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  1. Can 04 acura tl lowering springs fit on an 03 tl?
  2. Why 1995 Acura won't start?
  3. Does anyone know if an interior sun visor for a 2006 Acura TSX will fit a 2005 Acura TSX?
  4. Best NYC Acura Dealership for repairs?
  5. Best synthetic oil for Acura?
  6. 2000 USDM Integra Type R front bumper fit a 2000 Integra GSR sedan?
  7. Value of beat '95 Integra GSR?
  8. how can i change the headlights of an 97 acura integra to have the headlights of a 91 acura integra?
  9. acura TL question 06 or 07?
  10. can u put 20 in rims on a 1995 acura interga gsr?
  11. Should I buy an Acura RSX T-S that has a slight burning smell?
  12. what is the best exhaust to make power on a 94-2001 integra non GS-R model?
  13. I need help with an engine light for an 01' Acura Integra LS?
  14. what engine is the fastest for an acura integra?
  15. Best synthetic oil for my TL?
  16. Purge/reset trouble codes from ECU
  17. 96 Acura 3.5 RL, Repair or not Repair
  18. Vibram Five Fingers shoes
  19. outlet assembly right and left
  21. Are Acura Integra's car for girls?
  22. 2008 Acura TSX or TL?
  23. what are the best headers for my acura integra 94 RS?
  24. 1998 Acura 3.2 TL - Spark plug, cylinder head problem
  25. 1991 Acura Integra Coolant Leak?
  26. 2004 Acura TL book value? anyone know?
  27. 97 cl 2.2 rebuild
  28. How to drop an 98 Acura TL Fuel Tank?
  29. where Can i Get JDM fog light to fit my Acura Tl 2000?
  30. Should I trade in my 2005 acura tsx for 2010 lease tsx?
  31. Gear problems after transmission fluid change
  32. Acura Rsx 2004 and 05/06?
  33. Whats the difference with an Acura Integra GSR,LS,RS,Type R?
  34. Location of a 1998 Acura EL/Honda antenna?
  35. 2006 Rsx Type S question?
  36. B16a vs B18c Civic/ Integra?
  37. where in the engine bay can i install a MSD SCI ignition in a 2000 Integra GSR?
  38. I need the navigation code for an Acura CL 2001?
  39. PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!?
  40. anyone interested in buying a 95 white acura integra?
  41. How do you pronounce "Acura"?
  42. Integra Front Brake Calliper Help!!
  43. acura tl navigation not working right?
  44. Does The 2003 to 2007 Acura TL's come in a manual transmission?
  45. 1998 Acura Integra LS Squeak?
  46. Honda/Acura code P0141 Help!?
  47. Acura MDX 2006 vs MDX 2007?
  48. Honda emblem compatible with Integra?
  49. I have a 97 integra white 4 door,?
  50. how to remove a acura integra ls power steering pulley?
  51. Should I get an Acura RSX?
  52. Can you really trust Ebay payment like paypal?
  53. sman 97, smu 97, sma 97, brigif, jakarta?
  54. where can i find ls vtec conversion parts list for a 94 integra?
  55. i want to buy a 95 acura with 128,839mi..is that good?
  56. can the acura tsx 2010 compete with the bmw 3 series?
  57. How fast can you corner a turn in a 1997 Acura CL 2.2 (Coupe)?
  58. Need to change timing belt, serpentine belt & oil pan on Acura TL. What other things to get done?
  59. where can i get a turbo kit for a acura cl 01-03?
  60. How big a difference is 1 second in a 1/4 mile race?
  61. Is the Acura TSX a girl car?
  62. Anyone with an RSX? I need interior help!?
  63. is 173,000 miles good for 1996 Acura Integra ls sedan?
  64. can you play dvds on nav screen in 2007 acura mdx?
  65. acura itr throttle body?
  66. i need the radio code for a 97 acura tl, i have the ser# 94a601481?
  67. what will the next gen acura rl be like?
