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Old 15 May 2008, 11:16 am
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Default S2000 or rsx type s?

Which one would yall prefer and why? thanks
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Old 15 May 2008, 11:31 am
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This is like comparing Apples and Oranges. S2000 240HP RWD convertible it is a sports car in 2000 it went against BMW M roadster, SLK AMG, Porshce Boxter and won handling, braking and pefromanc. The RSX is a 200HP 6-speed. seats at least to more adults. FWD.This is the baseline. S2000:Pro:Sexy, digtal RPM gauge man oh man sexy, quick once on a roll, convetiable let your hair down.Con:RWD in chicago + snow being so light in the rear end not a good combo, convertiable top early model plasitic scartches easy and wears out, the rear isnt strong and might blow out under abuse.RSX:Pro:Great in any weather, quick, wast little bit less gas, cheaper on the insuranceCon:Isnt as cool, makes older people look younger, may get alot of people try to steal it for the mighty K20Both are great cars and Honda made for me, S2000 even though I live in Chicago.
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Old 15 May 2008, 12:31 pm
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The S2000.0-60mph in 5.7 seconds. Top speed if 155mph.Front-Mid engine, Rear wheel drive.238-240HP and a redline of around 9000rpm.RSX Type S:0-60mph in 6.7 seconds. Top speed is 146mph.Front engine, Front wheel Drive.200-210HP and a redline of around 7500rpm.I would definately go with the S2000.I wold choose the S2000 because it is much faster.
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Old 15 May 2008, 12:46 pm
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ok well i'm a girl but i love my hondas. my brother has a s2000 and i have driven it many times. I would deffinately recommend it becuase it is a really fun ride. but from personal experience i am warning you that it isn't a starter car. the car isn't that forgiving. you really gotta know what you're doing when it comes to this car. the slightest bit of rain makes you feel like you're on ice and you can easily spin out in turns cause of the RWD. Cars that have FWD and RWD feel like two totally different animals. our really good life long friend had an s2000 and died in it cause the car flipped and his head was smashed into the pavement. So if you really know how to drive well go for the s2000 because it's a blast. If you still have some ways to go to mastering your skills then go with the rsx.
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Old 15 May 2008, 01:01 pm
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I own an S2000 and absolutely love it!I've driven the RSX plenty of times before (I used to work in car sales) and while I like it and it is a fun car, it is a completely different vehicle, as everyone else noted. The S2000 is a purebred sports car; the RSX is a sporty compact. I actually prefer the final generation Prelude (97-02) to the RSX; the 'Lude is probably the most fun FWD car I've ever driven.S2K pros:-faster-much, much better looking - I am constantly getting comments on my car. I live in SF, and today I took my GF out and we drove down Crookedest St (you know the one, the crazy zigzagged one in all the pictures and movies?), and at the top, this kid from England was like "I LOVE YOUR CAR MATE!" Then at the bottom, people opened up with their cameras because it was the most California shot you can possibly get... white dude, Asian girl, convertible, top down on a sunny day.-faster-substantially better handling; the handling on the S2000 is about as good as it gets stock until you get to the Lotus Elise, and after that, any car that comes close costs over 100k. After you get used to it, when you get out onto a twisty road up in the hills, all those turns just seem to even out.-extremely reliable; in the last year I've put 10k miles on it, and all I've had to do is change the oil (I switched to Mobil 1 synthetic as soon as I got it).-faster-in all truth, probably the most smile-inducing, fun car I've ever gotten behind the wheel of! You feel good when you get in it and fire it up... you feel good when people notice it, you feel good when you've got the top down on a sunny day and it makes every trip to the grocery store, to work, to wherever an adventure.S2K cons:-tight cabin. Most definitely designed for the Asian market! I'm 6'2 and built, and I only just barely fit into the thing with almost no room to spare. All my height is in my torso and so if I sit upright, my eyes are only just barely below the visor. I have to either hunker down or look above the windshield (when the top is down which is almost always) to see lights which is annoying, also I have to use strong hair gel or my hair is messed up whenever I get anywhere... but... it's all worth it.-Noisy. VERY noisy. The road noise itself isn't too bad because the car is very good in terms of aerodynamics, however you can constantly hear the rear differential whine, a lot of gear noise from the tranny, and this is after I switched to Redline fluids which generally make those components a bit quieter.-Absolute worst stock stereo put in a car since probably 1989. The 04-up models are slightly better but the stock speakers are horrendous, and the head unit has no power output. Swapping out sucks because you lose the use of all the manual stereo controls to the left of the wheel (volume, channel, etc)... there's a company that makes an adapter so you can have a stereo shop reprogram it to work with some Pioneer and Sony units, but I had to forget that awesome Nakamichi :/-very limited trunk space... if it's your only ride, you'll have to get a rental any time you wanna buy a new desk, chair, giant stuffed animal, or more than two weeks worth of groceries.I'd also like to address the above poster's comment about the handling of the S2K in the rain, and it being an intermediate driver's car. Now, in regards to the rain... I've never spun the thing out, but then I've also had a lot of track time, learned to drive in Massachusetts, and was an amateur rally driver in my teens. Especially on the earlier models that didn't have traction control, you have to be careful. The torque on the S2k hits up high, and because of this, it's easier to control on a wet road than a low-end torque monster like an SC400 or 350Z with the traction control off. Just shift around 4-5k and you're fine.It is a very rewarding car if you know how to drive a real sports car, and you can do amazing things with it, and I've personally found it to be much more forgiving than a lot of people make it out to be. That said, a few members of S2Ki (the S2k forums) have died in car crashes in theirs... it has a way higher limit than most other cars but when you hit that limit you've got to be VERY careful.RSX pros:-more space; it's a hatchback 5-seater, so you can hal your pals and all your groceries, or put the rear seat down and take much bigger things with you. The cabin isn't as tight as an S2k by a long shot, either.-more economical - not by much since the S2k is pretty good on gas for what it is, but still.-Very, very easy to mod; there are more RSX's than S2K's, and so there are more options, and they generally cost less.-FWD with traction control = better for rain, snow, ice-hardtop = better all year round car if you live in an area with rain, snow or iceRSX cons:-very popular with theives.-great a car as it may be, it's still an FWD compact... a good one, but the S2k is in a whole 'nother league-it may be more easily tuned, but at the end of the day, the S2k has tons more potential.-since it's a compact, FWD car, you won't be turning any heads, even with an awesome Mugen bodykit, a set of 5Zigen rims, HID's and all the goodies. A stock S2k at the same light will get a lot more attention.-the S2k tends to be owned by a slightly older demographic and doesn't have the boy racer stigma attached to it, and so the cops are more forgiving and pay less attention to it. THIS IS TRUE; I haven't *once* been pulled over, which is a feat... however my friends with RSX's get pulled over dairly often. When I had a tuned Jetta, even though it was pretty mild on the outside (just rims, lights, and a mild Caractere body kit) I got pulled over constantly, too. In the S2k, however, I'd had two SFPD cruisers and one Oakland PD cruiser pull up alongside to tell me what a nice car it is.So, you can see where my allegiance lies... I say if you're a veteran driver/racer, the S2k is your car. If you need space or drive long distances, get the RSX.If you have any direct questions feel free to IM me.
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