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  1. 2002 acura rsx auto or 2004 nissan maxima?
  2. 2006 Acura rsx type S?
  3. What mods are available?
  4. Why can't I find the Acura Tl type-s with the big square grill that I used to see all the...
  5. Which looks better? 1999-2003 lexus rx300 or 2001-2005 acura mdx and which is better?
  6. Have a few questions about a 1997 Acura RL?
  7. could a clutch cable make a car hard to shift gear. 93 Acura integra?
  8. acura manual shift but want automatic shift to reverse or drive 5?
  9. Where can I find a front crossmember for a 2008 acura tl.?
  10. I have an Acura Integra rs. has the b18 motor and its locked up. I want to swap it with...?
  11. how to retrofit my headlights on 97 integra?
  12. What kind of oil should I use in my Acura LS?
  13. Will a 95 Acura Integra Motor and Tranny work in a 1999 Acura Integra?
  14. How durable is the bumper on a 2005-2008 Acura TL? Can it withstand a 5 mph impact with...
  15. Seat swap question? (caddy to acura)?
  16. Tire size for my acura tl?
  17. JDM engine dealers in illinois??
  18. Is the new acura tl sh awd manual or automatic ?
  19. Rims and suspension on an Integra?
  20. What cars are better Acura or Honda?
  21. where can i get an acura emblem for my 2014 tsx? preferably a red emblem.?
  22. 06 Acura TSX rear speaker trouble please help!?
  23. Grinding sound when car is still.?
  24. I have a 1999 acura tl the check engine light came on and the code was P0420...?
  25. I'm thinking of buying a 2004 Acura RSX type S with a 2006 vtech engine for 6000$ is that...
  26. do i have a transmission that is going bad soon? 2003 acura 3.2 TL base?
  27. Nitrous on a stock Acura 96 3.5 RL?
  28. acura rsx headlight change still doesn t work?
  29. Should I buy the 2014 Subaru Impreza or 2014 Acura TL/TSX?
  30. Exhaust Piping Question?
  31. do I need the plastic tube to bleed my clutch acura integra?
  32. Smog Check Glendora question?
  33. If Infiniti rivals against BMW, and Lexus rivals against Mercedes-Benz, then who does Acura rival?
  34. texas benefit's fo 100%disabled vet?
  35. i have a 2005 Acura rsx type s when i turn the car on the rpms are up to 1,300 idk know
  36. Manual Tranny Question?
  37. Can you supercharge a stock 96 Acura 3.5 RL?
  38. 1996 acura integra is getting harder tostart.motor turns over but unless you pump the gas pedal it
  39. Headlights keep going out on my 03 Acura RSX?
  40. 1999 Acura Integra with NO SPARK!?
  41. if i get a jdm front type r teggy?
  42. is it strange that my 94 integra has 2 spark plugs that are not fireing should I be...
  43. 1994 acura integra ac/heater on blows on front vents?
  44. I want to slam my Integra to the ground?
  45. Could it be possible for me tl be pregnanat?
  46. Is an Acura Rsx a hatchback or coupe?
  47. Rear Wheel making very loud Scraping/Grinding noise?
  48. can i fit a 2.4 i-vtec into a 2001 integra type r?
  49. Are the doors the same size?
  50. how many oxygen sensor in 2000 acura integra GS sedan 4 door?
  51. What should I pay for an Acura RSX?
  52. i have an 2001 acura tl 3.2L the abs and the tcs lite came on dash how to fix those lite on dash?
  53. Is this overpriced for a complete turbo kit?
  54. Is this overpriced for a complete turbo kit?
  55. Why is my car misfiring, only in certain gears at certain RPM?
  56. When i turn off the engine for my 2002 Acura TL, the radio always asks me for a code.?
  57. Acura RSX- What tire size to use when dropped with TEIN s-tech springs?
  58. b18c1 head with b18a1 block?
  59. is an Acura TSX a good first car for a 17 year old?
