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  1. should I sell my 1999 Acura NSX-Targa?
  2. ob2 integra with ob1 motor swap?
  3. Just bought a Acura 3.2TL and need some help!?
  4. What can cause a 1991 acura integra to not start?
  5. Is this a good deal- '02 Acura rsx for 6,000?
  6. Which should I buy: 2006 Acura TSX or a 2008 Ford Escape?
  7. Whats the difference between a regular 05 acura tl and a type s?
  8. Radio code for Acura mdx 2003 ?
  9. Legend of the Dragoon Disc Swap help!?
  10. What is the engine on a 2001 acura integra gs?
  11. Where is 2008 Acura tl navigation DVD?
  12. how many hours by tren from acura to milan?
  13. how many hours by bus from acura to milan?
  14. Rear defroster issues please help?
  15. Cold intake on acura tl 2.5L with high mileage worth it ?
  16. 94 Acura Integra question PLEASE HELP?
  17. My turn signal isnt working right acura integra 1994?
  18. Why does the 2009 Acura TSX have a drive train if it is a front-wheel drive?
  19. i have a 1995 acura integra how can i tell if im a Rs or Ls model?
  20. Considering buying a 1997 Acura Integra?
  21. How much dose it cost to LSD a 95 Acura integra trasmission?
  22. Toyota Avalon, Camry, Acura Legend & 2.5 TL, 850 Volvo, Honda Accord all 1994-1999 which is best?
  23. Difference between Bumper and Bumper cover?
  24. How long a 2004 Acura TL will last?
  25. Is an Acura integra a good car for a 16 year olds first car.?
  26. Acura rsx headlight fogging?
  27. how come my car title doesn't show the mileage?
  28. 2002 acura rsx spoon blue style driver side mirror?
  29. acura rsx type s idle?
  30. Stock 04 rsx type s, suggestions on what mods to install?
  31. Acura Integra GS-R to Type-R conversion?
  32. does acura 2011 rdx have a V6 engine?
  33. 98 civic
  34. 2000 Integra Front Bumper!!!?
  35. So my dad is interviewing at acura car dealership tomorrow and he has a interview and he was...
  36. Acura TL 2.5 Acura master Key and remote lost?
  37. Do all Acura RSX have turbos in them?
  38. 00 Integra Body (will it fit)?
  39. 1990 acura integra driving problems please help.?
  40. what would be a more reliable car? an automatic 2002 honda civic or a standard 2002 acura rsx?
  41. Is 2007 acura tl type s good n reliable car?
  42. 2002-2004 Acura Rsx and Rsx Type S after 100k miles?
  43. does anyone know where to get a detailed book on a 97 acura 2.5 i need to find the solenoid on...
  44. Acura trans not working good? 97 acura tl with 167000mil is it easy to replac a shift solenoid...
  45. Iif u could get any stock integra which model and year specifocally thanks?
  46. acura trans not working good?
  47. 93 acura integra ls... What are all possible places that could cause a transmission fluid leak?
  48. How to connect iPhone 4 to 2005 Acura tsx?
  49. Will a jdm engine b18b pass california smog?
  50. Why Does My Car Waste Alot Of Gas?
  51. I have an acura tl 2005 and whenever i want to reverse or turn the wheel when i start the car...
  52. Is acura or honda a good car, what aboutt reliable?
  53. What model, in the Acura lineup, replaced the Integra?
  54. 1996 acura integra ac?
  55. Is it ok to go from 5w-20 reg to fuyll synthetic in Acura 2004?
  56. Which is better in ur opinion? a 94 Accord or a 94 Integra?
  57. 95 Acura integra turbo?
  58. What gas should I put in my acura?
  59. Why is my 92 Acura Legend not heating up all the time?
  60. 2003-2006 acura rsx and type s differences?
  61. TSX or TL, which is better?
  62. HONDA ACCORD 2.0IES 1993
  63. How to turbo my 1990 Acura Integra GS?
  64. where is the body of an acura made?