  68. integra type r vs integra gsr?
  69. how does eBay vehicle protection program work?
  70. b18a to b18c swap questions?
  71. I have a 2005 Acura TL, just wondering how would it look if I have different percent tints
  72. Worried about my integra?
  73. used 2005 Acura RSX... 7K is this a good deal?
  74. Acura integra 96 Maintenince Light help?
  75. Which car is better a 2007 Acura TL type S or an 2007 Acura TSX?
  76. Wants Pics of a V6 STOCK INTEGRA?
  77. Anyone else like the sound of the guy's voice who does the ACURA commercials?
  78. My 2006 Acura TL's A/C is not working even with Freon in it. Any advice?
  79. JDM Integra Acura 1993 1992 1991 questions!?
  80. My fzr600r is messin up?
  81. Where can I buy stock Acura replacement rims for a fraction of the price?
  82. How reliable is the 99 Acura TL 3.2?
  83. Acura Legend 91 Won't start?
  84. whats a cheap way i can get my 2003 acura tl 3.2 better gas mileage?
  85. What does your Acura Integra get as far as mpg?
  86. ideas on why my Acura Integra A/C does not cool when the sight glass shows the freon is full.?
  87. What does cel code p1491 mean on an 99 acura cl?
  88. ac on 1999 acura tl stop blowing cold air?
  89. 18 inch chrome rims look dumb on an 04 Acura TL?
  90. Acura TL 08 air filter help!?
  91. Acura TL 08 Cabin Filter Help!?
  92. first time supercharger install. what else do i need? will chose best answer?
  93. Does an 89 Acura Legend have a Timing Belt or Timing Chain?
  94. 2001 acura 3.2 cl type s ?
  95. What would I need to do to this Acura Integra?
  96. B18B1 BLOCK W/ 96 GSR CYL HEAD
  97. Acura TSX vs Acura CSX?
  98. can i supercharge my automatic integra? will chose best answer?
  99. Price for Acura transmission?
  100. acura legend 1991 axle help!!?
  101. 1994 Vigor ABS Problem?
  102. 2005-2007 Acura rsx parts?
  103. acura homelink problems?
  104. radio problem
  105. Will a 2004 Acura RL engine fit in a 1996 RL?
  106. 1993 Acura Integra RS Parts Information... Installing a new sound-system...?
  107. Stock intake for 01 Integra LS?
  108. Is the factory radio in the 2005 Acura RSX considered good quality? What should the bass/treble etc
  109. im looking to get my frst car in august im looking into an '03 acura rsx any other tips...
  110. would givanna sabina 20 inch rims fit a 2003 acura mdx?
  111. Acura Transmission recall lawsuit?
  112. how do i replace the air condition filter on a 2005 acura TL?
  113. Acura rsx type S or Hyundai Genesis 2.0t? Which is faster?
  114. how do i get my 1999 acura integra hatchback to latch?
  115. i have a 1991 acura legend..after every 4 miles my car kill..what cause this?
  116. how much is a tune up for 1991 acura legend?
  117. Where can you buy an acura integra without an engine or transmission?
  118. i have a 01 acura integra and i want to know what is wrong with it if i can still save it....
  119. where do you find the fuse box on an 1997 Acura TL?
  120. b16 release bearing acura integra?
  121. How much will it cost to fix the passenger door automatic lock on a 2002 Acura RSX type s?
  122. Can I replace the catalytic converter on a 2001 Acura Integra GSR myself?
  123. (U.K. ONLY question!) Would the Honda Acura Integra be classed as a scally car over here?
  124. I have an Integra and i have no motor to race. I was wondering which motor would be
  125. has any one ever used a JDM Type-R ECU in a USDM Integra GSR?
  126. The price of an 05 acura tl?
  127. will rims from my acura integra 1993 fit my acura integra 1996?
  128. will a JDM ECU work is a USDM car?
  129. where can i buy a 1990 acura integra jdm taillight?
