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Default 2009 Honda Fit - Chassis

- Aug 19 —

Finely tuned and balanced chassis: driving pleasure and passenger comfort

The 2009 Fit features a compact, space-efficient chassis design balanced to heighten driving pleasure while further improving comfort. MacPherson struts in the front and a torsion-beam rear suspension provide excellent handling and ride quality while allowing for ample cabin space with a low floor. Front geometry enhancements and lower spring lever ratio with matching large-capacity trailing arm bushings at the rear contribute to a smoother ride. Longer rear trail arms and optimized rear geometry contribute to superb handling. The high-capacity Electric Power Steering (EPS) provides natural, crisp steering response at all speeds. The anti-lock brake system (ABS) with Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) optimizes braking performance according to road conditions and vehicle load distribution.

• MacPherson strut front suspension

• Torsion beam rear suspension

• Enhanced suspension geometry NEW

• High-capacity Electric Power Steering (EPS)

• ABS with Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD)

• 15-inch wheels (16-inch alloy wheels on Fit Sport) NEW


Newly designed chassis combines solid handling with a smooth ride

To achieve a smooth ride in keeping with the fun-to-drive handling standards Honda has set for its cars, engineers expanded the Fit's basic dimensions while increasing body rigidity. Then they optimized the front and rear suspension geometry to ensure solid handling. The body remains steady while the suspension moves freely - the results are a smooth ride and a solid, connected-to-the-road feel.

MacPherson strut front suspension

The front suspension features MacPherson struts, which offer outstanding space efficiency. Adjustments to the geometry secure optimum wheel alignment when turning, for a more solid handling feel. The axes of the suspension arm mounting points have also been aligned for optimal smoothness.



H-shaped torsion beam rear suspension

In the rear, an H-shaped torsion beam suspension helps free up more cabin space. The new Fit's ride is now even smoother, thanks to a lower spring lever ratio and larger-capacity trailing arm bushings. The trailing arms have also been lengthened to reduce jack-up while cornering, and roll steer and roll camber geometry has been optimized to deliver superb handling.


Newly designed high-capacity Electric Power Steering (EPS) delivers crisp steering feel

The newly designed, high-capacity EPS system delivers a higher steering gear ratio than competing models in the initial 90-degree rotation of the steering wheel around the straight-ahead position, for crisp response to driver inputs. The mounting method of the steering box has been redesigned and the rigidity of the steering box itself increased to take full advantage of the system's high capacity and quick steering gear ratio, contributing to a firm, direct steering feel. Optimized suspension geometry and advanced EPS control deliver natural, crisp steering response at all speeds. Unlike traditional hydraulically-powered steering systems, the EPS does not draw power from the engine, contributing to the overall fuel efficiency of the vehicle.


Braking system


The Fit features 10.3-inch ventilated front discs and 7.9-inch rear drum brakes. The standard 4-channel anti-lock brake system (ABS) and Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) further enhance stopping performance by adjusting front-to-rear brake pressure according to vehicle load distribution, for optimum brake balance at all times. Sensors at each wheel send signals to the control module, which can modulate braking pressure based on individual wheel speed, optimizing brake pressure balance on all four wheels.

A more linear braking feel

The new Fit features a smaller-diameter, longer piston-stroke brake master cylinder, for a firm, easy-to-control and more linear braking feel. This is matched to a more powerful brake booster and a decreased brake pedal ratio.


The Fit comes standard with 15-inch steel wheels with full wheel covers. The Fit Sport is equipped with 16-inch, 14-spoke alloy wheels.

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