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Old 31 Oct 2011, 03:01 am
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Default What happening to honda?

Whats up with honda, they used to make the best cars, and were my favorite brand, now they just make econo boxes . They used to make the nsx, then intrgra type r, s2000, even acura rsx-s, and acura tl-s, now what, they're all gone!!! Even the new si is crap and looks like a prius, all dorky and ugly, all of hondas and acuras cars are boring and the new crz is considered a sports car? My friend had one and I drove it, its crap!!! No torque at all, my bicycle at the dyno with me on it produces more torque than any honda current"sports car" the crz is so week, you floor it and it slower than any other car, I bet even a prius can beat it, at least the prius gets 50 mpg and the crz is like 30+, whats with honda? Their cars dont have the fun and soul in them anymore, just ugly looking econo boxes. The 2010 si was the best last honda, and even that wasnt great, no torque, looks ugly inside, and funny outside(like a dorky with its small hood and trunk, its numb steering and no power. Why does a company who had the most powerful and efficient engines, now have slow and week engines when compared with competition, I mean even hyundai, HYUNDAI has more sport in its brand, a genesis coupe that has a 3.8 v6 or a 2.0 turbo, and is supposed to come out with like a 500 hp version next year, thats what the hyundai dealer told me. And the genesis has rwd, brembos, lsd, and a sexy body style(even though it looks like a g35, it still looks nice, honda with its originality has gone to making cars that look like bathroom stalls, although I guess it is Why cant honda make a decent car, a rwd or awd, powerful v6 or turbo 4, and make it look nice, and have good performance. Even take the 06 si, put a k23(acura rdx engine, turbo 4) becaue at least that 4 banger has some torque, and make it awd, honda CAN make all wheel drive and HAS a good 4 banger and add all that up and u get a car that can compete with an sti or evo. Why cant they make a decent car? Thx
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Old 31 Oct 2011, 03:16 am
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HONDAS are still among the most reliable cars worldwide.

They are perfectly capable of producing ANY car they decide to, but their prime concern is to sell their production. So they ask customers what they want and act accordingly. Current HONDA production reflects what most customers want, otherwise the brand wouldn't survive. This may change in the future when there are more people like you critical of the current model lineup or when a competitor comes up with a winning design or when market situation changes.

In the meantime, go for another brand - there's plenty to choose from.
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Old 31 Oct 2011, 03:31 am
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Decent is determined by the market. The baby boomer generation is nearing retirement and they still represent a strong segment of the market. Honda really has always been a family car company, with their bread and butter coming from models like the Civic and Accord.

Honda has had a rough decade in reliability, getting black eyes from the debacle with the V6 transmissions (having that last through 6 model years was harsh), the porous Civic engine blocks, and the flimsy brakes in the late 2000s. Toyota, their main competitor for sales, has surged ahead in the same time frame. Honda stock was trading for $70 ten years ago and is $30 today; Toyota stock was $50 ten years ago and is $60 now. Honda had to give up making toys and get their mainstream business in order.
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Old 31 Oct 2011, 03:46 am
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because the world is cracking down on street racing so the companies are trying to push sport out

although kia is making newer cars that are better honda, nissan, toyota, mazda, companies like that are being forced to detier people from buying there cars just to go fast and its bullsh*t because i love honda and street racing and its hard to find there old cars so you have to settle for what you can get
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Old 31 Oct 2011, 04:01 am
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Uhhh, hate to tell you, but you're mistaken about quite a few things.

1. The Integra and RSX were always an econo box.

2. The RSX was a sales flop, so it was canned. Nobody bought it, so they quit making it.

3. I'm not sure where people get it, but the S2000 aside, Honda's have been boxy and boring since the 1970s. That's nothing new. The NSX looked like a goofy Accord coupe with a bigger rear section and lower hood. The S2000 was good looking, but still very conservative.

4. Honda has never known what torque was, and yet you're surprised? FYI, Honda cars have more torque now than ever. The Integra GS-R, which was rated at what, 175-180hp? Made 128ft-lb. The 99-00 Civic Si? 111ft-lb and 160hp. The 1991 Ford Escort GT, which was quicker than the 99-00 Si and handles better, was only 127hp and 114ft-lb. 33hp less, but still more torque. It also didn't need to rev to 9000rpm to make power. That's just how Honda was. Sacrifice low end to have something that revs like a motorcycle to make decent HP, then use ridiculously short gears to make up for the RPM.

5. The Prius in reality only gets about 35-40mpg.

6. The CR-Z was brought out to try to get people to buy it who remember the 85 CRX HF that could get 60mpg because it had like 40hp. That's why the Prius is rated so high. It only has a 65hp engine I think.

7. All Honda's have had numb steering. It's part of their design. Isolate the driver from the driving.

8. Hyundai is filling a niche with the Genesis Coupe. It's a low volume sports coupe. They don't sell many of them, and they didn't plan on it. But to be honest, Honda has NEVER had a car that competed against a car like the Genesis Coupe, because that would have meant abandoning their small displacement, high RPM engine designs and pedestrian, boring front wheel drive layouts to make a real sports coupe to compete with cars like the Ford Mustang, and they knew they would never take much of that market and would never compete with the V8s in HP and TQ total output.

9. Honda has never made RWD or AWD cars. An AWD Honda is a CR-V. A RWD Honda is an S2000, a 2 seat roadster.

10. Honda doesn't want to compete with the STi or EVO. They aren't in the same market, because frankly, Honda's AWD system doesn't compare. Mitsubishi, Subaru, Ford have been developing their performance AWD systems for 30+ years. Honda has never had a performance oriented AWD system. Their system is actually front wheel drive biased, which is awful for performance.

11. Finally, have hope. Honda is designing the next generation/replacement for the S2000. Last information I got was that it will be V6 and still rear wheel drive. Still just 2 seats though.
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Old 31 Oct 2011, 04:16 am
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As the other poster said, the Civic engines sacrificed torque for high revs. I know. I used to own a '95 Civic EX Coupe with the 5-speed and stock vs. stock I lost to an '94 Escort. He had a 1.9-liter engine with 88hp compared to my 125, and the reason he beat me was because his engine made all its power down low.

Again, I would have to agree with the other poster that Honda has numb steering. I noticed it alot between my newer '08 Volkswagen Jetta and my '95 Civic.

Another problem with Honda that at least I had was that the brakes wore out very quickly.

The RSX as stated was a sales failure. Nobody bought em. They had no room.

The S2000 and the NSX are sort of different designs. S2000 is a RWD 2-seat roadster. The NSX a mid-engined exotic. And even there, the S2000 is only pushing 240hp and the NSX 276.

The CR-Z is a fuel economy car, like the Prius. It's nowhere near a performance car. It's built for gas mileage, not performance.

If you want something that will get up there and go, rather than spending $18,000 on a new Honda, save up some more money and get a Camaro or something.

As for AWD - as stated - Honda has never been involved with the AWD market. Ford, Mitsubishi and Subaru pretty much own it as they have been making AWD cars for years and have the experience at making em.
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Old 31 Oct 2011, 04:31 am
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No, you're wrong.

Honda makes decent cars, but they learned that they don't have to make anything better than "decent" to sell them. They know they can get by on their name alone. However, they nearly got burned by almost bring out a half baked Honda Civic a couple years ago. They delayed the Civic a year just to revamp it and make it more competitive.

So now they are trying to appear a little more aggressive but they know if they get too aggressive they will lose their base customers. What do you get when you don't want to cross that line? The CRX.
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