  130. What engine does a stock 99 Acura integra Ls have? It's automatic.?
  131. Is it possible for you to put a type-r valve cover on a GSR motor?
  132. integra oil pressure gauge?
  133. would it be good to swap a b18a1 for a b16a?
  134. what happens if i remove the ECU?
  135. how do you lower the hc emmisions rating on an acura?
  136. What exhaust should i put on an acura tl type s?
  137. Where can i find used Acura TL 3.2 in Massachusetts?
  138. what type of engine is in the 2003 rsx?
  139. (Acura Integra Radio)What is a suggested price on how much i should sell my factory head unit?
  140. Why is my Acura transmission slipping?
  141. i bought a 1997 acua RL with around 245k on it. did i make a good choice?
  142. Can rsx 2002 model headlights be swaped for 2006 rsx head lights?
  143. How to make my b18b1 faster?
  144. What's the difference between a Acura 5 speed and an auto?
  145. What is the cost, requirements, steps, and parts i need to fit a k24 engine in my 95 Acura...
  146. 99 Acura Integra wont Crank?
  147. Integra type r spoiler with a brake light?
  148. whats needed to do an ls/vtec on a 94 integra?
  149. Is the Acura mdx a good offroading vehicle? why or why not?
  150. how can i stop my integra from backfiring?
  151. Will a 1994-2001 front end for an Acura Integra bolt to a 1993 Integra?
  152. Will a 98 integra bumper fit on a 95 integra bumper?
  153. What is the Quarter mile time and the 0-60 time for a 1994 Acura Integra GSR?
  154. Acura Vigor won't start, possibly electrical
  155. how much would itcost to rebuild a b18a1 motor?
  156. where can i find the "integra" font?
  157. i need a turbo kit for my rsx?
  158. what makes up & could break on the suspension on a 1994 acura integra?
  159. Why won't my Acura LEGEND won't start?
  160. when my 1995 Acura legend shifts into reverse it makes a clunk sound. what problem could that be?
  161. How do I replace the window washer reservoir in an Acura rsx?
  162. I want to put chrome emblems for my 03 Acura RSX but im not sure what website to buy them?
  163. My 97 Acura Integra engine got louder when my friend installed my water pump. what can that be?
  164. Are the Acura MDX leather seats stained by sunscreen?
  165. Does taking the cover of the subwoofer in the 05 MDX make it louder?
  166. I'm new to the whole "JDM" thing, I want to know what to do to a RSX to make it look something...
  167. What are the 0-60 times for these integras?
  168. my 1990 acura integra wont start back up when the engine is at temp. already changed distributor?
  169. Are there 2 keys to a 98 Integra LS 4DR?
  170. what is difference between db6,db7,db8,dc1,dc2?
  171. Problem with my 07 Acura TL Bluetooth?
  172. What cars are similar to the Acura Integra?
  173. Where can I find car stock imagery?
  174. what does the Intake Resonator do in acura ?
  175. My Vtec is not Connected!!?
  176. how much power do you get from turboing a acura integra ls?
  177. which would win in a race: 2002 Acura mdx, or 2003 Honda pilot?
  178. Which car would cost more to insure?
  179. I have a 1992 Acura legend and i am haveing RPM problems when my car is in park.?
  180. Would insurance be high on a 1996 integra gsr for a 17 yr old?
  182. is there a such thing as a 1992 integra type r and is this worth the money?
  183. question about integra headers?
  184. Gas gauge problem -1990 Acura Legend-?
  185. I have an acura 1999 tl after driving the car for a while i turn the car off and the fan remains...
  186. is this a good price for a 92 integra?
  187. 2005 Acura TL Alignment Specs?
  188. My 97 Acura Integra engine got louder when my friend installed my water pump. what can that be?
  189. do integra LS and GSR share the same radiator hose and heater hoses?
