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  1. step-by-step guide to changing an acura TL03 headlight driverside?
  2. 1994 Acura Integra Speedometer does not work?
  3. what's the best engine oil for a acura rsx 2003?
  4. Location of a fuel solanoid and fuel pump.
  5. where can i find performance parts for my 2000 acura tl?
  6. where would you by an older accura like (1996).?
  7. I have a 1990 acura integra, and would like some help.?
  8. can you program acura remote to honda car?
  9. Buying a new car and found navigation package on Acura TL to be expensive ! Should I get it ?
  10. Are acura integras expensive to maintain?
  11. Is an Acura RSX a good car to modify?
  12. What kind of fuel does my 2002 acura rsx take?
  13. acura integra gsr 94?
  14. Does The Acura Tsx 2010 Have HID Headlights?
  15. 2003 acura rsx driver side headlight problem?
  16. are the seats from a 1994 acura integra interchangable with a 1997 acura integra?
  17. Anyone having steering issues with their Acura's?
  18. Belt noise on 2003 Acura RSX-S?
  19. Does the 95 Integra have an EGR?
  20. should i buy an acura rsx-s?
  21. 91 integra coilovers?
  22. 1994 Acura Integra, Heat/AC fan not working?
  23. who have a 94-00 acura integra that would sell for $500 or down (lives near wisconsin or by the
  24. Whats the best intake for my SUV I drive a Acura Mdx?
  25. Car battery Acura TL 2004?
  26. ls motor idles high
  27. acura shutting down at high RPMs
  28. Can you program acura remote to honda car?
  29. Where is the diagnostic port for an Acura RL?
  30. Do Acura dealerships rotate/seal punctured tires?
  31. whats the average price for a 05 to 08 acura TL?
  32. what do i need to do a 5 speed swap in a 1994 integra?
  33. how much are acura integras?
  34. How do you do a burn out?
  35. b20 ls vtec conversion Acrura Integra 1999?
  36. my accrue legend locked?
  37. What code reader do I need for my 1994 Acura Integra LS?
  38. Replacing 1998 Acura 1.6EL CD player?
  39. hx stock rims on integra?
  40. Building Ls Vtec Motor??
  41. does an acura 2.2 cl need a front license plate?
  42. Why is my car burning fuel so quickly?
  43. About how much would a NEW Acura Integra Turbo Cost?
  44. Why Are Acuras So Expensive?
  45. wats faster a 95 s14 or 95 integra?
  46. ho wmuch does a starter cost for acura integra?
  47. what is the lowest price on acura/honda NSX?
  48. is the acura ZDX an suv or sadan?
  49. Any one know and average price for new rotors and break pads on a 2003 Acura TL?
  50. How much more/less would a 95 eclipse be to insure then a 94 Integra GS-R?
  51. 1992 Acura Vigor Antifreeze Question?
  52. Is The Acura TSX 2010 Good?
  53. 98 integra gsr turbo or supercharger?
  55. L4d 2 mods/ valhalla help!!!?
  56. Can I get a k24 block on my RSX automatic?
  57. My modified Integra compare with stock Integra Type R?
  58. What is the best supercharger kit that I can get for my Acura RSX Type S?
  59. What do you call the small shock absorber on the hatchback of a 1992 Acura Integra?
  60. 2000 acura tl type s engine?
  61. can nobody help me?
  62. I'm looking to get a strup race header for my rsx and I was wondering if it would have any fitment..
  63. where is the shift sensor and solenoid b sensor located on 1998 acura cl?
  64. Who regrets getting an NSX?
  65. My 1994 Acura Integra?
  66. Tunning a swapped integra?
  67. What size ratchet sockets will I need for a Integra B18B1 motor?
  68. Fuel pump, fuel filter, fuse or neither?
  69. my 1995 acura legend will not start no power to fuel pump or to spark plug?
  70. help,all turn signals are not working!
  71. How to reverse with a manual transmission without getting going too fast?
  72. I want to get rsx type s what is the good year for that car?
  73. HELP! 92 legend-speedometer goin crazy!
  74. 2007 Honda Civic EGR Problem
  75. acura rsx type s 2002 MPG gains?
  76. Can an Integra GSR Cold Air Intake fit on an LS?
  77. Please someone help me i need tge radio rest code for a 97 acura 3.0 cl please help :(?
  78. Do anyone know the procedure for changing transmission fluid in 02 Acura 3.2 TL?
  79. I have a 1998 acura CL where is the ECU fuse located?
  80. Citroen Saxo 99 won't start?
  81. are the ACURA RSX good vehicles?
  82. I Want to do blogging for my sites. How to do effective blogging?
  83. I am looking at a 05 Acura TL. But it has 133K on it. Is it still ok to buy?
  84. Is a 2005 Acura RL a good car?
  85. How much could I get for my 2005 Acura RSX(maximum)?
  86. Would a GSR pass smog with a B16a2 VTEC?
  87. I have a 94 integra auto. i wanna swap out the engine.....?
  88. is the acura rdx 2009 and 2010 bumpy? is it comfortable to ride?
  89. For my first car..2000 Acura Integra or 2000 Honda Prelude?
  90. did acura fix the bumpy ride on the rdx?