  60. Acura legend problems 1992?
  61. Acura legend 1992 crank sensnor?
  62. My new radiator on my 1991 acura legend keeps overheating?
  63. 2005 acura tl does it have hydraulic lifters?
  64. I need to know what kind of woman drive Acura TL SH-AWD?
  65. my 2006 acura rsx wont start???
  66. are g23 h2b swaps reliable?
  67. how I can configure high-gain TL-wn722n?
  68. Difference between Acura RSX and Acura RSX s-type?
  69. how can repair 2005 acura rl rear bmper sidemolding crom trim stripe scratch?
  70. Is there an Acura TL service manual that identifies specific mileage/year junctures to have
  71. Looking for a cold air intake?
  72. Why dose my acura legend 1992 not turn on after i heat it up then tur off?
  73. Why do people buy Acura ?
  74. Where can I find a 1998 Acura integra rim?
  75. Would a 60mm GReddy Exhaust boost horsepower in the same amount as the same model in 80mms?
  76. What is the size for stock exhaust piping on 3rd gen acura integra?
  77. how much does it coast to have trasmission fixed in 2001 acura 3.2tl?
  78. Do you know which Acura lease deals is the best in New York?
  79. Insurance estimate on Integra, Mustang?
  80. Is $8,000 for a 2004 acura tl with 120k miles worth buying?
  81. 2002 acura cl type-s auto?
  82. Will a starter motor from an automatic Integra LS fit my '98 Integra GSR?
  83. 2006 Acura rsx or 2011 scion? What's better?
  84. Will a factory spoiler from a 3rd gen Acura Integra fit a 1998 Honda Civic coupe?
  85. alpine type r need some help please!!?
  86. Should I Keep The Integra Or Trade Up?
  87. how do i find a custom fender for a 98 acura integra?
  88. how many bluetooth connection can connect to 2006 acura mdx?
  89. I have a Acura 2000 TL 3.2 i want to know that others transmission fit in this car?
  90. my 95 accura integra is overheating. but im not loosing any flood?
  91. What kind of battery does Acura CL 1997 remote take?
  92. How Do I Verify an Acura Pre-Owned Certification?
  93. whats the name of the bulb in 2002 Acura TL 3.2 Type-S headlight?
  94. 93 acura parking lights and dimmer lights won't turn off.?
  95. Ground locations in a 98 Integra?
  96. Oracle Lighting Halos?
  97. Which year of the Acura TL is the best year?
  98. How do i get the evaps ready for 2002 acura rsx (base) for smog?
  99. is insurance for 2005 acura rsx expensive in ontario?
  101. Hey Honda guys. I got a 1989 Integra with a 1.6. What other motor can I swap in with more power?
  102. 1997 Acura Integra 16 inch rims?
  103. 2005 acura TSX. power windows won't work. Any solutions? ideas?
  104. is 2200 for an 03 acura cl type s that needs a clutch a good deal?
  105. 2005 acura tsx power window problem. Windows won't egress from normal state. please help?
  106. Quarter mile and 0-60 Integra ls?
  107. Are Acura RSX Type S parts expensive?
  108. Integra quarter mile times?
  109. acura rsx type s ratings?
  110. I have a 1988 acura legend and the clutch recently went out would I be able to replace it with a
  111. What is the radio code for 1998 acura legend?
  112. Good price for gsr????
  113. what kind of car would win a race an acura tl 2008 type s or the 2008 mustang gt?
  114. which car would win in a race 2012 mustang or a 2005 acura tl?
  115. Quarter mile and 0-60 estimate on integra?
  116. Over heating problem with 1993 Acura Legend?
  117. VTM-system on acura mdx 2002 light?
  118. How to convert non vtec d15 into vtec?
  119. how can I bleed an 98 Integra clutch?
  120. should I trade my 2000 acura integra for 2000 honda civic?
  121. What is the best website for real OEM acura parts?
  122. How can I make my Acura integra ls b18b faster?
  123. Are acura integras reliable?
  124. why does my acura mdx 2003 make a rumble strip noise between 35 and 50 mph?
