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Old 04 Nov 2011, 07:16 am
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Default Why are Honda's "The Ultimate Ricer"?

I go to school and take auto repair. I am not new to cars, and know what makes a car fast and what makes it........ stupid. If you drive a honda, fine, I don't care. Do what you want, it makes no difference to me. But why does every young male owner of a used honda have to make it "fast" (or so they think) by adding a fart can exhaust, carbon fiber hood, and retarded spoiler and body kit? I see these cars everyday, don't think I'm just making this up. And I know you see it too. Maybe you own one. These cars are not fast, intake and exhaust do relatively nothing to help your car's performance. They add a few horses, and make the car sound different. In the case of civics, they sound like **** most of the time. What I want to know is, why do these people even bother? You don't have a ton of money, I understand, I'm there too. But cheap aftermarket parts and a plethora of dumb accessories only make your car look cheaper than it is, and it brings out your ignorance in the automotive field.
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Old 04 Nov 2011, 07:31 am
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There you go, they are ignorant &"fix up" there cars the way other people think looks cool ha..

Me, my self, have a civic as well, Ive modified a couple of things here & there. What do you think.?

Cosmetics: white paint, carbon fiber hood, dropped ride height 2", black 17" rims

Performance: engine swap, short ram intake (want to change to the long ram intake), bigger intake manifold, oversized injectors, bigger fuel rail, msd ingintion, low compression pistons, stage 2 clutch, basically getting it turbo ready.

A link to the car, I havent updated the engine upgrades ive done to it, ive been busy with school but thats how it looks like right now.

I hate how all of these people are ricing theyre civics thinking thryre car are badass ha na thats not my style straight performance.. So keep up the work & learn as much as you can, ifs a fun field to study bro
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Old 04 Nov 2011, 07:46 am
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This really isn't a proper answer because I haven't figured it out yet. Maybe somebody needs to make a car with a seriously under-tuned engine, quiet exhaust, small wheels with room for larger ones, and a plain body with lines that aren't dorky and sell it as a "tuner" car. Then anybody can do a simple and inexpensive upgrade (like cutting a wire to the ECU that made it so under-tuned), remove the second muffler, put body kits on it....

The closest I can come to an answer is that girls play dress-up with dolls and hapless pets or siblings; boys play dress-up with cars and trucks.
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Old 04 Nov 2011, 08:01 am
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To answer your question... This is usualy done on civics! Wht, there cheap and have cheap bult ones. Making a little bi*** car like that fast with bult ons is impossible! But other parts are so easy to find. The whole car is just cheap! A engine swap wont cost you no more then $500! Broke people, who no nothing about cars drive them and do stupid things to them! Unlike them, with a lil bit more money, I prefered getting a actual car!

2000 Honda Accord EX, ULEV-Vtec (Google it)... Back in 2008 it Had $8000 trade in value. I fell in love with the cars space, which civic doesnt have! The performance was great on the highway, V6 had trouble keeping up. The handling is incredible! This year(2011) I swapped the engine out for an original JDM Vtec engine F23A1(Google it) & Transmission! Not much hp difference, but the RPM have a big difference to the peddle :-D Added Cold Air intake, lost weight in the trunk. A few modifications to the throttle. I have a better 0-60 response. Far as exhaust I refuse for my car to sound like a fart can, but with the 2000 Hondas and up pipes are longer and bigger, so less fart more power lol. Im thinking Magnaflow because of the quiet reputation they have. As for body kits! **** them ! I may drop my car 2" but thats it. I rather have people think im not a racer then stating the obvious. I dont do Ricers! That shit is phony, I love the original look.

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Old 04 Nov 2011, 08:16 am
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theres a ton of ricers out there, not all hondas are ricers, not all just have exhaust and intake, those are just the 1st basic mods people do to the civics. dont assume all of them dont have anymore done, intake/header/exhasut are the 3 1st mods most ppl go for, its like a stage one air package so to speak. i know what you mean, i see them all the time, and it embaress me since i drive an 08 civic si. idk, i have a build going on for it, but being as im poor, it comes piece by piece. alot of ppl do the exhasut simply for sound. btu idk why ppl act like its only hondas, ive seen it done to all imports, and whos to say all the domestic cars, they slap an exhaust on them to and they sound like shit too. just becasue its a v8, you think it sounds mean. but when a 4cyl sounds mean, ppl say it sounds like a fart can.. idk i see alot of the hondas you speak of, but theres no shortage of nissans, mazdas, fords, chevys, and dodges that do stupid pointless mds to make there car "look better" or even sound

like that.

idk, as far as i see,depending on the restrictiveness of the stock exhasut, catbacks, can add from 2-9hp, intakes are like 2-8hp also depending on that. but then the header can add as much as 20-30hp, (these #s may seem high to you, but thats why i refered to restrictiveness of OEM parts)plus the intake exhaust and header all work to gether, they are complimentry so to speak, thats why they get done in pairs like that. you keep eliminating the bottle neck. after i/h/e your bottle neck as far as air goes is intake manifold and throttle body. which all of this, you cant see unless your looking(under car, or hood popped, so idk y you want to act like an intake an exhaust is all thats done, o wait you listed a bunch of other visible mods alos (Carbon fiber, spoilers bodykits nad such.)

anyways, alot of ppl dont care about speed, just how it looks, which is where the ppl with body kits, spoilers, carbon hoods, and a exhaust logic comes from. they just want to look good, not realizing it looks like crap half the time.) im not one of them, the only thing visually done to my car, is rims, and that is simply so i can fit wider tires on, (couldnt fit 235 on 7.5 inch wide rims)

i have an intake, header and exhaust, as well as a throttle body spacer and gaskets, and a intake manifold gasket, i also have hondata flashpro $700 tuning program. as i pointed out, i have wider, stickier tires, plus i have a short shifter and the shifter bushings to go with it. sure, i havent added major power by doing cams, or turbo or anyting, but im building my way to making good power, idk how your going to act like you kno of cars, and not consider that its a cumulative thing.

i honestly think, I/H/E are always 1st becasue they are basic bolt ons, that do in fact add power, they are easy to install, and in a true build, they would all have to be done anyways. alot of people have no intent of actually building a car, they are looking for a F & F looking car, whilst adding a few ponies to it, atleast i think thats those peoples logic.

idk, im going for a full build, havent decided if im going to keep it N/A or just go the F/I route. if i go F/I, my header is pointless since id have to get a turbo header anyways, but to build a civic N/A to be fast, is going to take serious cash. i drive a civic becasue for the money i see people spend on alot of semi quick cars, i can build my civic to be faster, and still maintain mpgs for less cash. plus, idk about you, but im a built not bought kinda guy(sure the platform is great, but come on, does it really take any skill to make a v8 fast...)

anyways, i guess my suggestion would be dont worry about what peopl do to their cars, unless your going to pay for it. also, i hope , i truely hope you realize, that hondas are not the only ricers, ricers arent even purely imports. its just how it is. remember,





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