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  1. What do you think about the Acura legend LS?
  2. i need help where can i buy an acura type r for sale?
  3. what is the series for a mugen engine?
  4. where can i get a great paint job for my 2004 acura tsx?
  5. Can an Acura car run on unleaded gasoline?
  6. Integra RS Fuel efficiency Question?
  7. Who would win in a race: 2010 Mazda3 GS sport vs 2008 Acura RDX?
  8. would an older model of an acura tl 2002-2006 be a good first car for a 16 year old boy?
  9. not to be ricer,haha?
  10. Is this acura tsx 06 a good deal?
  11. what is better a single bend or a double bend short shifter?
  12. What is the best car cover I can get for my Acura MX?
  13. 92 Acura Integra vacuum hose?
  14. how to attach a muffler to a catback exhaust (2001 Acura Integra LS)?
  15. 03 Acura TL Type S on 3rd set of "highway" use rotors?
  16. is an integra a alright starter car?
  17. A question about Acura Integras?
  18. Acura TL's redesign looks awful. Don't you agree?
  19. Which car should i get?! ACURA?
  20. How long will a well maintained 1992 acura legend run for?
  21. What kind of radio does the 2006 Acura RSX type S have? Does it have an Ipod port?
  22. What do you think about the Acura legend LS?
  23. Which edition is this 1995 Acura Integra?
  24. Acura TSX Tire question.?
  25. what do i have to do to turbo charge my acura integra 94?
  26. Can you help me find an Acura 2001 cl navigation manual?
  28. Can a 1993 acura integra have a extreme dimensions spyder body kit on it?
  29. honda prelude engine/tranny swap
  30. How much does a B18A1 cost?
  31. why did my 93 acura legend suddenly start overheating?
  32. How can I pass emissions with a bad transmission. 99 Acura tl?
  33. Is this a sweet car to get as my first car?
  34. what is the stock tire size for the 96 acura integra ls?
  35. What are similarities/differences between an integra and a civic?
  36. 2006 Acura RSX Type-S HELP!!?
  37. Acura Integra Paint need help?
  38. Advice on buying a rebuilt title Acura?
  39. Is a 2002 Acura RSX a reliable, yet good looking car?
  40. Does a 2002 acura RSX in good condition run/accelerate faster than a 2008 scion TC?
  41. Trying to pair samsung eternity with Acura 2008 w/navigation?
  42. Can the front grill of a 2009 Accord UK version fit on a 2009 TSX?
  43. 1987 Integra RS auto fuel injected surging idle when warm
  44. is it possible to make an acura rsx engine as fast or comparable to an acura rsx type s?
  45. Does this means is a vtec engine?
  46. Whats wrong with my 1994 Integra?
  47. how do i prevent my 2008 Acura MDX from losing the radio presets when I switch users (i.e. keys)?
  48. integra gsr piping next to cat?
  49. Has anyone had an issue with the transmission on their 2003 Acura 3.2 TL?
  50. Does a 2000 Acura Integra LS Coupe come with Cupholders?
  51. Do you need a special tool to change brakes on an '06 Acura TL?
  52. i have a 91 acura integra and it smokes alot what could b wrong?
  53. What should be the first performance upgrade added to a Acura integra ls 1995?
  54. How can i tell if I own a JDM Integra?
  55. Acura Legend Where is the COMPUTER for the transmission located?
  56. acura legend transmission removal,,,,automatic............?
  57. Acura Legend where is the speed sensor located? Any online pictures or links to videos...
  58. why do people say acura's awd is so good?
  59. How do you get the security code for an Acura cassette player?
  60. Anybody know anything about TSW rims?
  61. would you buy a 1995 acura integra?
  62. my 94 acura integra idles low n high constantly?
  63. 2003 Acura with Zune?
  64. 1991 integra ls problems?
  65. PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!! i want an RSX?
  66. How to Adjust the Clutch pedal on a 1995 Acura Integra?
  67. Acura MDX D5 shift indicator light is out?
  68. Acura Legend SRS light is on when I turn the car on? HELP?
  69. Dunlop Sport Signature or General tires Altimax HP?
  70. can you replace the headunit in a 2004 acura tsx?
  71. integra is cranking but not starting
  72. Which is better Acura integra or rsx?
  73. How do I fix the door lock on an Acura Legend?
  74. what happen if I put a catback exhaust for my automatic acura integra?
  75. Can i put a B.o.v on a Acura?
  76. Do you have a Acura Integra special edition?
  77. Who makes Acura cars?
  78. need help on my 2002 Acura tl?
  79. 2004 Acura TSX question.?
  80. How much are rsx monthly payments?
  81. buying an acura from north shore automall lynn ma?
  82. Acura Legend. 1995 and only 108k miles automatic. Gold, How much should I ask for it /.?
  83. acura legend CAn you swap a 4 door legend's engine to a coupe and vice versa?