  125. 93 Acura integra over heats when's driving?
  126. 89 Acura Integra not reaching operating temp.?
  127. How much to fix my 2001 acura?
  128. high mileage 03 acura mdx?
  129. 1998 honda acura want start?
  130. is the 2007 acura tl type s a good first car?
  131. How much are Acura Integra GSRs Worth?
  132. How to fill/change the transmission fluid on my '91 Acura Legend?
  133. 09 Acura TL - Broken ECU!? Repair costs!?
  134. What impedance/ohms in 2002 Acura TL type S speakers?
  135. What impedance/ohms in 2002 Acura TL type S speakers?
  136. How should i mod my integra?
  137. Trying to get info on Acura's recall on their 99-03 TL transmissions?
  138. 2009 Acura TL Tech vs. 2010 TSX Tech?
  139. 2007 Acura TL Type S Engine Knocking?
  140. Blue book price for a 1991 Acura Integra?
  141. Need to know all aspects of a 1991 Acura Integra?
  142. 2008 acura tl tuning?
  143. Should I buy an Acura RDX?
  144. Is the Acura RDX a reliable car?
  145. Should I buy a 2003 Acura RSX?
  146. is it worth getting an Acura TL Type S 2007 automatic?
  147. Swap my integra ls b16 head or full b18c swap?
  148. should i mod my integra?
  149. Did I get a good deal on my Acura Integra?
  150. Dealer forgot to replace my transmission dipstick on My 2011 Acura MDX after recent
  151. Can you set automatic lock for your car?
  152. What kind of gas for Acura tl 2004 ?? Thanks?
  153. What kind of gas for Acura tl 2004 ?? Thanks?
  154. Acura bulletins--is there access to them?
  155. 2005 Acura.Don't know what make.?
  156. 2000 acura tl replaced IAC?
  157. Whats better for first car? Mazda rx8 or acura rsx?
  158. Can you replace the radio in a 2005 Acura TSX?
  159. B18C type R swap Illinois?
  160. 1996 Acura TL 2.5 maybe Blown head gasket?
  161. Gsr Trans in a 91 Integra?
  162. Best exhaust system for a 2006 Acura TL A-Spex?
  163. Why does zirconium-97 spontaneously decay to niobium-97?
  164. Just got an acura integra should I keep it or sell it?
  165. my 2006 Acura tl has black transmission oil now it wont shift gears any idea what the problem is?
  166. would it be possible to put a 2jz (supra engine) into my acura integra or would the engine be
  167. whats the fastest engine for a 94 acura integra and how much does it cost?
  168. 88 acura legend stops if i dont asselerate it, why?
  169. 88 acura legend stops if i dont asselerate it, why?
  170. 88 acura legend stops if i dont asselerate it, why?
  171. Acura didn't do a good job fixing my rdx..what to do?
  172. I have a 1991 Acura Integra b18a1 would b20 bolt right up without changing the wire harness?
  173. Any Mechanical or Electrical concerns with early Acura RSX's?
  174. Why does my 2010 TSX keep needing oil only 1000 miles after my last oil change?
  175. acura rsx 2002 code1166?
  176. Examples of written reports on job trianing?
  177. 96 acura integra help?
  178. Winter Tire: Downsizing?
  179. I have a '09 Acura TSX. Once in a while, it makes a ringing sound, and it is not an incoming call.?
  180. Do Acura TL 2004-2007 Go Over Bumps Well?
  181. 95 integra rs overheating?
  182. How can I disable my alarm in Acura 2002. 3.5 RL?
  183. Acura Integra or Toyota Paseo?
  184. Why wont my 1994 acura vigor start?
  185. Should I buy 04 Acura TL for 9k?
  186. Buying a 93 acura integra?
  187. 3M Crystalline Tint for my car. What percent should I get?
  188. 91 acura integra?????