  65. 2002 Acura Rsx Plastic tab that covers the screws on the interior door handle?
  66. is an acura legend 89' v6 a good car?
  67. What would u do to an ls integra stock that doesnt involve turbo intake oror individual
  68. Acura TL 2002 2011 Nav Cd?
  69. Acura Tl type S 2002 with nav?
  70. Can you recyle chrom rims?
  71. do I really need to use pressure plate remover on the 2004 acura tl?
  72. How to replace my pulley tensioner on my 06 Acura TL.?
  73. How long Acura MDX last?
  74. Car doesn't start in the morning!!!!
  75. Questions about potential first car? (acura cl)?
  76. my acura rsx heater only works while the car is moving.?
  77. where is the transmission drain plug on a 95 integra automatic se?
  78. 92 acura integra i changed the distributor cap and rotor and now it wont start?
  79. Acura RSX Question P0420 Error!! :(?
  80. Acura MDX 2005...is this a scam?
  82. how much would it cost to get a new/used/ or rebuilt manual transition on an 95 Acura integra...
  83. Will a 6 foot ladder fit in a 2010 Acura TSX?
  84. Will 94-01 acura integra stock "LS" intake air box Fit a Integra GSR?
  85. I need to fit one car seat and two booster seats in my 2000 acura tl?
  86. if i put camshaft in my integra i need piston to?
  87. The 1996 "honda" integra?
  88. how much psi should i run on stock 93 integra ls if i wanted to install a turbo?
  89. 1991 acura integra water leaking?
  90. Projector or Halo headlights for a 1997 Acura RL?
  91. can i get an acura tl 2006 low miles for 5000$ from the salvage auction?
  92. 2001 acura integra type r gsr?
  93. Dc2 integra type r gearbox?
  94. Acura RDX 2009/2010? ?
  95. Question in Voting: whats the difference between these two models.? acura rdx tech 2009 &...
  97. I plan to purchase a 2007 Acura TL with navigation in about 5 months?
  98. Can i have 245/45/17 tires installed on 06 acura tl A/T?
  99. 97 Acura 3.5 RL Nav System replacement?
  100. does 1997 acura integra cold air or short ram intake fit 1991 integra?
  101. Opinions on Acura Integras?
  102. Help buying a acura tsx they both great ?
  103. Help buying a acura tsx ?
  104. non-stock exhaust on my rsx?
  105. Racing axles for an Acura integra ?
  106. Window won't go up on 1992 acura integra?
  107. 2/4 door Acura Integra difference?
  108. Can i put a 6 cylinder V-tec engine in a 1991 Acura Integra LS.?
  109. What size of exhaust pipe for my Acura 1.6el 97?
  110. Dose anyone know where the transmission dip stick is located on a 1988 Acura legend?
  111. ls vtec with jdm itr trans or b16a?
  112. how much are acura integra gsr blades worth?
  113. 2004 TSX Front License plate doesnt fit?
  114. Is this car "2000 Acura 1.6 EL" worth $1800?
  115. Does 2011 TL have a timing chain?
  116. How much does the 2006 Acura TL is worth from the salvage auction?
  117. How much does the 2006 Acura TL is worth from the salvage auction?
  118. will a d16y8 or a d16z7 bolt up to my 88 crx?
  119. Question about suspention in a Acura 95?
  120. Acura integra gsr 1999 - worth it?
  121. Acura TSX or Chevy Cobalt LT?
  122. how to reset b40 maintenance on acura mdx?
  123. Which is better? A 2001 Avalon or a 2000 Acura TL?
  124. What does TSX mean for a car?
  125. What brand of exhaust sounds good for a 2000 Acura 3.2 TL?
  126. Is there a "universal" headlight light assembly I can use with my 1988 Acura Legend?
  127. Does the water pump from a 3.0 Accord v6 fit a 3.2 Acura CL v6?
  128. Who designed the 1990 batmobile?
  129. Cherry Bomb Muffler on an Acura?
  130. acura integra ls buy or not?