  84. Infiniti g35 or Acura TL?
  85. As about Acura MDX 2009 transmission problem?
  86. Can someone help me with getting new seats for my 94 acura integra please?
  87. 1991-95 Acura Legend Main Relay//where is it located/.?
  88. would this be a bad investment?
  89. Im planning to get a 99 Acura Integra?
  90. 2002 Automatic Acura RSX?
  91. Acura TL 2000, transmission life?
  92. I need help find some rims for my rsx?
  93. whats jdm mean in terms of acura integras ?
  94. What type of gasoline should I use for my Acura RSX type S ?
  95. jdm car import??????
  96. 97 Acura Integra GSR?
  97. whats the dif. between the type r Integra and the gs-r ?
  98. Need suggestion about exhaust!!! for acura integra?
  99. What is the best honda/acura engine?
  100. My driver side car door is jammed!!!?
  101. what is the mpg (city and hwy) for the 2007 acura tl?
  103. '95 Integra GSR won't crank?
  104. Acura RSX Type-S 2005 and 2006 comparison and price?
  105. how do i get the radio code for my 2002 acura rsx?
  106. How much should I pay for 2010 Acura TSX base model to the dealer?
  107. What model Acura Integra is the best for customization and performance?
  108. I lost my car keys. I didn't purchase it directly from the Acura dealership. Could they make me a
  109. What integra years come with vtec?
  110. How much is a new clutch for a acura integra?
  111. HID kit/halo bulbs for Acura Integra. Help please! :)?
  112. what headers should i get for a 2004 Acura TSX?
  113. what performance chip should i buy for an Acura TSX?
  114. acura Rsx type s or a honda civic si what one is better in Performance and a better buy for me?
  115. How to Bargain on 2010 Acura RDX?
  116. will crower 402t(turbo) cams work on my non turbo integra ls?
  117. Do the 2004-2006 Acura TLs have an auxillary jack for an Ipod?
  118. Acura rsx premium vs base?
  119. is it possible to put 98-01 integra bumpers (front and back) on a 97 integra?
  120. Is there any differences in the Acura Integra from the year 1994-2001?
  121. Acura TL type s rims on an Acura RSX?
  122. Help with a 1999 Acura 3.2 TL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  123. Why wont my 1995 Acura Integra start?
  124. Does anyone knows what cost i should be looking at to diagnose my acura at a Acura dealership...
  125. How to make an automatic Acura Integra run smoother?
  126. Should I buy a leased 2007 Acura TL?
  127. how do i remove the gauge cluster in my 92 integra?
  129. About 1998 Acura rl POWER STEERING OIL IS LEAKING?
  130. integra camber kit information?
  131. How do you pronounce Acura?
  132. Acura Legend engine into a different car?
  133. where are nitto tires made?
  134. B18C1 need build advice
  135. what is the part number for input shaft bearing on a 2002 acura rsx type s?
  136. Whats the best air intake that actually works?? will chose best answer?
  137. How do 3rd Gen 94 Acura Integra LS's do on Emission/Smog tests?
  138. Acura Integra engine swap and body question?
  139. How much would you say a 2004 Acura TL 60k miles with a salvage title?
  140. if u change an b16 ls motor on a integra for a b20 would it fit or am i supposed to change the...
  141. what is the best cold air intake for A 2004 Acura TSX?
  142. How Many Cold Air Intakes Does An Acura TSX Need?
  143. Should i go for type-r motor or go for ls turbo?
  144. Turbo question? will chose best answer?
  145. How long would a 1999 acura tl last?
  146. would Type-R Spoiler look good on 4dr Integra?
  147. Will honda calipers fit on a 94 Integra? Rear as well?
  148. the replacement oem emblems for a integra from acura oem parts.com say?
  149. Why does my car still idle rough and shut off when sitting still?
  150. What is a 5 speed with automatic overdrive?
  151. how can i gain more horse power on my 95 acura integra?
  152. 1990 acura integra ls wont start in the heat?
  153. how much to replace clutch in an acura legend gs parts labor ?
  154. 97 Teggy Power Windows Problem
  155. 1996 acura integra anti theft problem?
  156. I need spark plugs in my 2000 ACURA TL. Are titanium plugs o.k.? How much should the job cost me?
  157. rapid clicks coming from an engine that won't start
  158. Why does my integra make a loud noise?
  159. Do I need a wideband o2 sensor to use my air/fuel gauge?
  160. I have an Acura MDX, that had the battery go dead, now the stereo won't work.?
  161. How can i find a wideband o2 sensor for a 96 integra??? will chose best answer?
  162. What is the biggest engine that will fit in a Acura integra?
  163. What is the name of the girl in the new Acura MDX commercial?
  164. Is an Acura RSX good first car?
  165. help, is 5psi good on stock 240cc injecotrs?? will chose best answer?
  166. i have a 1999 acura TL 3.2 the navigation system keeps saying Hard disk error. Any info on...