  91. How do i know what rims to get for my acura rsx?
  92. 99 acura tl shift Solenoid?
  93. What is that song used in the Acura Commercial?
  94. whats the difference between an acura tl and type s?
  95. integra 98 gs ecu tuning?
  96. 1997 Acura CL3.0 Fault Code P0758 and P0700?
  97. I have a 99 acura tl alarm that keeps going off for no reason. PLEASE HELP ME!?
  98. how do i fix the automatic feature on my acura mdx?
  99. 2009 acura tsx on putting a air intake or exhaust system
  100. Lifespan for a 1993 Acura Vigor. Are they good cars?
  101. my DA integra overheats?
  102. my acura 2.2 cl, sometimes when slowing down,makes a dull banging sound, like it down shifting
  103. What is a good Aftermarket Alternator for my 1991 Acura Legend Sedan?
  104. Whats the most luxury Acura i can get with around 16000-17000?
  105. What is the Quarter mile time and th 0-60 time for a 1991 Honda Prelude and a Acura Integra?
  106. Can you use put TL 07 parts on a TL 06?
  107. what engines can go in a 1992 acura integra rs?
  109. acura integra ppl...?
  110. How do you remove the front grille acura "A" emblem from a 2002 acura tl?
  111. Difference between Acura RSX 02-04 and 05-06?
  112. which car i have to pay less insurance on..a 2001 Acura Integra or 2000 Honda
  113. 91 integra, i hear a beep/horn when i try to start it-why?
  114. My 1995 Acura integra isn't running right? Smells like gas when cars on and sounds like its...
  115. Honda/Acura people help! Integra is not running right. Misfires and is leaking fuel.?
  116. how long can i drive my 1995 acura integra with a bad rack and pinion?
  117. if i put the recomended Amsoil ATF in a 2000 Acura RL transmission would it damage the...
  118. What are the brightest replacement car headlight bulbs?
  119. Can my 2005 Acura RSX take OW-40 oil? and what oil filter would be best to go with it?
  120. Which will win a Acura tl or a 99 Jimmy?
  121. acura gsr vtek motor with supercharger with 2.5inc headers in a Honda CRV AWD automatic would it?
  122. I have a 1998 acura cl and after 30 to 40 minutes of driving i notice water shooting
  123. how much is Acura DMX extend warranty?
  124. My 1995 Acura Integra GSR isn't running right can anyone diagnos?
  125. What's wrong with my 1995 Acura Integra GSR?
  126. My 1995 Acura integra isn't running right? Smells like gas when cars on and sounds like its...
  127. 2003 Acura TL Type S Driver mirror doesn't move like passenger mirror in reverse.?
  128. Acura RSX Type S vs. Infinity G35 Coupe?
  129. Please help me guys, I think I have a big engine problem:(
  130. 2008 Acura TL Type S needs more power.?
  131. 93 acura integra Idles high?
  132. Need a little help and Advice
  133. what type of acura do i have?
  134. Fuse that protects Dash lights keeps blowing in my 02 RSX?
  135. does anyone have a 99-04 acura rl hood?
  136. Help with my 1991 Acura Integra?
  137. How can I make my acura rsx type s as fast as possible without ruining the reliability?
  138. Any performance parts for a 2005 Acura RL?
  139. Is this a true acura type-r?
  140. ebay coilovers question????
  141. Integra gsr not pulling right?
  142. Acura TSX or MDX owners: Is possible to change from F to C?
  143. 2008 acura mdx: Is it timing belt or chain? I'm using 94 octane but sometimes i used 91 octane...
  144. I am looking to put a intake on my 2002 acura rsx type s, whats the best brand?
  145. i put too much seafoam in my integra. now it wants to start, but wont turn over. what do i do?
  146. on my ,97 acura cl the D4 does not light up is this normal? If not could someone tell me...
  147. question about acura rdx?
  148. acura rsx type s no 6th gear?
  149. How much would it cost to replace the motor and transmission in an Acura Rsx?
  150. Rear defroster on my 1990 Acura Integra GS not working?
  151. I own a 2008 Acura MDX: Is it ok to use regular 5W30 oil,but the previous owner used full...
  152. how much would a b18 head need milled to achieve 11:1?
  153. replacing flywheel makes car uses gas more?
  154. 1999 acura with 199k miles good or bad?
  155. Whats the best way to make my 4 door 98 integra gsr stand out?
  156. Problem with fuel pump on a 2006 acura rsx typeS?
  157. JDM Acura Iintegra Front end conversion?
  158. What can I do to boost up my Rsx type s 2003?
  159. How tall are MDX Acuras?
  160. Acura TSX MPH RPM question...?
  161. Acura Integra Skunk2 Manifold causing idle and fuel Problem after install?
  162. How do you know if your Acura is recalled?
  163. Why do i have oil in all my spark plugs? will chose best answer?
  164. How do people put jdm headlights on integra gsr?
  165. 02 TL Humming Noise rear hubs maybe??
  166. Why do I still suck at driving a stick?
  167. Is a 95 Acura Legend worth tuning?
  168. Where can I find a headlight for my 2003 Acura TL in Columbus, OH?
  169. 1991 Acura Integra HELP?