  190. Parts Question Please answer..?
  191. The rear led lights got burnt out somehow?
  192. Are older Acura Integra's nice cars?
  193. Why does my car leak water from under the dashboard (passenger side) when it rains?
  194. Is magnaflow mufflers hard to install?
  195. What to do with my suspensions?
  196. Changing ECU honda integra DC5 rsx?
  197. 2008 acura tl type S or 2008 infiniti g37 coupe?
  198. what swap for my eg h22a or b18c-R?
  199. Hi , i have a 2005 acura tsx , recently when i turn on the radio lights dimming!!!?
  200. What do I need to get If I am replacing my base RSX stereo with an aftermarket unit?
  201. Can an 07 TL type S Tail lights fit on an 05 TL?
  202. What car is faster? a 2001 honda prelude type SH or a 2002 Acura rsx type S?
  203. What is faster a 1998 acura integra ls or a 1998 acura integra gs?
  204. PLEASE HELP!!! acura rsx & toyota corolla?
  205. 1995 acura integra Ls bigger Tires 195 65r15?
  206. 1995 acura integra Ls bigger Tires 195 65r15?
  207. 2008 acura tl type-s vs. 2008 infiniti g37 coupe vs. 2009 acura tl?
  208. how much horsepower would i get from a complete air flow change on my B18B1 integra?
  209. which car do u think is better?
  210. Is $16,000 too much to pay for 2007 acura TSX?
  211. Paperclip and Screw Question?
  212. Acura Integra, 1990-1994...info?
  213. What is a 1990 Acura Integra Engine made of ? ( metals)?
  214. will acura integra DC 4 door Sunroof whole assembly fit EG/EJ civic coupe exactly?
  215. what are the best cars under 30k?
  216. how much would it cost to replace a 1988 acura legend rear passanger door?
  217. Why won't my acura start? Can only be push started?
  218. i just bought a 2004 acura tl with bluetooth option but i wanna put a navigation in
  219. 2007-2008 Acura tl type s?
  220. 1995 Acura Integra GSR Starting problem anyone please help :(?
  221. What is the difference between the 2006 Acura RSX and Acura RSX Type S?
  222. Where can i buy the front logo of an acura rsx??
  223. whats the differents between a 1999 acura integra gsr from a 2001 acura integra gsr?
  224. 07 Acura Tl rip off or not?
  225. How fast is a 1995 acura legend ls sedan from 0-60?
  226. Would the headlight assembly for a 2001 Honda Accord fit a 2001 Acura CL Type S
  227. How can I gain 60 plus Horsepower on an acura?
  228. Saab 9-3 or Acura tl type s?
  229. Does Acura maintanence minder adjust for synthetic oil?
  230. 1990 acura legend ls coupe (2dr)?
  231. why does my gears scratch when above 3500 rpms?
  232. my 1990 acura integra has blown headers what should i do?
  233. should i get an 07 acura mdx or an 07 acura rdx?
  234. How do I take the steering wheel off of a 1990 Acura Integra?
  235. My question is two-fold; I have a 91 Integra 5 speed, can I put the engine into a 94 automatic?...
  236. Is 200,000 miles bad for a 1996 Acura TL2.5?
  237. acura rsx type s questions?
  238. is dc sports exhausts a good brand for a 03 ACURA RSX and is it as good as gready?
  239. what car should i get between an Acura or Bmw? Why?
  240. Should I use a low-temp thermostat and high pressure radiator cap on my '90 integra?
  241. acura integra headlight conversion?
  242. the inner tie rod on the driver's side leaks and it has play.. do i need new rack or just
  243. 98-99 eclipse gs-t or 01-04 Acura rsx-s?
  245. acura certified preowned?
  246. Whats wrong with my Acura?
  247. Acura Integra Question?
  248. Acura Legend SRS and ABS lights are on the Dash... how do I fix this?
  249. can tail lights of a 2006 acura rsx fit on a 2003 acura rsx?
  250. Which gasoline for a 04 Acura TSX?