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Did you mean to say you just changed your engine oil, or did you mean to say you just changed your (whole) engine?It would be helpful to know if the engine cranks.Engines typically fail to start from either electrical, mechanical, fuel flow, or induction (carburation or injector) problems. My guess is that you might have a problem with your engine's computer (ECM) since it's giving you an errant signal. Getting your hands on a low cost, hand-held engine analyzer might be helpful by providing you with some useful engine codes. You can Google the codes if necessary to get a better idea of what's going on.You can also perform some rather basic, but helpful diagnostics:Assuming the engine cranks, you can do some easy tests to see if you can get a spark across one of the spark plug wires positioned close to your engine block while cranking the engine. A spark that appears between the 'hot' wire and a ground tells you your plugs are likely firing. You can inspect a spark plug to insure that it is still servicable (i.e., not serverly fouled & that the electrode is gapped properly; check all plugs if one is bad). You can also smell for fuel in the area of the throttle body. No fuel flow indicates a problem with the fuel pump, its electrical system or a clogged fuel line. You can remove the distributor cap ('97s still used them I believe) & observe if the rotor turns when the engine is cranked. If not, that indicates a broken timing belt.EXERCISE EXTREME CAUTION WITH THESE PROCEDURES, PERFORMING THEM ONLY IF YOU FEEL CONFIDENT ABOUT YOUR ABILITIES. IT TAKES TWO PEOPLE TO PERFORM SOME OF THEM. Otherwise, you may need to seek the services of a professional shop. Best wishes...hope you're back on the road in no time & with minimal/no expenditures of $$.
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