  131. Things to do to Acura CL type S 2001 to make cooler looking?
  132. how to use the manual option in acura cl type s 2001? it is automatic with manual shifting option?
  133. 2001 acura integra d4 d3?
  134. Why does my 1997 Acura 3.5 RL randomly stall out?
  135. is a 2002 acura RSX for $5000 wiht 138k good deal how reliable are these cars?
  136. how to turn off service soon light on 2005 acura rl?
  137. '08 Acura TSX, squealing/squeaking when backing up?
  138. Can you put JDM Type R headlights on an integra without the entire front end conversion?
  139. what cd player to buy for acura integra 2000?
  140. Does a 2004 Acura TL have a timing belt?
  141. Acura Tl 1999 Bose Audio Specifications?
  142. I got a b18b1 i need help with?
  143. can you box a Alpine Type-R SWR-1240D with a SWR-1243D?
  144. I am trying to buy a car, i found an acura 1997, 2.2 CL premium package. with 125.XXX mielage,?
  145. My Acura rsx 06' is stuck in park!?
  146. Questions about 2004-2006 Acura TL?
  147. H&R shocks with stock springs for 94 integra?
  148. where is the starter of a 93 acura?
  149. Estimate of damage costs acura TL?
  150. acura RDX commercial?
  151. does an acura tsx last a long time?
  152. Does a 2000 Acura 3.2TL look good debadged?
  153. Can you take an Acura to a Honda dealer for warranty work?
  154. what's the difference between 91 and 93 integra's?
  155. i want my acura integra to perform better?
  156. Pink car from starstruck?
  157. How much is insurance on a 02 Acura rsx type s ?
  158. Is a 02 Acura rsx type s still good with 144000 miles on it?
  159. is a 2002-2005 Acura TL a good buy?
  160. Diffrance between 04 and up tl and 04 and up trx?
  161. Does the 2006 Acura TSX come with Xenon headlights?
  162. Can you put a 1989 acura integra oem steering wheel on a 1995 acura integra gsr?
  163. Cannot find gas mileage on car, Acura TSX.?
  164. Is300 or rsx-s?????!?
  165. 2000 Acura RL with 140k miles?
  166. my 2000 acura rl was low on coolant,now i find the idle fluctuates when the heater is on...
  167. how do you turn off traction controll on a acura 3.2?
  168. New motor in my 1993 Acura Integra?
  169. 2006 Acura TL-battery problems?
  170. 1994 Acura Legend Coupe?
  171. What are all 04-05 acura tl models?
  172. Will a ignition switch for an Integra GS work in an LS?
  173. questions about the 1999 Honda Accord V6 and 1999 Acura CL V6
  174. Accura MDX, stow seats? Help?
  175. what r some mods i can do 2 my B18A1 engine?
  176. Is there a website for Acura EL side skirts?
  177. Have A 1995 Acura Integra GS-R VTEC. Having a Problem. I Just Bout Car And I was told it
  178. 2003 Acura RSX type-s stock top speed?
  179. Cruise Control not working in '88 Acura Legend?
  180. What website can i find a High Output alternator for a 1990 Acura Integra?
  181. Upgrades To Do For A Turbo In A Acura RSX?
  182. cold air intake for 1999 acura cl 3.0
  183. Solve the definite integra?
  184. anyone know were i can find a harmonic balancer for my acura 1996 TL 2.5?
  185. 88 acura integra no power?
  186. How to pair my iphone 4 to my 2008 Acura MDX?
  187. Is there a super charger kit for the Base RSX?
  188. what would the avg cost be for tinting all windows for an acura mdx.?
  189. I have a 2001 Acura cl 3.2 type s. I got a transmission problem now I need a new 1.
  190. what performance parts will give you better gas millage for an Acura integra?