  189. Where can i get a '97 acura integra ls (2 door) service manual?
  190. Honda engine swap from stock to Acura rsx type s?
  192. my 93 acura integra started to overheat put coolent in it got it home now it wont start. I tryed...
  193. 95 acura integra blinkers not working?
  194. 2006 acura tl timing belt help!!!!!!!?
  195. Is Acura more reliable than Ford?
  196. 1995-2000 Acura Integra rear wheels drive?
  197. what size engine is a 2013 acura nsx in liters?
  198. I have a 2004 Acura MDX, I drive in D3 quite often. Does that mess up your transmission if you...
  199. Acura RSX Type S with high mileage or Hyundai Tiburon with low Mileage?
  200. which is faster 2006 pontiac g6 or a 1990 acura integra?
  201. what size tires do i need for my 19" rims not to rub on my acura 2000 tl?
  202. 1997 acura integra abs light keeps coming on?
  203. Why buy an acura integra?
  204. what size tires do i need for my 19" rims not to rub on my acura 2000 tl?
  205. I have a 97 honda civic hx that is automatic and I want to put a 94 acura integra motor and...
  206. Acura Integra gets hot when idles?
  207. which car would be a better car to buy?
  208. Does a 2004 acura tl have a sport mode?
  209. 2003 Acura base model and type s?
  210. did the tronic mode ruin my transmission?
  211. Does the 2005 and 2006 Acura tl have an automatic transmission?
  212. why wont my acura rsx increase rpm?
  213. what is the acura 2.5 tl g25a4 piston volume?
  214. Is the the 1 Gen mugen wing for the dc2 (acura integra ) that rare? How much would it cost in...
  215. I have a 2004 Acura MDX. Why does my D5 light blink everytime I drive in D5 or have it in park?
  216. I have a 2004 Acura MDX. Why does my D5 light always blink everytime I drive in D5 or park.?
  217. would acura transmission fit acura 1999 tl?
  218. What would happen if I add a aftermarket intake manifold to my 95 integra?
  219. 2004 acura rsx for a first car??? please help!?
  220. A '95 Acura Integra costs $1525 on Kelley blue book. How much should it cost with the...
  221. Are Acura TLs, Honda Accords, and Toyota Camrys considered "compact cars"?
  222. No vtec logo on 2011 tsx?
  223. what does 99 acura gsr comes with stock?
  224. 1990 acura integra ls 5-speed?
  225. Short Ram intake vs Cold Air intake on Acura TL?
  226. What are all the belts and hoses I should be replacing on my 1992 Acura Integra GS-R?
  227. What are all the belts and hoses on a 1992 Acura Integra GS-R that I should be replacing?
  228. Why does Cracked Windshield CREEP Longer & Longer?
  229. would you buy this car?
  230. What is the difference in integras for type r,gsr, ls, and nornal?
  231. 93 acura legend main relay?
  232. Do all 04 acura mdx have a roof DVD?
  233. 1988 Acura Legend starting problems?
  234. Is the Acura TL Type S considered a sports car?
  235. i got 04 rsx type s but i wanted to know?
  236. HID lights for my acura tl?
  237. I purchased a used 2003 acura at the purchase time I want advised they were missing nor is it In my
  238. 98 acura tl heat/ac blower motor?
  239. Will a 1995 honda civic transmission fit in a acura cl 3.0 1998?
  240. what aux cable will fit in a acura mdx 09?
  241. the legend of the buckeye?
  242. please help me with my sudden transmission problem on 03 Acura Tl?
  243. how much will it cost to insure a 2007 acura mdx?
  244. override code for my nav system in my 2004 acura tsx?
  245. how can i downgrade from i.o.s 7.02 to ios..06.02?
  246. Does anyone know where the Factory amplifier is located in a 2006 Acura CSX?
  247. How long does a '97 Honda Accord take to do?
  248. Few Q's about driving a manual?
  249. 2009 kia optima wont shift out of park unless u use a screw driver?
  250. Does a re-alignment need to be done when having a cv axle replaced on a Acura Legend?