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Old 14 Apr 2008, 02:16 pm
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Default 1994 Honda accord is being sold for $1500.00. Would you be skeptical of buying it?

I do not know much about cars but I am buying a car, a 1994 Honda Accord next week. It has 108,000 miles on it and its being sold for 1500 dollars. I believe that is a good deal but could someone please tell me what I am looking for when I go see the car. How would I know if it's a good car or not. I have heard that people take advantage of other people when they don't know much about cars. I do not want to be taken advantage of and I do not have anyone to go with me to look at the car, so please, if you are able, help me. It would be more than appreciated.....If you want to share anything else that you think I should know about cars once I purchase one again it would be appreciated.
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Old 14 Apr 2008, 02:31 pm
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lol its simple canada they have emission and safety done here ...if he's willing to get it done for you then sure go for it but if your still in doubt then take the car to near mechanic shop and ask him what does he think of that car ...simple as that
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Old 14 Apr 2008, 02:46 pm
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Ask to borrow he car for a few hours and have mechanical workshop check over the car, they should be able to offer you cheap pre-purchase inspection, if the owner has a problem with this, then you might want to ask why not or offer less. dont forget that its now 14 years old, if its got a full service history that a bonus... check for rust, trye condition, fluid levels etc
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Old 14 Apr 2008, 03:16 pm
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If it makes strange noises or leaks any fluid, be careful. Check the tires and the brakes , If anything seems seems "funny" walk away. But if it starts easy and everything works and looks like it was looked after, ask if you can take it to a mechanic. Almost any mechanic will do, but not one who is familiar with the seller. Better to have the advice of one who knows you and will look for you. Expect to pay about $100. or so for this. And even then, expect problems from time to time.
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Old 14 Apr 2008, 03:31 pm
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Personally that age of car I'd be highly cautious plus I'd want it certified with smog or emissions test included in price. No 1 check the oil while the engine is off and see how clean it is , if you notice it's really clean be cautious bec they could be trying to hide something by changing the oil or if its really thick and gunky that means the engine or car probably wasn't well maintained.If it feels like theres something rubbing against your fingers causing friction close the hood and walk away , dont buy any car at all from that dealership etc. No2 check to see if the transmission fluid when the cars in park but first start it up a sec and shift it into each gear then check the fluid look to see if it's redish or sort of pinkish= normal, also it might sound funny but put some on your fingers and smell it and also see if its got anything causing friction or particles in it, if it smells like a cigar don't buy that car. No3 look to see if you see any oil on the engine that could mean it's has oil leaks but can be fixed plus once you see the car inside be sure you check the rad coolant level and look to see if it's got oil in it or looks funny , most coolants are green but not all are, there is some new coolant out that looks kind of pinkish too. No4 look around the rad and it's hoses at both ends and see if any antifreeze is leaking , plus be sure you check the rad coolant level and look to see if it's got oil in it or looks funny , most coolants are green but not all are, there is some new coolant out that looks kind of pinkish too.If you find that there is leaks I'd probably walk away bec that may mean the engine again wasn't maintained especially if it looks odd or blackishish or kind of brownish. No5 feel the cold engine once it's started and see if it's really vibrating roughly if so don't buy it bec the engine could need more then just a tune up or have them fix the vibrations via tune up etc or if only slightly vibrating that be fairly normal for that age engine and a bais tune up might be needed but I'd give it a tune up anyways. No6 listen to the engine as it runs and listen for tapping noises if you hear tapping or ticking sounds that means the engine needs tappid work.Note it could be that the oil is low or the engine has run with low oil in past and it's damaged the engine.Also keep in mind many old engines may have this slight bit of tapping or ticking noises. No7 listen to how the engine starts if it sounds funny bec cautious of buying it or have them fix it and make sure it's starting smothly if you buy it.If you feel kind of like a thump as you start it or the engine moving a lot stay away from buying it.No8 when you shift the gear shifter with brake held firmly to the floor and you feel a thump that means the transmission mount is probably bad and have them fix it before buying it or you'll be looking at about 200.00 or more to fix it later. No9 have the sales person start it and shift the gears while you watch the engine , if the engine is moving a lot that means the engine mounts are gone and that costs again a few bucks to fix like maybe 300.00 to 400.00 or more. No10 look at the battery posts and all the wiring you can see see if it's corroded