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Old 03 Dec 2011, 12:31 am
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Default Tuning my first car fast?

Okay so... I don't have a car yet. So I don't know ANYTHING about car performance... But I'm looking for CRX deals around me. And I was planning it to be as fast as a daily driving car can get. And I was talking to my brother about all the after market parts I was gonna get. Skunk2 Exhaust, K20A swap, ect. And he stared at me and was like o_o "that wont even really make your car that fast" He said that I have to tune it and stuff. What does he mean by that?? Tune? I see people tune their cars on the dyno but what are they doing? Yeah if you wanna say I don't know anything about cars then go ahead :P I already admitted it the first few sentences. I'm just trying to learn and live fast and furious ^_^

When i said "fast and furious" i was referring to the term -__-

And I was not aware that a crx is slow... because I saw them run 8's at the drag strip.

I've seen slow cars (Geo metro, mini vans, trucks) on youtube run fast. So it really all just depends on what car you'd like to make fast and your budget.

Sorry to bother you AMERICAN MUSCLE lol

And if stuff isn't free then I have over 70+ years to make the money :P

My brother N law has a civic that was engine swapped. An awesome daily driver for him XD

an CRX's are light weight making them move quicker. and the engines are simple and light. unlike those V's... Save up till i'm in my 30's and get a Caymans? nah i'd rather stick with my CRX till i'm 30 and the prices for parts will be cheaper. And I'll save money from not getting such an expensive car

Thanks for the Good Luck, sir!! I'll be needing it
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Old 03 Dec 2011, 12:46 am
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tuning requires a custom ecu .. an ecu is an engine control unit and it tells the car what to do.. say you wanna tune for a turbo setup your gonna want to pump more gasoline into the motor to watch the air intake from the boost. so you tune your ecu and take readings of how much gasoline it will take for peak performance... tuning isnt easy so be prepared for a lot of hard work

my advice go with a post 98 vehicles with obd 2 for easy engine remapping

otherwise be stuck with custom chips that are hard to work with
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Old 03 Dec 2011, 01:01 am
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You are both just a little behind the times

one, a CRX is not fast, and never will be

two, you cannot do an engine swap on a daily driver

three, fast and furious is BS

four, tuning is not as great as everybody says

and five, a first car is not a dream car. It will not be cool, it will not be fast

oh and six, a full engine swap and exhaust system is alot more money than you must think'tuning' refers more to a style that involves those little fart can mufflers and stick on body kits and wings and the tiny turbos that are popular these days

in the real world tuning a car would refer to putting it on a dyno and setting up the ECU to get a better power band, then running it around a track for suspension adjustments

Regardless, a CRX is an economy car, not a fast one.

You get your first car, and it will be crap. It just will be

and then subsequent cars will get better when you have money.

and then when you are 35-40 and you have money saved up and a steady job you can get that cool mid life crisis fast car like a Cayman S or something

Life aint easy, and stuff aint free.

good luck
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Old 03 Dec 2011, 01:16 am
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Mostly a good answer Sheepbor... Im 15 and i plan to swap out the 305 engine in my truck for a 400. My truck is not in the best of shape but it is very cool. I do largely agree with your answer, but there is some key points in which I do not agree or is outright wrong. F&S is mostly shlt, yea, but it is sprinkled with some occasional good scenes. Swapping an engine is not expensive at all. It is the actual engine that is expensive. I could go spend ten thousand dollars on an engine or I can visit a junkyard and rebuilt me one for two thousand max. Engine swapping is not generally done on a first car, but there are occasionally people out there, like me, that is passionate enough and has the knowledge to do so. Now if you want a car to go faster, exhaust is not really the way to go. An easier way to increase performance is to upgrade the intake, headers, or even carburetor is an inexpensive way to do so. In reality though, a CRX is not a vehicle worth racing like a Camaro or a Mustang would be.
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Old 03 Dec 2011, 01:31 am
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To be honest with you, don't waste your money on a K20 swap, etc.

If you're building a Honda to be fast, just rip the interior and everything out of it, put a carbon hood on it, etc - save as much weight as you possibly can.

Then put a B-series motor in it like the B18C5 out of an Integra Type R.

Just be sure you build the suspension right or it'll rip the chassis off the frame. It did it to a CRX my friend had with a B16 swap in it.
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Old 03 Dec 2011, 01:48 am
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tuning a modern engine means using computer software to alter ignition timing and fuel and many other parameters in order to create power or drive-ability. in your case both. tuning is the most complex and important thing when it comes to cars these days. auto manufactures put millions of dollars a year into testing and research for tuning so they can build the most efficient cars possible.

as far as your CRX goes you are on the right track. the 88-91 hf model weighs less that 2000 pounds and is a perfect candidate for an engine swap. though i wouldn't jump straight in to a k swap. crx k swaps are possible but expensive and time consuming. start with a b16 or 18 that will drop right in and there is alot more aftermarket support for that set up including forced induction.
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Old 03 Dec 2011, 02:01 am
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wow, you are quite possibly the most clueless individual ive ever encountered. you have no business owning a 'fast' car.
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Old 03 Dec 2011, 02:16 am
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First, a CRX won't be a fast daily driver. You can have a CRX for a daily driver that's fast for what it is, but ultimately it still won't be fast. People daily drive 10 second corvettes and even 9 second mustangs. So a 12-13 second CRX won't be fast.

Second, a CRX has physics working against it. It's wrong wheel drive. The more power you make, the less traction you'll have, which means at a certain point, you won't be going any faster, just spinning the tires more.

Third, nobody would choose a CRX over a Porsche. Nobody. I don't care if it's slower, I'd take a Porsche Cayman S over my current car, and what I currently have is so far ahead of a CRX it's not even fair. At some point, "fast" isn't enough, and you will want "fast and comfortable", which a CRX will never be. I'd always wanted a mustang, and now that I own one, it's not as nice as I thought it was 10 years ago when I lusted over it. Now I have my sights set higher.

Tuning is simply the process of adjusting the fuel and timing trim to make the engine operate at it's peak performance.
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