  167. How can i make GSR B18C1 EK COUPE Faster?
  168. I have been having this problem with my Acura MDX 2002. For over a year my?
  169. Acura RDX or Volkswagen Tiguan?
  170. Good color for integra?
  171. what oil change should i do for the acura mdx 2007?
  172. How long would a 1999 acura tl last?
  173. 95 acura legend diagnostic?
  174. 2001 Acura MDX Radio Amplifier Location?
  175. 91 integra reving up and down?
  176. 93 Acura Integra wont reverse, how much would that cost to get repaired?
  177. what is the best spark plug to use for a 1998 acura tl 2.5?
  178. What do you think of this low budget turbo set-up? will chose best answer?
  179. is this a good turbo set-up for a stock integra? will chose best answer?
  180. Does a stock B18A1 engine have an ECU?
  181. What would be the best exhaust for an Acura Rsx type s?
  182. where online can i find a really cheap bumper for a 2005 acura?
  183. 1991 acura legend gets hot after i drive it for about a hour?
  184. bumper
  185. Acura Rsx type s or a honda prelude what is the better buy?
  186. How to make larger injectors work on a stock ecu? will chose best answer?
  187. Red lights on my dashboard?
  188. I recently bought a 2003 Acura CL type S with a NAV system in it. But it was lacking
  189. is it possible to swap k20 head and b18b block into integra?
  190. what is the number of output amp for a oem 98 integra alternator?
  191. turbo question???? will chose best answer?
  192. can I install a turbo on a stock integra? will chose best answer?
  193. Where is the flasher on a 1998 Acura TL?
  194. Advice: Acura Integra serpentine belt to the alternator replacement?
  195. Can i add a turbo on a stock b20 motor? will chose best answer?
  196. acura integra RS engine Knock?
  197. New Honda Incentives and Rebates Dealer Negotiation Tricks Email
  198. where can i find a 1999 acura integra gsr in san diego?
  199. whats the best exhaust system for an 02 acura tl type s 3.2 v6?
  200. HELP!!!!!where is the fuel pump located on a 1990 honda acura legend?
  201. How does one activate the Cruise Control feature in a 2004 Acura MDX?
  202. acura rsx stick shift but when i shift it jerks?
  203. Are they bringing back Acura RSX soon?
  204. can i put 6 spd trans in base rsx?
  205. Used my Acura CL radio unlock code by radio still won't unlock.?
  206. Acura RSX caliper pins HELP?
  207. Clutch adjustment of 1990 Acura Integra?
  208. Help wid the integra?
  209. Can the Acura RSX type S stereo fit in the regular RSX?
  210. Can you turbo cahrge a 1987 acura legend?
  211. Does anyone know where to buy a stock side skirt for a 2005 Acura TL?
  212. Acura integra 92 gs auto to manual conversions?
  213. what is the best exhausted system to use on a rsx type s?
  214. Can any mechanics help me with my 92 acura vigor? Need info?
  215. If disconnect my navigation unit on my 2004 MDX will my information screen begin to work again?
  216. what should i buy 06 acura rsx type s or 06 honda s2000?
  217. '93 Acura Legend Question?
  218. Tail lights of a 1997 Acura RL 3.5 not working?
  219. going over the mileage on my leased acura tl.?
  220. What Honda (and Acura) automobile since 2008 with heated seats has the fastest 0-60 time?
  221. Does the TL or TSX have stock BOSE sound systems?
  222. 2007 Acura RDX vs New Toyota RAV4?
  223. my honda/acura 1989 legends' boot wont open?
  224. i have a problem with high rpm's in my 87 Acura Integra?
  225. what are cheaper for auto insurance: Acura integras gs or ls?
  226. Removing old wiper blades from a 1997 Acura 3.5 RL?
  227. 94 Integra Tail Lights?
  228. EXPERIENCED MECHANICS!: I need some advice regarding problems with my Integra--Bad
  229. where is fan switch on 94 acura integra?
  230. where is fan switch for 1994 acura integra?
  231. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why is it like this?
  232. V Tec Acura RSX Vs. Acura Integra?
  233. how much is a 1999 Acura TL 3.2 Worth?
  234. is there any major or minor problems with a 1999 acura TL. 3.2?
  235. what transmissions bolt straight up to the k20a2?
  236. Can I use regular fuel in my Acura RDX?
  237. how much would it cost to fix my front bumper on an acura integra 97?
  238. About how much does it cost to change the automatic transmission fluid on a 2002 Acura RSX?
  239. which is better a b16 or a gsr head?
  240. building my b20 vtec with gsr head?
  241. I have a 99 Acura and tach goes way up?
  242. Integra Vs. RSX. Who would win?
  243. My acura integra wont start please help?
  244. Why is my 97 Acura Integra popping headlights like bubbles?
  245. Please Help with 2004 Acura RSX!!!?
  246. 6 speed manual sedans?
  247. i have a 91'acura integra ls?
  248. The "D" on my RSX automatic keeps blinking, what could be wrong with it?
  249. Need input on selling my 1997 Acura Integra RS?
  250. did my acura integra used to be automatic?