  170. How much would it be to insure an Acura RSX if im 22?
  171. Are Acura RSX good cars?
  172. what is the difference between a 1986 and 1987 acura integra rs?
  173. What is better: 2008 acura mdx or toyota highlander?
  174. 2004 Acura TL Bluetooth HFL Question?
  175. 1993 Acura Integra GSR parts?
  176. will a b18 supercharger fit a b20? will chose best answer?
  177. Where can I find a supercharger kit for a 96 integra under 1000? will chose best answer?
  178. Brutal Legend song help?
  179. Need on advice on buying tl with 167,xxx miles
  180. What has more power? 96 tacoma 2-wheel drive or 96 acura tl 2-wheel drive?
  181. Will a 2007 Acura TL Type s Exhaust fit on 2006 Acura TL?
  182. I have a broken Acura integra headlight bracket tab, how can i fix it?
  183. Why does my car sputter after using seafoam. will chose best answer?
  184. 95 Acura Integra Ls (motor choices)?
  185. what mods do i need to make my gsr a 13second car ?
  186. pros and cons of hks exhaust for integra...?
  187. 1988 acura Integra. i need an answer on the miles it has.?
  188. wont start
  189. What car is comparable to an Acura RSX Type S?
  190. My 1991 Acura Integra gs is over heating and I have replaced the thermostat and its still
  191. '95 Integra - Converting from automatic to manual?
  192. turbo a b16 or a b18 ls ?
  193. I need to know about the chip required for a k24 head on a k24/k20 hybrid engine in a 2003
  194. I need some help my acura integra is acting up.?
  195. just bought a new 00 acura integra gsr...help!!?
  196. Acura base TL 2002 transmisssions, what other yrs will work?
  197. Is the 2007-2008 Acura TL Type-S in Kinetic Blue Pearl Only Available in the USA?
  198. Are factory parts required or will any do my 08 Acura TL?
  199. will a 92 acura legend run without o2 sensors plugged in?
  200. Why my acura rsx 2003 won't turn on?? Which is the starter motor fuse number please?
  201. What's the HOTTEST year for the Integra GS-R?
  202. Can you still find parts for a 2005 Acura RSX?
  203. 94 acura legend has a hard time starting in cold weather?
  204. Can I still switch my Acura TL's oil to synthetic?
  205. What is the rarest color of integra in order?
  206. which are some good coilovers for the tsx?
  207. 1994 Acura Integra Squeaks!!!?
  208. radiator sitting too low in my 91 integra?
  209. Is it possible to find an Acura RSX for under 10k used?
  210. 2009-2010 Acura TL SH-AWD Agreement?
  211. I just bought a used Rsx type-S and i was wondering if anyone on here has had clutch or
  212. Would a H22 engine fit in a acura integra?
  213. theme behind acura commercial?
  214. Heyi have a srs question?
  215. Acura CSX 2008 black color?
  216. My car is black but it looks blue at night?
  217. 2004 Acura TL question?
  218. 2004/05 Acura tsx or 2001/02Lexus is300?
  219. What features do these Acura Integras have?
  220. Is there a difference Between the Integra gsr and the Integra Type R?
  221. What model Acura Integra is the best for customization and performance?
  222. I have an 02 Acura RSX and want to put new rims on it.?
  223. is acura going to reintroduce the rsx?
  224. Acura is much more reliable than Lexsus?
  225. are acura's a good car?
  226. 1991 Acura Integra No Start
  227. I drive an 2000 Acura RL. When starting in cold temps, my power steering is stiff.?
  228. Need info on Acura RSA exhaust.?
  229. 94 acura GSr heat promblem?
  230. can a 97+ rear bumper fit on a 4dr 95 acura integra?
  231. what tire should i put on my rsx with a 17x9 inch wheel?
  232. Is there an Acura integra type r(DC2) that has the Japanese front/face?
  233. what car shops install turbo kits on to cars?
  234. Where can i find a b16 motor and a vtec head? also an acura integra shell?
  235. How can I get a 1994 GS Acura legend stock with 230 horsepower to a 500 horsepower monster?
  236. Is there a timming belt in the Acura Csx model 2006?
  237. What can i do to my 2003 Acura RSX?
  238. what color of TL is this?
  239. is there a certain angel that the fuel pump has to be at in a 95 acura legend?
  240. Does this acura legend, VIN #: jh4ka756xrc026093 have a type II engine?
  241. I found a 1997 acura integra LS for $1,750 is it a good deal?
  242. I need help about what I need for aftermarket headlights? Kind of bulbs and anything els?
  243. Will a B16A swap cleanly into my 1995 integra LS ? And how hard would it be to swap a B20 into
  244. Acura rsx problems Gears grinding?
  245. in what country the acura are establishing?
  246. Can a 91 acura legend fit 22's?..?
  247. 1998 acura integra gsr?
  248. Which is better, 2001 Honda Prelude SH or 2002 Acura RSX Type-S?
  249. My 90 Acura Integra sputters when i step on the gas?
  250. my acura needs oil pump?