like greenish that means someone hasn't taken care of it and could be why it doesn't start right up smoothly or takes a bit to start it.All can be fixed either by a shop or you but again it will cost money and if you don't fix it , the starter might go , or battery or alternator or all of them one by one etc. No11 when you drive it sees how it shifts and if the car seems to accellerate evenly.Bad shifting could mean transmission problems or clutch etc or the car needs a good tune up. No12 when you walk up to the car or when you park it see if it's leaking anything by actually literally kneeling down and looking under the car. Also try to park it on a dry clean surface so you can tell theres leaks or not.Plus you'll see two shafts going into the front wheels they'll have rubber boots look to see if their strecthed or loose from the clamps bec that means you'll need new transaxels or CV joints and for sure the car wasn't certified right at all. No 13 as the car is idling go to the back and check to see if you can stand by the exhaust and not be forced to walk away due to a stronger then normal stink also see if the exhaust is black or white bec that means there is a engine problem or exhaust problem. Example the car's exhaust really stinks badly that means for sure it needs a tune up and may need other things like a oxegyen sensor etc. No14 when you first turn the key leave it in the position just before you start it= the run position and see if all the dash lights light up, example no engine light lighting up means probably someone took the bulb out to hide a engine or car fault .I once got ripped off or fooled that way bec the guy kept me so busy talking etc I forgot to check the lights on the dash and in fact there was a problem so he had taken out the engine service light bulb.I did end up fixing the problem but if it wasn't for me knowing a lot about cars , it would of cost me for a new EGR valve and that was over 500.00 never mind the labour.I did fix it with a used part from the wreckers and it cost me 5.00 lol No15 be cautious of sales people that try to say the car is so excellent and don't admit that the car has some common faults. No16 I'd not buy it if it's not certified and smog tested or at least you can get the car checked by a mechanic, and if they say no way , just walk away. No17 don't judge the car by the appearance only and if it looks really good on outside and inside and the under the hood appearance doesn't match the over all appearance something isprobably up.Afterall do you think someone would take so good care of the car outside and inside and not maintain the engine , more then likely no and the dealership etc has dolled the car all up to sell it. No18 be sure when you open the car that you look under the hood for rust , under the car for rust and the doors bec it might be a rust bucket lol No19 just bec they say it's certified etc doesn't mean the car is up to par so make sure you get them to say in qwriting that they'll give you your money back or atleast another vehicle if unsatified within 30 days and if I was you due to it being your first car I'd get a mechanic to check it over anyways. No20 to be sure to take the time out to check these things and if the sales person tries to keep pushing you or stop you by distracting you be cautious.Also if it sounds too good of a deal it probably isn't a good deal at all. No21 be sure to pay attention how the brakes work and if you feel pulsating or pushing back from the brake paddle that means it's in need of brake work asap.Also be sure to watch for things like the car pulling to one side as you brake bec that says something isn't right with the front end or tires or brakes or rim and it wasn't certified right at all. Once a sales person sees you checking these sort of things they may not think you're quite the rookie buyer and will find it tough not to respect you for knowing this stuff. Always change the oil and filter in half the mileage recommended by the owners manual, I change mine every 2,000 kms or so.By the way with that kind of mileage that car is due for a changing of the rad fluid, thermostat and transmission fluid and filter, plus I'd have a electrical over haul done to it and if you want info on that just ask. Hope that helps and best of luck. Try to buy the lemonade book on cars it will be a very helpful tool for you, plus it gives great insight into what cars in general to stay away from and buy a Haynes service manual for any vehicle you buy.If you need anymore advice on maintance etc please feel free to direct a question at me anytime and I'll gladly try to help you. Remember also that any car that age is bound to need some work but it shouldn't have bad brakes or raddling noises or pulls to one side or you hear grinding noises as you brake or things like that if it was properly certified.Plus ask another question on here about that vehicles common problems and check to see if that stuff was in fact done on that car .
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Old 14 Apr 2008, 03:46 pm
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hondas are excellent cars, the most reliable made.when you go, look for rust on the frame (under the car) if its rotted out, dont get it. 1500 is a very good deal for a 94 accord.
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Old 14 Apr 2008, 04:01 pm
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I got a 93 civic way back for 300 with 151k and not a damn thing wrong with it. 108k on a 94 is pretty good mileage and 1500 is pretty good price depending on the condition of the car. If you look at it and have doubts just run the VIN# ,thats at the bottom right of the windshield, on
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