? DO I need anything else...
  238. I have 1998 Acura integra and my AC buttons 1,2,3,4 are broken. how can I open the whole thing...
  239. getting a 94 acura integra gsr? problems?
  241. I have a 96 integra LS AUTOMATIC needs new engine that work in my car i need fastest/newest
  242. what are some oerformance upgrades for 91 integra ls?
  243. What kinds of spark plug are best for a 03 ACURA RSX type s?
  244. 1994 Acura Integra LS - Transmission issue only in the rain?!
  245. Belts on 1995 Acura (Honda) Integra LS?
  246. acura integra want sart?
  247. how can i make my acura tl 2000 faster?
  248. anyone with experience driving lowered cars (i suck and i always scrape my front bumper when
  249. how can i make my acura tl 2000 faster?
  250. does 93 integras resistor box?