  191. what is the best intake to get for my integra?
  192. What blank cd's work for the 2001 acura tl?
  193. What ecu came in the 91 integra ls?
  194. Greddy Evo2 Exhaust ?
  195. E-brake Light Trouble: Coming on at Random?
  196. Radio reset code for Acura 3.5 rl 1997?
  197. Why is My Exhaust so Loud?
  198. what is the best Ecu to buy to improve gas millage without loosing performance for my Acura Integra?
  199. What 'major maintenance', does an Acura TL require?
  200. Why isn't my TP-Link TL-PA201 working?
  201. Whats the main difference between the k20z1 and k20a3?
  202. Problem with my 1995 Acura integra. Please help!!?
  203. How much faster can I make my 2005 Acura tl auto with around 2500 to spend I have nothing
  204. Help on 1995 Acura integra ls 4dr!!!!!?
  205. Acura ZDX Brake Failure?
  206. why does an acura mdx cost 10,000 more in canada?
  207. Exhaust for 2000 Integra SE?
  208. i am thinkin about buying/loan a 2005 acura rl it has 120,000 miles on it for 13,000 how long...
  209. Should I buy an 02' Acura RSX Type- S?
  210. where can i find an acura rsx type s with rear damage in philadelphia for sale?
  211. high compression pistons for integra?
  212. acura overheating its not the thermostat or the radiator
  213. acura rsx type s 2002?
  214. Should I buy a 2005 Acura tl with 95000 miles on it on a 3 year loan I'm 18 ?
  215. JDM Integra black housing HID ITR headlights?
  216. Exhaust for 03 Acura 3.2 CL Type S?
  217. can i put a b16 tranny on a 93 integra ls?
  218. Would the hood of an 03 rsx fit on an 06?
  219. What cold air intake will give the most hp to an 02 Acura Rsx base model?
  220. 2002 acura rl hid upgrades?
  221. 3.5 VTEC Timing Belts-Really need to be replaced?
  222. 2010 Acura TSX V6, Supercharger or Turbo? Are there any other parts you would suggest?
  223. Should I get a B16A1 or B20Z?
  224. anyone know the red book value of an 02 acura rsx TYPE S according to canadian redbook?
  225. Acura TL maintenance question.?
  226. Best performance upgrades for acura 3.0?
  227. Used Acura RSX Problems?
  228. My 1989 Acura legend coupe v6 boot loped off off at the end were the wheel connects and...
  229. Does an ACURA integra use premium gas?
  230. 2001 Acura MDX for $6800?
  231. What would happen if you put Regular Gas in an Acura MDX?
  232. How do you fix the speedometer on a 93 acura legend. it worrks most of the time but occasionally...
  233. is this everything i need to turbo charge my integra?
  234. my trunk on my 2005 acura RSX stopped opening... where would be the best/cheapest shop to...
  235. how many acura dealerships are there in the united states?
  236. Acura Alternator Problems!!?
  237. 2003 Acura CL Type-S with 129K miles for $4,000?
  238. What is a good price for a 1991 Acura NSX?
  239. Air Intake for '98 Acura CL V6?
  240. Can I improve the quality of my stereo and add LOTS of hp to my 2004 Acura TL? Should I add a...?
  241. Acura integra, flashing check engine light, misfire on all 4 cylinders?
  242. An Acura with a replaced transmission...is that a good buy?
  243. i have a 1996 ACURA integra passenger headlight doesn't work?
  244. How hard is it to replace the wheel bearing(s) on a 1989 Acura Integra?
  245. Where do I add transmission fluid for my 1998 Acura 3.0 CL?
  246. Acura integra 2000 flashing check engine light?
  247. What is this part called on an 97 Integra?
  248. 1990 Acura Integra Freeze plugs. ?
  249. 1988 acura integra vs e21 1982 bmw 320i?
  250. Acura TSX 2010 Tech Pack Certification?